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Dolphins and Bills tied at inept (offenses)

The highlight of the first quarter?

Kevin Curtis made his Dolphins debut. On his third play he got behind Drayton Florence on a post pattern. He was wide open.

Chad Henne overthrew what was a certain TD.

And on the next play Henne threw an interception.

If you wish to discuss such great defensive play ... the live blog continues in the comments section.


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Dang!! Sapp keeps running an we're in field goal position..

We need a ritualistic sacrifice to RAA

62 yard field goal try. Wtf, is that madden or sumn?


henne still cant read a defense! wtf is this clown doing in practice?

Henne definitely isnt the future. He is not showing progress in some very critical areas. Even in only his 3rd season he should be better at some of things he shows he clearly isnt.

no fist pumps

Where did we get this crappy field goal kicker? LMAO!!!!!

Get rid of carpentor he's garbage

Sparano firing watch starts in 30 minutes of play.



Halftime Adjustments coming ppl, at least we dont have the disgrace of getting the ball back first!!!!!

Okay. Well...

That was a horrible half of football right there that we all just got to witness. Thanks, Dolphins. Thanks, Bills.

How come on all those pass plays not one of them is designed to hit a receiver in stride??

Henne, Henning and Sparano lack the brains to be in the NFL. The smartest thing anyone has done was Parcells

Henne is the bomb!!!! BA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Okay. Well...

That was a horrible half of football right there that we all just got to witness. Thanks, Dolphins. Thanks, Bills.

Posted by: The New Kid | December 19, 2010 at 02:28 PM

Where have you been all YEAR???!!!!

Henne definitely isnt the future and from what we've seen lately he's also a "questionable nfl backup qb. Dan Henning or not! LOL...........


Henning does not design plays that look downfield. henning does not believe in that. Besides this line could hardly hold up long enough for a deep pass route to develop.

Mando and Home warned us that Ryan Fitzpatrick was better than Chad Henne.

Do the Fins practice during the week or just play Madden Football?

halftime adjustments... hahahaha! That's the funniest thing I've read all day.

Barring an unbelievable half of defensive football, no way in haties we beat the Bills playing offense like this.

The defensive back Sean Smith has a holding penalty and a personal foul,he sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where was B Marshall??? Why didn't they try to get the ball to their best weapon????

Henne needs to play more madden football, might give him more completions than in the actual games, may also make dead henning look like Mr. Explosiveness on offense*lol*....yea right

What Im now consistently seeing from Henne, even better play designs and play calling wont fix.

Now I fully understand why Parcells "leaked" he's very disappointed in Henne. He saw him everyday in practice and knows what to look for. Now we're beginning to see.

Henne either cant think fast enough or isnt smart enough to play NFL QB

Where's the Thigpen package? They had one for Pat White. Its laughable how uncreative Henning is. Remember, the wild cat was Lee's idea, not Hennings.


The Dolphins took their one shot downfield for the day.
Too bad Henning had Curis on the route with BM crossing underneath. Ought to have been BM on the deep route, just like the announcer pointed out.

HAHA...SEAN SMITH has always sucked...except in OTA's

sapp finally makes a good play but then screws it all up! he needs to go back to pompano beach and leave us alone already!

I saw some really good things out there the first half. Somethings could have done better but I'm encouraged by how hard these guys played. Were
Only a couple executions awT from some really impressive football. It's all the things I see from the sideline that encourages me. Theyre playing hard and just need to buy into the system more completely. I'm not one of
Kinds of guys who's going to point out my regimes failure


these are 2 awful football teams

Is it me or does Shannon Sharpe sounds like he has a mouth full of peanut butter today? LOL.....................

I agree with many we go Wildcat the rest of the day...the old single wing...hahaha
I can't see the game but by all the comments here this must be a gruesome thing to watch. bad enough we can't execute...maybe we should execute the coaching staff..
But dumb plays (as described) by Sapp make it double tough.

I'm really sorry to say this, but as we now have really NO chance of making the playoffs, losing has it's advantages.
You can bet Sparano will fire a few coaches in a move to circumvent his own dismissal. Nolan can't be enjoying this, having to be subservient to a HC who obviously lacks the moxie necessary to compete in the NFL.

God Chad Henne sucks. Even if miraculously we'd make the playoffs, do you see us doing any kind of damage with this offense? We can't run the football, we can't throw it either, I guess we'd have to wildcat our way to the Super Bowl. Yeah right.

Henne looks way too uneasy, can't feel pressure, rarely leads the receiver in the right direction, notice how he turns them all into the near tackler, misses too many open receivers on the long ball, throws too many picks, takes too many sacks, gets too many balls swatted at the line, otherwise he's still doing poorly. I'm surprised, thought he was due for a breakout season, not a breakdown season.

It's not up yet Mando. No 3 qt post on my device

Someone needs to get Shannon Sharpe away from that peanut butter jar...rotflmao!

playoffs,looooooooool. zero shot at any playoffs. yes henne is awful now, hes gone backwards all year. look forward to a new start in 2012 after strike

We need a real QB

fitzpatrick looks 100 times better than henne even

Can we have Henne and Henning switch positions? Worth a shot anyway...

We need a qb and a center!!!!!

I said Henne was terrible LAST year. He always had that dear in headlights loom

he is allergic to int. allnof them r

that woukd have been a first

Mando, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported that the Dolphins are one of 3 teams Bill Cowher would consider coaching again. The other 2 are the Texans and the NY Giants. Mort usually has pretty good sources. Have you heard anything?

Another sack...Henne, get rid of the ball for Chr****sakes!!

Montreal, try reading the blog, its been addressed already

Henne lacks touch, always has!

Does chad henne have 2 severe wandering eyeballs? the mans vision is...well there isnt any.

yeah chad.. i think my chins are a great place to put the ball.. Next year we should get some Migets for our receiving core...

or shins rather

the games to fast for henne coupled with a crappy O-line stupid OC..... they are toast at least we will be out of our misery

Does anyone really belive that if the BLow fish backed into the playoffs they could rely win a game???

Hey cus, I know somebody brought it up dude, I want to know if Armando heard anything about it.

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