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Dolphins implode, lose 34-27 to Detroit

They managed to turn a 7-point lead into a 7-point loss today. The Miami Dolphins lose.

They finish the season 1-7 at home.



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Dungy or Cowher period...Henne gone, get rid of him, I dont even want him to compete for second or third string on our team next year...let some other team like SF get him so he can throw incompletions and miss Ginn on passes..because even if one throw finds it's mark Ginn will drop it

Now I got to listen to FAT rex's talking bout he's in the playoffs after a loss....I blame you Miami...you coulda put the pressure on jack a s s's as they swoon

Ouch....thems fightin words DC...mando will make you pay with a punch of a button called delete poster*lol*

Mando's already gone off the deep edge. He has a new article about taking Sparano over Rex Ryan.


Coughlin for HC. At least is the team loses, they'll be disciplined like the little schoolgirls they are. And Norv for OC, maybe he can get Ricky to the RB title again.

NHDolphan...what did the tweets from Ross say? I didn't see them bro...

this is the end. my only friend, the end.

Do you hear that sparano?

you guys make me laugh. fire everyone, release everyone. Sure henne sucks right now but those 2 ints werent his fault. The TE stopped and Bess fell. You the same ones that would have ran bress off but now wish we got him. The OC sucks. The HC sucks at game mangament. Make nolan the HC. Bring in a hungry OC who wants to prove and take chances. Draft a Qb in the later rounds because without a offensive line doesn't matter who are qb is.

Kris is gay, at least thats what every poster usually says here from time to time, So is it true?

Becuase im interested

The scotch is going down easy now superPHIN. Even DB is starting to make sense.

kris, I come in peace brother. I'm a lover, not a fighter.


Read My Lips:

Dungy isnt coming out of retirement no matter what's offered. He partially blames being an HC posion for his son's death. He said he believes if he could have been around more often maybe his son would still be alive today.


DC....i'm what are you talking about....i'm still shell shocked from BD12 and Dolphin77s online grapple.....that was epic.....

and i annoit you DC...the peace maker

no gruden. Cowher would be ok but no gruden. I;d rather have harbaugh

So, we make phil laugh with our "fire everyone" statements. And, what does phil want to do, fire everyone. Am I drunk or is phil calling the kettle black?

Cowkilla here,

Jeff_Darlington: At one point, Ross turned to me and said he's walking out of his stadium with a loss -- and he expected a win. 4 minutes ago

Darlington tweet I asked Ross about Sparano & Ireland, he said he’s “starting to evaluate now. You’ve seen what’s going on ..” 5 minutes ago

lol kris, thought they were gonna meet on south beach like CJ and Teddy Ginn.

Harbaugh has done s hitless in the nfl and now you guys annoint him top of the vacant HC list. There's a f6cking reason he's coaching college right now! LOL..................

does anyone know where my balls are?

does anyone know where my balls are?

does anyone know where my balls are?

does anyone know where my balls are?

Not fair DB. Stanford is a MUCH better team than the Dolphins. I call for a duel to the finish, in Stanford's home stadium, Sun Life. My prediction, Stanford 24 Miami 2 (Cameron Wake safety).

does anyone know where my balls are?

I would rather see Nolan as HC than Harbaugh. Harbaugh was a piece of s hit as a qb and at least all of Nolan's gigs have been on the nfl level. Damn, I thought you guys were fed up with piece of crap teams here. You seem to be asking for more of the same. LOL............

does anyone know where my balls are?

does anyone know where my balls are?

does anyone know where my balls are?

Yeah Tony, under a microscope, so we can see them!

does anyone know where my balls are?

Hey Tony I know where my balls are. They are underneath your chin. Right now Im searching for your kidneys! LOL..................

Up hennings @ss...just sayin

kris, please, for the love of Christ, do something about Tony. Lift this fool like a barbell!

*lol* @ DB...sad but true

does anyone know where my balls are?

Tony, Enough already, i get it!!!

Your Ballsless

thanks superPHIN, I've scratched one of my eyeballs out already and was working on the other one.

Today's game was all of the final proof needed that Henne, Henning, and Sparano need to be replaced. By default if Sparano goes Ireland must also go! LOL..............

To all the boneheads that have been saying it's not Henne's fault, it's the o-line, the WR's, the running game, or whatever else, baloney! You saw the real Henne today in the 4th quarter. A real interception machine. And it wasn't the o-line, not the receivers, it was ALL HIM. He sucks. What a bust. Back to square 1. What a farce. To think we could of had Matt Ryan or Drew Brees. When the f*** are we going to get some competent people to run this football team? Pathetic... To all the clowns that are constantly defending Henne, who's fault was it today? Probably Dan Henning. Yeah right. BS.

Cowher not coming to Miami. Not even an option for him. File that away and move on to the next victim. Taking the Miami HC position is just like taking the Redskings HC position, they both destroy your career.

SCOTT LINEHAN put on a display on how to move the ball!Tim dobbins got beat alot in coverage..where was Cameron wWake?Was the tackle that good?Vontae Davis and Sean Smith HAVE a combine 2 Int's this year ..Vontae has really had a down year..He played great in the preseason and the first couple of games ..But ever since Greg Jennings burned him..He hasn't DONE much!


Long, Marshall, and Bess have been the most consistent performers on offense all year. Anyone on offense not named Long, Marshall, Bess are highly upgradable. LOL...........

I guess Tony found his balls....they were probaly right were DB said they were....its always the last place you look

Dear Mr. Salguero

I agree with #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal who said

"who's fault was it today? Probably Dan Henning"

Soiled :)

Its only hennes fualt if the teams plane lands at foxboro stadium next week with the same personal on it.

The Dolphins are a good team except at the QB position.


Dan Heading, thank you for the tweet post bro

I knew as soon as we settled for a field goal on third and goal with a run, we were done for. Then next drive we run on third and fifteen. These coaches stink. bess slipped on that last pick can't blame henne on that one.

If we cant get Cowher our best option maybe to make Nolan HC and keep Ireland as gm. Sparano definitely isnt a gameday coach and Henning's retiring anyway. If he doesnt Nolan will fire his ass. LOL..................

Cowkilla, whats up??
what did you think of todays game, was it everything you've wanted see from this team all year long????

The 2nd interception WAS Henne's fault. Look at the replay. Bess had already fallen and Henne was staring straight at the DB and he still fired it to him His thought processes are too slow for the NFL.


If you log into the main herald dolphins page look at the Twitter box on the left. you'll see Darlingtons posts.

He spoke with Ross right after the loss and Ross said he had to cool off before he continued his evaluations. Sounds like he was ready to fire everyone.




Henne could be blamed for where he threw the ball because Bess didnt look to wide open even before he slipped. LOL...........

Gingonne wrong.....F^%$ Off.

Yea, for a minute there Ross was actually thinking straight for once all year, Hopefully hes cool down doesnt result in a meltdown to allow said coaching staff to resume work for next august.

Phil76 what the f u c k you talking about you f u c k we never had Brees so in the F U C K you know we would have!! You Henne lover you suck!


I fully agree with your post that Bess maybe more of rb playing slot wr. That maybe an idea to try Bess in the backfield. JUST KIDDING. LOL..............

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