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Dolphins lose 17-14 to the Bills -- terrible

The Dolphins were driving. They were ins.ide the Buffalo Bills 35 yard line. Chad Henne had driven them from deep in his own territory, which meant he was hot on a day he was otherwise not too good.

And on second-and-10 Dan Henning pulled Henne and ran a Wildcat play.

It gained not one yard.

Second and 10 went to third and 10. And that ended in an incomplete pass. And Miami went for a game-tying field goal inside of two minutes to play. It is the story of this season, folks.

Except Dan Carpenter missed it like he missed his other three kicks this day.

So Dolphins played for a tie and lost, 17-14.

At home.

The Buffalo Bills.


Don't talk playoffs to me. There will be no playoffs.


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I wouldnt mind nolan as a head coach, but i'd perfer him to saty focused on defense ONLY, sometimes when good coordinaters get promoted at what they do well, they tend to stray away from what they do best for teams and end up turning into Mr. I can do anything and develope into WTF was i thinking system of thought...just sayin!!!!

Sparano is in charge of the OC, DC, ST, everything. He deserves the brunt of the blame.

I don't see how he can remain.

The whole Dolphins staff should be fired, except Mike Nolan. A bad day for Phin fans.
2010 season in the books.
No playoffs yet again.

We will be 7-9 again or if lucky to win next week vs. Lions.
We are crap at home.
The offence sucks and something needs to be done.

What a poor Season??

2009 we had the toughest schedule so we could excuse that. But in 2010, losses to Bills, Browns and the game we should have won vs the Steelers.
If we had won all of those games we should really be now 10 - 4 and not 7 - 7.

Here goes another stinking season for the Dolphins. I'm really upset with this organisation.

R.I.P Miami you suck until you get this team back on the playoff track once again.

I don't know when that will be.

A hugely upset Fin fan.

As much as I wan to, can't blame Young master Chaddeus today. Henning lost this game for us. He should have given the kid a chance to take it all the way on that 2nd to last series. Henne needs confidence and to keep yanking him in and out doesn't give it to him. That WC call sucked.

Ireland's voice hasn't changed yet.

Pre-pubescent Ball Boy GM!

Dan Henning suks huge dick

Mark Ingram is my wish too Aloco. That and a QB worth more than 600,000!

I have never, ever seen a Dolphins locker room clear out faster than this one after today's loss to Buffalo. Cant blame em

Thank you Dan Henning. This has got to be his last roundup in the NFL. No stacked WRs at the line, nothing new, just the same old, (emphasis on old) play calling. Your QB who is maddeningly inconsistent actually is on a roll and you pull the wildcat out? Really? I think Tony has to go to, but I think an Offensive Coordinator who is young and agressive might just be thing that the Dolphins need. That of course and a bonafided QB, Ryan Mallett should be the QB who comes to Miami.


I really have to figure out who would be worse at calling plays right now, Dead Henning, The fans, Or a bottle of cremated ashes???!!!!!

Seer you're not thinking clearly or youre drunk. You keep saying how bad the head coach and offensive coordinator are but then in the same breath you want to give up on a kid who had stats like he did today, UNDER THOSE SAME TWO MORONS YOU KEEP MENTIONING? Are you okay or did you have a stroke and aren't thinking clearly?

You r right, give up on Henning and Sparano but to throw away Henne is completely ignorant. They just have to bring in soemeone to compete with Henne and win the job. Cutting Henne would be like shooting yourself in the foot. You need to keep developing him. Fitpatrick didn't start until his 7th year. No one gave up on him,

sparano and Henning must go , Cowher wants to
coach Miami. Ross needs to pull the trigger
now.get the ball rolling Sparano is in over his head ,to much for a OL coach,start Thigpen now
see what he can do with a week of prep.


There was never going to be any playoffs.

Not with RoboHenne at the helm, Dan Henning, and "rah rah" Sparano. The whole thing stinks and should be cleaned out. Their home record alone and this loss today should have Sparano out on his rear end.

can we please shut down LONG for the season?

now, on to the draft, what do we need ?

