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Dolphins implode, lose 34-27 to Detroit

They managed to turn a 7-point lead into a 7-point loss today. The Miami Dolphins lose.

They finish the season 1-7 at home.



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CraigM, I said the same about bill earlier in the season. But you know what, after going 1-7 at home, it's ridiculous for you or anyone else to be defending the Dolphins right now. And you want to know when a team went to the Playoffs with a new QB, I have PLENTY of examples: '08 Dolphins, '09 Jets, etc. etc. etc. Bill's exactly right, this HC, OC, QB don't have it IN THEM to win, they're losers. Why put off the inevitable? I've been a defender all year. No more. Enough if enough! Get rid of 'em all. Not a total new start, but enough to BE COMPETITIVE. AT HOME!

Hey we don't need to blow up this team. We have some great pieces. Like a D that is young and signed for awhile. A killer LT, solid receivers. So we need alot of help on offense. Good coaching can make some of these guys better and we will draft/FA the rest. I love Williams but he is probably gonna cost too much. Brown was terrible this year and there is no way we should bring him back.

give youself to the darkside aloco, it is the only way we can save this franchise....*lol*



THAT IS HORRIBLE COACHING. How can stare down Henne not know to get it to end zone ?


Silver lining about this loss are a few things 1. Henne henning and sparano are history 2) we move up a spot or two in the draft. What a joke of a team!

Don't even compare this as a low point any true dolfan remembers 1 and 15 with cam cam that my friend was the lowest point in this teams history

Jaime ur dt solei isn't signed

the dolphins have wasted 15 Years of my life my best season 1992 and the same outcome today a humiliating loss at home. Chad and Tony i was a supporter until the 4th quarter today everything you could possibly do to let the lions back in the game you did with incomplete passes and int's what's up with that 3 yd pass with 19 seconds left? who does that help? what the hell is that? henne did you think brown was gonna run for a 30 yd td? even if he gains 28 yards on the play you're still out of time it's the last day of school who cares throw to your 10 million dollar receiver in the end zone. awwww man i dont even care anymore i got a dolphins sideline jacket for christmas and im gonna punt into the pool. i dont even want it anymore. thank god for the heat and the marlins are a good time killer. dolphins suck seriously i drive around with a dolphins license plate all day on my car for what? to have people say look at that idiot he paid 75 more dollars for that. dolphins are a big money grab if you don't bring a super bowl within 2 years im done with you suckers. its the same recycled garbage each year. DO SOMETHING!!!!! I yearn for the days we made the playoffs and actually won a game football season is shorter than fantasy football by the 12th game we are looking towards next year and you idiots wanna make this 18 games long i can't handle that

Henne has Marshall down the sideline and throws the ball where Marshall has no chance to make the play...terrible location on deep throws by Henne....

This is horrible, I can't even believe how we lose 7 at home! Something is wrong. All dolphins fans must feel like I do. We have lost for so long now. I feel like the Lions should feel. We need a new QB (draft 1st round). We better get some faster players and still need a DE who can get sacks! I'm going to drown my sorrows in a Boyle of patron. Merry Christmas.

@T martin---c'mon--if you've seen me here before you know I ain't talking up mich football---just saying Harbaugh's a good candidate & Ross has 'channels' to reach him.

JUST heard the Raspy Voiced Wimp's post game comments---more mush---"we'll get it cleaned up"


What's wrong with this song?

"Miami has the Dolphins

The Greatest Football Team

We take the ball from goal to goal

Like no one's ever seen

We're in the air, we're on the ground

We're always in control

And when you say Miami

You're talking Super Bowl

'Cause we're the...

Miami Dolphins,

Miami Dolphins,

Miami Dolphins Number One.

Yes we're the...

Miami Dolphins,

Miami Dolphins,

Miami Dolphins Number One."


Marino and Cowher said it best - "Henne just CANNOT CLOSE A GAME". When game is on the line - Henne has proven time and time again he can't do the job. Gave Cleveland a win, gave Buffalo a win, gave Pittsburgh a win, gave Detroit a win. Those 4 games are the difference between playing in January or watching from home.

I can't believe it. THIS TEAM STINKS. Henne isn't the guy. Sparano is the coach. henning isn't the oc. Does any of the "higher ups", in miami have a clue? There is no vision for the future in miami...........I'm embarrassed of this team i have followed my whole life.............


This loss was on Henne. The coaching cannot be blammed. He seems to hurry his passes and throws them low. His confidence is shot. That is on the coaches.

Craig m , how long have you been a Dolphins fan?? I have been all my life and i am now 42.
I do not want to waste another year with the horrible team we have now. Do you honestly think that henne, and the current coaching staff is going to make us better next year, or are we just wasting more time....CHANGE NOW AND HOPE FOR A BETTER FUTURE. Why waste another year with the crap coaches and Worthless QB we have now.

All I want for Christmas is a new head coach...

Especially if his name is Cowher.

Mando, although sloppy, the offense put up 27 points today, unusual for this team....also unusual, the number of points allowed by the defense, they looked lost at times. What happened?

