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Dolphins implode, lose 34-27 to Detroit

They managed to turn a 7-point lead into a 7-point loss today. The Miami Dolphins lose.

They finish the season 1-7 at home.



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At least my 8-8 preseason prediction is still alive. Do I know my team or what?

@ DC Dolfan

I believe that will be 7-9..

Seer, yup, even the worst prosecutor in the world has enough evidence to prove Henne is worthless. No need to see another year.

CraigM, you know what would be worse to me than getting a new QB and hoping he'll be better than Henne, sticking with Sparano/Henne, and going 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 next year and dumping them in 2012 to start over.

Parcells group did one thing right, when they saw something didn't work (other than Henning), they cut them lose EARLY. That's what needs to be done (I think they should keep Ireland for another year though). Sparano is either/or for me, but he's proven to be a horrible coach this year.

But Henne/Henning, they can race to the door for all I care.

And if you want to call yourself a BETTER fan than me because you want to stick with a group that might go 7-9 2 years in a row, well, you're entitled to your opinion. But I think you'll be riding that wave all by yourself dude. The people here that understand football know that Henne has played himself out of a starting position (he's like 1-9 at home going into last year, is THAT a QB you want on your team?).


I've been a Dolphins fan for over 25 years. I'm as frustrated as everyone else but for the guy who said this is worse than the 1-15 season, get a grip!! What about that season was ANY fun? There were lots of games the team didn't even show up.

Let's look at the facts. Last season the defence was horrible. It cost us a lot of games. Out with the DC and some of the vets, in with Misi, Dansby and a few others. TOTALLY different defence this year. How come Sparano gets NO credit for that? Yes, I know he's an offensive coach but you guys want to blame him for the offence, so he should at least get some credit for the Nolan hire and the improved defence. Henning doesn't fit with this offence and Henne. He even said as much this week. So we do what we did to the defence last year. New co-ordinator, new running game, pass-catching TE, another WR and an improved OL. All of a sudden it's a different team. The one thing about the team this season, with the exception of the New England and Chicago game we played hard every week and that's the sign of a team that wants to win. We just don't have the pieces on offence. With the exception of Marshall and Jerry tell me something with did to improve the offence from last season? Exactly....NOTHING. The reason?.....our defence last year was so bad. We can turn the offence around in one season, like we did with the defence last year.

FINFAN IN CALI....for over 30 years and i 've never written in to say anything...UNTIL NOW. Henne MUST GO....and the Coaches.

I cant believe i paid Directv over 300 bills to see this crap!!!!

We Suck!!!

I just read that one of the posters typed about the announcer commenting on Henne dropping his head when the rush penetrated and he was trying to get away. He's been doing that ever since Chad Pennington left hurt. Pennington builds confidence in the team and should be the QB coach under Jim Harbaugh. Penny is brilliant, and could refocus even Henne, but at this point I think we need a young fresh candidate like Mallette or Luck to groom. Sparano and the QB coach don't groom enough confidence in Henne and he just tries not to make a TO, fumble etc when he heat comes. He has been trained not to "make" a play, only to run what he is told. I saw Marshall trying to school him at the end of the game. He would not look Marshall in the eye. His confidence is gone.He is done.

One possible positive thing about this loss against the "Mighty" Detroit Lions is that Sparano and crew may get their well deserved boot early. No owner in his right mind would tolerate this 2 LameCrew much longer and I don't think that this owner is a dummy. Today was just another example of the Dolphins snatching a defeat from the jaws of victory. Henne has had so many balls batted down this season that I am renaming him, "BatMan." Fire them all except Nolan. Clean house.Back up the truck.Clean out the desks. I have seen enough "Valium football" to last a long long time. Losing exciting games with lots of big plays is bad enough,but losing with the most boring offense in the history of football is much worse.I would rather watch corn grow then to watch the Dolphins again with this coaching crew stumbling toward the edge of the cliff.We all know whats going to happen,right Mr. Ross?

john jerry is a piece of s#$#@!if we bring tony sporano back next year get ready for the same stuff....this loss might be a blessing in disguise..the way we loss should put the nail in morano's coffin?this always happen when the players know that the coach 's in the hot seat the team seems to quit at the end!

your god didnt want them to win. they dont fit in you perameters of "normal" behavior. judgemental a-hole.

Today's Naughty List:
Sparano--stubborn (starting Henne), unrealistic, poor game manager.
Henning--stubborn, old, and soon, retired.
Henne--slow, physically and mentally. OK, just mentally.
R.Brown--slow and indecisive. Perhaps a bit scared.
D.Bess--quick, but not fast. Good hands, no speed on returns; trips over himself.
S.Smith--poor hand-eye coordination. Couldn't catch a cold.
P.Cobb--Sparano's favorite. Enough said.

