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Dolphins, Browns knotted at boring to start second quarter

Nothing happened in the first quarter, folks.

Both offenses kinda stunk.

Both defenses kinda did mediocre work.

The Dolphins special teams, God bless them, had a field goal attempt blocked.

It's 0-0.

The live blog continues in the second quarter comments below.


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NY, Sparano must of known that 63 yards is outside his zone..LOL

PLUS, im not sure 1 yard longer would of made it.

This is uglier than the last time CLE came down here

Dan Henning gonna make Carpenter a star

Carpenter is my hero-Armando-how many points has he scored in contrast to the rest of the team?


I was just thinking the same thing drfletch

Perhaps he's putting too much height on kick offs

how's this for an offensive game plan? We can run wild cat the whole game. Whenever we get close enough attempt a field goal. That may lead to like 10 fg attempts a game. Carpenter makes 8, say, of those. That's 24 points a game. Our defense is awesome. We win every game. What do you say? :)

Farve isn't gettin his job back in MN

uh, WOW 60 YDS

Carpenter does have a career-high in touchbacks this season, along with that 60-yarder...

He'll probably be getting a pee test soon, LOL

They have to scale down the game plan, this guy just doen't understand it. Run the plays he feels good with, again.

yeah DaganJ, that musta been it, I stand corrected those 3 yds helped. LOL

It's tied up at halftime and most of the cry babies want to forfeit the game!

Ha Ha!

The third quarter blog post is up. Live blog continues there.

Good news is 2nd half cant b any worse and game is tied.

LMAO @ Marc

Maybe finally all you "Henne is only in his second year as a starter" can finally start seeing he does what a back up does. He will look good some weeks and you can win with him some weeks but there is NO consistancy with him or this team. Blame coaching or whatever you want. The FACT is Henne is NOT a STARTER!

He stinks and that is why Miami is average at best.

LET'S GO BROWNS! I don't want to win for the sake of winning. I want a top 15 draft pick (maybe they won't pass on a Dez Bryant this time around and draft a "SOLID" player.

LMAO!!!!! 3 & 27 and he throws a 3 yd pass LMAO!

Posted by: nyfinfan
NOW you see the genius that is Henne. He KNEW Dan could make a 60yarder, and he only need to get 3 more yards!

>Ricky3000 says: and henne pretends he will go out there and score with 1:43 left? HA anybody wanna bet $5 we don't score shi t this drive?

Luck for you Rickyboy, you only had $5 to blow.

wake me up next season, thats right there isnt going to be a next season...lock out

I never thought I would say I miss Jay Fiedler! Henne is a BACK-UP! I agree Andy NJ!


They are targeting Y. Bell!

Why wait???? Trade (7) that piece of sh.. away

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! FREAKING HENNE. He can't make the explosive play. He missed Hartline deep down the right sideline and missed Bess deep! He is the worst. All you Henne supporters need to LEARN FOOTBALL! I hate em! F'n check down KING

Ok 3rd and 8 and they run, 3rd and 10 they run. What is going on out here!!!!!!!!!! This is a JOKE!

This is such a joke, why can this team never get it together? Whether it's penalties, bad decisions or just bad luck, I can't believe this...

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