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Cameron Wake, Jake Long named to start Pro Bowl

Cameron Wake's improbable rise from undrafted and unwanted to CFL castoff to CFL star to the Miami Dolphins has taken a wonderful turn to Hawaii.

"It's truly an honor," Wake said.

Wake has just been named a starting outside linebacker on the 2011 AFC Pro Bowl team. He starts alongside Pittsburgh's James Harrison.

Jake Long, a Pro Bowl selection his first two NFL seasons, has turned the hat trick. He is in his third Pro Bowl and also was named the starter.

The interesting thing is Long made the Pro Bowl despite dealing with knee and shoulder injuries. He said he must consider those before playing the game, but "definitely" wants to play in the game.

"I had some up and down games and haven't played at my best sometimes," Long said. "...But I kept my high level of play even with some bumps and bruises."

No other Miami Dolphin is in the Pro Bowl.

Kicker Dan Carpenter, the Dolphins offense most of the year, is not in. Neither is receiver Brandon Marshall or punter Brandon Fields.

I asked Wake how he celebrates his first Pro Bowl selection -- for a game that will be played on his birthday.

"I'm a diet so I don't know if a steak is going to happen tonight. I don't drink so that's out of the question. And we got practice tomorrow early so I don't know what I'll do outside of take a deep breath for a minute and let it soak in. I'm going to be early and be back at the facility at 6 a.m. tomorrow. We still got a game to play so my concentration is going there."

The Patriots, with the NFL's best record at 13-2, led all teams with six Pro Bowl picks. They have six picks in the first three rounds of next year's NFL draft and three picks in the first 33 selections. 


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Touche'.... Yes, they are a lovely group, are they not? A 100% difference in thinking and idea's about life... A beautiful people altogether.

I love my American Girls... But am not so foolish to be blind to other food on the table!




Side note. Two qbs the fins maybe looking at next year in the later rounds are playing in the insight bowl right now.

Aloco... A nice choice, more mild then Colombian, but still has good flavor. I visit Costa Rica twice a year to record some business people doing their product descriptions and sales lines... it amazes me how 1 side of an Island can be so close to really having anything a person could want, and just across the bordering Mountain Range to the West... it is Misery capped with unhappiness and filth. Haiti could learn much from the people of Costa-Rica... yet most despise them. After 2 trips to Haiti on Relief missions I got the hell out of there before I too ended up in a Haitian prison being blamed for a missing or dead relative. It has become crazy there... very sad to see and all and all unfixable.

Derek if you like the Peruvian delights, you will love the Brazilian delights for all the same reasons to the power of 10. Believe me...not talking about the tourist spots and that sort of fun, talking about the regular day to day girls. Best kept secret on Earth. Paradise found.

wow this QB, gabbert from missouri is pretty awesome.



I have found in my travels (usually work related) that the best parts of another place are usually far from where they direct the tourists. Its the Same here in South Florida. We give up our Beaches and high profile destinations for 1/2 the year to the "snow birds" and retreat to our "Home Town" spots. Well kept secrets and not really friendly to those who try and make them different then they are. I'll never forget my first trips to S. America. Most of what I knew about the people there was from what I had seen in the Guatemalan,Honduran, Panamanian and other Central American people who were here in Florida... Not that they were bad at all... Then I met some Colombian women and Brazilian Women... along with Peru and Venezuela they are a beautiful group and a delight to be around at any time.



The only way Miami is going to get invited to the "QB party" is to get aggressive and be ready to sell their soul for the right guy if he is there and within reach. The old "We'll just wait and see" just will not get it done this time. Baltimore and The Jests have shown Miami that Drafts are there to be bought... but they are not cheap.

It goes back to what we spoke about though... doesn't it?

As a team... Does Miami believe the most important layer on the field is the guy who touches the ball more then any other player then the Center? And If they believe the QB position is the most important, and they gave up a 1st over-all pick for a LT... They should have no qualms about giving away the farm for a QB...!

We'll see...!

Did Mother ever tell ya.... "We'll See"...?

