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Dolphins, Browns knotted at boring to start second quarter

Nothing happened in the first quarter, folks.

Both offenses kinda stunk.

Both defenses kinda did mediocre work.

The Dolphins special teams, God bless them, had a field goal attempt blocked.

It's 0-0.

The live blog continues in the second quarter comments below.


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I'll take boring win.

Frustrating first quarter


You mean to tell me Sean Smith can't stay with TE Ben Watson? He's a TE!

let's see...2nd and 1, great time for a play action pass to throw deep, and we get a run. 2nd and 2, great time for a play action pass and throw deep, and we get a run of 1 yd. 3rd and 1, we throw a 2yd pass and incomplete. Earlier, 3rd and 2, and an incomplete pass.
Dan Henning--really? Armando, jump on this guy again please..

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/12/fun-on-the-field-and-the-live-blog-today/comments/page/3/#comments#ixzz17GPoIhcy

How old is Ben Watson anyway?

If the Browns are going to play like crap today ... I won't be happy unless the Dolphins win by 28 ... there, I have spoken!

GREAT PLAY by Bell. He saw he couldn't get to the QB so he stopped and swatted.

How do you miss a tackle of a slow, injured quarterback like that-do we have a coach that teaches that-because our guys have become adept at it.



At least Soliai is having a good season. Makes up for the cinderella season Starks had last year, since he's done nothing this season.

Starks needs to be DE not NT

Can you please rename the blog the whiney complainers club? Please? Wah.

lol tortured says delhomme is torching us hahahaha

he has 26 yards to you pathetic jets loser

Great headline, Armando.

There's nothing quite like the truth. This game is wretched so far.

Would like to see Brown break a long run here...

So they open it up, and play aggresive against Oakland at road, then come home, play a worse team, and go conservative? Time to give Dan Henning the old Yeller treatment. Take him behind the stadium Sparano, you can borrow one of Shaun Rodgers fire arms.

...10-12 yards at least :)

For working link go to firstrow.net, use second link use there steamtorrent plugin...takes about 2 mins to load game ...but it works

He is over thinking this "touch -pass thing...thats all..he's OK

Hartline WIDE OPEN and sh*t bag Henne throws yet another December pick. Just like last year Chad. You are a december bed shi**er. Pathetic.

God bless our QB's "big" arm!

2nd under thrown deep ball by henne results in a pick

Ahahahahahahaha bwahahahahaha oh tortured, you're soooooo funny! OMG I love reading your posts. I'm not even watching the game , i'm just waiting for your next superly clever post. Can't wait, you're soooo clever

That was a terrible pass...Hartline was WIDE OPEN

Oh man that was a horrible thgrow with Har5tline wide open

or u can just go to www.atdhe.net it works well

SEAN...>SMITH...coming on

What an awful throw by Henne.

Just a bad throw there is a big play. A reasonably decent throw is a touchdown. That was probably Henne's worst throw of the season.

Until that throw, Henne had been okay so far today. So it's typical Chad.

if someone hasn't seen the dolphins all season, that play was a nice indication, in a nutshell, or why we're not a playoff team.

Will say this: Dolphins defense kind of woke yup that last series.

There goes the franchise with another clutch pass in December. Hartline only had like two yards on the db there. Wow what a cannon of an arm. Not only does he make terrible decisions but his arm is OVER Rated. Dolphins getting bi*ch slapped by the Ryans two weeks in a row.

Tortured is a pathetic B!tch

defense great-offense-Henne-vicious hit-sack-watch for your next quarterback in the BCS bowl games

The ever present Wake

Rotten stinking underthrow.

"The Future" is going to be The Past, soon, one hopes!

wake is a beast

The defense has been fantastic so far.

bad throw by henne but he will rebound from that this drive jus watch

Actually one hopes he can stop making mistakes because the alternative is waiting on another rookie to learn.

Maybe you guys should spend more time scouting the CFL for players. God knows half the team up their would give you a run for your money.


Just watched the DVR. Henne held the ball a LONG time on that INT (I have no idea what he was waiting for). He also had a high percentage 5-7 yd gain over the middle.

dolphins aren't too far from having a good team man, we just need a good qb, look at our defense and the talent in the offense. I think we have a good team, just one guy to f it up every once in a while named henne

I don't have the effing patience for that,,,,,WAKE UP HENNE!! That was a TD dummy!

Take that henne...wildcat


just judging by audio on teevee, I sense the Fans are about to turn on Henne?


LOL look at that fat Florida sack. Could he get any fatter?

When Brown RUNS with the ball in the Wildcat we always gain NO YARDS! Why not hand it off to Williams?

Vernon Carey-always willing to help-with a holding call on a run play!

The offense should just apologize to the defense at halftime and promise to try to do better.

And the crowd is officially booing the offense.

Offense is pathetic, as usual.

What a throw! Love the QB today!

Ahhhhhh ... don't boo him. He can't help it he is special needs!

The Boo Birds are out....I like it...

We really pay money to see this incompetence!!!

thats pass interference he held his freakin hand

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