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Dolphins, Lions tied in 3-3 slugfest going to 2nd Q

Well, it is a slugfest if one notes the solid defense being played.

Sort of.

Actually, the Dolphins are playing good D. They were in a tough spot when Davone Bess dropped a punt and gave the Lions the ball inside the 25 yard line. But they held Detroit to a field goal.

Detroit's defense has been less solid but good enough to keep the Dolphins out of the end zone.

We are headed to the second quarter tied 3-3. The live blog continues.


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Nice play by Wallace.

nice job

What did I tell you guys, this Jackwagon never has consecutive td scoring drives. Hasnt happen all year and I dont think its happened since Henning has been OC.

We're off to Mamby pamby land yet agains. Fistpumpersville here we come! LOL.............

Tumbleweed storm impeeds Jackwagon trip to Mamby Pamby land. We get nothing from totally brilliant starting field position. LOL..............

niners using ginn as return specialist only... what an original idea. wasn't there a article last week about speed?

You guys still want Henne as your starter next year? And TS endorses Henning what a joke for a head coach we have! C'MON let's get the Fist pump going!

3 and 20 heavy run formation how many wr to throw too. Play calling period

Posted by: qbclub13 | December 26, 2010 at 02:11 PM

Of course, but to the rest of the anti-Henne fools it's on the QB..... Need a new OC stat!!!

Why is Clay Matthew's neck bigger than his head?

so we used a TO just to punt the ball, and now we have 2 left and a chance to get the ball back into Fist Pump range.........AWesome cant wait!!!!

Bears just scored....hope they can beat the Wets...

Dan Henning's the drill seargent and Chad Henne is the psyche patient on the Geico Mamby Pambyland-Jackwagon commercial! LOL.........


That's why I try to tell everyone Sparano isnt a game day HC. LOL......

If Bess had any kind of speed that would be a TD


Bess has great instincts but he is SLOW!!!

bess looked hurt

Too bad Bess-and no one else is fast on this team

How much great field position will the Dolphins continue to squander?


ginn,lol its his first td this year. hes only averaging 21 yards a kick return. guy is awful.

Marlon Moore runs a legit 4.4. So Dolphins send him on a short out.

Hope they are setting up something deep for second half.

All of our recievers catch the ball with their backs to the defense..that means outs , curls and comebacks.....its hard to get yac catching the ball that way

DB, he is not a Head Coach period!!! just a puppet with strings to pull...

Lions are tackling well ... perhaps they could put on a clinic for the Dolphins in the offseason.

Armando-Receivers always have to run out of bounds-catch by his feet, be 8 feet tall-is Location a problem of Hennes?

These wr routes are tailor made for Chad Pennington and his low are strength

David, Bess is not fast. That's the reason he wasn't drafted.


these are 2 really bad teams. just end this misery of a season now

good hook slide by Henne

I'm admiring this play for a tie strategy, ingenious.

WOW henne got a first down running

Armando are you kidding us? Dan Henning isnt nearly smart enough to use something to set up something. Have you forgotten who our OC is? LOL............

SOmetimes its better to be lucky then good...Bess was both on that one

That was sooooo lucky!!!

If you saw that TD pass, you understand it is better to be lucky than good.

good thing detroits DB's are as bad as ours.


NOOOOOOOO!!!!! bess is out of bounds......shouldve been picked by S. Smith ....er i mean detriot DB....

Bess, another keeper on this team.

yes dave, these are 2 of the worst teams in nfl

That ball was thrown late. That's why the defender got the hands on it. Should have been thrown before Bess came out of break. Thrown a hair late.

Davone Bess, clearly out of bounds, still get a TD catch.

Replay, schmeplay!

Henne gets awfully lucky there with that dropped INT.... hope the powers that be realize that throw was AWFUL and not the end result TD the stats will show

That should close out the scoring for the Fins today..

2 ts's in a half????? i cant believe it.

Two TDs in one quarter may be a record this year.

Just a terrible pass

wow...Didnt go detriots way, thats what they get for not picking off...

Henne got lucky didnt get it INT

he was clearly out of bounds, strange. we get lucky calls when it no longer matters.

Just further evidence its does matter who you play if whether or not you get those calls.

Their talking bout my Nominee...Herm "you play to win the game" Edwards

Even the announcer is saying Henne had a hell of a first half..... I guess some of these anti-Henne fans would prefer a Pat White or someone like that..... Pathetic!!!

Hey everyone, How about those Big Bad Bills from last week....their only getting shellacked @ home right now by a very good offense in the pats right now 24-3.....

You guys are really going out of you way to discredit that play.....WTF????? Isn't there something you might rather be doing???

Jackwagon offense gets lucky. Tornado lifts it up and is thrown into Maby Pambyland riches! LOL..........

we pick at 16 right now, we need to lose both these games

Wonder if people would still praise henne had that indeed been picked off and returned for a pick six.....Hmmmmmmm

Throwing out that last play I thought Henne looked efficient. Made a couple really nice mid range throws.


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