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Dolphins and Browns tied at boring to start third quarter

Well, both teams got field goals in the second quarter.

Dan Carpenter connected on his FG near the end of the first half. It went ... wait for it ...

Sixty yards!

Carpenter is Miami's best offensive player today. The FG is the longest in Dolphins history, beating a 59-yarder by Pete Stoyanovich.

Chad Henne has two interceptions, which makes him Miami's least productive offensive player.

The defense is getting the job done so far. Of course, they are playing against the Cleveland Browns.

I am soooo excited! The live blog continues in the comments section.


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How glad is Cleveland right now after beeing tied 3-3 at half. We are playing right into the Mangini plan...

LOL...Was the sarcasm Mandy?

I don't have my sarcasm dictionary, but, it sure seemed like it.

I'm SOOOO excited too!

The dolphins D has play good all year Armando. Why add that its against the Browns?? How many teams have shut Peyton Hillis down like this??? Miami D is legit.

Little less sarcasm Armando and a bit more condescension, please!

LMAO @ Marc ... "pee test coming soon"!!!! Classic.

Can anyone explain how you can play like Henne did, on the road, and then come home against an inferior oponent and stink like he has? I just dont get it

Hopefully the 60 yard field goal is the spark the team needs to come out of the homefield disadvantage doldrums. Personally I think the team just tries to hard now when playing at home. Maybe this is the key that airs out the stink(60yd field goal).

Henne i hate to say will never be more than a trent dilfer or a brad Johnson type. hennig is an absolute moron and sparano has no balls for not over ruling him or going for it at the fifty.

How many times will we have to hear about Dan Hennings brilliant strategy from the announcers before the end of this game?

Yeah, 3rd and 17


Brilliant Henning...That single play should get him fired

Carpenter is O-MVP of the ENTIRE season.
BTW, Mando, you disparage the Browns, but may i remind you the brownies beat the Patsies?
May i also remind you WE didn't?

I havent heard anything about Henning zaphod

Va Fin Fan,

Because of the season long home disadvantage the players may just be trying to hard when playing at home. As I said in my prior post, hopefully the 60yd field goal breaks the 2010 homefield disadvantage curse plaguing us this season. Go Fish!!!

Zapod-Until the broadcast ends you will hear it

Dobbins has done more in a game and a half than Chowder has all season. Well, his usual injury shortened season.

The Browns are a scrappy team. They can play up to the competition much the same way we can. THeire not pushovers however this game should be 13-3 Mia with better QB play from our end

I'd be surprised if Crowder is back next season, if there is one.

maybe Henning/Sparano get a free trip to Hawaii if Carpenter makes pro bowl??

but then for a Trifecta (yes Parcells is still part of this mess) 3 points is very apropo

Chase: It's coming ... the announcers ALWAYS pontificate on the brilliance of Henning ... it's coming ... the question is, can I get drunk enough before it happens that I don't throw something?

anyone have a link?

The good news, our defense gets a chance to score first in the second half!


I can see that but... I dunn., The rest of the team seems to be ok, just not Henne. He looks so unconfortable out there

I was so sure we would score a buncha points against Cleveland I bought new batteries for my calculator to help me tabulate the score...what wast of money that was

Davis brought his A game today.

LOL @ Soiled!

VD laying the wood on Hillis

Soliai is a pleasant surprise this season

I like seeing Sapp blitzing on 3rd down as opposed to getting burt in coberage...good call Nolan

Lost in the boringness is how well our D has played!! 79 total yards!! I dont care if it is Cleveland.. They scored against Jets D

Our defense is looking good. If Henne hadn't gift wrapped field position in the second quarter we may even be winning this game right now.

D is solid once again

Did McCoy play against the Jets tho?

Hey Hodges ... the academy called ... they have your statue all polished up for you!

Bad game, bad halftime hot dogs, I'm getting a bad attitude.

Maybe our D can score some points, since our offense certainly can't

hey, this is Alberto "Al" Riveron's brother. i can assure you that he's a tortured soul today.

Only have sound via Dolphins radio. Is Henne really looking uncomfortable?

So, Mando, what much does a halftime hot dog go for these days?

LMAO!!!!! 3 & 27 and he throws a 3 yd pass LMAO!

Posted by: nyfinfan
NOW you see the genius that is Henne. He KNEW Dan could make a 60yarder, and he only need to get 3 more yards!

If Dan was only good for 59 yds, Henne would have thrown a 4 yd pass. Duuuuh.

LOL.. love the Punter flop.

Thing is, if he stayed on his feet he would of been taken out and gotten the flag but he actually skipped over the oncoming rush and then fell down.

Defense needs to force turnover if we want to gain control of game...otherwise it will be tight all game

>Ricky3000 says: and henne pretends he will go out there and score with 1:43 left? HA anybody wanna bet $5 we don't score shi t this drive?

Luck for you Rickyboy, you only had $5 to blow.

If Henne shakes it off, bounces back and pulls this game out, we should cut him.

He can't run the wild pansy anyway!

Dierdorf said "Hes forgot more football than most people know" lmao

Ricky's running hard today.

McCoy did play but 79 yds against a pro team is still a heck of a job! Hillis also played btw

We NEED Ricky now.
Other than our kicker hes one of the remaining playmaking threats

Bess is every bit as good as Wes Welker if you ask me.

Henne waits too long- both Hartline and Moore were open

Our offense is THRIVING without Marshall...You guys were right and I was wrong....after one game without him in OAKLAND we should trade him..right Mark?

Even without a visual, it is apparent our offensive schemes are truly "offensive."
Our special teams couldn't cover that punt?

its like watching a corpse decompose on the field.

Henne is so SLOW to release the ball when our guys are open today. There were 2 options on that 3rd down play. But he was late.

Whats pathetic is the dolphins are less then 50% on 3rd down conversions rite now and 4 of our 3rd downs have been less then 4 yards... Terrible

Seriously, Henne's got a gimpy leg and they NEVER put him in the shotgun on OBVIOUS passing plays. Does Henne catch as bad as he throws sometimes?

Coach said to go out and have fun...sinse then the Dolphins have been slippin around on Banana peels while Cleveland throws pies in each others faces

Vernon Carey was not in the game the last series. Lydon Murtha played in his place. I did see Carey got nicked earlier.

the stadium is even more empty now.

LMAO @ SoiledBottom

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