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Cameron Wake, Jake Long named to start Pro Bowl

Cameron Wake's improbable rise from undrafted and unwanted to CFL castoff to CFL star to the Miami Dolphins has taken a wonderful turn to Hawaii.

"It's truly an honor," Wake said.

Wake has just been named a starting outside linebacker on the 2011 AFC Pro Bowl team. He starts alongside Pittsburgh's James Harrison.

Jake Long, a Pro Bowl selection his first two NFL seasons, has turned the hat trick. He is in his third Pro Bowl and also was named the starter.

The interesting thing is Long made the Pro Bowl despite dealing with knee and shoulder injuries. He said he must consider those before playing the game, but "definitely" wants to play in the game.

"I had some up and down games and haven't played at my best sometimes," Long said. "...But I kept my high level of play even with some bumps and bruises."

No other Miami Dolphin is in the Pro Bowl.

Kicker Dan Carpenter, the Dolphins offense most of the year, is not in. Neither is receiver Brandon Marshall or punter Brandon Fields.

I asked Wake how he celebrates his first Pro Bowl selection -- for a game that will be played on his birthday.

"I'm a diet so I don't know if a steak is going to happen tonight. I don't drink so that's out of the question. And we got practice tomorrow early so I don't know what I'll do outside of take a deep breath for a minute and let it soak in. I'm going to be early and be back at the facility at 6 a.m. tomorrow. We still got a game to play so my concentration is going there."

The Patriots, with the NFL's best record at 13-2, led all teams with six Pro Bowl picks. They have six picks in the first three rounds of next year's NFL draft and three picks in the first 33 selections. 


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agree craig, dc needs to be real here. elite qbs are rare

On Kiper's big board it appears as though NONE of the hot QB's will be there at #16...he thinks Miami will go RB from Kansas State:

On the average big board this pick looks like a major reach but because Daniel Thomas does everything Miami is looking for in a back he could be the top RB on their board.

Both Miami backs are entering free-agency and both are over 30. Daniel Thomas is a big, physical runner who can thrive in Miami's power rushing attack.

And the caviot, he is an experience wildcat QB.

Fix the o-line AGAIN & get it right this time! The inability to do so 3 years running is pathetic. Shows you how inept the talent people & the HC(O-line guru) in South Florida really are.

Sparano: "Berger's a smart guy, really smart"

That's great Tony but he can't block worth a lick!

Sparano: "Incognito is tough, we liked him in Dallas"

That's great Tony but, on a run first team, you signed a guy who can't pull for sh*t.

Unless they fix the o-line with proven vets in FA, I wouldn't put Tom Brady behind this current line, let alone a rookie 1st round pick. I don't trust them to assemble a decent line anymore.

After that, then find: 2 RB's w/speed, QB, TE w/speed, WR w/speed

Sad to say it but with these guys in charge & NE in our division, we aren't gonna sniff a division title until Brady retires or is out for the season again.

Hahaha, DC, I forced myself to stay away after teh Detroit game. I knew things would be ultra negative in here because they were ultra negative during the game when the Dolphins were up and Henne has a 100+ passer rating.

After Henne was benched before, I went on the record to say it was a mistake because the franchise deserved a fair answer on what we had with Henne. Good or bad. Well, we now have that answer. Henne is not broken yet but doesn't seem to be the answer yet either. He has A LOT of work to do in the offseason. he better start working from 6 am to 10 pm every day to get better if he wants to be an NFL qb. Because he will not be handled with baby gloves next year. Simply stated, if he isn;t the best QB on the roster next year - he will not play. And he won't have to worry about only beating out Thigpen. There may be a proven vet on the roster, there may be other team's former backups on the roster that are as good as him now, amd there may be a brand spanking new #1 draft pcik that the fan base will be clamouring to play. Qb kindergarten is over - he will be given a big boy offensive polaybook to learn and will have to be polished by day one of camp because EVERYONE will be looking for any excuse to replace him.

