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Dolphins lead Jets 10-0 to start second quarter

The Dolphins have brought their defense today, folks.

Nolan Carroll has an interception (yes he held on) and that led to Dan Carpenter field goal.

Bennie Sapp pressured Jets QB Mark Sanchez, Kendall Langford hit him and forced a fumble and Yerermiah Bell recovered the fumble inside the New York 20 yard line.

Brandon Marshall then collected his second TD reception of the year for a 10-0.

Neither offense looks great, I must admit. But when Miami's defense is doing such good work, what does that matter?

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If not for crappy DB play, we could be up by two touchdowns! How's that for Phin-optimism?

Pats crushing Overated Bears early.

Go Dolphins!

Any links for this?

Nollan carrol had the INT Mando...GEEZ!!!


... and here comes the meltdown ... I'm telling you, our defense has two or three good meltdowns every game.

Defense-take over this game

Yeah Mando, and Moses recovered the fumble. What game are you watching?

My bad, Nolan Carroll had the interception. Smith had the drop of an interception.

Big 3rd down play ... no meltdowns.

Soliai made that play happen

Lets get off the feild


Almost another Pick ... GEESH!

Smith still can't catch

Sean Smith does it again...THIS GUY STINKS!!!!!

That was def..shaun smith

Can't expect Smith to make a pick when it hits him IN THE CHEST. Loser.

"Almost picked off" ... I am sooooo glad I didn't play the "Almost Picked Off" drinking game today ... I'd be clinically dead by now!!!!!

smith...what a loser...another horrible miami pick! he should be fired. We've seen this all year!

... And Smith drops another potential INT.

Sean smith is a joke

Smith you've got to catch the ball-and no more holding please-Vonte

Nice correction BTW Mandy ;)

Up 10...let's see what Henne and Henning does with it. If they blow it then Mando must admit they need to go.

The goals of this offensive series:

1. Do not turn the ball over deep in your own territory.

2. Tilt bad field position back in your favor.

3. Score.

How is a guy that has two passes defensed a joke. Yes hes dropping them, but atleast they arent being completed. idiots..

I swear ... Sean Smith is unaware that it is "LEGAL" for him to catch the opposing team's passes. Someone throw a freaking rule book at him ... then slap him across the head!

can anyone step up and make a play!! Good god we need to start drafting well!

s smith = hands of stone

Aren't those the goals for every posession Mandy?

Good luck on that one Mando.

Okay, I thought Sean Smith was suppose to be a ball hawk. His hands look like the worst on the team. Didn't he use to be a wide receiver? Now we know why he switched to corner back.

2 out of 3 aint bad...and is more likely but scoring from this deep, That may be too much to hope for!!!!

At least Jason Allen could catch man!! Both these drops hit him right in the hands! HE'S A PRO!!

Chase: Are you kidding? Is that sarcasm? I sure hope so! Sean Smith could COST us games with his lousy dropped INT's.

Run Ricky-Run

We need to feed Ricky......

Brown is done.


10 point lead and were going prevent defense.

way to get Henne some field position.

Henne should be good enough to cover the gunner without holding!

WOW, not even a convincing draw...

Henne is doing what he does best: setting up field position for the punter.

Notice who is NOT carrying the ball this series?

run run run punt

Just about to get on a flight to Hobart Tasmania - no in flight wifi - arrgghh - go fins !!! Would love to read about another 48yd td run by Ricky in the fourth q to put these jokers away... Go phins play like Tasmanian devils !


What did I tell you Mando?

Goal No. 1 met.

Goal No. 2 unmet.

Goal No. 3 unmet.

Henne inaccurate once again

Wets get great field position when we punt....Thanks Dead Henning!!!!

No. Dropped INTS dont lose you the game zaphod. Lousy plays do... Not passes defensed. I agree he should catch them, but you guys are freaking out about it and crying out for him to be benched.

Our punter is a freak!

We get ball at 2 yd line instead of 50 cuz Smith can't catch!!!! Dang!!

Mando were is wake?

I'm surprised Bess didnt lay out for that one!

This was a good throw by Chad Henne. This was on Davone Bess.

Chase: buddy, I beg to differ ... dropped INT's HAVE cost us games this year! We're freaking out about it because NO secondary in the NFL has sucked so much this season in dropping sure INT's ... this is NOT a big surprise ... this should be resolved in practice and it's simply not getting fixed.

But I appreciate your point.

Chase, with all due respect that's not why I want him benched...I want him benched because he SUCKS!

Big time players make big time plays however. If an INT hits you in the face it should be caught

it wasnt till the 4th series did brady start lighting it up

dan henning shotgun tips off the defense that it'll be a run

God Henne doesn't even catch his own passes. he sucks whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Pats crushing Pats 21-0. Bears are a joke.

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