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Confirmation! Jets sideline wall no coincidence

There were folks who claimed Miami fans on this blog and elswhere were conspiracy theorist when it was claimed that wall along the sideline the Jets fabricated during Tripgate last Sunday could not have possibly been a coincidence.

Well, it wasn't.

Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum, in a conference call with New York reporters today, confirmed that the wall was a deliberate strategy. Tannenbaum said Sal Alosi, who tripped Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll as he ran downfield past the Jets sideline to cover a punt, also instructed several inactive players to form the wall.

So now we have Tripgate...and Wallgate.

Alosi, the strength and conditioning coach, is the fall guy for both. He had been suspended until the end of the season and fined $25,000 for his Tripgate actions. Tannenbaum announced today Alosi's suspension is now indefinite. (And it sounded like Tannenbaum was going to look at firing Alosi, altogether.)

Tannenbaum also said no Jets coach ordered Alosi to tell the players to line up. The Jets yesterday released a statement from Mike Westhoff, in which the special teams coach disavowed any knowlege of both Tripgate and Wallgate.

(By the way, I've talked to Westhoff before. I know he knows about Watergate, but that's another story and, no, he wasn't involved in that one for sure.)

So do you buy the Jets new explanation of what happened?

[UPDATE: Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said today he's not interested, keeping a stance he's had throughout this incident. "I'm by it," he said. "I have no reaction. I'm on to the Buffalo Bills."]

Tannenbaum told reporters the organization will be going back to tape of other games to see if this happened before.

This is definitely a black eye for the Jets organization. They've tried to handle this situation with alacrity. But today, they just got around to admitting something anyone who saw the replay or tape of the incident figured Sunday evening.

Let's see what else they discover in the coming days.

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