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Browns lead Dolphins 10-3 to start fourth quarter

The Dolphins need offense.

They trail, 10-3 after the Browns went 94 yards on six plays in the third quarter.

The Dolphins are driving. But they haven't reached the dead, I mean, red zone yet. So we'll see what happens.

The live blog continues.


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They need to bring in Thigpen. Henne has got nothing going on here. He'll throw another pick if they leave him in.

Nice deisregard of the value of a TO by the Dolphin "braintrust."

And follow that up shortly thereafter by too many men on the field.

These guys are awesome.

The Browns are going to nail a FG to win this.

Henne won't get a chance to get back in there ... Browns will eat up the clock and then kick a FG.

1QB. 1safety and 1 lb away from the platoffs!!!!!!

I think we are setting the NFL record for coaching mistakes- too many men on the field, wasted time outs - bad play calling

... or is this a game someone screws up and loses?

Our off season officially starts in 2:00.

Grim Reaper just spotted on dolphins sideline at gatorade cooler...... Is he gonna drink...Noooo, he's taking a whiz in the Dolphins gatorade kooler...



Nice job by Wake. Of course, no one blocked him.

Big sack by Wake!!!!

Wake the Snake!

Even running 15 BACKDOOR wildcat plays R + R have 99 yards combined.

Wake-makes you shake!!!

Add two starting-caliber guards (Miami currently has none), a TE that can get up the seam, a punt returner that can save the team at least one first down per drive, and someone other than Wake that can rush the passer to your list and maybe you're getting close, koamisi.

mi gente, tell my brother to hurry up. la vieja's got the arroz con pollo on the table.

i think we get the ball back and then 2 wildcats
1 check down and then go for a FG no matter WHERE we are on the field...LOL

Wake ...love that guy

cameron wake is a monster


My stupid feed is lagging a full play behind.

Carroll hangs on, the Dolphins win.

You have got to catch that!! How many ints have we dropped this year?

4th easy pick six dropped this year... LMFAO. We have nooooo hands on D

Henne's time to shine! Let's see what he does.

Henne time

Any hopr Pee Wee Henne will get it down field?

How many huge INT's have we dropped this season?

Those darn jugs machine....nobody leaves practice until you catch 100...in a row

How many times have we heard almost picked!!!!

sorry for Carroll
looks like hes been a dolphin too long already and now has the DB - droppsies

too bad , could been a playmaker

Are we playing for overtime? GRRR

Almost intercepted ... wow ... how many times have we heard this? Have they not corrected this???? Come on!!!!!

Ijust hope that whatever s h i t t y team Sparano finds himself on next year brings in Chad Pennington to help develop the qb.

I don't get it, why do we always drop those!?!?

I'm no fool...I know my Dolphins will find a way to break my heart

Peyton or Brady wouldn't play it safe right now.

Run on first. OMG

there we go...one more play and time for a FG try


Nolan Carroll could have won the game-Armando-can you ask them why none of our defense can catch an intercept-what a play call for Miami's offense-run to no where and trhow in the ground

Henne sucks. He cannot unsuck.

Somebody has to step up and make a play.

Nice under two min and we run.......Wow

This is why Henning doesn't let him pass

would peyton let that happen?



Christ, Henning.

Really?!? A run on 1st down?

screw it

Can we get rid of Henne now?

Someone did.

Nolan Carrol just lost us the game.

ok this is where henne figures out how to f it up

I hit send bedore he threw it

Henning is a genius ... there, I said it! Who else would call a pitch out when have to move down the field in a hurry!

Come on out you Henne bedfellows. Show yourself.

Should have let him score.

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