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Dolphins, Browns knotted at boring to start second quarter

Nothing happened in the first quarter, folks.

Both offenses kinda stunk.

Both defenses kinda did mediocre work.

The Dolphins special teams, God bless them, had a field goal attempt blocked.

It's 0-0.

The live blog continues in the second quarter comments below.


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Chad Henne is terrible.

elite QB's make the throw

Announcer said any drive that ends with a kick isn't that bad ... apparently he's not too versed in our special teams play this year ... I always hold my breath on punts and kicks!

Thigpen? Can Pennington throw left handed?

It's like the offense is playing in sand.

"Chad Henne is terrible"

lol shut up please...as soon as he struggles hes trash its hilarious

People need to stop looking for one person to blame when it comes to Miami being mediocre.

We will have to get turnover for momentum to swing. Killed ourselves with holding call

I guess our "O" woll do their usual and make our D tired by the 2nd half.....then the D will look bad...C'mon MIAMI

My Youngest niece could have thrown that pass to Hartline...He blew by him by 5 yards!

Armando-How do you miss 3 out of 4 with no one getting near you? You can't blame Marshall-every WR is showing frustration-maybe we got rid of the Ramsey too quickly

lets go 3 and 4 wide and get Henne in cync

Defense will need to win this one for us. We need a pick 6.

Then suit her up Marc.

Is Henning eligible to throw passes?

Dan Henning....

When playing to the level of your competition is needed

This is terrible football. Everyone at the stadium and all of the network and local sponsors deserve a refund.

Feel free to creect me if I'm wrong, but I don't think a single offensive player on either team has really made a play so far today.


Just like I said last week HENNE had ONE GREAT WEEK, and I said he'd follow it with an average to bad one...

He's inconsistent, but, I have a feeling he'll never be GREAT

This just seems like that movie by Bill Murray, Ground Hog's Day, we wake up to the same nightmare of playing to the competitions level and not exceeding it. Last week notwithstanding.

Why does our offense just seem so boring?

him pathetic Delhomme, i think i had that on my tortured countdown list...lol

and if you look, pat/jet (or whoever is doing well) fan, the problem wasnt the arm it was he took too long to see it, by the time he made the decision he couldnt follow thru.

That was not making decisions quick enough.
At least get your critic right...loser

Miami should make a run at Vick and Manning in the offseason even though they'll be franchised. Give them a rediculous amount of money the other team simply can't /won't match. Either one of those guys would help ross's bottom line and help him get financing for the upgrades he wants to do on the stadium. It would coat them between $20-25 million a year, with a $40+ million signing bonus. But assuming the team would be succesful, it would more than pay for itself.

I'm no expert but it does NOT seem to me the offense is having fun!!

People need to stop looking for one person to blame when it comes to Miami being mediocre.

-- Dude that's because it's actually one guy. If we had a QB that actually just made a few passes we would be an amazing football team. AMAZING

It's a team effort. I've got 1st drive special teams meltdown, 2nd drive being stalled by a perfectly thrown dropped pass by Ricky. 3rd drive dbl blitz not protected properly leads to rushed pass, 4th drive piss poor throw by Henne, 5th drive wildkiller starts team with a 1st and 20. Losing with this team is a full team effort. When they're bad,,,,,THEY'RE ALL BAD.

Good tackle by Vontae

kris is right ... our offense will keep the Browns in this game until OUR OFFENSE wears down OUR DEFENSE! Are they really even on the same team?

Just because Henne's playing doesn't mean Henne's healthy. It's possible his ability to throw deep is compromised by his knee.

Defense really came to play today.

Besides Bess and Long, is there anyone on this offense you want to see return next season?

Defense looks great. Gang tackling

Henne will always be inconsistent. I see him being a career backup. Good enough to fill in for a quarter or a game here and there. He seems to have his head permanently psyched out.

CLE gave us a gift with that lame pitch. If they had McCoy in we'd be losing

Jon -

No need to pursue Vick or Manning. Just draft Cam Newton.

Amazing huh? You must be watching a different team because I'm pretty sure our run blocking has sucked pretty much all year. Hard to see how they would be amazing.

Can't wait to Falcs v Tampa Bay, so I can see a real qb and a real qb prospect.

These two teams are playing not to lose. It is really a loser approach.

99 yard drive time


Fins will get it together soon. I just love boys in aqua pants!

Go team!

I have an idea Henning. Next time we have a 3rd and short, punt!

i would keep polite too

Here's where we lose the game ... 2 points wins this debacle! Any bets that we can actually avoid a safety?

ha 100% that we don't get a touch down in this drive

Stop making excuses for that pass...The anoouncer said "INEXCUSABLE PASS"...That couldn't be more true...

From the 1 huh....Here come 3 rushes for 4 yards

>We really pay money to see this incompetence!!!

Exactly how much are you paying??????

Ronnie time here.

Well said daganj

It will be interesting watching Miami come off the goal line. If Ricky is in the game rather than Ronnie, the entire offensive coaching staff and the head coach should be capped at halftime.

Richard 3000 you obviously know little about football. You're saying it's one persons fault, the rest of the offensive team is doing their jobs? Really? So you're not watching the game?

Luck, Locker, Mallett, Newton...........hope on of them is available, and that we pull trigger, when we draft.


Okay ... I stand corrected.

The fans shouldn't be booing, they should rip their seats off and throw them on the field. This team BL0WS!

Thank Dansby's GOD for Bess!

76 more yards to go

typical henne. he is what he is. very below average. miami should be crushing the browns. if henne isn't over throwing everyone he is under throwing everyone. he is very consistently inconsistent!

Good bail out Bess

errr.... 88

god i love bess

Bess being hangin with Marshall too much

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