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Dolphins may not miss Crowder's contributions

When I tweeted Friday that Channing Crowder is doubtful for Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns, one of my followers answered my tweet in stinging fashion. If Crowder cannot play Sunday as expected, after not practicing all week on an injured knee, my follower noted the inside linebacker will not have any fewer tackles than he had last week against Oakland.



But it is true. Crowder, even when healthy this year, has not exactly posted impressive statistics. After missing the first four games with some sort of abdominal/groin injury, Crowder has only 22 tackles in 7 games.

That averages out to slightly over three tackles per game. That's good for a cornerback or a nose tackle. But it is not very good for an inside linebacker. Karlos Dansby, by comparison, averages more than seven tackles per game.

Crowder has had five tackles or more in a game only once this year, when he collected six against Chicago. Dansby has had five tackles or more in a game nine times.

That's not the most frustrating thing. It would be acceptable if Crowder wasn't a tackle machine but came up with timely plays -- momentum-changing plays here and there. He hasn't been doing that, either.

He doesn't have a sack. He doesn't have an interception. He doesn't have a forced fumble. He doesn't have a recovered fumble.

That doesn't mean Channing Crowder isn't a solid player. It does mean he's just not having an eye-opening season. And he's not a big contributor.

Tim Dobbins would be the expected starter for Crowder if he sits out as expected. 


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You are what your stats say you are.

They could keep stats then on playing proper contain and filling gaps and taking on fullbacks and tight ends blocks effectively so that others can do their job as well.

Maybe Channing is not the best defensive weapon outhere for the Dolphins, but his role is as important and critical as it would be from anyone else in this team.
Football is about the team, not individual stats.
I hope he will be ready for tomorrow.

Dammit Channing you should be in the training room getting treatment, not blogging.

crowder is a joke!!!!


the only high priced guy that deserve his contract is JACK LONG .on a study by the NFL they found THAT teams who have more than 75 percent players making between 480,000 to 2.4 million per year are doing a great job .
crowder will be gone by end of the year,you can't have a main guy playing one game and sitting 2-3 games .

Thank god this will be his last year with the

WHAT YOU FICKLE FANS DON'T REALIZE IS THAT CROWDER DOES ALL THE LITtle things right that don't make it in to the box stats....

I can't even get that out with out laughing my a s s off


You did leave out one important stat, and that is the run defense has been considerably better when Crowder is playing, the stats show that very well. I'm sure you are aware of that so I don't know why you didn't, in fairness, include that in your article. Maybe what he does is opening things up for the others to make plays? Isn't that what they call team work?

funny kris .

Dear Mr. Salguero

"He doesn't have a sack. He doesn't have an interception. He doesn't have a forced fumble. He doesn't have a recovered fumble."

Thank god you noticed this too..I thought I was one seeing the Ghost of Channing Crowder

"That doesn't mean Channing Crowder isn't a solid player"

Channing Crowder isn't a solid player...what you are seeing is an apparition of Channing Crowder.

Rumor I heard was he was killed while filming an episode of Swamp people.

In the movie Ghost, Whoopi Goldberg was able communicate with the ghost of Patrick Swazey to help him stop the bad guy from hurting his wife.

Maybe the Dolphins can call Whoopi Goldberg to try and communicate to Channing Crowder to help him stop other teams from hurting the Dolphins.

Or maybe the Dolphins could call those guys from TAPS...The Atlantic Paranormal Society to help rid them of this apparition and its contract.

Either way having a ghost is pretty bad mojo

Soiled :)

kris - yeah, didn't see your comment until after I finished mine, same idea basically.

Bloggers, I've got a question for you - would you rather have the fans decide who starts, or the coaching staff who watch not only the practices day in and day out, but view miles of film each week as well? Coaches make mistakes too, but in general they are not nearly as blind and dumb as the fans make them out to be.




We did say the same thing...but I was being 100% sarcastic....I think Crowder is horrible at his job, and to make matters worse he rountinely does things to give the opposing team motivation.

He is the one guy in the league who can be SPIT ON and get zero sympathy from the home town fans....that should tell you every thing their is to know about how he is percieved around FIN LAND

DEYTREDER, kris was joking .

Yes, now I realize that. His sarcasm didn't jump out at me on the first read. Well then, Kris, what do you make of the fact the run D is considerably better when Crowder plays? That's going back the last couple of seasons, not just a couple of games. We consistently give up considerably more yards when he is not in the game. Seems like a good enough reason to start him of the others to me.

Deytrader....to answer your very "loaded" question.....I would much rather have "a" coaching staff that get paid to evaluate players....but all coaching staffs are not created equal....would you put Sporano on par with belicheat? Do you trust Andy Reid as much as Chan Gaily......All these things are relevant when ansering that question.

