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Dolphins lead Lions 24-17 heading to fourth quarter

The Lions and Dolphins are both out of it, but at least they're putting on a fairly interesting game.

Both teams scored TDs in fourth quarter.

We're headed to the fourth quarter with Miami ahead, 24-17.

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Shaun Hill, who Mike Noland called a baller, actually stinks today.

Superphin...since its a well know fact that your reading comprehension skills are shall we say...challenged....I won't be posting back....lest I confuse your small mind

Hope the offense doesn't go conservative now.

The state of the Dolphins tight end corps:

that catch by Shuler was the first by a Miami tight end other than Fasano.

Dolphins lead the league in almost interceptions

I know a fist pump will probably put it away...but sure would like to see us play for a touchdown

Soliai is really having a great game. He is one of the most improved players on this defense. We need to resign him for sure.

7 point lead in the 4th quarter means...3 and outs the rest of the way

Kris do you really think henning will take that chance of playing for a field goal?????

Equipment Guy should get Sean Smith some sunglasses. That's why he missed the INT, I guess.

Joe Berger is back at center and Incognito is at left guard now.

Marshall run like your hairs on fire

Armando, pretty sad stat about that being the only other catch by a Dolphin TE this year. Great game planning and personnel planning by this regime....NOT!! How did they not realize TE was a priority in this last draft? Terrible, terrible planning!!

Guys, say what you will about the Lions but they have one of the top defences, lead by Suh. They've won three in a row coming into this game and just beat a pretty good TB team on the road. Run them down all you want, simply by looking at their record but if you watched this team this have played hard pretty much all year. The point of this is that Henne is having a pretty good game against a decent defence. Yes, it's a meaning less game but there's a number of guys on here saying he can't get it done in this league. Guess what guys...he's getting it done. Time for some of you to eat some humble pie....which you won't because you're blind and biased.

Buffalo hammers us, then is losing 31 to pats. I don't think we will ever be at that level to challenge the PATS. I guess the Steelers could have been beat, but the way all year we have played at home, really does show us anything. We need some deep threats and TEs. A center might be solved if Cognito plays that well- but still need some more meat up front. I still don't believe in Henne.

looks like we will see different TE's now

History says he will chase....hopefully I am wrong

I'll be dipped--the Wildcat still works.

Why are we playing to win rather than not lose! Should've done it when it counted!!! I would rather lose and get a higher draft pick!

Lions are a middling defense, statistically.

I officially hate Wildcat, if for no other reason than it gives Dan Henning ammuniition to claim he's really smart when it works.

Now the wild cat is playing to win......its all about execution...can your big guys move there big guys.....

Throw to feet-why?

Hilliard? HIlliard?!

The play for a FG bunch strikes again.


thats it fire henning. come on lets see what chad has.


How did the Bills 'hammer' us? Didn't we lose by 3 points? You need to get your facts straight man.

Henne the check down kid

Henning mistakenly left the playbook he got for Christmas in the locker at halftime. No worries, though--he's got the old FG playbook handy.

Why can we not throw a fade to Marshall?? Have we even tried that play at all this year? Henning must go

I agree with that run on 3rd down.

i know they want to win but come on have some balls. time to push things a bit.

Guys we are winning by ten....settle down!

Red alert ! Red Alert !

27 points....much to close to 30 points...must shut offense down

Dan Henning

You gotta be kidding me! Not one shot into the end zone? A run on 3rd&long? Someone please escort Dan Henning from the stadium

Superphin...since its a well know fact that your reading comprehension skills are shall we say...challenged....I won't be posting back....lest I confuse your small mind

Posted by: kris | December 26, 2010 at 03:16 PM

WOW, that could be the smartest most coherent thing you've said all year....Congrats...and likewise!!!!

Its not only about winning at this point. Its about opening up this QB and see if he can put steel on target downfield.

now, you know exactly why Henne doesn't throw for more touchdowns... it's because they always call a run on 3rd and goal and don't give the guy a chance to put a game away. It seems Sparano and Henning are always playing for field goals!

Winning by ten in a meaningless game, against one of the worst teams in the league. We are in dire need of ALOT of changes in the offseason if we are to become a relevant team in the NFL.

CAn't see game - were there any routes into the endozone in that series? Seems like the holding sucked the wind out of them.

Murtha (knee) is questionable to return.

There you go coach! Beautiful 2 yrd. run on 3rd and goal!!! Yep, can't trust Henne on that situation, even in a meaningless game such as this one...

Fasano (knee) is questionable to return.

30 pts...no need......play not to lose baby!!!!!

Offensive talent is also questionable.

Run game has been nice. 140yd total thus far today. LOL...............

Just joined having missed this game due to familial obligations.
Seems like Henne does well in meaningless games?

Wow, that JETS defense is formidable. Can they hold Chicago to only 38 pts? Uh, no.

Bunch of negative nellies.....I for one won't miss the negativity of the fans of Miami once the season is over.

Exactly, Fins Up! How are we ever gonna find out about Henne? Nows the time to let him take chances and make plays, instead of the status quo of playing not to lose.

holy crap crowder!!



How is this a meaningless game? Isn't Henne playing for his job next season?

Mr roboto only doing what he is told by coaches with strings attached to their backs...dont hate too much.....you'll make ppl turn against you


Shhhhhh.......... Segments here are denouncing those critcal of Henne as Henne defeatist right now. LOL...................

they can play the young TE's next week.

definitely not meaningless... it's no secret that in college football, coaches always talk about getting to a bowl game - even if it is not the biggest bowl - because they say the extra practice at full speed really helps the players the following year.

The Dolphins starters NEED to practice all they can and keep improving.

Dan Henning Telecommunications

The points we don't score this season are rolled over for use next season

Damn, was hoping our boy Wake would finish strong. He's now 8 qtrs without a sack. LOL.........

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