And no Dan Henning in 2011 - please :)))

Mark in Toronto... Wanna do some debating on Mallet? He is your guy so I'm not going to try and "talk you off the ledge" But I think he could be possibly the worst of the first round prospects...This is why. The same reasons I noted about Cam Newton. It is the spread offense. 2 and this is my biggest problem with the guy. He looks and talks like Vanilla freakin ICE..Do you think Mallet has the mental capacity to understand complex pro schemes? The Verbage? Have you heard the play calls in the NFL. Compared to College. Unless you are in a pro set, it is like Pop Warner. Besides Mallets intelligence issues(I'll be willing to bet he doesn't do well on the wonderlicht)Do not under estimate the value of that test for pro quarterbacks. there are exceptions to the rule. But the guys who score low, they usually struggle. My other problem with Mallet is his ball security. He threw a lot of picks trying to fit balls in spaces with his arm that will be even smaller in the pros. Also, you watch him, so you know that he likes to hold the ball in one hand like it is a loaf of bread. Especially when he is on the move. He isn't the fastest guy. So his pocket presence concerns me, because frankly those spread guys don't throw out of a pocket.

no way would i want newton. mallet should be a solid pro. but i say trade down get your second rd pick back. draft a speed rb and wr with first 2 picks. we need some playmakers badly

DC, I am still not sold on the "athletic - runing with his head cut off" type QB. As good as Joe Webb looked last week - how did he look the week before? Other than Steve Young, who was the one run threat Qb who won a Super Bowl? Can't think of one. And Young was almost a pure pocket passer the year he won anyway.

Super Bowls are still being won by Brady, Rothliesberger, Brees, Manning, and someday matt Ryan :( Give me a "smart, well groomed, pocket passer" QB over an "athletic" QB anyday

the only way to put our hands on ...luck or mallet or jack LOCKER IS TO TRADE UP .IS THAT CAN BE DONE ?

DD, all I see from Mallett is fearlessness and a cannon arm. Michael Vick scored a 17 on the wonderlicht, Bradshaw is as dumb as box of rocks. So there are exceptions. But I agree with you - if he is DUMB - and I can't debate that fact either way - better to stay away.

As far as the trying to fit the throws - that can be coached away in the pros. he has a lot of natural gifts that translate well to the pro game though. You can't coach that rocket arm or leadership he shows on the field.

I would rade back too get that 2nd back. We need play makers at RB & TE. Sadly, this is a weak draft for TE's apparently. In that case, find a burner WR who can fill that need as well as offer some bigger plays on special teams. Dez would have been nice...

Rebuild the o-line in FA & save the rest of the draft to find a QB to groom, ILB(unless you're sure Edds is that guy) & find a pass rushing OLB. Because aside from Wake, I don't see anyone getting to the QB w/out blitzing...

Joe Webb couldn't complete a pass the week before. Kudos to the Minnesota coaches for getting Webb ready to play. That is what good coaching can do...

ALoco don't cook fish roe...let it drain for an hour, gentley pick throught the bad eggs. then roll them in salt, and let them rest on a screen covered in the fridge for 1 day. After they are cured. Rinse them. Now they are ready to eat. Trout Roe in the winter is very good because they feed on little scuds. It turns their eggs salmon pink.

darryl, how i now the bad eggs ? thank you

Ok fellas, like I said, I'm not a pro scout, and talent isn't my forte, so I try not to get into the debate of "draft this guy or that."

But what all you are saying (with the draft-down strategy) is you're willing to bank on Jeff Ireland's scouting/drafting expertise. And, what have we heard all year from folks (maybe some of you in favor of that strategy) is Ireland hasn't shown much besides trading for Cowboys backups.

Odrick, who knows. Misi was a pretty good pick (so far). Jerry, who knows. Nolan Carroll, Reshad Jones, Amaya, Spitler, Wallace, Moore, we'll have to wait and see.

Just beware that your strategy means the draft needs to have MOSTLY studs and almost NO duds. Is your boy Ireland ready to produce that? Hope so, for all our sakes.

DC, sorry if I read your post wrong earlier. Yes, I think we are closer to success than most people think.

Joe, we're totally on the same page for a change. I see things the same as you. I'll be on the minority on here but I think we need a burner opposite Marshall. Bess and Hartline are NICe players but they are certainly no stars. I think the line can be fixed in FA. There are some good players out there.

And for the guy, that wante the RB Morris, I'm not that familiar with him but he's sounds EAXACTLY what we need. I think we can get a good back by trading back and taking late in the first or early in the second. I think Jahvid Best would have made a difference on this team this year.

Since the blog entry was about Wake and Long, can we at least offer congratulations to both of them for receiving their MUCH deserved accolades?