We have to dance with the ones that brought us (ireland/Sporano)...but that haven't reached the level yet of being beyond speculation and second guessing....i

He's NEVER been a difference maker in the NFL. He doesn't force fumbles, make sacks, pick passes, make tackles for loss, or anything else that could remotely be considered a game changing play. He's a JAG (just a guy). Channing Crowder's CAREER HIGHS in ANY of those categories is 1. Look up his career stats.
Sacks: 2.5 (two years with a full sack and one with a .5 sack... maybe that should be his new nickname? "Halfsack"
Forced Fumbles: 3
Interceptions: 1

He's a drag down tackler who chases down anything within maybe 5 yards of where he starts, maybe. He's certainly not a sideline to sideline player like Dansby. Tim Dobbins had a bigger impact last week. Maybe they should switch roles?

Nah, Crowder can't tackle anybody particularly fast or elusive. He'd just pick a fight with somebody who pancaked him and get into a war of words that the rest of the team would have to deal with. Dansby's stellar play shows you just how awful Chowder is.

Kris - I certainly agree not all coaches are equal. However, it's not always clear which coaches are the best after only a few years. Lets take your example...Belichek does look like a genius now, but he certainly didn't after 4 years in Cleveland (maybe its the Brady factor?). Now you mention Gaily, because there is the 'perception' he is not that good, however even Mr. Jerry Jones himself said recently this year that he wished he had given Gailey more time, that it was a mistake not to give him more of a chance. So what is your suggestion, give a coach only 3 years? Didn't it take Cowher over 10 years to win a SB and that is with the best DC on the planet?

Deytrader...I'm not gonna say Crowder isn't the best we have available...clearly he is...you will get no crazy excuses from me.

What I am saying is that HIS BEST is not good enough for this team...I doubt his "invisible run defense stats" is would be a good enough selling point to earn him a starting job on another team.

He will play out this year for us, and I can only hope their is another GM out there who thinks Crowder is a gem like yourself

Crowder is overpaid and he underworks. I don't have to count the number of times he is making a tackle. I watch the number of times he is standing 3 feet away from a tackle and he is watching. Purposely taking the wrong line. Or he is stupid. Don't know

Kris - you have clarified your position, but no need for you to distort mine. My point was just that, if he is starting over the others, then no use second guessing the coaches, he probably is the best that we have now. And just maybe we had higher drafting priorities the last couple of years? I never implied or said that I think Crowder is a gem, I'll speak for myself thank you.


I am the BIGGEST supporter of this coaching staff....Its only me and 1 or 2 others that REFUSE to blame Dan Henning for our offensive woes...I like Sporano, and I want him to do well. I DON'T think he should be fired, and if he is still coaching our team in 2018, it means we are an elite franchise.

I am only saying they have not reached that level of "no questions asked"

Not yet...not until were lifting a Lombardi Trophy


No offense man...just a verbal jab....its true you didn't say that at all.

You bring a lot to this blog with clear insight....didn't mean to cross the line

To recap my initial point about Crowder was simply this - Armando wrote a rather degrading piece about him today, without at least giving some credit where I felt credit was due. Considering what we DO have, the run D is better with him in it, and Armando could have at least mentioned that. I am saying no more and no less.

I've too spoken out against this tirade against Henning. On this blog it's Hennings fault if it rains. Good players make coaches look good. Shula was a rare exception - as Bum Phillips once stated - "He can take his'n and beat your'n, and then take your'n and beat his'n".

Kris - no worries at all, no line crossed. Jabbing is fine. Too many bloggers are too sensitive and fly off the handle with name calling simply if someone disagrees with them. Not me. I almost prefer people to disagree with me, because normally that means they are speaking their honest opinion and not just patronizing you.

Dear Mr. Salguero

When I was a younger man I had the liberty of the Miami Dolphins feeding me a steak (Zach Thomas) every Sunday for a decade.

But times have changed and now me being older and my teeth falling out and a receding gum line the Dolphins are feeding me chop steak with gravy and onions...sure chop steak with gravy and onions if cooked right goes down easy....but dam I sure do miss my steak.

Soiled :)

but without crowder the phins were allowing 119 yards a game with him only 98 ypg. So his presence does have an impact. A new inside line backer should be on our wish list but probably not next year

Chowder soup...

The jets rule.... 9-2

Dolphins 6-5 3 games back!!!!!!!

your fans are so dumb.....


hale the true football champions. You may lick our feet and serve us well.


Cool Deytreder,

I have been reading your post...it always seemed like you were a reasonable person....glad to see I was right in my assesement....Debate is good. But you are right to many times you disagree with someone and the immediatley go to name calling....instead of using their words

Crowder may leave a lot to be desired but it's not a theory or an opinion that the run defense is SIGNIFICANTLY better when he's in there. It's categorically proven with actual stats.

Fans can reject that if they want but they come across as pretty clueless when doing so.

