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Dolphins lose 17-14 to the Bills -- terrible

The Dolphins were driving. They were ins.ide the Buffalo Bills 35 yard line. Chad Henne had driven them from deep in his own territory, which meant he was hot on a day he was otherwise not too good.

And on second-and-10 Dan Henning pulled Henne and ran a Wildcat play.

It gained not one yard.

Second and 10 went to third and 10. And that ended in an incomplete pass. And Miami went for a game-tying field goal inside of two minutes to play. It is the story of this season, folks.

Except Dan Carpenter missed it like he missed his other three kicks this day.

So Dolphins played for a tie and lost, 17-14.

At home.

The Buffalo Bills.


Don't talk playoffs to me. There will be no playoffs.


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The bottom line is we do not have the time to waist trying to find a new QB. The Dolphins Orginazation sent too much money last year on free agents to fart around looking for a new QB. Only a new OC would make since for next year.

McNabb is FINISHED and has never won anything of note...Cowher takes years to make things happen...I say go for JIM Harbaugh or some YOUNG up and comer.....nevertheless this is Sparanos 1st attempt at Head Coach and he has been LUKEWARM at best...Henning is way past it and HENNE MUST BE KEPT...He can play...but he isnt yet cooked....still raw...let him cook a bit more...this is invaluable experience for him....under a different structure he "may" become a true QB....I think he can....but for now....Sparano must be held accountable as the buck stops with him and he can overrule any call he wants....sorry Tony...you get the big bucks because its on YOU..!!!!!


I agree with you bigalfy

Some1 needs to be fired or resign this instant . The season is over, and there is nothing to build on for next year..... The logical choice is of course is henning, a better choice is sporano and we can hire cowher, who will then fire henning and I would imagine have total player/personell control...... THIS IS WHAT DOLFANS WANT FOR CHRISTMAS


I think that Cowher may fit well with the Dolphins only because Nolan may stay if Cowher comes aboard at the HC. Remember Cowher ran a 3/4 defence in Pitt. That way at least have the team will stay intact play wise. What do you think ??

That was "Half"

like hootie said; "Im such a baby cause THE DOLPHINS MAKE ME CRY".

Great it seems noone wants to talk when I ask a question. Can someone give me a good arguement why Bill Cowher should not be the HC new year??

In June Ross said, "I think in February we'll be playing in the Super Bowl."

Ross will no longer be a hands off owner.

Someone is going to fired. Soon.

Who? Henning. Next week.


I think you guys had better consider Bill Belichek coaches in the afc before considering Jim Harbaugh. Do you really wanna go head to head with Belichek with Harbaugh as your HC?

We need a guy with championship experience. Gruden has it but he was run out Tampa Bay of all places. While Cowher left a championship ring behind with Pittsburgh.

Speaking of Tampa Bay, I dont know which was worse, us losing to the Bills or them losing to the Lions.

I predict this coaching staff is gone after this season. Although, I'd be willing to see how Nolan does as HC.

I have to agree with Deion Sanders - Parcells is a quitter. Beyond that, Henning is senile and Sparano, alas, didn't get any smarter by losing all that weight. Maybe he should open a weight loss clinic and leverage his experience. He obviously knows about losing.

Rich Gannon was spot on in his announcer's role in critiquing Chad Henne all day. Someone should hire this guy as a qb coach. Maybe that's something we may also need to look into.

For those of you in support of Bill Cowher, please lie down until the feeling passes.

Why is that BigD is there a coach out there you want that is better?

Big D,

We're in Belichek's country in the afc east. We can not afford to gamble with hiring nothing less than hiring a HC that already has championship petigree. As I said in my earlier post, Gruden was run out of Tampa and Cowher "willing" left a 2nd SB ring in Pittsburgh.

If Gruden says we're 2nd behind the Giants on his list and it's unlikely Coughlin will be fired. If Cowher's willing and ready to come to Miami we are complete idiots not to pounce.

Belichek will continue to absolutely school us until we get a HC of championship pedigree.


Would Dungy be a good HC for Fins?

You tell him DyingBreed!!!!



