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Cameron Wake, Jake Long named to start Pro Bowl

Cameron Wake's improbable rise from undrafted and unwanted to CFL castoff to CFL star to the Miami Dolphins has taken a wonderful turn to Hawaii.

"It's truly an honor," Wake said.

Wake has just been named a starting outside linebacker on the 2011 AFC Pro Bowl team. He starts alongside Pittsburgh's James Harrison.

Jake Long, a Pro Bowl selection his first two NFL seasons, has turned the hat trick. He is in his third Pro Bowl and also was named the starter.

The interesting thing is Long made the Pro Bowl despite dealing with knee and shoulder injuries. He said he must consider those before playing the game, but "definitely" wants to play in the game.

"I had some up and down games and haven't played at my best sometimes," Long said. "...But I kept my high level of play even with some bumps and bruises."

No other Miami Dolphin is in the Pro Bowl.

Kicker Dan Carpenter, the Dolphins offense most of the year, is not in. Neither is receiver Brandon Marshall or punter Brandon Fields.

I asked Wake how he celebrates his first Pro Bowl selection -- for a game that will be played on his birthday.

"I'm a diet so I don't know if a steak is going to happen tonight. I don't drink so that's out of the question. And we got practice tomorrow early so I don't know what I'll do outside of take a deep breath for a minute and let it soak in. I'm going to be early and be back at the facility at 6 a.m. tomorrow. We still got a game to play so my concentration is going there."

The Patriots, with the NFL's best record at 13-2, led all teams with six Pro Bowl picks. They have six picks in the first three rounds of next year's NFL draft and three picks in the first 33 selections. 


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Keep dreaming bill. Truth is, a Brady, Cassell, doesn't happen every year. Frankly, it HARDLY EVER happens. And guess what, Miami's tried that for the last 12 years. We haven't drafted a 1st round QB since 1998, and what have we had to show for it. A merry-go-round of QBs in and out turning this into a mediocre organization.

For all your talk through the season bill, you above anyone else should be calling for a 1st-round QB (hell, maybe the last thing you try is the one that finally works, huh?). I'm no scout, but the professionals who do that work say the QBs are thin in this upcoming draft, so doing what you want will probably lead to a John Beck-type player who will never help the team. What's the use of having a speed receiver is the QB can't ever get the ball to him.

If that's Miami's plan, then I would rather NOT draft a QB, trade for one, or stick with Henne one more year, and draft players to shore up the offense.

But go read the article on espn.com. Miami's QB strategy has been a joke and now is plain pitiful. It should be OBVIOUS to anyone who has watched one game in Miami we need a QB. A REAL QB. And probability says you'll most likely find that guy in the 1st-round.

fire everybody

DC,,,,,,,,, you r right .if we have two choices to draft 2 QB ,

1-ONE is by moving up to pick a one w/good history
2-to wait and hope to pick one in later round and get lucky like brady .

the future of this team can't relie on luck .

what's your favorite tea ?

Have henne trade places with serena williams shes one tough chick she could shake off a defender.

Chai tea!

lol phinfan. Plus Serena could probably throw a touch pass better too!

Wake has just been named a starting outside linebacker on the 2011 AFC Pro Bowl team. He starts alongside Pittsburgh's James Harrison.

Pretty Good Company next to Wake
Wake certainly deserves It
Proud Of Him

For the record
Home has Wake w 14 sacks for the season
Predicted that #14 many times here & posted it many times in preseason

Thought w the last few games Cam Wake might reach 18 sacks

Still stuck on 14 w 1 game to go

Congrats to Cam Wake!