I could go on, but I've got a ledge to find.

we cant even beat the bad teams anymore which was something we had a knack for doing early, barely yes but at least we were winning those games and just losing to good opponents, Now we are truly imploding from a team standpoint, it would be a blind mans joke to say we are going to be contenders next year with ONLY a new OC change...

Look, everyone, you CAN'T NOT win at home and hope to have a fanbase. Point blank. This is ENTERTAINMENT. If you CAN'T entertain your HOME FANS, then THEY WILL NOT SUPPORT YOU.

So, it's a pretty easy choice for Ross. Whatever fear of the unknown you scaredy cats have, it a much better proposition than the owner staying with what he has, KNOWING WHAT THEY CAN DO, which is NOTHING!!!

If you want to sell ONE ticket next year Mr. Ross, you'll shake things up.

My lady calls my team dolphagins .......what the hell...if we as DOLPHINS fans and ur the owner is truely a ran u gut this coaching. G.m. organization out and the offense. I live Ronnie but not at 6.5 we need and offensive line with dogs...we need a defense to shut down belechick.
Period oh and a quarterback like the whole division has accept us and oh by the way Shaun hill beat us with our quarterback now who's the next coach.

Craig M, I've been a dolphins fan my whole life and you aren't even coming close to a rational though. We aren't built to win. We have has a QB issue since Marino (god!). We need a coach to take this team to the next level. not parcells buddies. We need a QB with potential. He is in this draft. We need a RB who is dynamic. We need a new line. If you can't figure it out in 3 years, you don't got it.


The PrePubescent Ball Boy of a GM.

The Fist Pum Coach

The Cleo Lemon, Jr. QB.

This staff has to go except for Nolan, everyone else Sucks. Henne sucks too! Another pathetic end to another pathetic season!

yeah it's not about making the playoffs next year ..it;s about having a exciting team..and a team that doesn't beat themselves..

The HEAT are doing great Geez I'll even go see a Florida Panthers game before going back....

I can't wait to see Henne run out of the tunnel next week to lead this team...further into the abyss.

123 days til the draft!
What will Miami do?
Will they take the C from UF or Penn State?
Or will they trade down again so they can pick up a 2nd rounder to take yet another QB?


Mike D,

I respect the fact that you are prepared to go through a couple of losing seasons for this team to get better but I believe you'll be in the minority. The fans want INSTANT results and the league doesn't work that way. Some guys are blaming Ireland and Sparano for 36 years of mediocrity....I think that's ridiculous!

DC Dolfan, I didn't say I'm a better fan than you but I do have a problem with supposed Dolphin fans on here who take pleasure in running their team down every week and in being right about the future of guys like Sparano and Ireland. I don't believe in 'change for the sake of change' and that's what these guys are calling for. There is NO guarantee that Cowher or anybody else is going to be any better and I am tired of the revolving door. We all know the offence is the problem.....let's fix it!

this question was asked to ross before the game will there be any player,personel, staff changes for next season? ross says i don't know what you are talking about. either ross is not saying anything yet or he is as dumb as he looks and will not change anything.

Can LeBron pay qb?

It's really ignorant to believe Chad Henne has proven he can take a team to the Playoffs, whether in year 3, 4, or 5. He's DONE!! Get it through your thick, prehistoric skulls!

nobody thinks we are going to turn into SB champs next year with a new staff, but we can at least stop kidding ourselves at being the same old team from the last two years that seems to be getting worse and worse with no philiosphy changes, coaches with absolutely no clues how to coach, players that arent robots QBing the team......that alone sounds like 3-4 yrs rebuilding to me so why not just tear it down the right way....

if morano's the coach next year i'am not wasting my money on season tickets ...i rather watch the borefest on tv!

Getting punked by a Detroit troll 15 minutes ago right here is the LOWEST moment I've spent on a Herald blog.

For us 'Canes fans, we can only hope and PRAY that new UM coach Al Golden will not hire Dan henning as the 'Canes new OC. LOL

Mando, I can't WAIT to see what how you compose your upcoming columns.
For the first time in 3 years, you can now REALLY let it all hang out, with no worries about loss of access.
Of course, I believe ANY loss of access to a reporter, no matter how negative or questioning that reporter's POV may be unconscionable.

Added Marshall and Dansby....top free agents!

Lose to Buffalo and Detroit at home?!?!?

