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Cameron Wake, Jake Long named to start Pro Bowl

Cameron Wake's improbable rise from undrafted and unwanted to CFL castoff to CFL star to the Miami Dolphins has taken a wonderful turn to Hawaii.

"It's truly an honor," Wake said.

Wake has just been named a starting outside linebacker on the 2011 AFC Pro Bowl team. He starts alongside Pittsburgh's James Harrison.

Jake Long, a Pro Bowl selection his first two NFL seasons, has turned the hat trick. He is in his third Pro Bowl and also was named the starter.

The interesting thing is Long made the Pro Bowl despite dealing with knee and shoulder injuries. He said he must consider those before playing the game, but "definitely" wants to play in the game.

"I had some up and down games and haven't played at my best sometimes," Long said. "...But I kept my high level of play even with some bumps and bruises."

No other Miami Dolphin is in the Pro Bowl.

Kicker Dan Carpenter, the Dolphins offense most of the year, is not in. Neither is receiver Brandon Marshall or punter Brandon Fields.

I asked Wake how he celebrates his first Pro Bowl selection -- for a game that will be played on his birthday.

"I'm a diet so I don't know if a steak is going to happen tonight. I don't drink so that's out of the question. And we got practice tomorrow early so I don't know what I'll do outside of take a deep breath for a minute and let it soak in. I'm going to be early and be back at the facility at 6 a.m. tomorrow. We still got a game to play so my concentration is going there."

The Patriots, with the NFL's best record at 13-2, led all teams with six Pro Bowl picks. They have six picks in the first three rounds of next year's NFL draft and three picks in the first 33 selections. 


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Also meaning there's only about a 27.5% chance Mike Nolan is still in Miami as DC next season.

Guys, with about at least 8 or more HC coaching vacancies possibly available Nolan could be out anyway. Im sure he'll interview for them all.

So needing to strike gold only once in eight tries 12.5%, added to a 50% chance he wont be here next season if intervieng for all 8 vacant positions. Then there's a 72.5% chance(50% + 12.5%) Mike Nolan may not be in Miami as DC anyway.

So there's 172.5% chance we have both new OC and DC in Miami next season regardless of who the HC is. LOL..............

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Compliments of The New World Order

My math was wrong, lol. 50% + 12.5% = 62.5%.
Meaning there's a 62.5% chance Nolan isnt here next season. Not 72.5%. LOL..............

So if you like betting on higher odds there's a slight advantage to betting Nolan isnt here next season.

Still 31.5% chance he is still here isnt extremely far-fetched. Meaning there's still "decent" probabilty he could still be in MIami.

So I wouldnt be totally shocked if he's still here nor totally shocked if he isnt after taking look at the variable odds both ways.

Correction: 37.5% chance Nolan's still here in 2011.

DB, you didn't include College jobs available to him as well so it's closer to 80%. That's pretty much why I'd like him to be HC here if that's what it takes to keep him.

He will command less money than big names & he won't insist on having control over personnel. he already blew his chance there in San Fran and I don't think anyone will give him that luxury anymore.

Will someone please give Db a calculator? With all the numbers floating around, my post should now read 70%, not 80%.

Joe Shmoe,

Problem is it seems firing Sparano prospects seemed to somehow decreased since Sunday's debacle. Dont know why but Sparano's outster has seemed to gone from definite to probable, too possibly "let's see what happens final game.

If we win against the Pats, and they will probably be playing the B-team, the chances of Sparano be given 1 more season perhap maybe that final featherweight added to Ross' scale in favor of him. Ross doesnt seem to be in total dismissal mode at present.


I really dont see Nolan interviewing for a college job unless some university is willing to dish out top nfl HC $$$$$$$$$$. LOL.........

DB, better to do it now and get moving in the right direction than continue this course & waste another year of these guys short careers. We will be in perpetual rebuild mode.

I just can't for the life of me, see this team being any better than they next year. I just can't. And with only a year left, I can absolutely see Sparano fired mid-season next year.

That's a whole off-season wasted going in the wrong direction. A new coach will go another way. Drafts & Fa acquisitions are too precious to waste this way. To me, if the inevitable scenario is Sparano goes next year, or there is a possibility, do it now. Why wait? If not, it just sets us back.

Between not winning at home, BAD offense, BAD Qb play, poor Special teams & bad o-line, he's given Ross plenty of reasons to let him go.

Concerned over this QB thing, I noted at least two teams who have a QB (for lack of a better word) contraversary with back up QB's doing very well and starters jobs in jeopardy (or so it has been stated by the sports guys). I haven't watched Denver that much but do remember Kyle Orton playing pretty well in the past - he is now third string on the roaster and feels he should start. After watching Minnesota and Philly last night seems they have a similar problem - especially now that the old man will not be back next year. I wonder if there will be a chance to pick up Orton or another veteran after the season ends, along with the obvious draft pick and let Henne play second or third string next year? Just sayin. Any thoughts?


The problem with getting an elite QB is the fact that you can't. There is only 2 elite in the game right now and they were found 10 years ago. You can't draft or find guys like that off the street. Fate will bring them to you. IF you're deemed worthy of building a dynasty then you will be sent one. Until that time comes, find a game manager not a gunslinger. Your D is contender status already.

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