Please all gifts and well wishes for dan henning retirement to be directed to ;

dolphins p.o box 00000000000000000

ur missing the point dc. then sign a vet. only way we could get a stud qb in draft this year is to trade up which cost alot

we cant blame all our woes on henning. henne,sparano and ireland need to be included. parcells saw it in training camp and bolted for the exits. we need a regime change;its been "fools gold". its time for a fresh start.

let it coast a lot,who cares,pretend we drafted another pat white and another odrick but we get a REAL QB .

aloco. make some scrambled eggs w/ diced jalpenos~ for me and carson palmer.thanx. he likes so flo and says that the lombardi trophy would look good in the south florida sunshine...lol

carson palmer + miami dolphins d = super bowl...... got it aloco.?. make it so...lol

Congratulations Cameron Wake, you were a bright spot on this defense that has really had a decent year. Our problem, as is well stated time and again on this blog, is offense. That begins on the O line and QB. After watching Philly and Minnesota last night, I noticed, as did many others, that a QB in this league has to be not only a strong accurate passer, but be mobile, able to move in the pocket, and out of it, if necessary. Webb and Vick both showed the agility and speed needed to beat blitzes and all the disguised defenses in this modern game. Henne is the opposite. He is uncomfortable, can not move, and when he scrambles (if you call it that) he looks like he's running in ankle high mud. We need another QB. Yeah, keep him and let this new QB challenge him. But IMO, he's too slow for this ultra fast game. BTW, I like this kid at Mizzou, Blaine Gabbert, if he enters the draft. But then again, our draft position ain't lookin real good...Interesting off season.....again.

WE NEED MORE PLAYERS AS WAKE,smart ,doesn't talk much and when he speak doesn't try to be funny like crowder .he goes to sleep at 10.00 pm all nights .i think being an ex morgtage broker has a lot to do with it .

Miami has always had good role players. That's why it's funny to me those of you that say, "see how Sparano still has the locker room, they're all still playing for him." Other than the 1-15 debacle, when HASN'T a Miami team played for the coach? These are good guys (historically) who play here. Passionate, got self-respect, and understand putting it all on the field.

The problem is talent, and elite talent. That's what we need now. And you can find elite talent at other positions in later rounds. Where you won't find elite talent in later rounds (usually) is at the most important position, QB.

And bill, trading/picking up a veteran from somewhere else is basically saying you don't want an ELITE QB. Who's gonna give up an elite QB? Sure, you can find a Pennington-type to run your offense for a season or two, but you won't find a franchise QB that way.

And what I want now, on the Miami Dolphins, more than ANYTHING else, is an elite QB. The team can then be built around him (if we don't have talent anywhere else). We've been in the weeds for like 20 years, it's time for stability at that position.

That's fine if it doesn't happen this year (the Draft and pick will determine if that's even an option), but it needs to happen within the next 2 years. Even if the guy needs to sit and be developed a couple years (a la Aaron Rogers), but I WANT AN ELITE QB. I'm sick of this merry-go-round!

O Tim says:
December 28, 2010 at 11:47 pm
Someone loves a broken record. LOL

NJ, can you just tell me what that party thing is about. I’m actually working right now and don’t want to scroll around searching. Thanks!

December 28, 2010 at 11:57 pm
tim , it was no biggie , i just invited the northeast dolphin mob members for a ” i survived the blizzard of 2010 ” party along with some of the guys from the gym !! it was just a joke about all the snow we got and how i couldn’t post for 2 days because of this damn blizzard. We then went on to talk and joke about the party and the f’n snowstorm soon after we did a naked soak in the hot and the man juice was flowing pretty good there Tim.. You should have stopped by.!!

Also, if we get a veteran or Henne back as starter next year, I doubt (but am not holding my breath) we go 7-9, 8-8 AGAIN! That means, if we wait until next year to draft a QB 1st-round, then we'll drop farther down in the draft.

No time like the present. GRAB A QB! ROUND 1!

"The Patriots, with the NFL's best record at 13-2, led all teams with six Pro Bowl picks.

They have six picks in the first three rounds of next year's NFL draft and three picks in the first 33 selections".

...We will never catch the runaway freight train that is the New England Patriots.
6 picks in the first 3 rounds...3 picks in the first 33 selections....are u f***ing kiding me!