I'm watching the Minnesota vs Philadelphia game tonight and thinking wouldn't it be great if we had a running game next year. Seriously! Adrian Pederson looks great and keeps moving the chains for Minny. He's going to go over a 100 yards tonight easily. We have to get somebody like that next year, somebody we can count. They have this kid Webb playing tonight and I know I'm going to get an argument from some of you on here but he's not that good. the running game is making him look like an adequate QB. That's what we need for next year and an improved running game. We STILL don't have a 100 yard game from any of our backs this year. Pretty amazing!


Sorry man....to give up the farm for a first round QB is crazy talk! Your going to end up with a Demarcus Russel or a Joey Harrington or a Ryan Leaf or an Alex Smith if your not careful. The draft position of those guys? First, third, second and first. There are NO guarantees when drafting a QB. NONE!! I made the point tonight that EVERYBODY raves about Sam Bradford but his stats this year are identical to Henne's this year. His team is 7-8. He's proven nothing to this point!! And Sanchez and Flacco aren't the reason their teams are good. They've done a great job drafting and adding through FA, with guys like Holmes and Boldin. The reason these guys are doing better than us? Not because we have Henne. It's because they've had less misses than us.....PERIOD.

Part of the problem was bad decisions on the OL. Signings of Smiley and Grove , great players but rarely healthy. With no CBA and Grove's big contract was all about coin. Smiley's contract not nearly as big but chronic shoulder will only get worse. I still believe Grove at 80% is better than Berger at 100%. Donald Thomas is #2 guard on a healthy DET OL , better than Pat M the starter now?

Still chuirning the roster, to the bitter end.

Read Jeff Darlington's article in today's Herald re Ross being convinced to hang onto Tony & Ireland. Not finally convinced, but getting close to that conclusion, per Darlington.


Yep! I made up my mind a LONG time ago that in all the Creation... Women are the best. Even the worst parts of dealing with women can lead to a man being at his best if he is capable of doing and saying the right thing when it happens.

Women are a glory to behold, a wonder to touch, a curiosity to listen too and a challenge to keep loyal to you and for them.

Never..."Fear" a Woman or what she can do to you.
Fear leads to anger,
Anger leads to hate,
Hate leads to suffering...

Beware of attachment,
Attachment leads to Jealousy...
The shadow of Greed is that...

Yep... That's right... My Man Yoda knows women and how to keep them and how to stay happy with them...LOL

Water is wet, the sky is blue, women have secrets... and so do you.... (Derek's words w/ too much Jim Beam in him in December of 1985)

Truth is truth... Regardless of the source....

grove still looking for a team to play for, he still has the 14 million guaranteed for the dolphins which was paid to him .not bad at all .


women are beautiful when they r 35 or older
i trust any woman over a man
to have a mistress is treat
men good only for a blog like this one
imagine dating a nice woman or marc

In other news, I am ONLY tied in my fantasy football Super Bowl. I cam into this game only needing THREE points from Lesean McCoy to win the game and so far I have ONLY gotten TWO from him. Made the BIG mistake of starting McCoy over Adrian Peterson, my thinking being that Peterson wasn't exactly healthy and might struggle playing with a ROOKIE QB in Webb. How wrong I was!!....DUMMY!!!

Craig M.

I can understand and sympathize with that position very easily. Yes, there is ALWAYS the possibility of getting a Harrington or a Russel. But that has always been the job of a talent evaluation guy. To avoid that pit fall. I can understand your reluctance to take a chance... but can YOU conceed the danger of NOT taking a chance, The same chance that brought Joe Flaaco from a Horrible team into Baltimore, or Matt Ryan from BC into Atlanta? Sure, there were indications that they were going to do well... But there were indications that Quinn would and that Carson Palmer would and that MANY would.
Unless you take that chance... you do not get that player. NO ONE is just going to let one go to you in FA.
I get it man.... I really do... But I have seen the absolute Failure of this franchise to fill the most important position on the field...

I ask myself this question...

What sounds more crazy? Doing the same thing, over and over expecting different results?

OR... deciding to try a method that has a long standing tradition of supplying teams with franchise QB's?

NO ONE...! Said it was an easy or a one sided argument... But my side of the argument is still this... Unless Henne is either Pushed or replaced... We will continue to spin our wheels and can end up with an entire team flush (If it is already not coming)Henne is going NO WHERE... he will get his short... But this team had better have a really really good plan B or it all over for these boys.

chad henne and ricky williams should burn a blunt before the game to make him chill out get loose. last game of his career against pats why not?

