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Dolphins and Bills tied at inept (offenses)

The highlight of the first quarter?

Kevin Curtis made his Dolphins debut. On his third play he got behind Drayton Florence on a post pattern. He was wide open.

Chad Henne overthrew what was a certain TD.

And on the next play Henne threw an interception.

If you wish to discuss such great defensive play ... the live blog continues in the comments section.


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Um, that was a nice call by Dan Henning. Just saying.

Can't rip the guy all the time.

Nice throw and run ... but why do all of our players look so slooooooow.

Seriosly, I have to complain about SOMETHONG or they'll kick me off the board! LOL!

Didn't T-Jack put up 35 points on these guys with an interim coach?

that nice caller still has us down ten nothing. he throws a dog a bone, so we throw him a parade?

Henne should limit his passes to 5 yards or less.. He's super accurate at that range!

btw, baltimore is all but killing our playoff hopes right now.

I wish this guys would go 2 no huddle and speed up the game..

First down ... I think we're going to win this game!

That was a typical Akin Ayodele tackle. Eight yards downfield. Hahaha.

Um, that was a nice call by Dan Henning. Just saying.

Can't rip the guy all the time.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | December 19, 2010 at 02:03 PM

sure we can. the sun shines on a dogs ass every once and a while.

Marshall is FIRED UP!!!!!

no doubt. dont miss akin at all

FG time!!!!

Terrible play call

Wildcat here we go.

Why did they get rid of Donald Thomas? I could (almost) understand dumping Smiley and Grove, but Thomas was young and played decent.

because after thirteen games henning is figuring out finally he cabt be contained.

redsky ... seriously? Fitzpatrick is available? I can't believe Buffalo would let him get away. Especially after seeing what abortions at quarterback the Dolphins and Jets have.

RB BABY!!!!!!

Chad Henne saves the day by staying out of the offense... YEAH!

Holy S!!!! we scored a TD off the wildcat, is that the first of the year?


That was tons of effort by Ronnie Brown and a nice block by Brandon Marshall. TD.

Way a block by marshall

Run it up there 4 times in a row if necessary.

In your face Mando!

was that a double fist pump by sparano or was it the jersey shores fist pump? I cant tell.


Touchdown! That was a great looking drive, we're back in this thing!

That was just ronnie brown outrunning the sidelines......Fluky play for a fluky team....doesnt change anything except the fact that we managed to get our possible Only TD of the game!!!!!

still. baltimore. damn. i thought new orleans would win, they have streaked :( is anyone else as devastated by this?


Just wanted to give a big FUCH YOU to all the BROWN haters!

About damn time

Henne's career saved for one more drive! LOL.........

Good job, keep working boys we have to win this one.

Wow superphin!!!



Armando, please tell Henne his mother wants to see him right away...

I accept your FUCH YOU and raise you one NOT RESIGNED at the end of the season.

It's on now f a g g o t s

Ronnie Brown had a pretty nice drive there running the football, so if the Dolphins coach to form, he won't see another carry until midway through the 4th quarter.

Need a 3 and out followed by hurry up offense!!!

Is it just me or is Ronnie looking faster today?

well that drive was awesome. part of the reason we are all so pissed off is there is the potential on the O to be a dominating team at times, but all of the mental mistakes just kill us.

Great block by Marshall on the wildcat TD.

still. baltimore. damn. i thought new orleans would win, they have streaked :( is anyone else as devastated by this?

Posted by: inimounts | December 19, 2010 at 02:08 PM

Only devastated by the fact that we are still MATHMATICALLY still alive for the postseason!!!!

couldnt have said it better blink

He prob won't be re-signed, and that's tragic. I'm sure they'll shelf him the rest of the game now...He's hit his yardage limit

I have to agree with superphin until this offense shows that drive wasnt a fluke!

Baltimore is basically a lock for their playoff spot so its no surprise. I'm more looking to the Jets epic collpase and us taking their spots...As long one of the other 3-4 teams don't take it

Brown is done in Miami

Incognito ought to be moved to Center. He could mot even find a guy to block on the pull.
You need a nasty Center to tie the thing together.

Good for Brown turning what looked like NOTHING into a TD.


Why because he FINALLY did something this year? Sorry man, to show up in week 15 means very little after what he's accomplised this year.

Fitzpatrick is a FA at the end of the year, and I read somewhere the GM went to Stanford and spent a week there watching Luck. Hey, there's a reason they haven't been to the playoffs in 10 years.

Great block by Marshall on that wildcat TD!

Yeah, whatever haters...BROWN has been UNDER-UTILIZED all season!

Wildcat... It makes me feel better because Spanky won't throw a pick. And Tess with that little hat on, henna looks like spanky from the little rascals

If we get ball back let's run the
Clock out fast. My nintemndi is on pause int locker an I want to save my progress before the battery dies.

Looks like the Oh fence is on track to break their scoring slump and score .... 14 points today.

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