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Dolphins lead Jets 10-0 to start second quarter

The Dolphins have brought their defense today, folks.

Nolan Carroll has an interception (yes he held on) and that led to Dan Carpenter field goal.

Bennie Sapp pressured Jets QB Mark Sanchez, Kendall Langford hit him and forced a fumble and Yerermiah Bell recovered the fumble inside the New York 20 yard line.

Brandon Marshall then collected his second TD reception of the year for a 10-0.

Neither offense looks great, I must admit. But when Miami's defense is doing such good work, what does that matter?

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With ya Joe,

Parcells is a total Douche bag.

We are still payin him.


Get Sanchez. Hit him, hurt him

Yeh, Parcells is a moron for letting JT go, no doubt. He has truly screwed this team. That doesn't excuse JT's treachery and rubbing it in the face of Dolphin Nation. He and Parcell's are both classless.

Keeping me glued to my computer long enough to break my heart again. Everyone here knows we lose this game. Right?

Total yards not good

There's a NEW BLOG

You have to manage the Henne damage if you want to win.

We can only hope the D can last

The Patriots are up 33-0 in the snow and still throwing the ball downfield. Unbelievable.

I wish the Fins had just an ounce of that mindset.

hat trick lol

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