I think if gabbert falls to us in the first round we should take him. Are you guys watching this missori iowa game?


Respectfully I disagree. You make it sound easythat we can get a franchise QB, simply by taking one in the first round. It doesn't work that way. I forgot about Brady Quinn. There's ANOTHER one. I was mad when Cameron and company didn't take him but they were right to pass on him. He's now THIRD string in Denver. Horrible! Heath Shuler, David Klingler, Todd Marinovich, Trent Dilfer, Akili Smith.....the list goes on and on.

The model we want to follow is Baltimore's and the Jets. Build a strong core of players so that your QB doesn't have to carry the team by himself. You want a team that will compete EVERY year and those teams do that. Give
Henne a running game, an improved OL, a pass-catching TE, another WR and a new OC and watch out. We're not that far away.

By the way, you can get a good starting QB in other ways. See Drew Brees, Michael Vick, Kyle Orton and Matt Schaub. It can happen. The BIG mistakes this organization made in the last few years was not signing Drew Brees on FA and not drafting Matt Ryan. But it's over....we need to move on.


Sorry man that's crazy talk. We're going to grab a QB in the first round and then not have another pick until the thrid round. I think that's nuts!! We still need a RB for somewhere, a pass-catching TE, another WR, a centre, and possibly an ILB. Where are all these guys going to come from?

Craig... I got burned last week with Peterson in my Semi-Final. He doesn't declare until game time on Monday night... I would have played for 1st or 2nd... Now I am in at 3rd or 4th. Oh well... That is the FF game for ya... still love it and think it is the best fun in many years...



This was one of the most pleasant nights of blogging the Herald that I have had in a long time. It is good to share opinions and not feel the need to press them on others or have to "WIN" every time... We all know there is much work to be done on our beloved Dolphins... And none of us have all the answers....

Here is to hoping they are talking as we are in the Dolphins offices. Lets hope they are smarter then all of us...

Thank you all again for a nice night, talking about a great team and Women... what a nice blog to have had!!!!

God Bless.... and Good night to all!!

Looks like I'm going to be fortunate to pull out victory in my fantasy Super Bowl game, barring disaster. Up by two with two minutes left.

'Night Derek....God bless!

Curtis has been waived

2011, Ross says thanks but no thanks to Gruden, Cowher, and Harbaugh. Keep Sparano/Ireland and Brad Childress becomes new OC.

2011 draft, we trade down to gain a second rd pick. Draft a second rd qb in the first rd. Draft a lineman 2nd rd. Then spend most of the rest of the draft looking at bust speed recievers and the next John Avery. We'll sign another washed up vet qb too.

How do I know this will happen? Because these are all of the things I dont wanna see happen. LOL..........

I know one thing for sure regarding Miami's next big QB pick up!

I'm not buying his jersey until I know he's going to be good.

By the way I have a used Henne jersey for sale....



No thanks, I have plenty of car wash shammys already. LOL..........

I hate to say it DyingBreed but your Draft prediction sound exactly like something their going to do.....

Great I hope their not reading this blog. you just gave them their draft strategy and Sporano his job saving plan to give to Mr. Ross!


You probably won't be surprised to know I'm interested in the sweater. I still think he might be good. I let the age old adage of sell high and buy low, so I'm getting in while his value is down....LOL.

Watching the Iowa versus Missouri game. Both QBs look good but we'd be nuts to do any trading up for these guys. I could see QB in the 3rd round....maybe Stanzi. Really impressed with their running back Coker. That's a guy I'd like to see in Aqua and Orange!

To be honest Craig M no one would happier than I if for some strange reason Henne becomes the next great Miami QB.

I just don't see it at this time anyway.

Maybe he just had his sophmore slump? then again maybe he'll never be more than a back up?

Maybe....I think either way he deserves one more season. Start grooming someone else if you want....can never have enough quarterbacks but I don't think you'll see a rookie be any good for a couple of seasons anyways.

So we got a deal on the shirt? You can have it back if he becomes good.

