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Henning on things wrong with the Dolphins offense

Dan Henning is the Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator. Everything that offense does -- or fails to do -- is supposed to be Henning's responsibility.

Henning isn't shy about telling you his offense isn't producing at a level that is acceptable to everyone. Actually, how couldn't he deny it. But the veteran coach is clearly of the thinking that players and their execution are the only things that make an offense go or stall.

His responsibility in the entire recipe? Rarely if ever mentioned.

Take today's press conference for example. The Dolphins offense has sucked struggled the past couple of weeks and most of the season. What does Henning believe is wrong?

On what is the central issue of the running game's problems: "Blocking. That's the issue ... Second level blocking. Getting to the second level. Breaking tackles. Same as it always is."

On the passing game: "We haven't done very well here in the passing game lately ... There's a lot of moving parts in the passing game. Sometimes it's difficult to pin down what the major problem is  or what the problems are and sometimes you might just run into a team that is playing pretty good or weather conditions and that type of thing. But we can't continue to exist with as little a passing game as we had last week. We have to do better than that."

Henning mentioned a Chad Henne gaffe in miscalling one protection during Sunday's game. He said the quarterback missed Fasano on a play when the tight end was open.

And then Henning broke down the whole picture for us, relating his thoughts on why the Dolphins are 31st in the NFL in points scored:

"We have to block better. We have to throw better. We have to run better routes. We have to catch the ball. We cannot have penalties. We have to move the ball in a more consistent, efficient manner than we have in the last three week -- not unlike we did in the Raiders game."

None of this is wrong. Henning is to be applauded for his relative candor. But I struggle with the fact that not once does the coach mention that, well, his coaching could perhaps have been better on an occasion or two or 10 this season.

It's like he is disconnected from the mess. It's as if he only calls plays and if the execution is 100 percent by those darn imperfect players, the plays he calls would work perfectly.

I'm trying not to be harsh or unfair. I've been told by a couple of folks that coach Tony Sparano is "disappointed" with me because I'm holding some of his assistants, such as Henning, responsible for some of the Dolphins struggles this year.

Well, maybe if some of those assistants would hold themselves responsible, I wouldn't have to say a word.


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2nd level run blocking hasn't happened here in a long long time

What Up Bootang!! It's been awhile...
I agree with almost everything you say. It is easy to see why Wallace, and Moore struggled to see the field. They do not get any seperation at all on the line of scrimmage. I would bet that if we could get a hold of game film it would show that they don't run sound routes either. I disagree with Sapp. He gets killed in nickel coverage. The Chicago game he was getting picked apart. You can go back to the Cinci game, and the Baltimore game. He was a liability in coverage. It is nit picking because the defense has been solid. but I think we need to explore some options at this spot for next season...

Too much overreaction, IMO, with not just Dolphins fans, but fans in general. Do some of you guys that think this whole regime sucks realize that we are a BS call against the Steelers and a Nolan Carroll dropped pick-6 against the Browns from being 9-4? Yes we had some bounces where we could also be 5-8, but the NFL comes down to those kinds of bounces. The Steelers are 10-3, but they are that BS call against us, a caught TD in OT that the Bills dropped, and a good playcall on 2nd and 5 by Cam Cameron and the Ravens from being 7-6.

I can tell you there are about 12 teams that stand no chance of being in the Super Bowl in the next couple of years. There are about 5 or 6 teams that are for sure Super Bowl contenders the next few years. We fall somewhere in the middle, and as I said, I feel we are closer to the top than to the bottom. You don't think Jeff Ireland learned ANYTHING with any of his mistakes he has made? Seriously, Sparano and him are in their first time around with both jobs, mistakes are to be expected. The problems that hurt this team in week 7 are much the same as they are now, and we can't do anything to fix them until the offseason.

Complaining on a daily basis accomplishes nothing. Last year the defense was god awful, now it is our strong point. Why is it so crazy to think we can't do the same thing with the offense next year? Even the questionable decisions had a degree of logic to them, it's not like we signed Joey Porter to a huge contract, drafted Ted Ginn 9th overall, traded a 2nd round pick for one leg Daunte Culpepper. I will gladly deal with the "bad moves" these guys have made, as I could sit and argue about all of the great ones they have made as well.