I would fire Ross first(we can buy his Team(c'mon Ross sell it)) than fire Sparano.

i read a lot of the posts and a lot of people are calling for Henning, Sparano, and Ireland to be fired. I agree the play calling is HORENDOUS!! However since Sparano, Ireland, and Parcells came to town, we uncoverd a lot of talent. Undrafted rookies, and we have had the bests drafts we have seen since probably '96-'98. I think calling for Ireland to be fired when its his job to find talent is a mistake. He has nothing to do with the play calls, and making a coaching change when we were (past tense) would have been a mistake as well. Now we just need to re-evaluate. Change our OC. And get someone to compete with Henne. Kevin Kolb sounds like a great addition to me!!

Tebow just ran 45 yds for a TD against Oakland.....we could have had him....

I am the oscar Mayer Wiener.

it's Pat White's fault....

All who say henne had an OK game (even good)...he hits the wide open bomb early on, we win. How many OTHER passes did he manage to misfire on?
Les Miles players at LSU win DESPITE Les. Ours can't, because our "playmakers" don't make TIEMLY plays.
Phillip Rivers would have 400 yards on 33 completions.

Bad drafts, bad play-calling, poor coaching, spotty QB play=

Hopefully, Mando is giving Tony a little HE!! right about now.

Te is the first need then o line then rb

Good post Denny, people just don't get it. Also hennes pick His arm was hit. The kid is doing good considering the hand he is dealt.

So mando do u have the balls now to say we need a power shift or is sunglasses man and the walking dead good enough. All I have to say is NO BALLS NO BALLS.



In my opinion the running game has been the problem with the offense this year and that falls directly with the offensive coordinator.

Weak running teams puts too much pressure on the passing game forcing a lot of 3rd and longs.

The wild cat is not a viable offensive scheme late in games when the quarterback is hot...

In my opinion the coaching staff were afraid of losing their jobs and refused to take chances on the offensive side of the ball this year.

P.S. Draft some Offensive players!

dude what the f are you talking about? When did henne fumble the ball? Get a clue wouldya

I can guarantee you endless Entertainment at Sun Lite stadium. Except football.

lets not go Overboard redsky, passing up Vick is one thing, but picking teblow wouldve put this team back to the expansion age of football*lol*, we're not quite there......YET!!!!

Ireland drafted Pat White, not exactly genius

Good point Johhny M and I'll prove your point even further. Why is it that every time we start losing Henne comes alive? Because Henning DOES NOT KNOW how to use his talent correctly. Henne can throw the ball let him throw the f***cking ball!! Henning still has the offense set up as if Pennington was the qb. He's trying to force Henne to be an underneath dump off passer who rarely takes shots doewn the field.

But look what happened. As soon as all they had left were shots down the field on long completions Henne starts calling those plays and holy s**t whata ya know Henne goes 8-8 with a TD!!

Henne is young and makes mistakes but I CAN NOT make a fair assessment of what his future will be like until he gets a coach with ballz and an OC who has a fresh new outlook on playcalling.

NO ONE can make a fair assessment of his future until we see what he can do with a real NFL coach and an offensive coordinator who's birth date doesn't read digits that came before WW2!!!

I can guarantee you that I am the oscar Mayer Wiener.

Sean Smiths tweet--,

Idk what to say.... I guess ima let yall do all the talkin... Questions, comments, ect go for it! SMH
ÜberTwitter • 12/19/10 1:40 PM

But look what happened. As soon as all they had left were shots down the field on long completions (HENNING) starts calling those plays and holy s**t whata ya know Henne goes 8-8 with a TD!!

yep... the drafts have been awesome who can forget about that meaga hit pat white in the 2nd round!!!!!

You people like to dangle with the chain but not with the monkey, eh?

I like Dan Henning.

