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Dolphins lead Jets 10-3 going to third quarter

Well, it seems neither offense is capable of winning this game, even as the Dolphins lead 10-3.

Both offenses, you see, have done work to lose the game.

Every point scored today is a result of a turnover.

The Jets got their FG after Chad Henne was strip sacked by Calvin Pace and New York drove for a field goal. Both teams have two turnovers. The Dolphins have 89 total yards and the Jets have 113 total yards.

So the assignment at halftime for both offenses? Don't screw up!

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Another great non call

Seriously what the fuc is going on?????

blowfish will fold thanks to henning and henne@!!


Henne is really, really, really bad. At least dirty Sanchez sucks also.

the dolphins are trying soooo hard to lose this game....except for the defense, dismal. the jets are trying to give this game away and we're not taking them up on it.

Crossed the line there.

The offense is going to waste a great game by our defense. Just watch.

Punter MVP

Henne is the worst. And that's saying a lot after the Beck experiment.

Vote Brandon Fields to Pro-Bowl

Fields is saving our butts today

When an offense is this pathetic for so long, I just don't see how you keep the same plan for next year. I think Sparano is sealing his fate with this game, and maybe Henne too. (Henning won't be here next year so lets not harp on that)

Henne runs like Mr.Burns from the simpsons

What crying shame-Is Henne got money on the Jets? He looks worse EVERY play-how is it humanely possible?

69 yards for our MVP!!

Defense the star of the game. Fields close behind.

For the love of God, Sparano please put Thigpen in

hey can we get pat white back??? a least blowcells is gone. HandH needs to go next and if morano does not dump them he needs to go too!!

Rex Ryan was talking to the South Florida media this week saying they have a lot of weapons on offense. Yeah Rex, sure. LOL!!

Need a sack!

here it comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

These refs are a joke!

Somebody needs to just go over and kick Rex in the nads.

Though I'm sure the wets could do it to Tony and get away with it, we get a penalty.

Goodell and the entire NFL can suck my Jimmy Johnson!!!!

henne and sparano's final evaluation. you are both FIRED! kick rocks you losers!

We haven't defended the QB all year!

wets is getting there rythm back..... henne sucks

wets will win!!



here the wets go finally able to put a drive together when it matters.

Crowder, funny!

Thank dum a henning

fish fold when it matters!!

"I'm extremely disappointed in Chad Henne", Bill Parcels, September 2010

Pat White > Chad Henne

Mr.Ross, please, for the love of all the Dolphins fans around the world, clean house. We've got a good defense to build on. Let's get an o-line and some WR'S and most importantly, a freakin' QB!!

I'm all for bringing in a veteran QB to compete and draft a mid-round QB, unless we have a shot at Andrew Luck, which looks like another Matt Ryan. The main problem is the OC and lack of playmakers. Don't care who you've got at QB if nobody can get open and no running back is capable of taking it the distance!!!

Crowder has been waiting to make a tackle 3 years to do that dance

The OC will be gone. Retiring.

D has to do it. O is incompetent thanks to Henne

Please run the ball

we gotta score now!

if i was playing our offense i would cut my punter lol

leave the d on the field and see if they can run the O.... better than the H-n-H clowns!!

No chance we get Luck but that would be the best QB we could have. Although he could go and get arrested so he would fall in the draft for us. I just dont see that happening.

what was that sh$T on the sideline with carroll? some doucher trying to trip him. and no one has the balls to go over there and punch him in the fuc%ing face. like lombardi said "a bunch of cream puffs".

Chris in the 623: I think the OC died sometime earlier this season, someone get a mirror under his nose and verify this.

id still give henne a few games with a new oc and rb

God Sanchez sucks...We are watching 2 major draft busts today.

face it guys we will take o line with sll draft picks next year

This looks like an old Dolphins/Jets game with Marino. Except in reverse. Defenses dominate and offenses are inept.

If I was the gunner I would run that tripping f@g over the next time I went down the sidelines

here we go 3 and out.... hopefullu no pick 6

Meanwhile, the Pats have scored 34,657 points this quarter alone against the Bears!

what was that crap!!!

now marshal can't catch

Dam #19 jinx!!!!!

good hands marshall. way to step up!


try playing with no blocking no reciever getting opoen and this stupid play calling at leat Sanchez gets plays

dolphin77, my thoughts exactly. Someone should of went there and clonked this guy. Nobody standing up for Carroll. Sad...

JONES with the 2nd outstanding ST tackle

Rashad jones!!!!

Jet player pushed Jones into the tackle!

Stop the dam lousy liusy wildcat just let henne wing it n work out the kinks

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