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Dolphins lose 17-14 to the Bills -- terrible

The Dolphins were driving. They were ins.ide the Buffalo Bills 35 yard line. Chad Henne had driven them from deep in his own territory, which meant he was hot on a day he was otherwise not too good.

And on second-and-10 Dan Henning pulled Henne and ran a Wildcat play.

It gained not one yard.

Second and 10 went to third and 10. And that ended in an incomplete pass. And Miami went for a game-tying field goal inside of two minutes to play. It is the story of this season, folks.

Except Dan Carpenter missed it like he missed his other three kicks this day.

So Dolphins played for a tie and lost, 17-14.

At home.

The Buffalo Bills.


Don't talk playoffs to me. There will be no playoffs.


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Rono boob this is to you. You CAN NOT keep saying the coach and offensive coordinator suck and deserve to be fired and then say Henne sucks and we need to give up on him.

What aren't people understanding about this? Please let me know so I can explain it to you.

If the head coach, AND the offensive coordinator both suck (like so many agree) and they are the ones in charge of getting the best out of a first year "starting" qb, how can you blame and want to get rid of said QB? HOW?

If the people in charge of teaching someone suck you cant blame the student because he's not coming along quickly enough. You just can't.

I realize he has issues to fix but whos to say he can't fix them? We won't know until he gets REAL coaching right? So you don't give up on him completely but you DO have a back up plan. Their backup plan this year was a qb with three shoulder surgeries. Great plan.

Well, at least I can still be the oscar Mayer Wiener.

Ross is the unnamable in this blog(except by me). I wonder why.

bring in Cowher

Craig M,

If those 3-4 years include at least one championship appearence , Then bring it on, i think most of us would rather see the team get blown up after winning a title then possibly never winning one here and living with mediocrity which is what we have and will have in current staff stays.

What's there to lose at this point, shelf Henning, bring in someone new for 2 games.

I hate life Joe.

Can't believe how this year has ended up.

And the Sean Smith bashers are horrible. Kids playing great for a second year corner he just needs to get some more pics. But the fact that he's constantly defending passes doesn't make anyone happy? Some of those passes were impossible and the best cbs in the league would've dropped them.

Agreed, Jerry C

Did Carpenter get a contract extension yet?
He definately earned it today.

Henne overthrows a deep pass and no more shots downfield????

These guys decide to take all these long shot attempts at FG's, but can't take a few more deep shots throughout the game.

ok...someone (armando) anyone, find out what henne's 3rd down passer rating is on 3rd and more than 10? i can't remember the last time he has made a play on 3rd and long..

and why does sparano say he won't bench henne?

Y do u guys want Ireland gone he's done ok

Superphin, maybe it is a reach based on desperation and frustration, but really, could you see henne running 45yds for a TD, dragging and breaking tackles along the way?

With Pennington playing we didn't need henning the clown as pennington could call his own plays. Good coaches put their players in position to suceed... look a the D last year and now this year with Nolan. Even the ST has played better after marono fired his buddy.

I will continue to be the oscar Mayer Wiener in spite of this loss.

The propsotions that Sparano & Ireland blow, and that Henne also blows, are not mutually inconsistent.

I'm sober as a judge, clear headed, and I stand by my assertion that Henne is G-d awful, as are his supervisers and selctors.

I also recognize he has no trade value, so any future Regime -- and sooner rather than later -- will have to deal with him. THAT"S AS FAR AS I'll go---IF YOU THINK I AGREE THAT HE"S THE AUTOMTIC next yr starter who is really good buy handcuffed by coaches, fuggedabbboutit.

Henne sux. Sparano sux. Ireland sux.

all three are true.

the defense is definitely looking good, its just the offense -- keep Henne, but we need a good backup, first round QB. I still think Pennington would make a good coach. Bring in Cowher, keep Nolan at DC and bring in an OC. Rich Rod for starters.

Yeah Po, I'm glad my GF had to work today, I was planning to go. Painful enough to watch on TV.

The thing tebow has that henne doesn't have is attitude or for the ghetto .. Swagger henne has less than Larry king

In Horseracing, many owner's expenses can be deducted from their income taxes.

Bill Cowher would be my choise for a new coach because Cowler played with a 3/4 defence in Pitt. This means Mike Nolan might stay in Miami if Cowher is hired. I would give Henne one more year to prove himself because the QB market is bear this year. Miami then should draft a C or G in the first round this year. I do not blame Henne for the stinking offence this year because we had no running game at all is year except when we played Oakland. I hope Cowher comes and Nolan stays. What do you all think of Cowher HC and Nolan DC new year??

Carpenter = $$$$$million$$$$$ reasons why he should be here next year, today just solidified it for me
Henning = # of reasons why this guy should not expect to live through 2010 season as OC

what fishfan curtis said---esp since I cannot spell.

new post up.

Henne's 4th qtr stats = Awesomeness. Let's give the kid another year or two or three.

when you play not to lose..... you will lose!!!!!

It's Henne's fault that Carpenter missed 4 FG's today......that was obvious.

Look at our d put in Nolan we are completely different a new oc might make the offense and henne a top 10

bill cowher is on his way 2011!!!!!!!!

I think this will be the last Dolphins game I can make myself watch until Henning is fired! ... I have seen some bad offenses, but this is pathetic. they are throwing the football all over the place on the Bills, then all of a sudden they stupidly run it! WTF! ... Sparono needs to start calling the plays. or if Henning calls a dumb play ( 90 % of the time ), Sparono needs to veto it and call it himself... we have to DEMAND the FIRING of Henning or boycott the Dolphins till they do! I'm embarrassed to admit I'm a Dolphins fan! I like Sparano, but, if he can't see what a detriment Henning is to this offense, he needs to go too! We need to score points so we don't always have to rely on our defense to win games. FIRE Henning, FIRE Henning, FIRE Henning!!!!!

