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Dolphins, Browns knotted at boring to start second quarter

Nothing happened in the first quarter, folks.

Both offenses kinda stunk.

Both defenses kinda did mediocre work.

The Dolphins special teams, God bless them, had a field goal attempt blocked.

It's 0-0.

The live blog continues in the second quarter comments below.


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Bess - not Marshall - is our best WR.

Earl still wanna keep bess

Cam Newton? No thanks. I kinda like Ryan Mallet though

wth did he do??

What? Unsportsmanlike conduct? Listen ... these guys on this team should NOT be talking smack to ANYONE!!!!! There is NOTHING this group of players have to get all "unsportsmanlike about!

Ricky and Ronnie are running hard today

if you think henne is the only issue your a joke

Read my post at 1:54 richard 3000. What do you have to say? Ya see I'm actually watching the game. Was it Henne on that personal fould by Bess? Was that his fault seeing how it's only his fault this team isn't elite?

Yes our offense is boring, predictable, not dazzling. But our defense is really playing well down the stretch this season.

And I think we need to give some credit to our opponent today. This IS the same team that beat the patriots and took the jets waaaay in to overtime. The browns are not a push over


I'm glad that benching remade Chad Henne into a new player.

Another interception? Jeeeeez, Henne had all day!


Fasano Henne!!! c'mon man!!

Browns LB trying to twist Bess' ankle off

They need to try Thigpen in there. Game's probably over if a change isnt made.

hahhaha...didn't want to say anything at the first interception but with the second ...gosh....I wonder where are all the Henne's fans now?

I also wonder what this so-called journalist(owner of this blog) will have anything to say when he write something about this game Monday.

bro really?

I wonder how long until people are calling for Thigpen

Can we bench the idiot child already. Jeesh, this aint kid's soccer.

To nice of a day to sit & watch this sh#t. Team blows. Getting outcoached by a Ryan. Time to go out and enjoy the sunshine.
Maybe next week.


It's official. Henne SUCKS!

Is Miami really going to lose at home to the Browns?

If Miami had any other option at QB, Henne should be benched

Why is there still any argument about this--Henne will never be an elite QB...not on this team....

henne throws into triple coverage fasano was wide

This is the battle of the terrible QB play today.

Henne is horribly inconsistent, looked good last game, this game he looks horrible.

more running less passing this quarterback is not one who can win tou games but you just dont want him to lose you games

Way not to give up on the play Clemons

Thigpen sucks. No thanks

Tyler Time is here. Henn is laying eggs.

yeah...benching REMADE Henne alright ...what a joke!

On offense I would keep Long, Bess, Marshall, Fasano as the 2nd TE, Incognito for depth, Ronnie as the 2nd running back. Maybe Vernon Carey, but he has to take a pay cut and loose weight.

all you henne supporters need to be sh#Tcanned too. he fu$KING sucks. BOTTOM LINE!

screw this sh*t... henne sucks

We're making the Browns look like the Patriots now!

clemmons saved a TD

Going on six quarters at home no points.Screw you guys i would not pay to be there for this horse s#it.Maybe we can have 2 home shut outs in a row.

drfletcherdc: okay, I'll bite ... BRING IN THIGPEN!

Where's the team I watched last Sunday?

Maybe if we send more than two receivers out

Whats pathetic is that Fasano was wide open on the INT pass... AND henne forces is to bess with double coverage

I would be cool with wildcat for the rest of the game. We would win, wouldn't we? I think that would make at least 10 points. lol

Henne has flat out stunk on both his picks. Had 2 recievers wide open, Bess wasnt one of them.

armando what does Henning say about running versus passing ratio

CAM NEWTON PLEASE! henne should have said I know i suck and all i am is a back up at best. possibly a third stringer!

Not to make excuses for Henne, but when they showed the replay, Henne didn't get and push off that knee. Its obviously effecting him.

Henne hasn't had a good half by any measure, but we don't have a better option. Henne will be fine in the second half.

lol henne plays a good game coming back from an injury last week and plays good

he has a bad half and hes trash again lol shut up god its annoying you people in here bashing on henne saying omg he def isnt the future blah blah blah. Its his first full year starting and hes above .500 most young QBs need time chill the hell out

I'm guessing you folks asking for Thigpen did not see the bears game....

richard3000 you r a dumbass wildcat the rest of the game?

A field goal wins this abomination of a game! Question is, how many fans will be left in the stands after halftime?

One can be mad at Henne all they want but it's parcells/ireland who picked him. He stinks, they didn't know it. It's not his fault he stinks just like it's not our fault we're not good enough to play in the NFL. Problem is the management pinned our future hopes on a crappy qb. Be mad at Parcells. Lets not let him off the hook, Henne didn't pick himself.

A little concerned as Henne on the sideline looked more lost/bewildered (before the last INT series) vs pissed. Where did the FU attitude go??

Just PLAY dude, forget the BS

Seriously, do any of you want to go through another draft/FA/preseason with The Ball Boy & Fist Pump in charge, and with Henne being "THe Future."?!?!?

PLEASE MR ROSS.............Sooner rather than later..

Henning has been quoted as saying he would run it on every down if he could. Not sounding like such a bad idea.

Just WIN!!!

Henry....if Henne wins the game-we will never hear from you again,correct?

I was originally in favor of Brandon Marshall coming to the team. However, it seems Henne's performance has declined since his arrival. Maybe Henne is regressing, I don't know, but considering Henne's best game came when Marshall was on the bench, it seems unlikely that it's just coincidence.

Just "scratch you head" bad.

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