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Dolphins, Browns knotted at boring to start second quarter

Nothing happened in the first quarter, folks.

Both offenses kinda stunk.

Both defenses kinda did mediocre work.

The Dolphins special teams, God bless them, had a field goal attempt blocked.

It's 0-0.

The live blog continues in the second quarter comments below.


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He doesn't need a knee to throw a 10 yarder over the middle to WIDE OPEN FASANO!

Just stop, Henne is what he's always been, and what he'll always be...Inconsistent

man poor dolphins defense. Sparano must be lit man

Bench Henne now and he is done with the Dolphins.

And I don't care anymore.

A loss here isn't actually terrible. There is no feasible path to the playoffs for Miami, so each win just costs them draft position in a draft in which they have already (in an act of idiotic, incompetent overpayment) surrendered a 2nd round pick.

But it is by now obvious that Miami still has no long-term answer at QB and haven't had one since Marino retired.

Incompetent organizations can't solve the problem at the game's most important position. Miami's is an incompetent organization. And it has been for at least two decades.

We don't have a #1 QB. We don't. Henne is the type of player you want to keeping hoping for, but you can only hope for so long.

Henne is best we have now...as painful as that is to admit. Glad we can run for 5 yards a carry and decide to let a mediocre (at best) QB carry us.

DyingBreed: you're right about his wide open receivers. I wonder if he is told WHO to pass to regardless of whether their open or not? It just doesn't seem possible that a professional QB could be so bad at reading the open man.

if i was sporno henne would not be in there the second half.

The Browns' secondary is gonna make the pro bowl off of this performance. Maybe Miami can talk Favre into coming back for another season. He'll fit right in with everyone there, white loafers and all. I guess we're looking for a QB now. A decade down the drain save for 2008.

Tuna's changing his bank account number right about now, just in case Ross calls the FBI to press fraud charges.

There's still a full half left to play. Defense looking good there's still hope in spite of lackluster first half. Lets go O!!!

Jon: What about the previous 7 games when he threw interceptions? Did his knee have anyting to do with it?

I also wonder when this Armando said benching Henne remade him a new player? what new? still sucks, making interceptions, lack of confident...etc. Does he even know what he is talking about?

Marshall isn't in this game either, and Henne isn't having a repeat performance. It's not just the acuuracy, they were POOR DECISIONS!

If you were sparano you'd know how to spell your last name...

i don't get why miami just doesn't draft a qb high man. Quit trying this cute bu llshi t trying to steal a qb with a low pick. COME ON.


it looks like hes back to tentative/scared (that INT, was thrown way high).

We need the FU Henne, stop thinking and just PLAY and throw the ball.


beenrum: and why is that? does that make Henne (your hero) a better quarterback??

Henry, I didn't say he was a new man. I said, he said he felt different. Fact of the matter is, I've been arguing with my peers and my radio listeners that benching a guy for three plays doesn't change squat.

death by an opposing fistpump

i know how to spell my last name. it;s a joke. i guess you don't get it.

INT # 3 coming?

and henne pretends he will go out there and score with 1:43 left? HA anybody wanna bet $5 we don't score shi t this drive? $5

Who the F is Sporno?

This is big drive here...try to score Miami don't just run and go to half.

Just gotta get out of the half

can bess play QB?

2 min drill? Scary

Armando why do you only join in the conversation when the Dolphins are losing? Last week not a peep.

Like I said go 4 wide and let it rip

maybe a shot to the head will wake him up.

JUST PLAY and F the rest

dolphin77 you should be sh*t canned henne will be good in time


we're running? Go for the TD ! ugh

Thank you Armando. I know we have no other choice at quarterback at his moment. It's just it's time to admit Henne is not the answer. Stop defending or sugarcoating him. That's all.

no one. just a fu4ked up name.

Roth helping us out there

Nice catch by Wallace...stuck kinda stuck there



The 1st down run is SO predictable there.

Henne ran for a first down! I'm back on the bandwagon, baby!!!!! Falling ahead for one yard makes up for 2 incredibly crappy passes!


he will be good in time? what are you smoking. i guess that sack just proved it. moron!

Browns weren't even set on that sneak and only rushed 2 of 4 on play before.

Guys that was the kind of run Mark Ingram breaks and Ronnie Brown's takled for no gain

I think Orlando has a lingerie league team. At least if they suck it'll still be worth watch...


Henne is throwing the game away. Time to bite the bullet and replace him.

Who the f**k is 76? Great block douche

henry. henne is the answer it just takes time

Some killer penalties in a close game.

The Dolphins are steadily working themselves OUT of field goal range.

What do you bet we come away with nothing on this one? We just can't seem to enjoy any kind of success.


3rd and 17 awesome man, we're so good. I love it.

3rd and 27


3rd and 17...



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