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Dolphins lead Lions 17-10 to start second half

The Dolphins are on fire!

The defense is playing well, with the exception of Detroit's one TD scoring drive.

The offense, meanwhile, has scored in one half as many points as they did in four of their five previous games. Chad Henne has a TD pass to Davone Bess and Lousaka Polite has a score on a 4-yard run.

It's an outburst!

Let's see if Miami can keep it up. The live blog rolls on in the comments section.


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shocking playcalling...3rd and goal run from the 13 yd line....Boo Birds deserved

Marshall's yardage per catch this year is pretty much on par for his career.

How does Sparanus allow a run on 3rd and goal from the 13. We are out of it, why not try to develop the qb. What a chickenshert call.

Dont even know why the crowd was so shocked we would play for Fistpumperville there! LOL..........

We have done so well with the run, I'm sure the coaches were confident that we could get a TD from 13 yards out .... *sigh*

what a weak offensive call


The Lions are pretty good on D especially on the D-line. The difference is that we ran the ball effectively in this game. The Bills run D is the worse in the NFL, and we could do nothing on the ground against them. Incognito is an upgrade over Berger, without a doubt!

With all the time the defense gave the QB I was able to organize my tool chest, take out the garbage, put some wood in the fire, finish a few chapters of the Bible ... and get a snack.

Well, at least I'm not a Patrits fan ... I mean, YEAH they run up 31 points on the Bills, but they haven't put up any more points in almost an entire quarter! What a bunch of losers! LOL!

... oh wait ... the Patriots just scored ... well, it was ONLY a field goal! What kind of losers do THAT!?!?!?!?!

playing for a punt

Benny Sapp or Sean Smith lost Best in coverage. That was ugly.

i wish a real reporter would ask either tony sparano or henne why the hell we burn so many timeouts!

overly conservative play calling continues to come back and haunt the fins. Makes little sense. Anyone remember the last fade pass to Marshall near the endzone that was called?

teams like the jets come back on the lions teams like the fins let the lions come back on them

Bring on Thigpen!!!

Do the phins ever throw a screen pass?

Great a 4 yard scramble. At this pace we won't get to the 50.

Hello, can a brother get a screen pass?

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