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Browns lead Dolphins 10-3 to start fourth quarter

The Dolphins need offense.

They trail, 10-3 after the Browns went 94 yards on six plays in the third quarter.

The Dolphins are driving. But they haven't reached the dead, I mean, red zone yet. So we'll see what happens.

The live blog continues.


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Need an OC and a young QB. Henne stunk!!! Can no longer defend the guy!!!

I've been trying to stick by this team and give Henne and Sparono a chance but these idiots suck asss.

16 times the offense had the ball.


Henne sucks guys!


Fortunately, the streaming video was lost for the last Dolphin series. So, i missed the pick. Why did Ronnie Brown tackle him at the 2? Is it me or is Brown just kinda somehow OK, but not really special? I think there are about 20 other backs in the league I would start before him.

Henning blow...WHo threw 3 picks....who missed recievers like it was going out of style...who was so bad that Ronnie Brown had to take a 1/4 of the snaps cause they have Zero confidence in him?

Thats my case...whats yours?

Dan henning puts henne in awful situations. The wildcat lets everyone know we are running it. At least 3 runs on thirsd and longer than 5 at midfield, He runs on first down with under two min??? F you dan henning, F you too sparano, you guys suck. Oh Ronnie brown is awful just awful.

Dolphins offense stinks and henne sucks....

Can't understand why Sparano didn't give Thigpen a shot in the 4th quarter. Henne ain't got jack. They have no confidence in him which is why that ran so much WC. Next year? No way.

Face it, this is an inconsistent team. If a defense holds another team to 13 points, the team should win that game. This is squarely on the offense. And Henne was the main culprit (though not the only disappointment). But, this team is a .500 team, through and through.

the last pass wasn't bad luck. bess wasn't open anyway, and the trajectory was wrong. on the previous drive, henne threw it right into bowens when a touch pass to the running back was called for (wide open in the flat).there is a reason henning pitched it to brown on first and ten. all of you who criticized that, would you rather be in overtime now?

Thanks Earl, i couldnt have said it any better!!

Can we get a new coach, new offensive qb, new gm, and new qb now? Can't believe the team has to start over AGAIN. Absolutely pathetic. How do the coaches not get the team ready to play for a must win game? Pathetic.

DAM, can almost see why tortured gave up and became a frontrunner

ALMOST.. if i didnt have a spine i might too

as for Henne, i do think that closes the book as im not sure new managment will want to take the chance on him.

Late decisions, stare downs, tentative. if he blossoms it will need to be under different coaching and these guys cant get through to him

Later all


time to tank and fight for a top 5 draft pick

I'm supposed to donate plasma tommorow...but I'm just gonna slit my wrists now instead

Disaster, and finally, i saw some things from henne that makes me question any chance he is above average at best, this was the most dissapointing loss in a long time. I stillput more on henning, but henne has questions....


My grandmother can catch better than these f***n' overpaid jackasses!

How is this Hennings fault shaggy?...explain please

Posted by: kris | December 05, 2010 at 03:54 PM

Kris if you can't see all the drives he killed you are too dumb to understand anyway. henne had two legit picks, the third was a fluky luck job.

It hurts to say this but i agree they got what they deserved. Played a horrible game. 10 points at home is unexcusable. The OC sould be fired tomorrow, the QB benched and the HC on suicide watch. This is a MEDIOCRE TEAM!!!!! CANT BEAT THE TEAMS THEY SHOULD!!! CANT WIN AT HOME!!! lol i feel better now... On to next season fellas...


This game is COMPLETELY on Chad Henne. You can't win throwing 3 ints. He has the ball in his hands in the 4th quarter with time running down and a chance to pull out a victory and he blows it.

This loss is the worst i have seen from the dolphins from a LONG time. Nolan has the D playing pretty well. This game and the season is on the Henning and Henne. Both need to go.

oh no, according to most people henne is the right man for the job, he just needs time. i say they are all fuc$Ing losers. get his sorry ass the hell out of there. it's always excuses for that piece of sh$t. this team sucks. i hope the wets kick their ass so bad.

I can't handle this crap anymore we need a f-ing QB send this a-hole packing please

Dan Dierdorf is the only one who sees any thing good in Hennne...............oh they both went to Michigan. Henne is a clipboard holder when will Miami see that.

We just got a better draft position!

Henne is the worst QB the PHins have had since Marino hung up his cleats! Not one aspect of his game is positive. Let Thigpen have it the rest of the season and see if there is anything there. Can't hurt.

real. why would any of us need to see thiggy just face it we dont have a qb we have one backup and one 3 rd stringer

wonder if gruden would leave espn for the dolphins? fire everybody!


You can't blame Henne for that 3rd Int. The first 2, but that 3rd one was a complete roll of the dice in Clevelands favor. I blame Lebron for the bad Karma.

Also how about Henning calling for a run on the first play of the previous drive? He really needs to retire. 8 and 8 hear we come. No heart for our WR's either, thanks BM, nice season, and c'mon Hartline.
Cam Newton anyone?