One of the things in Chad Hennes favor is that there will be a lot of teams in search of a quarterback next year. The reality of the situation is that some teams may not be able to fill the void, or find a replacement. We may sign a free agent. But who knows who this will be. Same with a draft pick. I don't see us picking a quarterback in the first round so he will definiltey be below Henne on the depth chart... Say we get snookered in the free agent market. And we are left with Henne, Thiggy, a Freshman, and what ever leftovers are available. This is what I think we should do to strengthen this outfit.
1 do whatever it takes to sign Mike Nolan. We are on the cusp of being a very good defense. It may not matter who is playing quarterback.
2. Find a nickel corner.(IMO) the weak link on the defense
3. Find a playmaker that can double as a return man.
5. Move Vernon Carey to right guard, draft a right tackle....


No longer looking for a center. Looks like theyre moving Incognito to center. Already reported Inconito starts center against Pats. Now need at least LG, if Jerry pans out next season. Might need LG and RG.

Have no idea what the clusterf^ck of 2011 brings. Looking more like Sparano/Ireland returns.

If Sparano/Ireland returns I would not be surprised if an olineman is the #1 darft pick.

Dying..Where did you get the scoop on Sparano, Ireland? Or just a hunch?

if this loser is staying for another season, the first change that needs to be made is releasing suck boy henne. but no one really knows. earlier in the day the report from mortenson was sprano was probably out, so now their saying most likely he will stay? wtf. who the fu$k did they sign? of course some no names. that should tell you right there these losers have to go.

then another report said ross will evaluate sparano and ireland. all this smells like sh$t to me.

The biggest snub is Lou Polite.


When the Fins brass let Taylor go I was fully understanding that they wanted to get younger and were letting Taylor go before it was one year too late.

That said...they were lame in the manner in which they did it imho. The same for Zack Thomas being released unceremoniously and not allowed to call a freakin press conference to announce and thank ALL in the entire Fins organization that he loved and bled with weekly for 10 years. It was one of the single biggest travesties of BP's tenure.

Zack and Jason weren't his guys as he didn't draft them but he knew their history with the franchise. At least let Zack leave with class.
I do realize that Zack was finally able to have some sort of conference at the end but it was way after the fact.

I just didn't want you thinking that my belly aching about Taylor was about their decision to go younger as it was really about how he was being treated and the lack of what it was gaining the Fins.


Craig M,

I know you weren't really arguing if Sam Bradford is having the same season as Henne why is one raised up and one knocked down?

Sam Bradford is starting as a "true Freshman" unlike Henne. Henne in his 3rd year should really be further ahead of Bradford in almost every statistical category right?

Henne will probably get more opportunity and maybe a change of OC and some more help in the run game may advance his learning curve. I hope they just present stiff competition that Henne has to beat out through better play is all.

I just hope they don't give the QB position lip service by letting Thigpen stay and not sign either a vet or a QB early enough in the draft that he has a sought after skillset.

The Fins need upgrading at many positions but sometimes it helps to be either lucky or good i.e. FA Lagarette Blount.

On another note it sucks to see TE Jimmy Graham starting to jam for the Saints. He woulda be one hell of an option for the Fins along with Hernandez. Gronkowski would have been a nice add too but he can't stretch a DEF like JG or AH.


Ron in Charlotte,

Polite is a machine at short yardage first downs and blocking is pretty stout too. I just don't think he runs the ball for gains or receives the ball in the passing game enough which is why he gets slighted for Pro Bowl honors.

I am sure as heck glad he is a Fin.

Chad Henne didn't make the Pro Bowl....this is a TRAVESTY!!!!!

I demand answers!

Sometimes listening to the Armando and the Amigo show is painful....

We as Dolphins fans have been jobbed and I’m sick of it……on my drive in to work this morning I was listening to ESPN radio (like usual) and heard that Philly OST locked up the number 3 seed in the NFC playoff picture

Sunday the jets lost and locked up a WILDCARD

The Giants have swooned down the stretch but still have a realistic shot at the playoffs with a win and a loss by the Pack….and Vice versa

Same can be said for the playoff game between the Colts and Jags this weekend…..

The Pats haven’t lost a game in 6 weeks (of the top of my head)…..the jets have lost 4 out of their last 5 and are in……what does all this mean???