Our oline problem isnt no blocking. No oline is a perfect blocking oline every single play. You also have to have your rb's break tackles at least every now and then. Every now then just never happens for our current stable of rb's.

Besides the inability to break tackles, the other problem is inability to be able to break anything to the outside by our slow-footed rb's.


I beg to differ. You blinked first and ran!

I win!

Nan Na Nan Na Nan Nah!!!!

alosi is only going to keep is job because he agreed to be the scapegoat goat for the cheating jets.

A game worth watching tommorow. Villanova v. Eastern Washington. There are 3 players tommorow thet will get drafted. 2 players in particular. Tawain Jones Eastern Washington(he may have another year before eligibility) And Matt Szczur Villanova. He has Patriots written all over him. This kid is a stud. He would be a slot matchup nightmere, and could run some wildcat stuff..If that animal isn't put to sleep for good. I've seen both play because I have nothing better to do except follow FCS teams...lol

Henning needs to be replaced. He does not put his players in positions to win. He is a defensive coordinators best friend when it comes to play calling.

OK It's time for my Yearly Check list, Fins outta the play=offs,Check, Offense sucks,Check,Henning sucks,Check,Henne sucks,Check,Aloco looking for more inhalents,Check,Jets folding at the end,Check,My 401k Tanking,Check.NJ Phin Fan still a Buffoon,Check.Have'nt seen any trim for my 6th straight year,Check. OK everything is copesthetic, continue with your babble.


What's up my friend. Sapp has had his moments, but that nickel CB spot is not a friendly one for anyone who has to try and cover it. Obviously an upgrade needs to be made. Sean Smith is a perfect example. Sometimes finding the right role for a player is not as simple as it seems. It is easy to moan and complain that he is not what we thought we were getting with the 2nd Round pick we used on him. However, since we have found a role for him, matching him in man coverage against the really athletic TE's, you can see his performance get better.

The coaching is not nearly as bad as many claim it to be. Davone Bess, Cameron Wake, these guys had to be developed. Paul Soliai is another good example. Many, myself included, wanted an upgrade at the NT position, never giving him a chance. I have no complaints going into next season with using him and Starks on a rotational basis, Paul has really blossomed into a good player.

I believe in this team in 2011 a lot, as I think the holes that need fixing are obvious to the naked eye, and nothing about our past approach has shown we won't be aggressive in fixing those holes. I GUARANTEE if Logan Mankins is allowed to leave New England, he will be a Miami Dolphin. They will fix the problems, and those problems are nothing compared with what they inherited.

to blame henning is to blame the mexican journalist who refused to take her cloths off for playboy .

When Finnegan TOLD Brandon Marshall the exact route he was going to run every play, that's when Henning needed to be seriously questioned. That incident shows how plain, predictable and pathetic offense Henning runs.

The summary of the NFL's scouting reports on Derek Wake: Great athlete, can't make a play.

Mando, You tell it like it is, I respect that. the other guy (predator look alike) Kisses ascot all over the place. Keep up the good work.

I second Shaggy's post!

Viva La Armando!!!!


My number one wish with whomever the new Offensive Coordinator may be is that we use a variety of formations. Using multiple formations forces the defense to show its hand, and can make for easy reads for the QB. Henne has been lights out for the most part against man coverage, he struggles with zone and making his reads and progressions. Finding a coordinator that can dictate to the defense will go a LONG way in helping Henne make that next step.

I want for all the Henne bashers (and he does frustrate me a lot as well) to tell me where we've helped Henne out at all either. We don't block very well. We don't create seperation, we drop passes. How many highlight reel plays has anyone on offense made? Not many. Then when he does make a good throw, like the one this past week to Fasano down the seam, his reward is a view from the sidelines, to watch us run the ball when we haven't all year long. I was a Thigpen fan, but he gave you a glimpse about how bad it really can get. I can get to 5 or 6 things if necessary that hurt our team worse this year than Chad Henne.

Hell Andy NJ neighbor friend.

I wasn't ignoring Henne's poor play. I even named him #5 list earlier. If I named him part of the problem certainly you can't say I'm ignoring him. Henne will never be able to do it alone. He is one of 11 parts that need to work together. The fact is, this O is a mess. The entire scheme & philosophy is a hinderence to the QB. I'm sorry you don't see that as a MAJOR obstacle, more than the QB play. The Qb can't be good if the system doesn't allow him to be.