Looks like 7-9 (8-8, same difference) two years in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's AWFUL!

If we had any play at the QB position, we would be in the playoffs. Parcells can't evaluate talent when it comes to skill positions. Sparano...your specialty is O-Line???? What was that garbage unit I looked at all season?

Very disappointing....AGAIN

Personally,i like Sparano and hope he stays. However,Henning cant retire soon enough. I've defended Henne for along time but now i really have my doubts he can lead this team and be a good starter.

If Sparano keeps his job,he's gonna have to make considerable decisions regarding Henne,Brown,Williams and the Offensive Line.

Dont be surprised if Miami selects Jake Locker in the Draft...

I think Ireland should definitely be fired. He has his chance to draft a franchise quarterback and he blew it. Drafting a franchise quarterback should be the highest priority when rebuilding. He shouldnt have drafted a left tackle with the no. 1 overall pick.

What a shame|


You mention a bunch of areas that need to be changed but you don't mention any names. I'd like to know who exactly you want to fill all these spots. Do tell....

And guys, don't think it's etched in stone that if Cowher comes in here that Nolan will be back as DC. He's going to want his own guy for the job and run his own sysytems, so we're talking about change and I think that's a shame after what the defence has accomplished this season.

Craig M..I admire the emotive speech and I al;ways respect and read your posts..you are intelligent...but your simply wrong my friend...1-7 losing record at home is NOT ACCEPTABLE...what we have found out this season is that Sparano has NO ANSWERS to provide...that Ireland is mediocre at best with drafting and that HENNE is miles from being a starter...hell, I watched that boy was it MgEE from Dallas and the other one for Arizona 2 days ago...3rd stringers...much much better than HENNE.....he has significantly regressed...I really beleive Sparano is now LOST for ideas...I have NO CONFIDENCE that he can fix this thing....we will get a repeat ALL NEXT YEAR if we keep this FO....we clearly need to start again...its staring you in the face.....

yeah craig the defense was great today, yeah right. give me cowher and whoever he wants with him

anyone but suck boy henne please!

dude I'm so happy I didn't waste another sunday with this team!

Mark, "you're having your doubts about Henne?"
Locker?...he's done NOTHING to warrant being drafted in anything but the 3rd round.

We just lost to the 4-10 Detroit Lions at home against their second string QB. NE just beat the team we lost to last week 34-3. EOC (end of conversation)

Craig M - You sound like a Loser. Boo Hoo - "Sparano is a nice guy and now he's going to lose his job." Sparano has been stealing millions of dollars from this franchise posing as a HC. Figure it out. He should be making $7 / hour flipping burgers next to you. Have sympathy for the losers making millions and continue to watch your team lose.

Let's clear out the Losers and bring in some champion caliber coaching and players. no sympathy for guys making millions and sucking at their jobs.

Hey Craig! You say we will have to start all over if we clean house. What makes you think we are anywhere but the bottom as of now. There is no progression with this QB and coach. It can't be any worse. I have said Henning sucked since Michigan. There has never been any improvement with this bafoon. Many where on your side thinking this clown needs grooming but now they are finally singing a different tune. The play calling isn't even acceptable for high school football.

If it's broke. You fix it!

It puts the round ball in the square opening.
It puts the round ball in the square opening.
It puts the round ball in the square opening.
It puts the round ball in the square opening.
It puts the round ball in the square opening.

John Jerry is the worst guard i've ever seen!He's always on the floor....DO THE DOLPHIN PLAYERS WERE CLEATS?


Parcel and Sparano overlooked that O-Line. I know they're backups, but Murtha and McQuistan are garbage.

Like our D, need interior line help, and wouldn't mind underpaying to get a guy like K. Orton over.

I'll remind people that the fans and media wanted to run Tom Coughlin out of New York but didn't and they want on to win a Super Bowl. I'm not saying Cahd Henne is anything like Eli Manning but I am sure a lot of these same comments were floating around the Giants team just a few short years ago. Sometimes the moves you don't make turn out to be your best moves and the grass can always seem greener on the other side. We hoped and prayed for Jimmy Johnson and Nick Saban....they were going to be the saviours for this team. Combined playoff victories in the time they were here....ZERO!

mark, almost forgot..
How can you support a HC who for 3 years CONTINUALLY mismanages the game...using up time-outs, playing for 3, etc?

No excuses there. Our staff has lost at least 3 games for us this here.
That's sinful.

Craig, believe me bud, I'm not happy about saying what I'm saying here. It hurts to have watched this season. I'm in a household of Giants fans right now, and getting slammed.