JLWesq....you are right...that should have been taken care of by now.

Sparano's good eye!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. that's perfect!!!


TONY: I think Dan Henning has been tremendous for tony sparono

MANDO: Thats not what i asked you coach?

Tony: I think Chad Henne has been Tremendous for tony Sparono

Mando: Whats going on here coach, your avoiding the issue of your future, Why??????

Tony: I think Jeff Ireland and Bill Have been tremendous for tony sparono

Mando:Okay this is going nowhere fast, thanks coach

Tony: I think Tony Sparono has been tremendous for The Miami Dolphins

*all reporters then leave the conference room*

Tony: I think Football has been Tremendous for tony sparono, I really do


Try this on for size, then:

ABS (bnc)! Anybody But Sparano (but not Cowher).

For me---I don't care anymore!! I'd like to see them go after Harbuagh---but DO SOMETHING.

Tuna's gone: why hang onto his Peter Principle Incompetents!?!?!?!


Jamie with the management of this team we will probably lose him next year and draft another dl instead if offense

Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa....I have to laugh at these Dumbass Dolphins or I will cry....They suck ass...Sparano is a joke and Henne...Bahahahahaaaaa...

"Give Henne another year. Give Henne another year..." THAT WAS ME, YESTERDAY. Well, I was wrong. On that pass to Shuler that was intercepted (not sure if that was the pick 6 or the one before), DAVONE BESS IS WIDE OPEN!!! Henne DOESN'T know where to go with the ball, the game is too fast for him. He's NOT THAT SMART! That's why I've given up on Henne. Heck, I'd rather see Thigpen lose than Henne. NEW QB TIME!!!

Football has been very very good to me

the dolphinse offense set up lions scores.
pick6 and a pick inside their own 30.. the best defense in the world cant stop a pick 6

Mando, although sloppy, the offense put up 27 points today, unusual for this team....also unusual, the number of points allowed by the defense, they looked lost at times. What happened?


Hello Mr. Nolan. This is Mr. Ross' Secretary. Mr. Ross would like to see you ... Mike, just between you and me (Mr. Ross), if you were the head coach, who would you have started today against Detroit? Well Mr. Ross, Tyler Thigpen actually has a better TD/INT (18/12) ratio than Henne when Tyler played for a really awful KC Chiefs team. He is an exciting player that would put more fans in the seats. I would start Thigpen ..... Good answer Mike! You are NOW the head coach of the Miami Dolphins! .... Hey Secretary, get that idiot Sparano on the phone! ... Hello Tony, you're fired. Clear out your office tonight!


I must tell you all. I have been a Dolphins fan for 41 years. I have never been this frustrated -- not even when we were 1-15. If Chad Henne is the QB next season, I will burn all my Dophins stuff and NEVER chear for them again. HENNE IS A LOSER! HE WAS A LOSER AT MICHIGAN. HE IS A LOSER IN MIAMI. Miami needs to trade him to the Redskins. They are the only team stupid enough to try him as a starting QB in the NFL ... besides the Dolphins!

Hire the guy from the Lombardi play...Dolphins beat the Jets that week

I would love to see Trestman back here. Calm on the sideline. Never is outcoached. Shirt tucked in (no smock). you shouldnt feel bad for sparano. He will find work. He just isnt headcoaching material never developed as a coach. Why would you cheer special teams on a FG...if anythign cheer the o leaving the field as they put the team in position for a fg...what a dolt.

Welcome Home, DC!

None of us were Happy about ripping Henne early & often, but it had to be done.....and now the evidence is all in, no?

Guilty As Charged.

How the hell did they manage to lose this game is beyond me, I already knew Chad Henne is terrible specially when important plays are on the line, now the defense evaporated when we actually had an easy win on our hands, this has to be about coaching, no other way around it.

Look at the bright side. We have Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace to be starters next yr. They deserve to start. Chad Henne should be traded to the 49ers for Vernon Davis.Take Ryan Mallette or Andrew Luck first round, best available guard or RT Tackle each next available to us. Get Jim Harbaugh to coach, and if he can bring Andrew Luck that will be ok.
Find a tough ass center that is quiet and eats the opposition for lunch like Dwight Stephenson did. Better yet, let Dwight find him. We need another MLB to replace Crowder. He is all talk and not enough consistency. Get rid of all the Dallas retreads that we got last two yrs...McQusitan, Berger,etc.
Find the fastest player in the SR Bowl and make sure we get him. Train him not to drop balls. Somebody teach Brandon Marshall and Devon Bess how to stay on their feet.
Keep Mike Nolan. Get rid of Henning.

It's just amazing to me that you guys think that getting rid of the HC, the QB, the OC, the GM that we are going to make the playoffs next season. Do you guys really believe that? Why is all of this on Sparano, Henne and Ireland? Get rid of the OC, bring some competition in for Henne, bring in a better running game, a pass catching TE and improve the line and we make the playoffs next year. If not then we scrap the plan and draft a young QB in 2012. If you blow everything up we will NOT even finish with 7 wins next year....guaranteed!! There is not a single quarterback available to us in the draft next year who can walk in and lead us next year. The only guy I like is Luck and he won't be available to us. If we take a QB in the first round next year I am DONE as a 'Phin fan. It'll be 3-5 years before we are competent again.