It's not about right & wrong on here. None of us really know. You feel stronlgy about Henne in ways others dont, myself included. It is what it is. You won't convince me otherwise because I think I know better. I'm not just looking at whats on the surface, that rarely ever tells the true story. I look deeper.

We agree to disagree on this I thought?

Just think if the Nolan gets the pick six against the browns in OT and the right call is made at the end of the Pitt game. This team is 9 and 4 and almost a lock for the playoffs.

Mango don't worry about Sparano, keep doing your job and bring these things to light. I don't see anyone complaining about Mike Nolan, I guess the same defense that was horrible last year is just executing better and Nolan has nothing to do with it.

Yes Vince but I have been (just thinking) and what iffing for 30 years or more. Good or great teams get it done.

let say armando has a gift of coming w/the right post at the right moment .also has a gift of kicking some one's as zz at the rigt time .

If Henning is blaming the personnel, then it must be that he's blaming whomever is responsible for picking and playing those individuals.

I dont know why everyone's so critical of Henning because we should be kissing his feet that we have an oc smartest enough to tell us what all of our offensive problems are. To all of you I say Henning will be judging you on judgement day.

why i feel DB eats chinese to go every night ?

Dan Henning for HC!

ALoco, DB had Golden Coral buffett tonight.

Jets suck suck suck


Dan Henning: "We bring out the worst in players since 1936"

henning is 100% correct. the problems with the offensive line and QB make it impossible to have a good offense. its a wonder we are 7-6 with the personnel we have. hopefully henne improves next year and we draft or acquire a new interior line that can actually run block. if we do we will be in the top half of offensive production once again. Like Parcells once said " Football is a talent acquisition business"


In Earth language, restuarant.


Typical attitude of an old fart coach who won't take responsibility for his failures by blaming somebody else. It is so good to be able to coast along. Who does he blame for the lack of creativity and in calling plays?All other teams know well beforehand what plays he is going to call. Get him out of there fast. HE IS THE PROBLEM.


Though on my world we are so much further advanced it has its hangups too. Using the language on my planet it would take 5 minutes just to ask what is your name.

Life expectancy on my planet is 15,000yrs but who wants to spend it asking trivial questions. That's why we love your language and stepmother Earth so much better.

Great posts, Bootang! Please move to the head of the class.




On my planet and in my native language we never ask what's for dinner. Our language is so abiguosly elongated it was be time for next decade's breakfast before you could fully asked what's for tonight's dinner.

Hey Adam, who do you think picked these players? Do you think they just showed up in Davie and they hired them?

Yes, player aquistion was C- but the fact is, there's enough talent to do a lot better if the coaching was better. And that includes that sorry ass excuse for a OC.

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The Bills haven't stopped anyone in the run game this year. Hopefully this will be a week where we can get Henne back on track, by getting the running game back on track. I would also like to see some more distribution to more players. When we depend on the same 4-5 players to make all the plays we seem to bog down. When we have been able to include all of our skill players, the offense has looked pretty good. I know that it is important for the players, and coaches to finish this season strong. It is really, really important that Henne finishes strong. Right or wrong, 3 more performances like the last two weeks might force the hand of the Fo to make a rash choice as to what to do at the quarterback position.

Mando ... keep the heat on those nitwit coaches!

Henning should just take the blame for the offense, because it stinks.At least Alosi is man enough to accept his fock up!At least there's only 3 games with Henning and Henne left.

Henning needs to fold up his game plan and shove it up his butt and call it preparation H because he is a large hemorrhoid on the butt of this team.
Fire henning and give the team a chance. Armondo you do a great job that is why i read this blog daily keep up the good work.

Newly acquired WR Kevin Curtis will make $755,000 for three weeks worth of work. Niiiiiice...

He's a vet so let's hope he'll bring much needed help for Henne and the receiving corp.