I tweeted--,

U blow STN Hands Smth!!! But UR Offnse Blow Bgger**MandMcandy **^Atl%%#! Ber Twitter

Cue Roy Orbison, it's over, it's over, it's ooooooooooooooo ver


its time to go after cowher before some other team gets him.

lets not forget about jake grove and the left gaurd who had a hsitory ofinjuries we let go this season because of.... yep blowcells stoogges nows how to pick them!!

Get these clowns out of here once and for all.
Sparano, Henning, QB coach David Lee, and yes you morons-Chad(inaccurrate, mentally inept) Henne. Good riddance and not soon enough.

What a laughable season. We are fast becoming the new Detroit Lions.

The problem is Mr. Ross, People. And Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez and other luminaries and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

The STREAK is alive.

Chad Henne now has 11 straight games this season with a turvover. LMAO to all you clowns who think he is a STARTER in the NFL.

If Henning is not fired Monday, fire Tony Sporano.

"Bill Cowher would be interested in three coaching positions if he decides to return to the NFL next season, according to ESPN.
The former Steelers coach would consider overtures from the Dolphins, Giants and Texans, the website reports."

-The Sporting News online

I've said it before and I'll say it again , why on earth play a meaningless game ( football in general ) conservatively? Especially with an owner who is all about entertainment!

And no ,Bill Cower is not the answer .UM got it right. At the very least the Dolphins need a good young aggressive OC.

Dan Henning cost us another one. You could feel the win coming right up until the Wildcat call. He needs to go, and if Sparano refuses to see it, then he needs to go with him.

I wonder how much of Henne's problems go right back to the idiot playcaller upstairs. I agree with Denny, I can't make a fair assessment on Henne until we have an OC that gives him (and the rest of the offense) a chance to succeed.

We have talent. We need somebody that knows what to do with it.

glad blowcells didn't get edwards or holmes that would have been horrible!!

the problem is the offense - I was reading a column in ESPN about the Pats. During 24 different sets last week they lined up showing 24 different formations. Thats how you win in the NFL, using conventional formations but showing different looks. 2 tight ends, 1 tight end, 3 WRs, I don't care how you do it..just figure it out. Putting a running back in the back field and 10 men on the line is good for 1st and goal from the 1, but the other 99 yards it doesnt do a whole lot, at least after the first 12 weeks of running it. Football is dynamic, it requires constant revision and rethinking. Conservatism is good, but dynamism is much betta!

Play calling is horrible.
Last drive - 40 seconds to go to get into field goal range - and they throw a three yard pass in the middle of the field with no time outs.
Poor play calling and not knowing the situation.


I'm not looking for a scapegoat or trying to defend anyone. But would we all agree this would be a better team with a competent OC and a few extra pieces? I'm just saying, I'd like to see this team with another OC before we blow everything up and get it wrong again. I'm not saying Sparano is the answer but boy if you are going to blow things up again, you'd better get it right! To all those who want Bill Cowher as the next Head Coach, what are you going to do when he doesn't want to coach after 3-4 years? Time to blow it up again after that? Nick Saban was supposed to be the saviour and how did that turn out? The grass always apppears greener on the other side. Careful what you wish for people!

I am not interested in $.

What's up Po?

All I want for Christmas is to wake up and read the following headline "Sparano, Henning, and Ireland Fired."

hey J Lo could call a better game than henning!!!

For all you who want Cowher....This should make your Christmas!!!


Absolutely atrocious football, Sporano, Henning, Henne, and Ireland have to go! It's beyong embarassing now! This team is broken,throw it away and start over with Cowher or Gruden

only an idiot would find a way not to blame this loss and our season on henne! stop giving me this crap that it's someone else's fault. the kid can't play, can't read defenses, can't throw an accurate pass and plays scared after the first of his many horrible passes...you can't win in this league witha guy who makes jay fiedler look like an all pro...the only completions idiot henne makes is when he doesn't have to read the field and he can throw somthing poorly 5 yards...
yes henning is horrible but remember pennington did a whole lot more with a whole lot less--and the same oc! but sparano has already played heen too much and it's going to cost him his once chance as an nfl head coach...

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