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Browns lead Dolphins 10-3 to start fourth quarter

The Dolphins need offense.

They trail, 10-3 after the Browns went 94 yards on six plays in the third quarter.

The Dolphins are driving. But they haven't reached the dead, I mean, red zone yet. So we'll see what happens.

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F the dolphins. This is why you dont play for close games. You deserve this

there we go ...heart broken

This game=a gargantuan struggle for mediocrity.


That wasnt an almost pick. Playoffs over!!!


Every sort of offensive incompetence imaginable contributed to this loss.

Miami stinks - this just in. If Nolan Carroll holds on to the ball. Why didn't Ronnie let him score. You have to let them score to get the ball back. Another stupid coaching mistake.

that's henne's career over before our eyes

Very disappointing game! This is what I was worried about. Good teams win these games and this is what I was worried about. We couldn't play TWO good games in a row. This is a game we SHOULD have one. And dominated and we're just not good enough! VERY disheartening game!! I'm a BIG Chad Henne fan.....but a lot of this is on him....no question!


this is one sad team

should of tried the the FG on 3rd down

BTW BESS wasnt open on that check down throw on 3rd down.

He cant make decisions fast enough AND is playing scared...that should close the book on him

Can we OFFICIALLY end the Henne era now? Seriously??? Can we end it NOW??????? And can Henne take Henning with him?

Bowens and Roth given away to beat us-why-Chad Henne-3rd interception of the day-he's got to be replaced

Smart play by Cleveland. Any playoff shot is gone with a Cleveland win.

Henne's time to shine! Let's see what he does.

Posted by: Toast | December 05, 2010 at 03:49 PM


I guess he will throw another pick.

game set match fins suck along w/ ownership coaches & players they are the most pathetic miami team ive ever watched. been watching for almost 40 yrs im done

Hahahaha. You guys are right Henne just needs time to develop. He needs more help. You guys need to GIVE UP hope on this kid. He stinks. He is NOT an NFL starter. I rest my case

F uuuK i don't blame henne, Henning is a piece of garbage he helped stall our drives all day.

Henne Jake Delomme 2.0

'Mando, news flash. Henne not the Qb of the future Period, over and done with. Draft a B next year.

explain how thats hennes fault?

odinnnn - tell us about Henne now please. Do you STILL love him?

Waiting for the Grim Reaper update....

F#ck this team You all F@cking suck coaches players gameplan.Way to defend your house losers

We didn't have a real shot at the playoffs anyway, but this is embarrassing

Block that kick-I know I'm kidding-but any other team would

Ride the Henne horse, Sparano . . . right over the cliff.

Everyone has to be fired.

Ireland. Sparano. The entire coaching staff. The entire front office.

If the owner could be fired, he should, too.

This is the worst home loss since the Cam Cameron era.

I am no Henne supporter but I kind of feel bad for him. Not that I think he should be the starting QB but this has to suck for him too. Worse for him, probably.

The Miami Dolphins: Taking defeat from the jaws of victory like nobody else can!!!!!!!!

hene sux! hes not a starting qb! hes a bird doggin bum

How is this Hennings fault shaggy?...explain please

Maybe next season we can play all of our games on the road.

ok i kept trying to support henne, but that is it.
pull the plug on him

we can't win with him, end of story

Can't beat anyone with an offensive performance like that. Carolina or Seattle maybe. Defense played well.

Henne Jake Delomme 2.0

Posted by: SoiledBottom | December 05, 2010 at 03:53 PM



Don't blame Nolan Carrol. The D isn't the cause of Miami losing games this year. It has been the Offense and particularly Henne and Henning. What a loser organization they have turned into. We are in rebuilding mode since 2000.

this is a blessing! the dolphins were not going to make the playoffs. henne is terrible, and nothing is going to change that. now, we can go ahead and lose out, fire sporano and henning, and draft a real quarterback in the first round. and by the way, please, miami herald, not more stories on the `real' chad henne, or how much `fun" sporano wants the dolphins to have.

this loss is all on henne guys, don't sugar coat it. Leave the old man alone.

i hate to say it we sux and so does Henne with 3 int's

Heads really need to roll on this team ... this is absolutely indefensible!!!!!

fire everybody, start over!

Henne done in Miami and if Sparano doesn't watch it he should follow him out the door.

no offense with henne, missed passes all day

DISGUSTING loss!!...F U Dolphins!!....I stick with this team through thick and thin but this is the WORST ever!!....I'm still a big Henne backer and I'll be back next week cheering on my team but my God did they suck today!!


That our f ing luck.. OUR cornerback drops an easy pick six in his damn lap. They get a one handed blinded deflection hit right to their db... The browns suck the dolphins suck... We deserve it

we're in the dark days of dolphins football guys. Let's hang in there, things have to get better, it can't get worse

I know it's not news but....Henne Sucks!!

Season's done. Playoffs done.

Now watch these idiots go on a run of futility.

explain how thats henne's fault, are u a fukin idiot, he threw the game losing interception you idiot


Miami gets what it deserves. No imagination, another loss at home, no talent on offense and dbs who couldn't catch a ball if their life depended on it. I don't know if I will waste any more Sunday afternoons watching this crap when I can TIVO it and fast forward through the commercials. I wish we would clean house,again.

Wait till next week. The Jets are gonna put a beatin on us. What a joke of a team.

Oh, and where's Denny?

This team and the coaching staff sucks big hairy nuts!

thats Hennes third pick of the game. he is 6'4" and he threw the ball into the defenders arms. in fact, he almost hit Incognito in the head. Thats how. He sukks.


The good news is, I'm sure Mando has a great positive spin on this game ... I mean, if he's sober enough to write now.

If there are no SERIOUS changes made THIS WEEK, time to burn season tickets and totally disassociate with this pathetic team!!
Joe Robbie must be turning in his grave.


I will not go to or watch another game until some changes are made. We all need to do the same.


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