Jamie didn't u wantvtrestman to go to um now u want him here I think he must be ur brother or something there is a better chance of Shaq coaching the fins

I have about 10,000 dollars worth of dolphins memorabilia..selling for 25 dollars! I hate we can't get it done.


Hey I know what it takes. It's puff puff pass

What a disgrace. Once again i feel sympathy for the miami season ticket holders,cant even think of how painful it must be going to so many home losses. The defense started the meltdown and then henne gave a fg and a pick 6 away, then just to give the fans some sick hope they drive down and with 19 seconds, chicken out to go for it. This years team was worse to me than the 1-15 team in a way. This team had no heart, the other had no talent. Fire everyone,start over. GO MIAMI! 2014

seriously should we not be petitioning the NFL to cancel next weeks game......do we really want to go to NE next week????

1-7 at home, poor time-out/clock management... bye-bye Tony, get outta here. QB situation will be for the new head coach to sort out.

Even Henne's TD should have been a freaking INT

We didn't even need to make plays at the end up 10, we had 2 tries to RUN out the clock and tried to get cute with the play calls, run the ball, and punt it 50 yards down field! Hmmm there's a concept that works most times. Ya Henne played bad towards the end, but this coaching staff has put him in position to Fail more than to succeed, and it looks like they gambled away his career, along with their own.

Sparano's good eye: classic post! Love the interview ... it's just like I was there!

Craig M your an idiot! You would rather have a rookie with potential then a 3 rd year QB throwing more INTs than TDs. Look at Sam Bradford, or matt Ryan who should be here.

Take a moment, folks...and think back to those games we beat the Jets, and Henne actually looked like a QB...a REAL NFL QB.
HOW does a guy regress so DRASTICALLY, when his PHYSICAL tools are intact?
BLAME THIS ON THE COACHING STAFF who have managed to take a more than serviceable QB and turn him into a walking nightmare.

As recently posted on Mando's blog, Henning (and now include Lee and Sparano) should ALL be held on charges of mental abuse.
Short armed throws come from fear, as do overthrows.
poor decision making comes from having a mucked up head.

Truly, the kindest thing we could do is cut chad now, and allow him an opportunity to get away from this madness. He's a human being, entitled to be treated as such.
If Ross doesn't fire Sparano Henning and co at seasons end, season ticket holders should revolt.

It sux that our dumb coaches/front office realized our QB sux this year, because the upcoming draft is not deep at QB. We coulda drafted Colt McCoy last year, or someone like that. Oh well...coulda, woulda, shoulda. I still blame Pete Styoanvich for that miss against San Diego! Lol.

I am tired of the "no coach has won a super bowl with different teams" stat.
OK Let Cower take us to the Super Bowl and lose. I would take that in a heart beat. For you fans that think we will go backwards if we change the GM and Coaches....We are Not Good and are not even close to being good. These guys did not improve the team this year and unlike 20 yrs ago coaches don't get free passes anymore in the NFL. You really think Ross will accept 1-7 at home?

Can't blame Nolan for Henne handing the ball over and making nothing but knucklehead plays the last 5 minutes. Henne is a knucklehead.

Henning is under Sparanos leadership, any complaints about Henning just fall right back on Sparano, its up to him to lead his coordinators and not just sit back and accept anything they do. If he did lead Henning then he failed, and if he didn't lead him then he failed. Ciao Sparano.

Meanwhile Jason Allen gets another int. with Houston. Good job releasing him and signing Harris to replace him.
I have never seen a more incompetent bunch than the one we have.
I hope they get fired and never find a job in the NFL again.

jl no I never wanted trestman to go to UM. I dont follow college. I am a Montreal Als fan and have been feeding Mando and Omar stuff about him all year. He is really prepared. I think that will translate well to the NFL. He has been in the CFL for three seasons and went to the finals all 3 and won 2. I know its not the NFL but ....

We do have a hell of a field goal kicker, though.

LP, very observant, Yes everyone, well, most everyone was crediting henne with the throw not to mention bess being out and coming back in to make the play, Yes henne was indeed lucky to have had 2 TDS in a game, not something he'ds used to doing which is why he became the old same INT prone QB in 4th qtr we all have to love so much by now.

What we have learned is that it's more important to draft a great quarterback than a great left tackle. But didn't we already know that?

Craig M. It's not about making the playoffs next year. It's about having a team that is progressing, not regressing. Are you gonna tell me this team is progressing each year? I would rather switch coaches and have two more losing seasons then become competitive than stay this course and be the punching bag of the AFC East. Sparano and Henning and Ireland were put here in place by a guy that snuck out of here in the middle of the night. How do they look without their former boss around to tell them exactly what to do?

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