Mando, your take is played. You are a hypocrite because you are guilty of the same crimes you accuse henning of. You are not bringing it like you used to on this blog yet you write about this or that like your poop don't stink. Maybe its because of your radio show uses up all of your good content, but from my perspective your blog is less and less interesting or informative. I am not trying to bash or "hate" because I AM a fan, but I have got to lay it out plain like you do for henning. I am not defending the old man either because he is not getting it done. I am just tired of every Thursday getting the same tired rant about how you had sit through another coordinator presser, and you don't like henning. You don't blog as often as in years past, and when you do you take four paragraphs to say a simple thought. Must be all the time around sparano. It just seems the success of the blog and your radio show have changed the tone and effort of your blog, that gained so many loyal fans. Again, I am not hating, just wanted to give some candor from a guy who still checks this site twenty times a day for a new post.....

All I would say is try to be a little more humble, save some good takes for your blog (not all of us live in south Florida and can listen to your show or can stream it), and please, please find something else to talk about other than how henning is not the OC you want him to be.......we've got it. Still got love for you though.


I am very tempted to use my highly advanced powers to give the Dolphins unfair advantage over other Earth NFL teams. Last time I did this I was banned from Earth for 100,000 yrs by the Extraterrestial No Tamper Commission.

However last time I did this was during the 72-73 season. I know you ask if I was banned from Earth 100,000yrs why am I here now? But that answer's simple, we have also mastered time travel.



3rd and 9 lets run a screen pass. Rolling 80 yards down the field let's throw the wild cat in...rushing 10 yard chunks let's change the running back...Henning is an idiot. He kills drives with his playcalling and if wouldnt pull people in and out every other play how do you expect execution when there is no flow or rythem. I dont think Henne is that bad, I just think he isnt given consistent playcalling and time to get in rythem cause he's yanked for the wildcat within the 20 yard line. Brandon Marshall should be aimed at inside the 20 in the end zone.



No we dont have gay women but we have a species of plant you would consider gay because of the bi-trancending properties it has. Actuality it has properties to cure what you here on Earth call cancer.

Unfortunately because one of the chief activators in it is anti-matteral transference it can become very unstable in your gravitational circumference. We would also have to modify Earth's gravitational noms which causes what we refer to as z9-105 cautilifical indifferential compost.

Better known in your language as burnt toast.

As far as what any coordinator says about his performance, proof in in the numbers. Take a quick look at Miami's defense under Nolan this year, then compare it to Paul Pasqualoni last year... its like Night and day... Tackling (The antithesis of blocking) is 100% better and execution is greatly improved. The D-line is better under Nolan and the LB Corps without Vets like JT or Porter are doing great. Wake should be in the pro-bowl and Misi has really wrapped his mind around the game, setting a great edge and starting to get great pressure on the QB's.

It is a played subject... this whole Henning deal. We all know it... we all see it.... we all get it.

LAPhinsPhan.... I do believe that is a full one year contract, which will continue all the way into next year. It will leave Miami and Curtis to work out a deal before Mid-season or so. I was just reading about it and I am fairly certain that was the way it read... If you have further info..please share... 775K for 3 games does not seem correct.

Trade Jake Long for a #10 to #15 rated Nfl lineman. Also getting a 1st and 2nd rd pick to boot.

Playing injured Jake Long is still a top 5 nfl LT. He's the most valuable trade card in our deck.

Seldom agree with you Mando, but Henning's play calling this year has been well,not very good to say the least. It's not a matter of just X's and O's , it has more to do with feel and flow. I'm a bit surprised Sparano can not see that. Anyone who had the pleasure to watch Bob Griese operate has to yearn for the days when the quarterback actually called the plays, imagine that !


Griese was in the league at least 5 seasons before being allowed to call his own plays.

Ginn to the House, ahhh never mind ,ha ha ha

Henning is one of those ultra old school oc's. He doesnt believe play design nor play call has anything thing to do with being able to execute the play better than the defense can defend the play.

This offensive mindset has become prehistoric. That's exactly why like old dinosuar bones our offense has become petrified and dinosaur extinct.

Henning has to get with the new oc program or become extinct himself.

Give 'em hell, Armando.

Henning and that confused oaf under center need to hit the road.

And take Coach Bowling Shirt with you.

This team is in a serious regression.

Even judging by 60's packers and early 70's offensive standards. Henning's version of it is half ass at best.

We dont have great young rb's to make a power run game click. Lombardi had Hornung, Pitts and Taylor. Shula had Czonka, Kiick and Morris.

Lombardi had Boyd Dowler and Carroll Dale. Shula had Paul Warfield and our 2 headed TE monster.

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