...How do the do it? How do they remain so focused year after year?

...Coaching, stable ownership, and excellent talent evaluators.

We may never win the AFC East again....uugh.

Cam Newton

lol @DC....I suffer through the Armando and the Amigo show in hopes that they will talk Dolphins and I will learn something new....not so this morning.

To tell the truth Troy Stradford is my favorite on this station....kinda sounds like Steve Smith (the basketball anaylyst)....he has passion for the game and you can tell....

If you don't read anything else from me it means that Armando band me.....

New England has an intelligent, football savvy owner and front office. And as much as I hate to admit it, a smart coach. Our record on personnel moves and drafts since Shula is abysmal.

I am officially on the CAM NEWTON band wagon....he will make plays....and I doubt his abilities can be coached out of him....he will always fall back on being a playmaker

Cam Newotn must be good...The going price for him was 200,000....and worth every penny!

The last 1st round QB drafted by the Dolphins - Dan Marino in '1983'

Mel Kiper's "Big Board" only has 4 QB's in the first round....which one should Miami pick?

1. Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford

If you don't know about Luck, Kiper sums it up pretty nicely: "poise, a big arm and smarts". He is everything you look for in a QB prospect and there are a handful of QB-hungry teams that would love to get their hands on him.

2. Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas

Kiper places big value on QBs in his rankings, which is why he has three in his top 10. Of those QBs, Mallett is a pocket passer on steroids. His bowl game and pre-draft workouts will secure him a spot in the top 10 on draft day.

3. Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

Some have major problems with Kiper putting Newton in the top 10 but I like it. Even though he only has one year as a starter, he is a driven winner and a much better passer than he's getting credit for. Huge size helps too.

4. Jake Locker, QB, Washington

It's a surprise Locker is still on the Big Board with the way he's played this year, but there are still plenty of teams interested in him as a first round talent

Aloco...you once famously said..."TUNA WAY IS THE ONLY WAY"...and I co-signed on that....

Now I take it back....

'THE BELICHEAT WAY IS THE ONLY WAY"....would you agree.


There is no way 4 QB go in the first round letb alone in the top 10....

In my opinion 2 of those 4 will be around when we pick....

DC...We will agree that drafting a quarterback is no exact science(probably a term that will be over used the next 4 months) Pro Scouts are wrong as much as they are right. But they do get paid, and like it or not. They know more about what to look for then anyone on a blog. That being said. On the Chris Russo show yesterday Mike Mayock(again you can respect this guy or not) Was talking about this quarterback class. What he said was interesting. He said the Andrew Luck has graded out higher then any quarterback coming into the draft since Elway. That is something. He also said that the other top 3. Mallet, Locker, Newton. Don't even get first round grades. But since you have to rate the quarterbacks they get moved up. This is a bad year to draft a franchise quarterback in round 1. I happen to totaly agree.

DC Dolfan

TOTALLY disagree on your philosophy to grad a QB in the first round. The reality is there are VERY few ELITE QBs around and everybody is trying to find one. The Bills have been tring to find one since Jim Kelly retired. Let's see there's been Rob Johnson, JP Losman and Trent Edwards. All failures! How's Denver done since Elway retired? The point is it's a flawed plan and the reality is 'there is more than one way to skin a cat'. I actually like the regimes thinking to have a team rather than one star at QB. Brett Favre played on some bad Green Bay teams and it was because the cast of characters wasn't any good.

You're going to give up our draft to get what you think is a poetential elite QB. Outside of Luck I don't see it this year. I liked the kid who played last night but I wouldn't take him any higher than the second round.

So, I'm agreeing with Bill on this one. WR or RB in the first and second (I with Bill again, in that we are going to trade back and get a second round pick) and then we look QB in the third or fourth round. If you take QB in the first round and have to give up picks to move up, you severely handicap our draft and you get next to no impact from your rookies next year. We're not that far away and by fixing the line (probably in FA), running back, WR and TE in the draft and new OC and it's a whole new team. I honestly can't believe with those changes you really think we're going to be 7-9 or 8-8 again next year.