Two words for me. I once believed in the Tuna...... KILLER INSTINCT.... where is the wolf or the ape.... there is nothing left in tanks for the coach nor his offense as far as the coaching.. Time to let it go Sparano and Henning... We have waited long enough. Keep Nolan and let the rest go. I'm tied of mediocre and u guys have ran long enough, let some new blood flow.

Cowher good, Nolan good, but whose the new OC? You don't think a QB in the 1st round? We got not backup

good teams find a way to win and well henning finds a way to lose!!

henning is the father of the "Prevent Offense"

My only prob with sporano is the fact he let henning stay all year when it's so clear he has made the dumb calls all year like the2 and 10 wildcat for a fg

N he is not bryan

I'm done blaming Chad Henne until we get real coaching and an offensive coordinator.

If Henne got to work with someone like Charlie Weiss and still stunk, then I would be worried. But he doesn't - he gets to work with someone who has zero accountability and is hellbent on tearing down what little confidence Henne has by yanking him in favor of worthless wildcat plays.


Don't worry, a source close to a member of the Dolphins staff has told me that there will be a major house cleaning at the end of the year. Sparano, gone. Henning, gone. ESPN has just reported Bill Cowher has a wishlist of teams and Miami is in the top two. Lack of leadership, lack of execution, lack of emotion. Remember, Michael Vick is also a free agent after this year. Thank god the misery is over.

James..... the defense is pretty pathetic too.They don't give up a lot of points,but they don't catch INT's either.
Thirty dropped INT's..........that's pathetic.
Michael Vick probably threw 30 INT's in his 2nd game in the Penal League.

I like the mcdaniels for oc but only if Nolan is fine with it

Look at orton and how he improved him would love to see him call plays for henne

fishfan13curtis look it up yourself. I don't know where he was today but as of 2 or 3 weeks ago Henne was second in the league on third down completions. So what's your point?

tommy I agree hen you play not to lose..... you will lose!!!!!

Cowher or Gruden

fire henning, hene, sparano, ireland

Well I would rather stick with henne with a new oc or go after mcnabb

Don't pay any attention to my posts on here-I'm just really pissed at the whole Dolphins organization.

I, for one, will not put anymore with this embarassment. The Time for playing around with people at the expense of their enjoyment has gone past. Either you get serious or we get serious.

Plus I'm hammered.

tony sporano is a bad coach he gives 6too much say to his assitants..thats a sign of a bad head coach....please get bill cowher and hire jim fassel as oc...and please do not bring ricky and ronnie back..i saw a few times they could have gotten more yards and ricky puts his head down and ronnie shows no burst..

There is a guy at QB who is proven. His name is McNabb and he should be considered. ATM he is not getting a lot of love.

I agree with James. I don't think Henne is a throw-away yet. I think we need a real offensive coordinator before making such an evaluation on Henne.

Don't forget, Peyton Manning threw a lot more INTs in his first full year than Henne has.

Henne is not the problem as much as Dan Henning is who pulls Henne out of the game when he clearly is in command in favor of some stupid wildcat play.

hire Nolan now as head coach!!! if not, we lose him at the end of the year and we're stuck with nothin!!!


McNabb will be nothing without Andy Reid. I hate to say it, but at his age right now, getting him will be just like when we had Culpepper.

Henne still has more upside the McNabb ever could here in Miami. It is unfair to evaluate Henne when he has had nothing but terrible play calling all year.

Nick Folk of the Jets is 1-1 on FG's so far today.
If he were on the Dolphins,we probably would've lost in OT.


I'm with ya there brother.

I feel ya.

McNabb is over the hill I would rather stick the the QB we have than go the old man route. Look Brett Farve will be a free agent next year too. I do not want him either.

Bill Cowher will be the coach of Miami in 2011. Mark it down now.

Henne's days in the NFL are done. He's shell-shocked. He was too scared to throw it deep and instead settled for the underneath stuff. This is all Sparano's fault. Henne is much like the coach he plays for: heart but no smarts. I hope we can keep DC Nolan, everyone else on the coaching staff must go!



Henne doesn't call the plays - Dan Henning does. I think it is erroneous to say Henne was too scared to do anything... it wasn't his offense.

Get rid of Dan Henning and get a real offensive coordinator that plays to Henne's strengths and then see where Henne is.

If Indy would treated Peyton Manning the same, he would have been gone too... just look at how many interceptions Manning threw the first few years (it is more than Henne).

Cowher will never win another SB regardless if where he coaches. Plus he can't beat the Patriots. We don't need another retread here.

Henne called the genius time out on the Cobb catch! Henne threw the int. Henne threw to the check down receiver every other play - game announcers kept commenting on that. Can't win every game with fied goals. Fat Tony is Wannys illegitimate brother. We suck again and can't even play for a decent draft pick. Let's bring back Ted Ginn and Daunte Culpepper!!! Let's bring back NFL legend Jimmy Johnson ( according to all the Damn Survivor commercials )so we can have a running game when we have the greatest passer to play the game. And finally lets sell lots of football tickets by selling minority shares to a bunch of has been musicians and a fat ass J-LO. DAMN!!! Sounds like the same formula the Patriots use. Glad Ross took the team to see the play Lombardi when they were in New York!!!

Henne is like Fiedler. The difference right now is even Fiedler was more consistent but was older at the time. Henne as much as I have supported him does not have the consistency for a super bowl appearance as we all want. It's time to move on and gamble on a QB as many have been saying since.... well along time. Time to get aggressive .. Time to stop beating in the bush and instead BEAT THE DAMN BUSH TO DEATH TO GET WHAT WE NEED. THE QB. GO DOLPHINS>>>>>>>>>>>

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