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Dolphins, Browns knotted at boring to start second quarter

Nothing happened in the first quarter, folks.

Both offenses kinda stunk.

Both defenses kinda did mediocre work.

The Dolphins special teams, God bless them, had a field goal attempt blocked.

It's 0-0.

The live blog continues in the second quarter comments below.


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Mandich does a funny:

"I've never suffered through a chemical or biological attack, but it can't be worse than this, can it?"

That was some ugly clock management.

Dolphins have now blown their final timeout. Terrible.

Love that clock management

Wow ... wow ... wow. Do we suck or what?

just knee it dude, go into the locker room.

I know what I want for Christmas. Dan henning to go quietly into the good night and henne to make better decisions. Lastly, the fins need need speed. Not some, alot. Receivers that can fly, running backs that can run like the wind. A TE that can outrun today's OLBs.

Whose fault is that? Having to burn a timeout

3RD AND 27?

Just throw a bomb into the end zone on 4th down. That's our best chance to score and our best chance not to give CLE points on a turnover. IT's Over.

Another penalty. You know, Henne is not doing well BUT DO NOT BLAME THIS CRAP ALL ON HIM. Bad blocks, personal fouls, interference, etc

3rd and 27. Flea flicker, baby.

Could we screw this up anymore??

Dolphins are like a box of chocolates...never know whatcha gonna get

Wow.. What really PISSES ME OFF is that Henne doesnt even look pissed taking that timeout. He just lolligags to the sideline. What a joke

where is Hartline?

if someone doesnt stand up and chew these MFERS out at halftime then this team has no heart

Drfletch....coach or QB..maybe OC

Of course Cleveland takes a timeout ... they smell blood ... there's a whole 14 seconds to put more points on the board against this pathetic Dolphins offense!

Henne is the perfect example of why you let a rookie start from day one. Let him make all the mistakes his first year, learn from your mistakes, get better in year 2, be good in year 3. You sit on the bench for a year, you have everyone telling you what you should do (over coached), walk in with no experience, yet everyone expects you to perform well from day 1.

pick 6 right here will be great

Bad move by Sparano to tell the team to "just have fun." The entire offense has taken it literally and they are just forgetting to play ball period.

how is that allowed to happen?

what horrible coaching

What the heck was that????

No shotgun? What the heck!

70 yd field goal coming

Cannot waste timeout there, that is why coaching changes must be made

if pennington did not get hurt, suck ass henne would still be riding the pine!

Our MVP!

Holy Crap!!!!


Carpenter = best player on offense.

My God, our best player is a kicker!

60 yard field goal!!! Are you kidding me? That's a huge lift going into halftime!!!


LMAO!!!!! 3 & 27 and he throws a 3 yd pass LMAO!

You want ineptitude on a series of plays?

For a team already in FG range:

1st down - Sack
@nd down - Throw designed to get into FG range - dtopped.
3rd down - Penalty to push them out of FG range.


A wasted timeout.

4th down: 3 yard gain on 3rd and 27.


Way to go Carpenter!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that says it all.
our offense plan = 60 yard FG

lol...sad but true...OMFG



Wow, 60 Yarder!


Sparano is an embarrassment.


hahahahaahah! I just don't even know what to say any more.

wow, he is the man!!!!

Fist pump???? Fist Pump???? I mean, that's the longest field goal in Dolphins history and I see no fist pump!

carpenter and the holder are having fun!!

And then Carpenter rewards these clowns with a 60 yarder.

Just give it up to Carpenter. He's the team's best player.

60yd field goal? Im fist pumping off of that one@!!!

Like your logic, Jon. Spot on.

wheres the fist pump. dolphins win, dolphins win! oh they just tied the game. sorry. will that light a fire under hennes ass?

I'm speechless. It's still tied after the worst 1/2 of football I've ever seen.

How about you say your happy our offense has played their worst game of the season but we're still tied at halftime? No?

If he can kick a 60 yard fg, why cant he kick the ball in the endzone more on kickoffs?

Dan Carpenter is the man

Carpenter kicks 60 yards to Bess, TOUCHDOWN!

ive been watchn football a long time now and ive seen some boring games.. but this one takes the cake man!!

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