Good to see a "Cameron" make good in Miami.

Someone please tell me why we should NOT draft Cam Newton?

I see a lot of negative post on this guy and need someone to provide some details as to why we should ignore what appears to be a very talented, strong, quick QB?


Drink Herba Mate'

NHFINSFAn, NE will crash when Brady is past his peak. Unfortunately, that will not happen for another 3,4 years. Then they will fall back to the pack and people will wonder if Belicheck is past his peak too.

Call me crazy but the one QB I love this year (loved him last year too) was Ryan Mallett. I'm all in on this move if the Dolphins' brass thinks he can be the guy. There is not one throw this guy is afraid or incapable of making.

Otherwise, I would not be upset if the Dolphins pick a Derrick Sherrod - type OL in the first round. having Long, Carey, Jerry, and a top end rookie OL in the starting lineup gives this team an elite, athletic, and flexible OL. I'm just afraid that if Sparano is still the coach, he might be pluggin in a former Cowboy castoff in place of one of these guys at every opporunity because he might have once coached them in the past.

dc elite qbs arent easy to find brother


I totally agree on your assessment. Luck would be great but I'm not even sure he's coming out and Carolina would be nuts to trade the pick. After him it's a shot in the dark. Nobody knows....and I mean, NOBODY knows if any of these other guys will be any good or not! Bad year to be gambling!


If he is there....I say draft him....I hope he has a terrible BOWL GAME so his stock falls

Dear Mr. Salguero

Jeff Ireland : So Cam Newton...Your father is a preacher pimp by selling his son to the highest bidder.

Now tell me about your mother, did she work for your father ?

In what capacity ? Was she the muscle ?

Did she play collage football and for who and how much ?

I say we just get a veteran to help Chad along.

Soiled :)


NHFINS FAN....On Cam Newton. The guy was unbelievable this year. Dynamic, strong armed, and even fairly accurate. These traits don't always translate into the pro game. He is throwing from the spread. So all of his reads are pre snap. He doesnt ever have to make reads while dropping back. Did you see the slow motion of Drew Brees while he was in his drop? A 3 step drop, and his eyes registered the whole field. Amazing. This is something that Newton will have to learn. Henne hasn't.
Also. The different throws under presurre. The throws that need to be made in a 5 step drop are not easy. Theses are deep outs, Posts, and Flags. The last thing is that Newton was always the best player on the field. He could out "Athelete" everyone. Don't be fooled by Tebows early success(good for him.seriously)




Sorry Mark in Toronto and other guys,

I think you are NUTS to be drafting ANOTHER QB in the first round next year. NUTS!!....fix the problems that plague this team, specifically the play-calling on offence, the holes on the lines, get a pass catching TE, a better running game, another WR and it's a better team. Tom Brady would struggle with what Henne had to face this season.....no QUESTION!!

In hindsight now, I think the 'Phins should have picked Pouncey the kid that was drafted by Pitt this year, in the first round last year. I was dead set against taking another OL but I had no idea our line would be as bad as it was. He looks like a keeper.

There was talk on the Buffalo radio station asking listeners whether THEY should trade their entire draft ot move up for Andrew Luck. If a team with as favourable position as #4 is willing to do that - us at #16 or whatever has no shot.

Darryl...thanks for the input.
Agree with the 3 step drop and read the whole field attribute...Brees is fantastic at that.

Also agree that Newton can out athelete the inferior defense just like Vince Young did in the National Championship game a few years back.

but...as we can see great athletes will win you games, just look at Vick...he single handedly won 3 games this year.

