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Dolphins lead Lions 17-10 to start second half

The Dolphins are on fire!

The defense is playing well, with the exception of Detroit's one TD scoring drive.

The offense, meanwhile, has scored in one half as many points as they did in four of their five previous games. Chad Henne has a TD pass to Davone Bess and Lousaka Polite has a score on a 4-yard run.

It's an outburst!

Let's see if Miami can keep it up. The live blog rolls on in the comments section.


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Calvin was a monster for Georgia Tech,,, now he's back...

Team is playing hard today. Certainly doesn't look like Sparano has lost the team.

Posted by: Chris in the 623 | December 26, 2010 at 02:54 PM

sure about that???? Cuz calvin megatron johnson is taking this secondary to school....Just sayin

So how does one acquire membership in this "GANG OF DEFEAT?"


The team likes Sparano and will play thier hearts out for him but heart alone isnt enough. Sparano's one of the worst HC's in the league at gameday coaching. LOL........

Aloco...good stuff comming from you this fune football day.....

heres that dolphins defense were used to seeing

oh I get it...this is when we let the Lions back in the game.

Wow, wide open.

Is anyone watching the game online?

So how does one acquire membership in this "GANG OF DEFEAT?"

Posted by: Angry Elf | December 26, 2010 at 02:56 PM

Everything is Henne's fault first and Henning second!!

Tony Sparano is only a problem if he don't have the Balz to make coaching changes on offense


Well, so much for the run D locking it down.

that was a weak deefence

Offense gets going defense goes away

Gang of defealt..lol

How was that not a hold on wake??

Angry elf, call henne inconsistant, call henning a moron, call sparono coach of the Weak.....that should give you access to alocos growing network of the defeated!!!*lol*

So good to see a big time WR making clutch catches for his team. Wish we had one of those.

time to put the jet game on and hope for a loss
got to be better than watching this crap

Not good to lose the quarter. We're against the wind in the 4th.

Who wants to bet that the offense comes onto the field and doesnt shoot blanks? LOL.........

Does this team know any other way to play a game? Seriously ... take a lead ... give it right back ... there is NO KILLER INSTINCT to this team. Truly, truly pathetic.

Bears up a TD on the Wets... I love it.

to be one of the gang of defeat;

1- you got to attack only henne and henning
2-kiss marshall's a zzzzzzzzzz by not mention his name when he drops the ball .
more to come later

Hmmm... Is that the current Lions or 66 Packers. We're playing? That's cool. We played the 1990s Bills last week.

A long and sick joke.

Watched the Parcells bio on the NFL network yesterday.

Looks like MIA is the only place he didn't succeed.

Looks like Footsies Ryan is losing it in Chicago. Too bad.

Calvin Johnson >>>>> Brandon Marhall

Should be alot of smiling faces out there now...

How can anybody possibly want Sparano another year? I'd take George Bush as HC over Sparano at this point.

Gang of defealt..lol

Posted by: kris | December 26, 2010 at 02:58 PM

Defealt?????*lmao*...your computer must be in defualt mode!!!

This is part where Chad Henne throws a bone crushing pick or pick six. I seen this story before. Our offense is like watching a rerun 50 times, you already know what happens next.

Now we have the opportunity to see our play book used to the greatest extent...(1) run (1) wildcat (1) 3 yard pass on a 3rd and 8, (1) punt.

Patrick Cobb--Sparano's favorite player.

Cobbs not doing himself any favors

Detroit had it initially. Some Dolphin fought it away under the pile.

Carrol with a concussion????

I want Sparano and Ireland for one draft and one season so that all the past 3 years has not been a waste. I'm sick of starting over for a decade. Everyone that is wishing for Bill Cowher just know he will put the same boring ass offense on the field


First stage of our implosion theme has just erupted. You guys know whats next, you dont need me to tell you. LOL.........

Dammit ppl, relax, we're just playing NOT to lose!!!!!Aloco, Marshalls the man Bi-atch, did i say that right????

That's the dolphins biggest failure this year... they lost the take away games.... 17 INTS and 11 Fumbles (lost 4), and they only made 11 INTS and 1 fumble recovery.

"Team is playing hard today. Certainly doesn't look like Sparano has lost the team."

We'll see.

What we do know is they lost to Buff last week... are getting all they can handle today from Detroit...

I think I can count on some quit before it's done.

Carrol took a really big hit a little while back ... that's probably what did it

I agree, Cowher probably not the answer. How about a youngster, like Harbaugh at Stanford?

31-3 pats over bills.......yep cant wait to see NE next week.....

The Jets are making it a track meet in Chicago.

Nice catch...with the hands...in route

Marshall has been making some pretty good catches on bad throws all day.. Just the one bad drop..

Pats 31 Bills 3. Didnt we lose to the Bills?. Isnt that enough proof to you Sparano salvationist we also need a new HC? LOL............

Gang of defeat must have hated that....

We'll lose today ... but we may win next week against the Pats because they may decide to not even show up next week ... if we put ONLY our team on the field against no opponent ... we MIGHT be able to win ... but it's hard to say with this crew.

why does it always seem like other teams make adjustments at halftime and we dont?

I can't believe we're not even attempting to go down the field here in the 3rd quarter.

I like harbaugh

mquistan sucks today

If we must make a change that is

@Dyingbreed... Fins beat the bills.. and only losers want to change their coach ever couple of years.


Dream on! Belichick will play starters first half and lead 31-3 when he pulls the starter at halftime. Still its ok to dream. LOL...........

A reverse in almost every game....but this O lacks imagination

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