It means winning early COUNTS…..winning EARLY and OFTEN leaves room for error late in the season when wins get tougher

We haven’t won early for many years….more often than not our realistic shot at the playoffs is almost dashed by the middle of OCT and only the most hardcore and delusional fans (me included) hold faith because the math says we have a chance

This is the 2nd DEC under Sporano in which we will have a losing record

This is the 2nd year in a row when Buffalo sucks and WE NEED win and some how we lose….this time at HOME

Something is wrong in Miami and I believe it’s the coaching…..We took one of the TOP 5 wide receivers in the game….paid him 50 MILLION DOLLARS….and turned him into a possession receiver….WTF?????

At no point during the season did Sunglass Man go back and see how Denver got Marshall the ball…..one game he had 20 EFFING receptions…..Marshall currently has 917 of the most NON-FACTORING yards I have ever seen…..he will end the season with his lowest TD total since his rookie season…..but MAN, can he run a 7 yard out!!! Good Job Tony!

I fear that Mr. Ross is being swayed and Tony will get another Year and the team will under achieve again……

This Organization needs to demands better…the fans deserve better…..I am sure that Sunglass Man has cost us at least 3 wins with his conservative style of play and shutting down the Offense as soon as we get in to 45 yard FG range……

MR. Ross he won’t change…he can’t. Its ingrained in his head….its now part of his DNA, and when he “consults” with Bill Parcells I the off season it will be beat back into his thick skull….Tony you don’t need a QB…you just need to fix that line, run the ball, play defense, and manage the game…that’s how I did it in the 80’s”

We are in football PURGATORY…and its crowded.

Just repeating myself from previously....

Shula had Griese Strock and Marino. How is it, how can it be, that the following 5 regimes, including many star coaches (JJ, Saban, Parcells) failed to address the most important position on the team? It boggles the mind. Mind boggling. Is it voodoo? Is it the water? Not one single coach in the last 5 regimes has made a serious attempt at anything above a QB on their last legs (Trent, Culp) or a bunch of other teams 2nd string cast offs, and they paid too much for all of them. Mind boggling I say.

What? No Henne? :-)

You know what sucks? I watched a guy drafted as a wide receiver, QB the Vikes to a win last night on Tuesday Night Football. And the sad thing is it wasn't some fluke, the kid looked like a 10 year veteran at the QB position.

And he had to take his team downfield in crunch time, making two exceptional plays in the process to preserve a victory.

Seeing that and then looking at what we have under center, makes me realize more and more, Henne will NEVER be a winning QB in this league, he just doesn't have it.

Joe Webb played rings around CH. I'm convinced that we need to do whatever we can to get Cam Cameron in the draft. Do a Mike Ditka if that's what it takes.

The game is evolving and the mobile QB is the wave of the future. The statues are going to fall by the wayside.

John, I pray you mean Cam Newton. Cam Cameron should NEVER be allowed back in Miami EVER!!!

After watching the game last night I made some conclusions. First off Stanzi is not the answer and we should not draft him no matter what round. However Gabbert looked really good minus the picks. People have to remember that he is only a junior so he needs some time to develop. He has a huge arm and a Marino like release. If he comes out this year I say get him in the first round. Oh by the way he can run too.

kris, one HUGE, GLARING problem with your post. ESPN radio dude, Mike and Mike? John Thompson, PI?

C'mon brother, you can do better. The FAN is right there on your FM dial, 106.7. Sports Junkies, Brian Mitchell, LeVar Arrington, "c'mon man!!"

Give a listen, I think you'll do like me and switch over after you hear it for one day.

trade down in first rd, pick up a second round pick

Wow bill, surprised to hear that from one of the most critical posters on the blog. So, does that mean you want to stick with Henne? Or do you want to draft a late 1st rd, early 2nd round QB (like a Henne)?

I say trade UP, get one of the better QBs in the draft, and have them compete with Henne for starting QB next year.

I'm sorry yes you are 1000% right I meant Newton not Cameron. That was a brain fart, I haven't had my Jamaican Blue Mountain yet this morning.

Now, I can tell John is a classy individual and knows his sh*t! Jamaican Blue Mountain, respect John, respect.

I don't even drink coffee but still know that's some of the best in the world.

or draft a late qb like brady? cassel? etc doesnt mean u cant find a good qb after first rd. id trade down, take a speed rb and speed wr in first 2 rounds. sign a vet qb for next year. maybe try and find a qb late in draft, use a 4th rd pick on best kick returner in draft

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