I held out hope. I see what you're saying, I really do. It's hard to change so soon after a 1-15 season, you're right. But fixing the offense might not just be replacing the OC. Think of our losses. Henne was responsible for at least as many losses as wins. He's regressed. That doesn't bode well that he's learning. He's not picking apart defenses. He's not improving his footwork. He's not seeing the field better. He's not protecting the ball better. He's not improving his accuracy. He's not putting the ball in the right people's hands. And, most importantly to me, he's NOT the smartest guy on the offense, understanding the situation he's in.

That's not something to "grow on." That's hard to teach stuff. Those are the important intangible qualities a QB HAS TO HAVE and CAN'T BE TAUGHT at this stage. I thought many of these things could be corrected by a better coaching staff. Now, I don't think that way (obviously). So, if I don't think Henne will ever be better than he is now, then there is no question, he HAS to go.

That's my thinking on the matter. I could be wrong, and only time will tell. But frankly, I don't trust Henne OR Sparano enough to chance it another year to prove me wrong. I think at the very LEAST, Henne and Henning need to go.

think Home saids it best all last week,

the Miami Dolphins SUCK

the d quit and stopped playing. they knew there was nothing to play for. they are still getting paid, that's all that matters to them. it wasn't about stats, or keeping their jobs, their mentality is if i get cut or released i will latch on with another team anyway. give me my money damn it!

Fans were chanting Henn-wee sucks, henn-wee sucks...*lol* even had some fire sparono signs....good to see the fans out there are in full support.....

Wow, where to start, this is a verys selfish, undisciplined and not very smart team. Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams last week don't understand that time is more valuable than yards in the 2 minute offence. They could have both dove out of bounds. Brandon Marshall always losses yards trying to make a play, just head up field and take what the defence gives you. Same with Bess and Ronnie Brown! Too much dancing around. Obviously Henne should be cut as soon as possible, along with Brown and Williams and half of the offensive line who were nothing but stop gap players. Crowder and the rest of the linebackers are terrible in coverage and need to Crowder needs to go. Any tight end had the game of his career against the dolphins d this year. All the coaches should go, but maybe Nolan and the defensive coaches earned another shot. Defence has a good core, the offense has long, polite, bess and marshall and maybe hartline to keep . The rest can go or must be upgraded.



lol at our conspiracy theorist Home,

the Miami Dolphins Suck




I have been a Dolphan since I was 6 and I am now 45 yrs old. I don't ever remember feeling as disgusted with my team as I am now. I agree that Sparano has got to go! I agree that Heening has got to go! I agree that Henne has got to go. Ireland has got to go. Anyone ever associated with Parcells has got to go. They made the biggest mistake ever by not taking Ryan with the first pick. How many Offensive tackles do you know has ever put their team on his shoulders and carried them to victory! Tuna was just another feable attempt by ownership. I hate New England but we need talent evaluaters like they have.

Craig M

Fair enough point....All I want to see is progress though. If you don't see it with the QB, the run game regressed, the record is the same, and keep in mind we added top FA...that's not good enough. Think about it, we beat Bills and Lions AT HOME?!?!?! we are right in the playoff hunt.

Craig you're right and a good fan. There's probably no rookie or free agent out there who would lead us to a great season in 2010. But I for one am willing to give up next year for the growth of a QB who is A) smart B) a good leader and C) has upside. All they ask Henne to do is check down anyway. You telling me there isn't someone out there who couldn't do that with equal success? On the rare occasion when they've let Henne go downfield it's either an overthrow, underthrow or pick. I'll take my chances.

he still might be.

dying breed i have seen every game palmer has played this year and i dont want him. he costs 16 million with one of the best wr cores in the league, if not the best, and he leads the league in int an pick sixes. plus he has no heart or emotion, and is very expensive.
now cowhler or gruden, hell yeah. anyone is better than sparano, who stuck by henning this week.

bigtrav1, Ireland wasn't in charge in '08 when they picked Long, that was on Parcells. And hindsight is 20/20. Now it looks like Ryan might have been the better pick (even though that's not a definite), but hardly ANYONE of any standing said Ryan should be picked over Long.

So, I disagree with you there.


I think you'll find that Jake Locker is almost a lock for being picked in the 1st.

The guy must have done something right to be considered a 1st rounder

Mark...to compare Chad these days to Eli Manning?
Loss of cred there, my friend.
Sorry to pick on you, but you're a target right now.

OK, I'll grant you Eli ain't Peyton, but he came up BIG when a QB MUST...that entire post season.

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