Dungy sounds good but I want a coach that is happy running a 3/4 defence. Cowher is that coach

NFLBS...u could be right about Cowher...but he took 7 years....we need a game changer not a staedy as she goes type...I dont think Cowher staying will affect Nolan...I think he wants a Head Coach slot

I guarantee you Belichek can rest his starters on week 17 and still outcoach us for the victory. Hell, Belichek would beat us with Woodhead as qb.

I don't want to argue, but Cowher was not that successful in Pittsburgh. In 15 seasons, his record was 149-90-1 for a .571 winning percentage. He won ONE championship in all that time and was only 12 - 9 in playoff games. He won the AFC Central nine times against the likes of the Bengals, Browns, and Oilers (this was mainly before the Ravens existed), so his teams dominated in a mediocre division.

Do the math: a .571 winning percentage gets you about a 9-7 record on average. That is not a significant enough improvement over the current regime to make the change produce the desired results.

Thinking Cowher will bring championships to Miami is like thinking the other party will help your situation in politics. It is a pipe dream.

Those are the facts. They speak for themselves. I'm not arguing with anyone.


I just think too much change at once is hard on a football team. Cowher will not change the defence much because it is already a 3/4 defence. The offence is what he would change and who knows if the D makes the INTs next year and the O is better that this year maybe we would make the playoffs next year with Cowher.

On offense this pathetic unit and coaching staff couldnt even answer the doorbell even if the postman rings 3 times.

We never have first half nor second half adjustment answers.

As far as other coaches are concerned, I'd take Gruden or Dungy if either was interested. I don't think Cowher is interested, anyway.


The bottom line is change has to be made to the coaching staff and you have to admitt Cowher fits well with the Dolphins at this time. The change will come the question is what coach fits this team at this time.

Big D,

I understand your sell and you're right there really are no certaincies in life. But still I like our chance of going against a flame thrower(Belichek)is I had a 45 automatic(Cowher) than a pocketknife(anyone else).


Cowher is interested in Miami if the reports are true.

Henning needs to be fired immediately and we need to get Mallet as our QB in the upcoming draft. We screwed up big time passing up on Matt Ryan already and will NEVER be relevant in the NFL without a 1st caliber QB. Ireland must also be let go and Sparano be evaluated thoroughly at the end of the season. If Cowher is available then fire Sparano. It is clear that this team has gotten worst instead of improving.

Look, I'm not defending Sparano, et al. I just don't think replacing Sparano will produce anything better than what we have now. Cowher's offenses were NOT dynamic. He relied on crushing defense to win division titles and then get beat in the playoffs. Settling for Cowher isn't good enough for me. He's an average coach who dominated a weak division. That is not the setup in the AFC East right now.

To win the AFC East, a team needs to have a dynamic offense and a solid defense. That may be stating the obvious, but right now the Dolphins have neither and I can't see why anyone thinks Bill Cowher could affect that type of transformation to a team in such disarray. That was not his situation in Pittsburgh at any point in his career.

So, hire Cowher and I think before long, your support will turn into disillusionment as you find he doesn't have the answers you're looking for. Times have changed since he was head coach in Pittsburgh and the competition in the AFC East is very different from the old AFC Central.

I meant to say, "replacing Sparano with Cowher...." Sorry.

Team came out FLAT at Home yet again....Something is NOT right Here!!!!

At least we have an awesome Defense to build upon! Go Phins!!!!


I take it you like Gruden then as the new headcoach? Just remember that winning a superbowl is a hard thing to do even if you have the best tallant in the NFL. Dont get me wrong I like Gruden but Cowher fits the tallant that Miami puts on the field.


Do not foget that Cowher won without a real QB for all those years in the AFC Central Big Ben was just a pup when Cowher was the coach. Miami seems to be in the same situation. Only a power running game will help out Henne at this time. Cowher is used to Henne type QB"s he will find a way to win.


The bottom line is New England has the QB. To beat them you have to take away thier QB not try to score with them. Brady type QBs only come once every 5 years so to think Miami needs to get in a high scoring match to beat him is not the answer. To beat him you have to have a defence that is why Indy falled to beat him so many times thoughout the years. Cowher will bring that defence to Miami.

