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Dolphins lead Lions 24-17 heading to fourth quarter

The Lions and Dolphins are both out of it, but at least they're putting on a fairly interesting game.

Both teams scored TDs in fourth quarter.

We're headed to the fourth quarter with Miami ahead, 24-17.

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I hope Henne is playing for a chance to compete for the job next year.

I'm out guys....enjoy slagging your team! This team has shown up ONCE again and are still playing to win!! It should shut up a lot of you Henne and Sparano bashers but it won't! It would have been very easy to mail in the last two games but this team aren't a bunch of quitters, unlike a lot of there fans.....ciao quitters!!


Posted by: kris | December 26, 2010 at 03:35 PM

wow, now i really think you may be a non-educated person kris, seriously, you just did the same thing......WOW, Just Wow!!!!

superphins , we better call him the BULLY .

kris is a closet queen. i know for a fact.

LOL@ SoiledBottom!

Dan Henning Telecommunications

The points we don't score this season are rolled over for use next season

Posted by: SoiledBottom | December 26, 2010 at 03:37 PM

"His team has followed him the whole way..." straight down the proverbial toilet!

Yep still a henne hater. Henne shoulda had another pick 6 to join the many others this year...

why doesn't Miami throw on first down... instead they are facing a stacked line and run it anyway. Stop being so freakin' predictable!

Ronnie Brown losses yards again-thanks for the memories

definitely not meaningless... it's no secret that in college football, coaches always talk about getting to a bowl game - even if it is not the biggest bowl - because they say the extra practice at full speed really helps the players the following year.

The Dolphins starters NEED to practice all they can and keep improving.

Posted by: Fins Up! | December 26, 2010 at 03:37 PM

Meaning nothing personal this christmas season, but that is pretty far fetched...what...114 games and pre-season isn't enough "practice?"

Brown turn 2yd loss to 6yd loss. Classic Brown! LOL.............

i hope our next OC goes for the jugular. i want us attacking and scoring a lot.

wow, now i really think you may be a non-educated person kris, seriously, you just did the same thing......WOW, Just Wow!!!!

Posted by: superPHIN | December 26, 2010 at 03:38 PM

lol@ super phin...its UNEDUCATED you UNEDUCATED IDIOT...not non-educated....LOL LOL LOL LOL LMAO!!!!!!!

I could read your gibbersh all day...LOL....quit while now...PLEASE....my sides hurt...LOL

Craig M: "Once again"? I admire your optimism ... for my part I have seen little to get excited about this year ... 7 games where they show up and stumble into a win do not warrant any great kudo's on my part.

So they win today. WHAT TOOK SO FREAKIN LONG??!!

Miami ALWAYS gets behind the 8 ball with all these first down runs. Maybe if they went deep on first down, they could put a game away for a change.

Henne is not having a good game by any stretch. Had an int in the first quarter that was deopped, just had another pick six dropped and threw one to marshall that marshall bailed him out on.

our D plays worse with a lead.

i love it ppl say miami has a lot to play for still, WHAT they didnt have enough to play for last week against a 4-10 team getting mualed by the pats right now......*joke of the day*

and then the lions score...give me a break!!!!

wow Sapp took a terrible angle on that tackle.

OK, maybe I should retract my last comment.

at least we got some excitement....

That's speed...... they got plenty, we don't have any! This has to be a big draft/free agency for the O!!!!

Thats why you dont take your foot off the gas on offense and go into a shell.

Henne playing for his JOB?
Sheesh, anyone with eyes could see that ALL SEASON LONG Chad has run into the rush instead of avoiding it. He hasn't made a dozen plays all season using his legs/mobility (?) to extend a play...

I agree Henning has inexplicably, nearly single-handidly retarded Henne's progress, especially psychologically, but when given an open receiver deep, Henne has consistently missed him.

We were ahead by too much. Didn't fit our blueprint for winning.

That is what our offense is missing play makers

If we play to run the clock out then sparano should go too. Put this one away!!!!!

Can we fire everyone for being pu@$$ies and nit trying to win WTF

LMFAO!!!! Can we NOT win a game or WHAT?????

too easy.....

The Fins have a way of making the Bills, the Browns and now the Lions look like title contenders.

Oh, and another thing ... Dolphins don't know how to put a team away this year.

How's that.

Now you will see Henne lose this football game.

OH....chunk yards i get it now.

Stay calm all.....Dan henning will lead us

53 yard TD-no one touches him-4;37 left-this is how you play to lose nothing down field-giving Ronnie Brown the ball instead of Hilliard or Williams-12 seconds off the clock

We are so freaking scared

Sparano looks like a lost sheep.

Somebody run to the locker room and get Henning his new Christmas playbook.

GOOD ONE KRIS, THAT ALMOST MADE SENSE*lol*, I havent had my fill of turkey yet so please continue .....i find it amusing!!!

A win today only means losing 2-3 draft spots anyway. LOL................

Cobbs still running with one hand on the ball.....c'mon man

Yes, that field goal was big! Now we'll lose only by 4 pts. once we go 3 and out on offense (2 running plays and 1,check down from good old Henne), and the lions score another quick 7.

Well the Lions have proven all year they can keep it close and lose at the end...

yes henning they are playing with 8 in the box.... Maybe a play action would saffice on first down you idiot. Last two runs on first down -7 yards

He snapped it with 10 seconds on the clock. Terrible clock management.

It's amazing how excited the crowd gets when the returner makes it to the 30.

Of course we run on first down into a goal-line type D alignment

Hahaha Barbie Carpenter about got the interception to bring the lions backs...

Robo Henne is re-charged!

Pick 6 coming. LOL..............

This coaching staff is garbage. Their whole philosophy is garbage. Let's keep settling for field goals while we're at it...
I would be shocked if Sparanus came back next year.


They get into a long situation EVERY TIME THEY RUN ON FIRST DOWN.


WTF are we doing can we nut let this old ass coach

We have to change up the o line and the whole offense looks bad I think we can all see were the true problems are on this side of the ball

thank you for taking the pedal off the gas when up by 10 and near the end zone sparano/henning, hope you both lose your jobs.

almost, almost the collapse we needed!!!! another TO wasted at least, lets go wildcrap!!!

That's awful Coaching!

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