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Dolphins lead Lions 17-10 to start second half

The Dolphins are on fire!

The defense is playing well, with the exception of Detroit's one TD scoring drive.

The offense, meanwhile, has scored in one half as many points as they did in four of their five previous games. Chad Henne has a TD pass to Davone Bess and Lousaka Polite has a score on a 4-yard run.

It's an outburst!

Let's see if Miami can keep it up. The live blog rolls on in the comments section.


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Let Moore return punts. Bess is quick, but he is not fast.

End around much better idea when they give it wo someone with speed.

Mando your on fire!!

nice looking catch by the Nittany Lion.

Henne looking god, uhhhhh, haters??????

dave: I don't think our coaches even show up in the locker for halftime ... they probably just get a snack and a beer.

We have 2 TEs...all of the "experts" told me we only had one

Let the youngsters play!

Ronnie Brown really worked for that TD ...

We need some stability and stop the turnover every season. We changed dc last year let's change OC this year and have a offense heavy draft

whoopee.....i bet kris is jumping up and down saying..man this offense is ELECTRIC, i knew it all along!!!!*lmao*

... Brown understands that might be his final TD at home for the Dolphins.

We have 2 TEs...all of the "experts" told me we only had one

Posted by: kris | December 26, 2010 at 03:10 PM

Looked good on that play.... first time all year....

Wow! Someone here should have taken my bet at the beginning of this drive. LOL...........

Gang of defeat,,,,are you booing the score.....I don't here any whinning about the end around....Seems no one complains WHEN IT WORKS!!!!

Everyone contributed on that drive.

No wildcat today and Henne playing very well.... any correlation??????

So when we are out of the playoff chase we can actually play good offense??

Wow, Henne has has 3 good drives in the last 19 games, maybe he is a good QB.

I'm not as down on Brown as some are ... I think he can still get the job done for us ... our problems on offense are much deeper than Ricky and Ronnie.

No we are playing the lions so our offense can look good


Defeatist vs The Elitist here today! Wonder who will win out? LOL............

There you are Superphin...right on cue...your a TRUE FAN....your so cool......just take all your cues from the rest of the clueless and follow along......not an orginal thought in your head

Yep, henne plays great today, and plays horrible tommorrow.....night and day

Man child solia

Dolphins are getting dangerously close to scoring 30 points...better call carpenters number from here on out

I'm looking to find all the Henne haters on here. Seems to me the guy has had a pretty decent day. 20-27 for 199 yards and one TD passing. Decent!! Give hima competent OC and a couple more weapons and look out. Where are you haters? Cam Newton this and Donovan McNabb that.....priceless!!

What are the odds we give those 7 points right back?

Does anyone get the feeling that Solai's upcoming is directly correlated with the fact that this is his final contract year?

Yep new contract time

im glad we didnt waste a pick on nose tackle cause solai is looking like hes getting it now. All offense in the draft. playmakers and lineman. gamebreaking running back would be nice. we should sign ronnie now while stock is down and then try to trade him later. or just keep hilliard and a new fast back.

Soliai to the pro bowl! Used to be a whole lot of Soliai haters here. Where are you now?

Soliai's always been my boy! LOL...........

Superphin...since its a well know fact that your reading comprehension skills are shall we say...challenged....I won't be posting back....lest I confuse your small mind

Ive been here all year kris, i know how you like to work it, dont worry, im sure your boy tyler thigpen will see some playing time next week in mop up duty, by the way, did you get your Fist Pump T-shirt for next year*lmao*

Last week we lost pathetically to Buffalo. NE is pounding them 31-3. This weak we are struggling to beat 4-10 Detroit and some of you are acting like this team has arrived. Yeah, wowee, we have a slim chance to reach 8-8.


Ronnie has run for TWENTY-FIVE yards in the game....not exactly star material!! I recognize that the play-calling and blocking has been suspect but what makes you think Ronnie still has it. He's approaching that dreaded 30 years of age!

Craig. Noone is really surprised that Henne is playing good against a terrible lions D.. Hes done that often a lot. But he is too inconsistent. Im still a hater. This game doesnt prove a thing

Henne is playing a meaningless game against a team that has lost 2/3 of its games... Can't say much for the QB... where was Henne against the Browns and the Bills?

Stuck in Carolina. I'll never travel north in the winter ever again. Hallelujah, praise the Lord and hand me that bottle.

Jake Delhomme had looked amazing sporadically as well.

Superphin...since its a well know fact that your reading comprehension skills are shall we say...challenged....I won't be posting back....lest I confuse your small mind

Posted by: kris | December 26, 2010 at 03:16 PM

WOW, that could be the smartest most coherent thing you've said all year....Congrats...and likewise!!!!

Craig M: I don't know ... just a hunch. I agree that he's probably running uphill at this point in his career ...

It is time for someone else to get a shot at starting over Sean Smith, he is barely average cover corner who just sinply cannot catch a football.

We already had the Cower equivalent (best available SB winning coach) in JJ.

In hindsight... those years were OK.

Xcept for some draft gaffs... he was OK.

Im all for every fan having thier own opinions. But guys attacking each other is plain dumb. We all root for the same team! LOL.........

One has to believe this is Hennings' last year. If you want to go "young" why not transition to Pennington with Henning getting him prepped. Head coach is not the problem.

Let's not forget Detroit is playing with their 2nd string QB.

We have not had a great offense since Don Shula left the Marino/Shula years man what a joy to watch those men on Sunday's

wrong DB, some of us try and root for the team to be better than mediocre, ppl like kris just root for the same old team every year...

Dying, I admit it, I gave up on Soliai.

kris is a closet queen, i know that for a fact. he is just happy to see men on the field.

Well center change say bye to the run game

Solia's now on the maul opposing centers supplemental diet plan! LOL...........

nice run Ricky!!!!

Seems like Marshall always jumps backwards after a catch and rarely gets back to his original point.

Isn't Marshall's gig the run after the catch? He hasn't really done much after the catch this year.

wow, lions really do stink on defense...did you see how much room they play off of marshall, and my god tackling....yuck!!!!

Wildcat works more often when Ronnie does NOT run the ball.

im waiting for some idiot to say the wildcrap is back and better than ever!!!!

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