I have been a big fan since the fins first came into the AFL. Many coaches, players, good or bad have come and gone. As a fan, I have enjoyed the euphoric times and became despondent in the not so good ones. One thing about it though is the fan base or now the lack thereof. The team always sold out its games when winning and hardly ever when loosing. As a business goes when you loose at home infront of the paying fans, 6 out of 7 times during the season something has to change. The Miami fan will not support loosing and never will, especially at home. The fins lost the edge somehow, when they moved into the (name change stadium). The team needs to restore the fear in other teams of playing on home turf. I say good bye to Mr. Henning and the HC. Look forward to new and brighter days.

If you don't think Cowher would be an upgrade over this coaching staff, you're insane. Think back to the absolutely STUPID moves throughout the past two seasons ... the amazingly INSANE clock management (or lack thereof) ... the ridiculous "passion" over field goals ... I'd say just about ANY pro coach would be an upgrade.

And that's too bad ... I would like to have seen Sparano succeed.

We need to hire a fairly young, experienced, dynamic, cutting edge offensive-minded head coach who has won recently and is good at making changes on the fly. If feasible, if Pennington retires, hire him as the QB coach.

I would really like to see Strock come in as the QB coach ... in my opinion ... it was Strock's direction that MADE Dan Marino so successful early on ... in the absence of Strock ... I think Pennington would be fantastic.

Gruden is the man for the job. No need to look anywhere else, he is a better fit than Cowher. Gruden is the offensive mind we need, he also played the position of QB in the past. He has won a SB in recent times and can relate to the players. The time in the booth has given him time to become an even more well-rounded coach. Our D is fine with Nolan so this is why I say Gruden over Cowher. Get it done before we get beat to the punch, again.

Chuck C

What makes you think Gruden would not change the defence to a 4/3 that is what he likes to run?? Which means Nolan will be gone because he runs a 3/4

Chuck C

By the way Cowher likes to run the 3/4 defence so if you want Nolan back next year Cowher would mostlikely keep him while Gruden would find another DC that runs a 4/3 scheme.

Bill Cowher with this defense and the basic tools for an offense could do much better than what we have today.

Today the blame is SOLEY on Coaching. Henne had a decent day except for the first pick.

He even over came his coaches errors on the failed wild cat second time around. If Henning wrote it in the script at the 22 yard line we rund the wild cat no matter if its 2/10 or 1/10 and guess what stalled two drives lost the game and scored one touch down. So it was successful in his mind because it worked once. I look at how EXCITING Steelers and Jets are and I look t the Dolphins and I want to cry.

Please promote or keep Nolan and bring in Cowher. I believe they would make a proven team of winners vs Sparano whom really does not have it either. Like his personality and should stay on as a Line coach some where becuase is mentality is to get 3 yds at time NOT 30yds. The buck stops here.
Get Cowher now Mr. Ross or lose a few million next year in revenue.

BOO! Boo! BOO! Boo! BOO! Boo! This forty year finfan has had it. HAS HAD IT! STICK ME WITH A FORK!! BOO! Boo! BOO! I HAVE HAD IT! No more merchandise, not a hat, not a shirt, not a cup, not a jersey...nothing more until the fins do something, anything at all...I will not spend another dime on the team until the team wins. PERIOD. BOO! BOO! BOO! I hope this angry finfan has made himself clear.

I have given up on Henne. He doesn't have it.

Time to move on and move up in the draft to get the next possible franchise QB. We've wasted enough 2nd round picks in recent years looking, might as well keep going till we get him.

This team play like they are affray to win the F@##$% GAME.

I can't stand Henne, dude looks like a damn tree behind the pocket. We need to draft a QB this draft, it's a MUST.

who ever it is, if it's cowher sorry folks, but henne would be gone,cowher thinks he's a joke, which is true, and as far as gruden, henne would be gone also, so i say either one is a major upgrade from what is there now. ross grow some balls and do not wait till it's too late. get these sorry bastards out of there NOW.

