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Dolphins, Lions tied in 3-3 slugfest going to 2nd Q

Well, it is a slugfest if one notes the solid defense being played.

Sort of.

Actually, the Dolphins are playing good D. They were in a tough spot when Davone Bess dropped a punt and gave the Lions the ball inside the 25 yard line. But they held Detroit to a field goal.

Detroit's defense has been less solid but good enough to keep the Dolphins out of the end zone.

We are headed to the second quarter tied 3-3. The live blog continues.


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should anybody be surprised at this point, we are what we are!!!!

I think everyone is fed up with the dolphins, no one cares any more.

Yep, this game at least so far looks like a carbon copy of the Browns/Bills games.

i say new OC and draft a QB who has potential and give henne a year under the new OC to see what we have while the new guy learns.

Need to start with O-line in the offseason.... how can it be this bad after 3 years????

No more check downs to people who are not beyond the 1st down marker, fumbles, messed up hanbdoffs

let's see how we hold up w/ them working w/ the wind, they just gashed us

Um, what happened to the guys that argued that Pettigrew is not a dynamic player?


Not sure a new OC can fix Henne, I believe we bring in Cower and he brings in handpicked OC and Carson Palmer.

Cowher nas won with O'Donnell, Tomzack, and a big Slash mark. If he can win with that he can win with Palmer.

Any QB can run on us

Too easy.

i always liked pettigrew. wish we had him. i do on fantasy.

Lions made that look easy, nice to see that miamis D may have laid down on that drive.

Pettigrew? Anyone? Pettigrew?

Meanwhile, Dobbins did a bad job defending and got zero help from safeties.

That's what you get with weapons (speed) and an OC that has a clue???? Lions will kill us today!

Now we need 3 Fist pumps to take the lead....better warm up that arm Sporano

looks like we have issues with our secondary again.

The last Lions game I attended we scored 49-will they do the same to us?

Hahahaha....I think Henne is sucking the soul out of our team. It would make it hard for me to play knowing he was the QB.


Nice play action fake by Hill. Like to see Henne do that more often.

Looks like that play was drawn up by a real OC.

Scott Linehan anyone"

The offense hurts our defense. You can't keep giving the ball back to opposing offenses, any of them.

is caroll hurt?

What a pathetic team ... does Sparano go into the locker at halftime and chew these alleged "professionals" butt off ... especially on offense? These guys should be ashamed of themselves.

I wonder how Sparonos chances are of being fired after this GAME if they should get blown out of their own house.....Just sayin....

Hard to blame the defense if they are a little uninspired today. They kept us in a lot of games this year when the playoffs were at stake.

Fock Pettigrew, I rather have thier OC Linehan! LOL..................

Chris 623...seems like you were right about the wind.....

Nice play action fake by Hill. Like to see Henne do that more often.

Posted by: Chris in the 623 | December 26, 2010 at 01:45 PM

Henne does not have those weapons around him that Hill has on the Lions..... You need to have a good running game for the play action to work!


Marshall..need some YAC

Another comeback pattern

When you have a bottom of the barrell OC you end up with a bottom of the barrel offense. Anyone see the connection here?

Don't worry, they'll abandon this running stuff soon enough.

Miami "O" seems to be waken up.....

coaching staff gone in less than 2 weeks! need badly to lose both these games, could move us up quite a bit in the draft

Of course miami only shows life AFTER the other team scores and takes the lead......Go figure!!!

still miss linehan being here, thought he was great for us

Marshall playing well.

This link will work for about an hour"


Marshall looks like a GIANT with Houston covbering him...throw him a fly pattern

Same ole pattern, offense wakes up for one series after the opponents score, then goes right back to lethargic. Today isnt any different.

Im not impressed until I see consecutive scores.

Who cares about the Phins playing Detroit. Fire the whole lot.

I have to say that Incognito is doing a very good job run blocking from the center spot. Needs to work on that shotgun snap, but this is a good D-line for the Lions.... looks better than Berger!

Marshall can make some hay today.

That was a goo throw

That was a BIG TIME throw by Henne

Henne is actually looking good on this drive.

Maybe we should have Brandon Marshall play qb! LOL.............

Anyone have a link?

That is what pisses off with Henne when he is on he looks great

Wow!... Was that the dolphins scored a TD???

Incognito blew them up inside..... may have found a center fro next year!!!! :)

did henning retire this week???


NICE PLAY CALL!!!!! We haven't seen that play before

Nice balanced drive. Polite with three plays in this game so far.

Nice work by Dolphins that drive. Richie Incognito had a nice block at the much-discussed second level on the TD run.

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