Long is an absolute warrior, and Cameron is such a rising force in the NFL.

I just can't overlook that in the rush to "fire everybody" and moan about everything (even though I share the same frustrations).

Job well done, guys.

(besides, I can;t get too worked up about 'next season' when it seems increasingly likely there won't BE any 'next season' until 2012)

bill, I think there's too much money-loss involved for there NOT to be a next season. Of course the sides haven't come to an agreement, there was no pressure to do so. Now there is. Early March is the deadline. That's when everything comes to a screeching halt. My prediction, there will be an agreement "magically" by that date. These people might all be greedy, but they know which side their bread is buttered on.

DC--I shared those sentiments until recently but Sports Illustrated had an article recently that made things look pretty bleak on the strike issue.

Hoping for an agreement, but not as optimistic about it as I once was.

I say trade back in the 1st to get the second back. In the first get the best available OL in the draft. In the 2nd rd draft Ryan Broyles. In the 3rd QB Colin Kaepernick. In the fourth RD draft the RB from Miami, and the 5th RB from Locke from Kentucky. The Rest is BPA

"elite qb's are rare". AGREED! Especially when you never draft one in the 1st round.

But who knows, maybe we get a jimmy clausen. Coach him up for 3-4 years to be 8-8. Could work!

"But what all you are saying (with the draft-down strategy) is you're willing to bank on Jeff Ireland's scouting/drafting expertise."

DC, not I. I want a new GM. New coach for that matter as well. They have not been very good. They have been average which why this team is still average. Utter incompetence for 3 years on the o-line. How many wasted picks, signings & millions of dollars on the o-line.

Get a new GM in here, someone who can draft players for their abilities, not their size. Raid the Steelers talent Dept. They ALWAYS seem to find guys early, in the middle & late in drafts.

One tight end that I like is Rob Housler from FAU. This guy is 6'5 and an atheletic freak. The problem is he doesn't fit the weight requirements for this FO. He could be to fast for what we like to do(lol). He is a hybrid type of tight end that can create....Tadah matchup problems with linebackers. Why can't this regime get this through their heads that modern offenses require fast pass catching tight ends?

Source says 49ers are gonna call Parcells on his take on a VP of Player Personnel.

Yup, ain't it grand. Parcells giving everyone advice. Trouble is, how's that advice any better than spitting in the wind?

Two of the hardest workers on the field. well deserved.

Rumor mill is brewing on Sparano's departure. Joe, you might just get your wish. Wonder if Ross would keep Ireland while dumping Sparano?

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't more interested in what happens AFTER the game Sunday than the actual game.

ALoco ...like all bad eggs they stand out in the crowd.
Seriously, they will be harder, or shriveled up. The roe is fresh so smelling it wount do much good. I've only messed with Trout Roe as far as curing goes. I've has sea urchin roe many times, and you just eat that out of the spiny shell. No need to cure it.

Darryl Dunphy, it's seems almost to simple to figure out, right? We need new people at the top of this organization who will draft players, not size. With these current clowns running the show, Zach Thomas would never have been drafted. Short, not big enough & he turned out to be better than OK.

ALL teams, not just this one, need speed at all positions. Bigger is great, but if you can't catch the the guy you need to pound on, you're meaningless.

If these clowns are lucky enough to stay on for year 4, I hope they figure it out.

thank you darryl ,that was good enough .

Joe's absolutely right about that Parcells size strategy, WHAT A JOKE!!! Maybe in 1986 NFL. Fast forward 25 years, and speed now is King, NOT size.

"Rumor mill is brewing on Sparano's departure. Joe, you might just get your wish. Wonder if Ross would keep Ireland while dumping Sparano?"

Here is the dilema. Everyone has said Ireland was running the show, but I think everyone knows Tuna was calling the shots & Jeffy was just announcing them. In that regard, Ireland may be spared & given another year to prove himself.

Sparano however, has no excuses. he is responsible for the product on the field. After a good job in 2008, he has regressed. Since that season, with better players & a tougher schedule, he continues to lose more than he won in 08. if Henne is regressing, what is Sparano?

That speaks for itself. He is fully responsible for the ST debacle seen weekly. He is responsible for the pop warner offense on the field every week. Poor QB play or not, it's unacceptable.