Emotional rescue: Miami Dolphins find fun side


Sporano - We're looking for a hit from Tony Soprano...kiss your job good bye

Marshall = Heartless Wuss

Henne - This guy has no frickin clue; sure the play calling sucks but even average QBs can overcome once in a while

Henning - Can't we just leave him at the dog track by now

DBs - why can't they catch the the ball? is it the grease on their hands from their dreadlocks

SEASON OVER - go lay down to the dirty-Sanchez Jets

ugghhh thunk was the sound of the trophy hitting the floor. Now get Jake Long outta there and get him ready for next season.

Open letter to Tony Sparano.

I am the manager of a local McDonalds. Although you know nothing about coaching a professional NFL team I think you can run my french fry line.

Please call me at 1-800-U-SUCK-TIMES-10. I need a good simpleton running my fry line.

Horrible game! Tired of making time it my schedule to watch this crappy product. Fun last week, nothing but angst this week. I'm more enthused when the D is on the field. Garbage offensive game plan and execution once again.

this qb play sure makes Jay Fiedler look like a hall of famer

Yes dumbazzes, keep looking for one person to blame. It's the qb, no it's the coach, no it's the offensive coordinator, no it's nolan carroll.

When are you idiots going to realize the whole team stinks?

"But the defense played great"!

It's the Browns for cripes sake.

Chad Henne, the legacy of Bill Parcells..................dooms the Dolphins for another 5 years.

thigpen had a chance and sucked! fire sprano, draft a QB.

well now we know there will be a new off coord and now they have to look for a new qb. lets trade up for cam newton


Henne played great for two quarters in the Tennesse game, and has been pathetic otherwise. He gets worse, not better. I agree should have seen if Thigpen could have got something rolling today. This loss will linger like a stain.

Richard3000 you must not put your heart into every off season reading every article you can find, and hoping and praying this will be the year they can turn it around.I read all four miami papers every day looking for any posistive info on the year.Every year with false hope,you can hang in there F#CK this team

Anyone who had ANY hope that was hanging onto hope that they would make the playoffs were kidding themselves! It's been over for a while. Let's not get too carried away with this though. This was not a championship team and we weren't going to win anything this year. I said after Henne's performance last week, let's not get too high. Let's also not get too low.....next week is another week and hopefully we learn something from the Jets.

Dan Henning needs to retire now. So.. not only do we need to find a running back in the draft, but a QB too. This sucks! I feel sorry for the fans. After being at the dolphins vs. Bears game, this offenive play coordination needs a facelift fast!

You Can blame Nolan Carroll, as 95% of the db's make that play. Our D-0backs had board hands., You HAVE to step up.

The D deserved better. I'm willing to bet the 'happy clubhouse' we reportedly have will no longer be so happy.
It would be a natural thing for there to be some friction now.
I will celebrate a Jets loss to the Fins, but no more than i would ANY TIME the jets lose.

My poor Fins need a coach and GM.

Earl Morrall, Bob Griese, David Woodley,
Don Strock, Dan Marino....and now can't find a QB of any type. What the hell is wrong with this organization? Mediocre every year since I can't remember.

I'm leaving the game moron, where are you, didn't see you here supporting the team. Just another pathetic Dolphins "fan" I guess.

terrible loss. I think we have to draft a QB again in the next draft. But henning is also disaster. He has to go. Well, lets play spoiler the rest of the way

I would rather have jay feidler any day! Henne is horrible and some people are still trying to support him OMG. Look at his numbers for the season. ENOUGH SAID!

Henne should never play for the Dolphins again-ever-how can you have such a frightened 'little boy' with no confidence. Nolan Carroll-offensive ineptitude-16 possessions-one offensive score!

Ownership and management cannot tolerate this-who wants to go to a game that your team has no chance or desire to win-7 deflections-3 interceptions-that totals 3 plus possessions of negative plays-Carey's crippling penalties and injuries. We next travel to NY to get beat-come off Oakland game flat-not creative. 1-5 at home nobody can tolerate this. Hire Gruden-Nancy Drew-Cower-some body-and get some offensive players

New HC coming soon.Sorry Tony.

Of course I just bought tickets to come down from Pa. for the Lions game, at least my family will be able to sit anywhere we want.

this will not, cannot move forward with henne. the guy is a loser. his body language is terrible. hell, the jets fine mark sanchez for bad body language. he exudes failure. lets hope ross has the balls to blow this thing up, otherwise, this will happen again next year. in the meantime, lets look forward to the draft in april. here is an early predicition. the dolphins trade down with the 9th pick for a late first round pick and a second round pick. the first pick will be used on a lineman with a previously undisclosed injury, and the second pick will be used on a defensive back who can't catch the football.


they won't change a thing. the owner is a panzy who blows parcells and his boys! this is what the fans will continue to get year after year.

I am just sick! The season started on such a positive note. The team was noted for having such great execution. They looked lost at times. Many missed blocks on offense. Sad.

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