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Dolphins lead Jets 10-3 going to third quarter

Well, it seems neither offense is capable of winning this game, even as the Dolphins lead 10-3.

Both offenses, you see, have done work to lose the game.

Every point scored today is a result of a turnover.

The Jets got their FG after Chad Henne was strip sacked by Calvin Pace and New York drove for a field goal. Both teams have two turnovers. The Dolphins have 89 total yards and the Jets have 113 total yards.

So the assignment at halftime for both offenses? Don't screw up!

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Someone needs to tell Henne to not stare at the guy he is throwing to

bm said he was eager to come back against the jets

special teams are great today. too bad the o sucks. this has to be the worst game I have seen in years. This is not even NFL caliber football and should not even be televised.

what does that tell you when st has gotten better than the O.... hmmmmm.... and they started to get better after they fired the st coach...... henning must go!!!!

even with a new oc. henne will still suck. he won't change just because the oc will.

Pick 6 here!!! I seen it in my mind!! Unless it's to Smith.. Then it'd b just good coverage!

finsfan you must have missed the browns and bears game

Triple coverage-oh my

I would bet my mortgage Marino would have more passing yards today than Henne. I don't care how old he is.

we have looked like this for three weeks

Your mortgage? I would bet my freaking condo!

Interesting that it doesn't matter who throws the ball to Marshall.... dude is a bust. Only guy on the field that Henne has confidence in is Devon Bess.....

No I saw those but this one takes the cake. Yes we scored but this is just bad football.

as far as the coach needs to go I try to have faith but really defense rules if the offense had the same desperation maybe we could do something play with desperation please!!!

Who's sucked more today, our O or Mando? What's he posted like 3 x's??

pats must be sweating the OC scoring maching from the blowfish

Henne is just not a good QB. Period. Does anyone think he is?

we need to make the jets turnover the ball now !

the d has to come up with a play right now.

Crowder takes the HB Out...Good job

The Fins need an entire o-line. The only good one we have is Jake long. We need a LG, C, RG and RT. Vernon Carey is overrated.

well sanchez has a complete team had he looks as bad as Henne with nothing to work with

Crowder has had a productive day. I'm shocked

But Sanchez can win in the 4th in close games...We shall see

the refs missed a lot of calls today.

a OC can change the whole offense smart one build to their teams strenghts not make henne into the next chad p

yes he is a goo Qb bad play calling

qbclub13: I agree ... BOTH quarterbacks suck.

every dog will have its day and we can't expect the wets not to get lucky and pull this out... poor D, fish cna't win even when you hold team to less than 14 points

There has been a Crowder sighting. That's what good units do, they elevate players.

Even the rookie Cardinals QB is playing better than Henne. To the post that the team needs to play with desperation I don't agree. They need to play like they are professionals. These are men getting paid big money to play a game. This type of play is not worthy of our money. These guys on offense need to play like they want to keep their jobs.

You have got to be kidding me!

Henne: 55 yds passing Mando: 36 words typed today


Henne is just not a good QB. Period. Does anyone think he is?

Posted by: jrljr2 | December 12, 2010 at 06:52 PM

I live in North Carolina and saw Dan Henning take an offense loaded with talent and made them ultra conservative and unable to score points (Panthers). Lots of INTS as well as the QB was constantly put in lousy situations. I saw Henne play at Michigan and how he single-handedly beat the Gators in a bowl with exceptional pin-point passing. I KNOW this OC sucks... I can't give up on the QB until we have a legitimate OC and then we can make an intelligent decision!

As much as I biatch about the Fins, I have to say this defense is good. Soliai came out of nowhere. He's a load in the middle. Let's see if our F.O. is smart enough to re-sign him. McDaniel is also extremely powerful. How big is this guy anyway? He looks like a giant in there. Wouldn't want to pi** off this dude.

what did i tell... every dog will have its day.... sanchez has heart.... henne is crapp!!

nice d there. let dirty sanchez get the first down.

Sean Smith

4th qtr post is up

Fan in Montreal: defense is starting to look as bad as the offense on my beloved Ottawa Senators!

here come the wets.


am i good or what..... wets play when it matters fish fold when it matters!!!!

blowfish suck!!!!!
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dslong: you are right about Sanchez ... the kid plays like he has a soul ... Henne is totally dead ... sort of like our OC.

wets will get lucky and win

Could that have been a pick?

one thing for sure they both be watching the SB from their comfy couches...

Sean Smith. Another great draft bust. Holmes just burned him and he has about 4 dropped INTS today. Fu*****G loser.

Sean Smith needs to work with the WRs on catching balls....

the dolphins make me cry. why the fu%k do knock the ball down? catch that sh$t you motherfu$ker! sean smith is HORRIBLE!

131 total yards.... WOW what and offense to pro football!!!

here we go the quickest 3 and out you have ever seen.

the D has been the heart and soul of this team!!

there you go, your fearless leader, henne!


Thigpen now!

Watch Henne get picked off now.The interception machine will strike again.

Henne ... Henne ... Henne ... get the @#&% off the field ... you are absolutely WORTHLESS.

gone by opening day 2011

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