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Dolphins lead Lions 24-17 heading to fourth quarter

The Lions and Dolphins are both out of it, but at least they're putting on a fairly interesting game.

Both teams scored TDs in fourth quarter.

We're headed to the fourth quarter with Miami ahead, 24-17.

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how does henne stae down the receiver and still miss.. get rid of henne and spranus



henne has to keep his head up.

hahahaha I swear Henne stinks. But, it did look like the tight end stopped running. This happens way too often for Henne, though.

Posted by: jared | December 26, 2010 at 03:50 PM

Exactly, is it the TE stopping his route or the QB???? Shuler is not all that involved in the passing O.

That's grossly unfair to Losman, Armando!

Berger. Is garbage

Wow. My words exactly whoever the commentator are. I had to delete what i was saying because he just said it

the final nail in henne and sparano's coffin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miami needs a coaching overhaul first. Then they need to evaluate players. Maybe Luck out of Stanford is the answer but NOT until we get new coaches. This coaching staff will RUIN any QB that Miami brings in.

Awful. Jus awful. Any henna supporters still??

it is a home game time to parrrrrrrrty

Thanks Mando.

What did you guys expect?
We aren't fighting for a playoff spot so what's with all the negativity?

Angry Elf: Yeah, I noticed all the Henne-love sort of evaporated.

Apparently, the rest of us who gave up on this guy a while ago just can't see his amazing brilliance.

Are you kidding me??????who stopped running on that one????

Nail in sparanos coffin

Bring in Thigpen.... NOW!!!!


Period. Full stop. Exclamation point!

Done and done.

Chad Henne has become a puppy that piddles in a corner when you raise your voice

I can't believe that just happened.

yesssssssssssssssssss we now have a bright future!!!!!!!!!!!!!! henne and the entire coaching staff are gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a xmas present, thank you! that is huge for our franchise

Henne implosion complete.

Thus is f@

its a home game time to parttttttty so why play football

I don't care about most of the stuff Henne does but things like snapping the ball with 10 seconds on the clock when you're trying to run out the clock makes my blood boil. Inexcusable by someone with him years playing big boy football!

That hurt

Oh...it's Dan Henning's fault that HENNE IS A POS!!!

I believe I predicted exactly what just happened. Any more henne and I will quit rooting for this team.


Absolutely right! And that is exactly why teams can easily come back and win against Miami. They never put teams away when they had the chance all year.

Bye Henne

Don't worry guys, this is the perfect come back lose it with an interception returned for a TD type scenario for Henne. Why should we worry? Don't we already know the outcome?

I'm following the game all the way from frankfurt Germany and boy am I glad i missed that game. I have no desire to watch another dolphins game.

Not one player on this team can make a play! Bess falls over his own feet

wow that really stinks. bess fell.

I don't care if we come back to win this game. This quarterback and this coaching staff have sealed their fates.

Start second-stringers (players and coaches) next week. They're gonna show more heart in Foxboro than any of these a**holes.

Horrible horrible situation this franchise is in. Thank Christ we get a 3rd place schedule next year.

It's over for the coaches and henne. Period

Put in Thigpen-you are right Henne wants to loose-he has to-another Miami receiver falls down!

Wow that's why we don't play to not lose we gotta go for tds not tryin to go up by 10

Hard to hit receivers when that are always on there ass

How in the hell are the receivers slipping so much!!!!!!!

Why the defense wants to play hard for! They played all year long hard and gave it their all to see the offense f u c k it all up, so don't come now and talk s h I t about our defense a s s h o l e s

I'll see you guys at the funeral home tonight. Sparano, Henne, Henning and the 2010 Miami Dolphins will be set up for public viewing.

Kris your man crush on me is getting old and boring to listen to, why dont you take you own advise and stop talking....AND HERES HENNE!!!!1

Didnt I tell you guys a pick 6 would be coming! LOL...................

I feel bad for Henne, but this is part of the solution



no more of this regeme no more henne no more spranus

Now this game is complete!

HENNE is and will always be USELESS...you moron defenders.

I can't stand the dolphins team!! They havent managed one comeback all year. Or one play when it mattered.

Henne fans are awfully quiet right now. I can hear a pin drop.

superPHIN: agreed ... let's not let a pointless win color the reality of the situation of this team.

up ten points at home, in the 4th, and you blow it. Unfreakinbeleivable.

did you acctually think we would win a home game

Ok...you shot me in the foot..now one for the head

How 'bout another INT?

17 points in 2 minutes 20 seconds.

Chad shouldn't even go to the locker room... Just walk out catch a cab and take the plane to Michigan with the Lions.

Mcnabb and cowher baby

i dont think thats on henne he cant know bess is gonna fall.

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