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Dolphins lead Lions 24-17 heading to fourth quarter

The Lions and Dolphins are both out of it, but at least they're putting on a fairly interesting game.

Both teams scored TDs in fourth quarter.

We're headed to the fourth quarter with Miami ahead, 24-17.

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The Lions back...

I really, really dislike Henne.

Now you just sound dumb.....were thru here.....non-educated....lol....

How many ways can we lose the game. We have momentum going and we run clock killing plays and then turn around and give up a 53 yard run play. How many people think we will lose another game to another losing team.

Let's hope that time out isn't the normal nail in the coffin

Of course 1st down was a run into the line

Son of a B####

Lol... Henne you are terrible...

Thank YOU HENNE...................ANy More doubters out there.........

Implosion complete.


Yeah Henne needs to pack his bags and start selling insurance in Lansing.

Damn, one timeout left. Detroit gets a td and its gameover! LOL..............

The Dolphins would ruin a wet dream.

one more week and coaching staff is gone.

I dont like to say i told you so but......

Did anybody not see that comming.......3 times is a charm....looks like OT for us

Where is Canesrus...any more defense of Henne...


hahahaha I swear Henne stinks. But, it did look like the tight end stopped running. This happens way too often for Henne, though.

Wake time

What really pisses me off is henne throws most of his interceptions on 3rd down when the pass wouldnt even make a first down.

hahaha int home game!!!!!!!

Notice how the Henne boosters left the room before the last series.

One of my employees this week complained how he's lost a boatload on the Dolphins this year because he can't figure out how to pick their games. So I gave him the formula:

1. If they're playing at home: Miami loses.
2. If Miami is playing a 'losing record' team: Miami loses.
3. If Miami won the previous week: Miami loses.
4. If the team Miami is playing has a winning record, and they are playing at home: Miami wins.

How did this guy make it so long at Michigan + here?

cant tell if thats on henne or shular.

maybe we will have a cahnce to comeback with 1 min left

Lets HOLD!!!!

Yes Kris we are done....and so is your crediability.....thanks for playing the game!!!!!

I want mcnabb not henne/ rookie

It's not about defense of Henne, but if you don't question the coaching staff who constantly puts Henne in a bad position, then you're not paying attention.

Could have used that formula earlier in the year, Zaphod!

yessssss this is awesome. i might be wrong about jan 3, sparano might be gone today.!!!!

Henne fans - Henne has luckily avoided 3 pick six's today, and now an int when the game is on the line, bad throw. Time to say FLUSH on Henne.

The Dolphins are a soup sandwich.

although henne should have had 3 picks today but dosent because of drops. i still think he has some potential.

We shut it down and then ask them to restart

We will lose this game. This team lacks, among alot of other things, the ability to put teams away. Chad Henne has got to be replaced.

Block that kick-I'm kidding, I'm kidding-we don't do that-ever-Henne this is it!

Detroit realizes that they're going to win this game anyway ... they glanced up and saw Miami's OC taking a nap midway through the pre-game warmups.

It just dawned on me: Chad Henne is JP Losman in disguise.

Best move Cobbs has made all day.

This is gonna test the future of henne

Anyone on here still really think changes aren't necessary???

Give me a break!

Heck, if the Dolphins would have let Henne throw on 3rd and Goal rather than RUN AGAIN and play for a field goal, the probably wouldn't be in this situation. Again - until we get real coaches here, it DOES NOT matter who plays quarterback.

yes...my credibility is shot...because we had a conversation.....i swear some of you idiots should not be allowed near a key board....lol...credibility shot.....(thanks for playing)...I told you 15 min ago you don't have an orginal thought in your head....

hilarious, tied at home vs lions. please lose this game now, ross will def make up his mind then

I want Cowher and Carson Palmer! LOL.............

I Could see some interceptions going downfield... bit these are short yardage attempts, sad.....

another int comming

2 minutes to go in the 4th quarter and the fins are still not ahead of the 4-10 Lions. Win or lose, this is one more bad mark on Sparano.

Here we go with the tips.

We need to fire the OC no doubt. In three plays trying to kill clock we used 40secs. Great play calling Henning. Lets take the ball out of the hot quarterbacks hands to run a few times.

Defense not getting picks and letting up big plays, doesn't help, either.

Dolphins on one side...30 points on the other side...see the conundrum

Dan Henning

Henne implosion nearly complete

It's as if henne wants to lose this game.

this isnt a bad thing if we lose.....just more evidence that changes must be made!!!!!

One word sums up our whole season:


2 min offense...lets see what Henne's got

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