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Dolphins and Bills tied at inept (offenses)

The highlight of the first quarter?

Kevin Curtis made his Dolphins debut. On his third play he got behind Drayton Florence on a post pattern. He was wide open.

Chad Henne overthrew what was a certain TD.

And on the next play Henne threw an interception.

If you wish to discuss such great defensive play ... the live blog continues in the comments section.


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i agree craig. i think ronnie lives or does by the success of the wildcat. when it comes to i form or pro he just doesnt have the quicj burst, he shluld be able to bust out a sixty yard run, since hes suloosed to be lighrning and def not thunder, but he cant? makes no sense.

I told y'all. It's all about the coaching.

Players have to show heart (which they are now showing). Leave it out on the field!

Yeah, whatever haters...BROWN has been UNDER-UTILIZED all season!

Posted by: Marc | December 19, 2010 at 02:11 PM

I completely agree the running has been under as well as poorly used all season long. Wonder whos call that is?


How about putting your biases aside for Brown and looking at the big picture. He's done VERY little this season and has shown no reason why we should invest in him further. Try and be objective.

Wow, they're making plays all over us.

Jax hanging in there with Indy. Should we win today Indy is another team we need to root for to lose.

where is bell on that play? are we in dime or nickel? NO EXCUSE UNDER TWO MINUTEs!!!

Brown along with BM have been underutilized this season.

The Bills offense has an energy to it that you must respect. And also hate because it is not wearing aqua and orange.

C'mon D!!!!!!!! Keep the small momentum going...

We paid DEARLY for Ronnie...injuries and the overall 2nd pick inb the draft. Arian Foster, leading the NFL in rushing and all purpose yards was a FA!
THAT'S why many of us feel we didn't get fair dinkum for Ronnie.
Where was/is that "supposed" breakaway speed?

fitzpatrick is not a good qb. he has a great pass protection. but he runs too much and loses games. i havw follwed him since cincy.

WTF IS HE DOING? he had six!!!

Idiot SAPP

SAPP.................BUT WTF WAS THAT!!!!!!

Omg sapp lol

Benny Sapp should be playing rugby with that crap....

OMG wow....then OMFG WTF....then OMFG whew

just keep running, WTF!!!

What a STUPID play. A lateral? Are you kidding me? Wow, talk about dodging a bullet!

But for crying out loud, a DB caught an interception!!!!

Sapp...makiong up for his mistakes this season

did i call it? aboit fitz? just sayin

Fitzpatrick channels his inner Henne. Wtf were you thinking Sapp? Nice play though

Our D is so not used to INT they struggle wit the return!!

Fitzpatrick was the only man to beat, and he blows it

shoulda been pick six. but...we are the dolphins. just lucky to get a pick.

why are we trying to pitch the ball after we get the int?????
shakes head

Does this team play to lose......seriously???????

Bennie Sapp with the rare interception and fumble recovery on the same play.

Finally get a pick and then almost lose it again. Go figure lol

Sapp should be fired for that!

What was Sapp thinking? Looks like he had the pick 6 had he not tried to latteral. Damn we almost gave the ball right back to them after the pick. Geesh!

Sorry guys, I'm getting the Internet feed on this....with a delay. Can't figure out why I live in Bills territory and NONE of the channels in this area don't have this game on TV. Makes no sense to me. Crazt that we have KC/St Louis and Detroit/TB.....but no Dolphins game....just CRAZY!!!

We certainly don't play to win, superPhin.

What the he'll is Sapp thinking.Sometimes I think the players are more interested in getting on ESPN's top 10 plays rather than trying to win.

Sapp blows a huge run back with a boneheaded move

Maybe Sapp can teach the young corner how to catch an INT.

I say Henne gets us in the end zone even though there's only 33 seconds left.

Of course, just because I say so, doesn't make it so ... but it would be sweeeeet.


There's no delay with this feed:


Let me remind you that nolan and the d were practicing laterals after int during training camp

Completely unnecessary use of replay here. This is a big waste of time.

the D has to score some points cause the O SUCKS!!!!

At least he made a play...

21 block.. Sapp score... No Need 2
Complicate things..

The negative part of giving the offense back the football inside of a minute is that Chad Henne now throwns a lot.

I like Henne in the shotgun ... there's no secret what we're going to do ... but he really needs to look further down the field.


Thanks. Don't any of these guys know that the Dolphins are God's team!!

Collie (WR from Indy) hurt bad again...

Did Henne bring his glasses ... he needs to look FURTHER down the FREAKING FIELD!!!!

Stupid possession pass with 30 seconds left!!!!! WTF

At least Henne was in the shot gun. It took 3 years for Henning to allow it.

head to the locker room, Henne once again doesn't see the rush, and takes another sack at a terrible time

Why didnt Henning run on 1st down there?

Thanks sapp, thanks davis, stupidity cost us points on the board AGAIN!!!!

I see Henne's problem. He's lousy at fast forwarding things in his mind.

Should have let the clock run down and bring out Carpenter for the 70 yard FG attempt. I say Carpenter could hit it from here.

If your not throwing at endzone right now sit down

These are not good football teams...

Come on ... let Carpenter out there!!!!!

This is a perfect time for a running play

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