But, if he stays, do I want Ireland choosing the next HC? What is his experience? He was a talent scout in Dallas. He is gonna pick another off the Parcells tree or stay within & hire Nolan. I would much prefer the latter.

The problem with this administration is nobody knows how good they are. Nobody knows who was responsible for what. They may have bought themselves one more year with this shroud of secrecy.

it's official the 49's owner jed york has been in touch w/THE TUNA RE THE FUTURE OF THE 49'S .fans don't trust him any more so HE GOT TO GET THE TUNA TO CREDIBILTY ON THE SUBJECT .....................


Dying Breed seemed to think that Sparano and the gang were going to get a stay of execution. I'm going to go out on a HUGE limb. and say these guys are done. It is almost a no win situation. I feel like even if the Phins pull off a victory on Sunday it becomes an even bigger slap in the face to the people that paid to watch the home product. It's ironic because that would make us 7-1 on the road. Coaches get full run of the orginization after a record like this. But 1-7 at home, and the way the team performed is shameful, and inexcusable. I don't know if it is the right move. But Tony, I need a guy to toss Pizzas this summer...13 bucks an hour. Whattya say?

THE only player who's over weight in pats team is vine wilfork ,the rest are ,smar,fit,midgets players .

What the heck am I supposed to do with my Sparano jersey now? Toss it in the back of my closet where the Culpepper jersey lays?

DARRYL, the pizza guy pasqualoni is blamed for the firing of wade philps and garrat of the cowboys ,,,,,,,he will back to work as a pizza guy soon after he was fired today .

what should i do with my crowder jersey now ?

Darryl Dunphy, with the emphasis Ross has put into the Home game experience, the home record alone may justify their firing in his mind.

However, he MUST have a plan & be ready to execute it. We have all spouted off names of guys who are available. The fact is, Ross has to be ready to act. I feel like with 1 year remaining on his contract, Sparano is going into next season a lame duck & if they struggle early, I can see him getting the boot midseason. Similar to Wannstache's departure. That's a worse scenario than firing him now.

Coaches have a lot easier time succeeding if they have talented guys to work with. The fact is Miami's roster is very average. Even though it's not ALL Tony's fault, it is his problem. He does share a big portion of the blame because the o-line has been his pet project & all the shuffling around was mainly his doing.

Considering the o-line is the biggest area of concern, he may have put the writing on the wall himself.

DC.. The old jerseys are for ex girlfriends to wear when they come over for a late nighter....
Then you put them in your discarded gear, and it reminds you why they are no longer #1 in your life.


Espn is saying that sparano is gone after this sunday. No one is saying anything about Ireland. I think Ireland has done a decent job he has made mistakes but who hasnt. Everyone is reporting that Sparano is gonna be canned. The question is who will be the next HC? Will Nolan stay as the DC? I wonder how Gruden's offensive mind and Nolan's defensive would mesh. How about combining Brian Billick and Nolan again? I really hope its not Cowher we need a fresh offensive minded HC and OC. I just fear if Sparano is fired we can all say goodbye to Nolan and his top 5 D.


BK, I'm sure whoever comes in may be asked to accept Nolan stay in his current role. Not all new coaches come in & clean everyone out. Good guys & successful ones usually stay on.

On another note, Nolan's defense still needs some work. They need more pass rush & better coverage. The last 2 weeks against the Bills & Browns of all people, Miami has given up some big plays in the air. We need coverage help.

If Brady & everyone on NE plays this Sunday, that will become pretty evident.

I meant Lions, not Browns.

Food for thought...If Sparano goes, and Ireland stays. This eliminates both Cowher, and Gruden from the fray. Both are control guys that play GM as well as head coach...

If Cowher brought some of his scouts from Pitt with him, I'd be ok with that. They have a proven track record. We need someone who specializes in QB's though.

alocothats for the head coaching job, billick, garett, and fisher are in the mix. as far as newton goes all these qbs coming out and have negatives, but what i have seen is newton CAN throw, Can run. he has great size and is mobile.a project qb, hardly. is josh freeman a project bobby boy?