...IF Newton is on the board I say we pick em'

I was onboard the Kyle Orton for President of the Dolphins quarterbacks yesterday. I'm going to call myself out here, because I did some research. Orton in Chicago wasn't much better then our own Chad Henne. In 3 years, his second year he rode the pine behind...REX GROSSMAN??? In 3 years he was horrific. I didn't watch the games so I don't know if he had the same problems that Henne has(mechanics, poor pocket presence, poor decisions) It looked like he got sacked a lot more then Henne. But the numbers were similar.It wasn't until Orton got in a SYSTEM that he floorished. Who's to say that he will be the same guy in an unfamiliar system. I thought I should bring this up because Henne has been getting thrashed here, and he deserves to. But there still may be hope for him, although slim!


Craig, you mkae valid points and I went on record saying that I would support an OL 1st round selection - however if Ryan Mallett (and only Ryan Mallett) is on the board when we pick - I would be extremely excited about this guy.

All those people that complain that Henne does not show fire or does not have "it" or doesn't throw long enough - would love this guy.

That being said - if we take the approach to fix all the other holes on offense (OL, speed from the RB, TE, WR positions), I would think that would work too. However, if they draft a DL or CB early, I'm throwing a shoe at my computer!

Nhfinsfan, Cam Newton, like a lot of fans everyone falls in love with a guy after he has a big game on TV. Cam Newton is NOT Vick or Young. He neither has the big arm nor the quickness of either. Tends to take the big hot when running. After reading some evaluations most say the same thing. Bad mechanics, throws off back foot, poor decision making. Is a project who is not NFL ready, is a man among boys at college level but will not be at NFL level. There is some of your negatives.

Mark...Their gonna draft a OLB

Any QB is a crapshoot coming out of college

bobbyd....thanks for the input, guess I need to do some more homework.

Any skill postion we draft won't get on the feild till pre-season 2013....then we will cut them

Craig, never said we'd be 7-9, 8-8 next year. What I said was we WON'T be that bad (probably) next year, so if we waited to see if next draft has more "higher-rated" QBs, we'd probably be drafting at a lower spot (than 14-15).

I think drafting a 3rd and later QB is a waste of a pick. If you're gonna do that, I'd rather just stick with Henne and trade for a veteran. If this QB class is so shallow like many of you are saying, what makes you think some 3rd-4th round QB will be good at all (or even any better than Henne).

Point I'm making, we've had good teams. Good defense. Good run game. What we haven't had since Marino is consistent play from the QB position. And we haven't won a Playoff game since (or very few). So you'd think someone would be smart enough to connect the two. We need a CONSISTENT QB. Doesn't have to be spectacular like Philip Rivers or Peyton Manning. But has to have a good understanding of the game, be a playmaker, and be CONSISTENT. Doubt you find that guy in the 3rd-4th round (and I have 12 years of evidence to support my position).

NHFINFAN..Thanks, I'm going to disagree. But if Newton is your guy cool.

Craig M...I agree with you. I don't know how the draft is going to play out. I just don't see the value of trying to force ourselves into picking a quarterback early in the draft. We the fans should be throwing Henne under the bus more for putting us in the situation of even discussing drafting a blue chipper. Then his failures throughout this year. All it would have taken was for him to lay like a pro in the 4th quarter against Detroit, and we aren't having this talk. (I thought he was good against Buff in the 4th quarter. but was robbed by the wildcat)


Mark, I was just about to call the Mounties dude, where you been? Ice fishing in Sescachuan? We needed your sound mind on here last few days. Everything's upside down and run amuck!

We're all trying to start a "keep Henning" campaign (because he's tremendous). You in bro'? LOL!!!

I have to agree with Bobby on Cam newton. That pick would make me extremely nervous. He just doesn't look like an NFL QB. An NFl Qb has to be a surgeon - methodical, cerebral. Newton may have that but it's tough to see at the college level because he just isn't challenged enough to stay in the pocket.

Did any one cook fish roe before ?

Mark, you see Joe Webb last night? Cam Newton'esque, no? Wouldn't be a pleasure for once to see a Miami QB EVADE a rush? Run for a 1st down (more than once a millenium)?

Not saying Newton is the guy. Just saying the QB of today needs to be more athletic then yesteryear.

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