Enough talk about recycling coaches. No recycled coach who won a Superbowl was able to repeat that feat with another team. Not saying it can't be done, but lets find that NEXT great coach instead of doing the boring thing of recycling another coach looking for a payday.

On to Henne:
He doesn't have the "it" factor. He has no fire. He has no situational awareness. He takes sacks when he should be throwing the ball away. It's a shame that Penny got hurt on his first play a few weeks back, it probably would have been the difference if he could have stayed healthy.

We need a QB....Henne isn't it and neither is Thigpen...those guys are SOLID backups...just not starter material.

My $.02

Somebody Commented about Parcells....this team is no longer Parcells team, leave him out of it. besides he brought in the old F$%T Henning in the first place. I can't say we we are better than NE, Baltimore or Pitts...but the difference between the Dolphins and the next echelon after those teams is offensive coaching and schemme. We stink in that area...period!

I think Henne played a good game. Sacks aren't his fault always. The line has been bad and you can blame Ireland for the moves he made. Like Mando says, get better players and the Dolphins get better. How about a better line?

QB? I don't see how Henne is to blame for everything. Does he overthrow and underthrow? Yes. However, he plays hard every Sunday. He put the team in position to win and they missed 3 FG. That's 9 points. The fourth was like a punt.

I love it how fans in Miami are so fair weather and they can't get behind their team.

I am a huge Dolphins fan! I may not be from there, but I still bleed aqua marine and orange.

If Sparano gets fired that will be a travesty. 6-1 on the road! Give me a break.

who cares if they are 6-1 on the road. they are 1-6 at home. the day will not come soon enough till these losers are gone.

henne didn't put the team in position to win the game. he put them in position to lose the game and that's what they did.

don't worry the lions will beat the dolphins too.

Why do I support this team? Its the same crap year after year,and seems to get worse. For crying out loud! We need whole sale changes at the coaching level!

Dear Mando:
I am a lifelong Dolfan, who lives in Boston now and witness with much envy the success of the Pats franchise. They not only win, they entertain, they are fun to watch, it seems like every week -even when they lose- there is something to talk about their games, a bunch of meaningful plays and players. I just watched how a Pats lineman (!!!) returned a kickoff almost for a TD (and actually set up the consequent TD that NE desperately needed) and as much as I hate the Pats I can only admire them by now. And NO it is NOT LUCK, as one commentator noted that fat guy actually had returned 4 kicks in his career so no it is not coincidence that this guys win or make these sort of plays, it is COACHING, they are put in situations where they make plays. On the other hand watching the Fins -really since Dan Marino retired- has been an utter disaster, they do not win nor entertain, they are boring beyond belief, play with no heart and worst of all HAVE NO IDENTITY. What is this team really? They can not run or pass the ball, SP teams? Blocking? Why did they get rid of Ginn? (obviously HE wasn't the problem and had some rapport with Henne). This front office is a joke, why get rid off the player that had blazing speed and why is the team now on week 14 signing Kevin Curtis, a WR who was faipurposes retired, for speed? Just baffling. Why it took the team 2 years to fire that SP team coach, a mega disaster like that MNF vs these Pats took to finally make an executive decision that was long overdue. Same w/Henning, he's awful, same with Sparano, he is supposed to be the o-line guru and the line is terrible. Draft picks? Where to start? Patrick Turner, Pat White, P Merling, all busts. Odrick? Who knows. Misi MIA. This team needs an identity. A new coach. Mr. Ross with the uncertain times ahead I would fire everyone but Nolan and either promote him to HC to save $$$ and more importantly to keep him we need him badly. Or I would bring a)Gruden b/c unlike Cowher his offense will be more fun to watch and in these pass happy times it'd make more sense or b)J. Harbaugh from Stanford and leverage his relationship with Luck to bring that kid. If Luck is a no go I would go with plan c)Bring a rogue coach, draft Cam Newton, trade for a DeAngelo Williams and get this team some sort of identity, maybe a dose of thuggery with the likes of Newton, Marshall, Long, why not? Transform this team into the 80s Canes, whatever if takes to resurrect this franchise, today's attendance should be a hint Mr. Ross.

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