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Dolphins lead Jets 10-3 going to third quarter

Well, it seems neither offense is capable of winning this game, even as the Dolphins lead 10-3.

Both offenses, you see, have done work to lose the game.

Every point scored today is a result of a turnover.

The Jets got their FG after Chad Henne was strip sacked by Calvin Pace and New York drove for a field goal. Both teams have two turnovers. The Dolphins have 89 total yards and the Jets have 113 total yards.

So the assignment at halftime for both offenses? Don't screw up!

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Henne is the worst.... I am going to become a broncos fan


game over! wets win! goodbye, goodnight. goodridinse.

Yeah, Ronnie slipping on the ground and not being in the right spot is on Henne.... you guys must be Jet trolls....

Henne, you suck bro. God you suck. Pathetic QB.

Has anyone ever seen a worst QB that was highly touted since Ryan Leaf?

I just BET we give this one away! God is on the Jets side this year ... they've won way too many games they should have lost.

I want to see Sparano say he saw some improvement this week.

pick six qb is now up

can we get a 1st down

i hate to say this, run the wild cat it better than henne

We need a first down so bad! I mean SOOOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAD!

o crapp pick 6 must throw the ball

Mando ... any word on that crap move on the sidelines by that Jet scrub?

Henne ... I'm beginning to hate you ... you had a guy WIIIIIIIIIIIDE open and you run it ... you are such a douche!!!!!!!

wets will win..... holmes is a crappy team killer and the blow fish are a crappy team!!!!

we have to get rid of this guy

Good hustle on the punt coverage.

Henne ... I'm beginning to hate you ... you had a guy WIIIIIIIIIIIDE open and you run it ... you are such a douche!!!!!!!

Posted by: zaphod | December 12, 2010 at 07:11 PM

The guy came open after Henne was running and past the LOS. Even Fouts said it.... LMAO!!!!

It's sad that the only speed guy on this team was Hartline, who's more quick than he is fast.

lucky wets thats why they will win

I feel a lot better about this game being in the Defense's hands than our crappy Henne Offense.

crappy team killer is coming up

wets have better talent and qb

D.... you did well but the wets will win..... they beat crappy teams

Sean Smith misses ANOTHER one ... seriously ... what is wrong with this guy.

Game right here!!!!


D...... you rule take the plane home in 1st class!!!!

O..... you bums can walk you suck!!!!!!!!

LOL @ dslong

Damn the offense is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

only guy on this team that can coach is Nolan

That was ugly.

I hope they win against the Pats and I'll be happy.... everything else is gravy!!! Great D, horrible O....

Cameron Wake...What a player. Younger version of Lawrence Taylor.

Imagine what a guy like Wake could do if the team would have another pass rusher. Scary.

This offense is awful from top to bottom. OC is terrible, OL sucks, RBs old and slow, $55 million WR cant catch, QB blows. Amazing we won.

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