Geez ALocrapo


You would think after posting on here for years you'd learn to write at least a LITTLE bit more coherant...For Fuch's sake!

lol Darryl. That's how I got rid of my Sam Madison jersey. But, then my wife started asking why I never wore it anymore....Oops!!!

parcells came in with his own guys with secrecy a priority. this way,fans and media stay in the dark and one can only guess which of the three screwed it up. its hard to point a finger at one guy when no one is allowed to talk;not even players! someday the'll realize the fans pay the bills and when we've had enough THEY R GONE! ALL OF THEM!

Can't we have ONE DAY on the blog where it's all love. Damn, is it THAT serious?

Your team is 7-9, maybe 8-8, get a grip. Go light a Cohiba on the front porch and RELAX!!!

I have an old Madison & Chambers jersey. Haven't bought a new one in a long time. Team has been so bad for so long. For my b-day I may request a new one. I'm gonna go with #91 or #21.

How many Elite QBs are there in today's NFL? How would they be ranked? Here's my guess:

1) T. Brady 6) Rodgers
2) P. Manning 7) Flacco
3) D. Brees 8) Ryan
4) M. Vick 9) Rothlisberger
5) P. Rivers 10) Cutler

Giants won a few years ago with Eli Manning> not an elite QB. Would Rothlisberger be considered to be elite?

Anyone who posts jay Cutler and Joe Flacco are elite qbs is instantly discredited.

I got a new #13 retro jersey for Christmas from one of my godsons. Everything was right with the world at that exact moment.

There is only one current Miami Dolphins jersey that deserves to be bought right now and be placed among our all time greats - #77. Can make a case for #34 too.


Yes, I put Big Ben far ahead of those others. Also, don't consider Flacco, Ryan OR Cutler elite (to me they are up-n-comers).

McNabb was elite, not anymore. I'm high on Freeman, but he's an up-n-comer. As is Cassell and Bradford.

But you can win with an elite QB or an up-n-comer or a consistent QB (like a David Garrard). They don't have to be elite elite to win with. They just have to be able to throw a pass when it counts (like when there's 5 min left and you need a first down to sustain a drive). So the anti-Henne!

Oh, forgot my UVa brethren Matt Shaub, definitely an up-n-comer.

bobbyd12 said, "Denny, u made me go back and read the blog again. Where in the blog dies Mew England come up?

It came up when Mando wrote, "The Patriots, with the NFL's best record at 13-2, led all teams with six Pro Bowl picks. They have six picks in the first three rounds of next year's NFL draft and three picks in the first 33 selections".

Then bobbyd12 said, " You obviously are doing heavy drugs cause u are far out there. Thks for visiting and making shyt up in ur mind. You can now go back to ur pipe".

To which I have to say first of all this isn't the real bobbyd12 because that poster doesn't write like an 8 year old. And second of all whomever did write it is mentally challenged because the end of the story so obviously brings up the Patriots and how they have more players in the pro bowl then the Dolphins AND that they have more picks than us in the upcoming draft. HEY DUMMY, that was a dig on our team you f***ing moron!

Food for thought...If Sparano goes, and Ireland stays. This eliminates both Cowher, and Gruden from the fray. Both are control guys that play GM as well as head coach...

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | December 29, 2010 at 12:05 PM


We've been down the "Strong Coach" path before, with both JJ and Saban, and the results were not very good.

There's no one way to get it done in the NFL (every time you think there is, someone else comes along to disprove it) but generally it's the teams with a strong and distinct GM position with some autonomy from the HC that have done best in recent years.

This is why I'm not nearly as enamored of Cowher and/or Gruden as many are. Handing over absolute power is usually a bad idea regardless of the "name" and let's not forget it took Cowher 14 years to win it all with a VERY stable and patient franchise or that Gruden had HORRENDOUS drafts while with the Bucs.

Neither is a miracle worker, folks, despite our desire to believe so.

Me? I'd rather they kept a strong GM position and went with a young assistant on the rise, but the odds of a "star driven" owner like Ross going in that direction are probably close to zero.

marc, if you post more often i would be a better write.you do your part and i do mine

the only elite is who wins more than ONE SB ........BRADY

Guys, with about at least 8 or more HC coaching vacancies possibly available Nolan could be out anyway. Im sure he'll interview for them all.

So needing to strike gold only once in eight tries 12.5%, added to a 50% chance he wont be here next season if intervieng for all 8 vacant positions. Then there's a 72.5% chance(50% + 12.5%) Mike Nolan may not be in Miami as DC anyway.

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