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Dolphins, Lions tied in 3-3 slugfest going to 2nd Q

Well, it is a slugfest if one notes the solid defense being played.

Sort of.

Actually, the Dolphins are playing good D. They were in a tough spot when Davone Bess dropped a punt and gave the Lions the ball inside the 25 yard line. But they held Detroit to a field goal.

Detroit's defense has been less solid but good enough to keep the Dolphins out of the end zone.

We are headed to the second quarter tied 3-3. The live blog continues.


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Youve seen it before, Henne looks good the drive after a team scores. Then we're back off to mamby pamby with this jackwagon of an offense! LOL...............

Center change was needed when we cut grove we fooked up Berger is a backup

Stream please :-( :-( :-(

A td.....well, One is usually allowed per offense just to keep up the theme....Henning now takes over completely for the next drive....

Henne is playing a heck of a game so far..... when you can run the ball it makes life easier for a young QB!

That Td was all on the center

Offense scores! Now its back off to mamby pamby land with this jackwagon of an offense. LOL...............

Nice drive ... but it feels sort of like your wife cooking a great meal for you after you catch her screwing around with another guy.

That Td was all on the center

Posted by: qbclub13 | December 26, 2010 at 01:56 PM

Completely agree..... He's blowing up the inside of a very good D-line... impressive!!!

Am I the only one who has noticed the Miami offense plays with more urgency when the other team scores?

Is that my imagination?



yes how exciting,lol, we tied the lions at home so far. yes the lions.

Thanks Dying Breed!

Armando I just said that. Guess you dont read my posts you jackwgon! LOL...............

remember the chargers spent the first pick overall on a QB when they had brees. it wasnt until then that brees took off. lets get some playmakers for offense and a young QB with potential but later in the draft and get the running game going and henne should be ok.

We can't let them get too far ahead. We must not jeopardize our plan of having a chance to win it in the 4th quarter.

Armando I just said that. Guess you dont read my post you jackwagon. LOL............

I thought i already mentioned that mando???*LOL*

So now unless detroit scores, miami may go back to sleepwalking on offense.....

I see it Armando. that tells me this team's problems are coaching related. They can win, case in point, their away record.

Guess who?!? Sean smith!!! Ol
Butter fingers.

you are right Armando. if they played like that all the time we would score over 30 every game

Alllriiight Miami

Clemons from the East Street Band gets a sack!!

Hey Armando...

Ted Ginn and his family just clipped a HUGE PR for 6.

Big momentum shift.

wow ted ginn is alive? scored on 78 yard punt return

Great Field position to start.........Sounds like Carpenter Redemption on this drive.


Lets see if we try for 7 or go for the Fist pump

We'd be owning the NFC West.

@Dan.. Add that to his 9 receptions for 100 yards ALL YEAR... That's just an average game for Marshall.

in NYC here...blizzard picking up strength--afraid I'm gonna lose DirecTV signal...any good links??

I think when Sean smith was holding up the small sign he was referring to his confidence.

We'll get good field position and the mamby pamby land jackwagon of an offense is now headed for Fistpumpersville! LOL........

is there anyway to make this page reload automatically so i dont have to do it every minute?

@ Big.. try this.. use the first one on the listing.



How do our guys slip-and the other team doesn't-every game-don't they give them cleats-don't they adjust them when they should-2 receiver slips already

You don't have to give away Ginn to get Marshall, if that's what you're suggesting. If you're willing to give him up for pennies, you might as well keep him as a return specialist.

Sure 46. Have your wife/girlfriend come in and sit next to the mouse.

Did Marshall look like he gave up on that?

Hey Armando,

Does Incognito deserve another contract?
What's sad is that he has been consistently inconsistent but between him and Long, the only reliable linemen this year.

LOL@Chris623 2:06pm!

Support the fist and you can see more of the same next year...and henne again overthrows receiver for a score....

Jets are steam rolling the Bears....

LOL---play for that FG baby,,,,

I just suggested it Chris, didnt go over to well.

Detroit doesn't have much faith in our offense in accepting the penalty.

shooting ourselves in the foot

Looks like the Dolphins are going to go for it on fourth down.


3 rd and super long....throw short, no chance of 1st down......Henning

Ugh. Enough already about the Dolphins "lack of" dynamic players on offense. This is total BS from Henning to cover his lack of dynamic play calling.

11,10,8 that's how many TDs were scored by Ricky Williams, Brandon Marshall and Ronnie Brown LAST YEAR (and Brown missed 7 games).

6,4,2 Those are the number of TDs scored by the same players THIS YEAR (Brown, Williams, Marshall) and only Marshall missed time (2 games).

Also, the Dolphins spent two 2nd round picks to get Marshall, the 2nd overall pick on Brown and two 1st rounders to get Ricky. So please, please stop telling us that these players aren't dynamic enough/capable of reaching the end zone. That's just a joke. The FACT of the matter is that Dan Henning stole money from the Dolphins all year long and has failed on an epic level to put players in a position to succeed.

they better lose this game, no reason at all to win

Yep Henning was alive on that drive....3rd and 18 and three backs and A PLayaction??? really,,,,,PLAYACTION????????

FG would be 49 yards against a stiff wind.

Check down Henne-that's his name with him in-you can't win a game-especially calling time outs so early

Chad "I need 20 so I'll dump it off short" Henne

love the call on 3rd and long....defines Dolphins 2010.....

Too many freakin check downs, and even those are a bust.

3 and 20 heavy run formation how many wr to throw too. Play calling period

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