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Dolphins and Bills tied at inept (offenses)

The highlight of the first quarter?

Kevin Curtis made his Dolphins debut. On his third play he got behind Drayton Florence on a post pattern. He was wide open.

Chad Henne overthrew what was a certain TD.

And on the next play Henne threw an interception.

If you wish to discuss such great defensive play ... the live blog continues in the comments section.


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henne is not the answer..I'm through with him

awful overthrow followed by lousy int.

How much evidence is need to return the obvious verdict: Guilty.


Whats it gonna take them to bench Henne? That was ridiculous

Never been more dissapointed on a Dolphins player in my life.

Henne IS the Answer...........if the question is: "Who should NOT be The Future of the Fins?"

How many interceptions will our secondary drop today?

sometimes i think henne throws the ball downfield just to say he did it. he has no feel for how to complete a deep pass.



v davis is good at getting off blocks


Wasnt this the same 2nd qtr blog title last week? LOL........

some have a link please...was watching adthd and now its not working!

Holy crap, did you see the DB catch that ball after the whistle? Amazing.

Marshall should of been running the route Curtis was open on. Poor placement of players in a joke of an offensive scheme. And Henne sucks too, but that's almost a moot point with this moron calling plays.



Will someone please tell me why there are so many empty seats? Miami's home crowd is pathetic....

Nice..........plus a pf on Mr Tweets Sean Smith.........so even worse yet field position


I'll say it again ... Fitzpatrick is going to be a bane to our existence for years to come ... that's all we need, another Tom Brady in our division.

The penalty on Sean Smith...I like it. Sends a message. But obviously Id rather not have the penalty.

I don't feel too good.

Inept bills look more energised than Fighting Fins, ANY MORE EVIDENCE ABOUT HENNE stinking at qb.....enough is enough people, Fitspatrick is now outplaying this man....Pathetic!!!!!

oh that was pathetic

Frustration is starting to show ... defense is getting sick of bailing out this pathetic offense.

Nice personal foul smith...how ignorant.

Game over offense is not going to score today. Bring on the draft!

There's empty seats because we are about to be 1-6 at home on the season. Ross will clean house after this embarrassment.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a better Quarterback then Chad Henne, can you guys believe it. Just picture having a average QB in our roster, we would have a much better record.

Sean smith is annoying too. Shows glimpses here and there, but drops picks and gets beat on a regular bases. Then crys to the ref after the fact. Sorry Sean, you sucking isn't a penalty.


That's be funny.....just have Mando cut and paste a blog from another debacle on a comment-b-comment time adjusted basis w/o "accepting" fresh comments..............No one would know the Diff?!?!?

Yeah its over... I smell a meltdown today... Nice ending to a roller coster season...

that TD was on the D...after they were pushed back to the 18 or so

I believe if the Dolphins lose today and henne continues to play terribly, Henne gets benched again.

2010 story
Henne stinks
Henning Blows
OFFENSE=The worst in the business!!!

dansby just needed to bat the ball. but i like fitzpatrick. he plays with moxy, and is harvard smart. compare that to the blockhead henne who takes 10 minutes to get off of his primary receiver.

Phintastic ... with the state of this economy, most people are not willing to pony up the coin to watch such a pathetic product being presented on the field each and every week. I seriously can't blame the crowd.

May as well bring in Thigpen and make offseason plans to dump both Henne and Henning.

And some of you guys wonder why the stadium looks so empty at home games. If it were'nt for the defense no one would come.

I wonder why were are not hearing from tortured dolphan the jet fan today?

How many quarters now have we been shut out?

Question is when are they gonna realize they wont win with him today and let someone else give it a shot?

yes, bring in thigpen. he isn't that good, but he is more exciting to watch. the season was over before this one began. now, it is entertainment value.

i don't know how you can't pull Henne at halftime if we don't put points on the board

So, DyingBreed, your Jets have a hope in hell this week againg the Steelers?

If we want chance to win, have to go to Thigpen in 2nd half.

DB, I almost would agree right now, But we are so bad on offense, is it even worth it at this point!!!


Dolphins brought in Ray Feinga and ran toward his side on first down. And on second down the interior of the line got blown up.

Third and 8.

I rather watch Thigpen INTs then Henne INTs, if that makes sense

murtha is awful.

I tried to be impartial with Henne at best. But now even I am seeing, "stick a fork" in Henne he's done!

2 receivers, off set I formation in the backfield. Its like ground hog day


So many of you are giving up on the Dolphins after one TD? Bring on the draft? Come on man.

This game is far from over.

Why can't the Fins block Kyle Williams?

For a small crowd ... they can sure "boo" with the best of them!

Actually, Henne might get benched in this game if he's not careful.

henne drifted right into the rush. there was a beautiful pocket.

The line just made Moats look like Darryl Talley.


Despite their lack of talent, the Bills play with heart, and sometimes, that's enough. Henning absolutely has to go this offseason. After watching that Chicago game, I'd be willing to give Henne multiple shots to learn from his mistakes...Thigpen is awful...but we need to draft a QB this year. This coming year's draft is considered weak to say the least...this would be the year to consider trading up in the first round for a good prospect.

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