And, yes, either way we need to see an upgrade at that position next season.

Dobbins scares me as well.....He was great last week, but when you look at his entire body of work as a FIN....I would say its less then impressive....lets hope he is startng to understand the system and is thinking less and reacting more......maybe last week was a glimpse of the future and not just a one-game wonder

Crowder sucks.

Thanks for keeping it real, Sal.

DR.ROBERTS, you said it when he's there .....release him and get new QB w/his money and install dobbins in his spot for 230,000 a year .

Dobbins has not shown he is good enough to be the permanent starter. He's fine to have as a backup but simply releasing Crowder will not make the team better in any way, shape, or form unless they have a player who is an upgrade.

It looks to me like we have bigger concerns than Crowder for next season. I can't see making any serious strides on offense without a serious running back threat, someone with speed. I'm not sure what potential Berger has, but either way we need another center. We are short a TE. Without serious improvements in those 3 spots, I don't think any OC is going to look very good.

electing R.BROWN to be man of the year does tell me he will be back next year and release r.w and draft a RB but the bigger issue is the QB NEXT YEAR ....SOME THING HAS TO BE DONE AFTER WE RELEASE CHAD.P AND HAPPY THIGY .

When comparing individual players on different teams, tackles is a very misleading statistic. Since every play ends in a tackle (except for scoring plays), total tackles among teams will be roughly the same. If Karlos Dansby has more tackles than Ray Lewis, it doesn't mean Dansby is a better player - it probably means that Lewis gets better support from his fellow defenders.

But individual tackles can tell you something about a particular team. If the defensive backs get alot of tackles, it might mean that they give up alot of completions or that the front 7 is ineffective at stopping running plays for short gains. If an inside linebacker like Crowder gets few tackles, it could mean that offenses like to run away from him, but a more likely explanation is that he's just crap.

Speaking of which, I have to take one.



You make a good point of looking at
someones entire body of work.

In Crowders case it's not so much the stats or the game changing plays.

It's the simple fact that he's injury prone and cannot be counted on. I believe the last time he played an entire season was 2006.

Just like the offensive line needs continuity, so to does the heart of the defense, IE: the ILB's.

I thought initially thought Dobbins was the answer, now I'm not so sure. We'll see.

It makes me even more ecstatic(sarcasm) knowing that Ireland waived Micah Johnson for an undersized weak side backer trying to convert to the strong side. And the shuffle goes ON!

How many tackles did Zach "average" per game during his career? Come on Channing, can you atlesat do 1/2 of that average? GET RID OF HIM!


How many playoff games did we win with Zack? I admired him, but making 9000 tackles still doesn't guarantee anything.

Good day Odinseye % all Dolfans

Looks like Crowder is on the "Eve of Destruction"

Much like the rest of the world, as the New World Order marches on

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God Bless the children & the Miami Dolphins trying to tackle 250 lb RB Hillis while Dansby has a bad wrist

maybe Sean Smith can tackle him, Eh?

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Focusing on Crowders stats or lack thereof. One statistical category is climbing.

2007 - injured
2008 - injured
2009 - injured

**2010 - injured - TWICE**

Jason Allen was not the sole reason for Jets winning in the end of the game
Anyone who knows football, clearly can see the safety was sleeping

Jason Allen one of the only players in the NFL to pick off NFL MVP Mike Vick this season

Also Allen had 7 tackles that game Thursday nite

Sure could use his tackling and excellent special teams is man down tackling against the Bruising Browns, who beat the Patriots by double digits

In Latvia we are much like of the Miami Dolphins the team of football. Always to have them forever on the television but only two time. One time I see in bar with people that are in America but have come to live Latvia now. All the people that are Dolphin we know are Dan Mareno and the director Don Shulas. It is now possible to take the metro to the games of the Dolphins? We will go from the "Ft. Lauderdale?" so this is possible? I have been to the Florida once before and I did not like it at the Disney Land and also the ocean beach at "CoCo Beach" the people were very dirty and stupid but maybe is better in the "Ft. Lauderdale?" or not but we will go there and then the metro to see the Dolphins.

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Good Day To You Homes

You were cutting on my lyrics yesterday so I did a remix of an old cowboy classic for you last night. I sang it again this morning, strange though, how it seemed a lot funnier while I was ripped.

Anyway, if I can be serious for a moment. I think worrying about the destruction of this physical world is way overated.

Being the spiritual warrior that I am, I believe the end of this world will usher in a beautiful new begining.

Sometimes it's best to just tighten up the straps and enjoy the ride!

It's obvious that C.C. is another Matt Roth. He doesn't want the Dolphins and they don't want him.

Hello Homes:

You never told me if/where in south florida you live (so i can make sure im not in the blast radius)... Anyways, does the tin foil hat you wear to protect against HAARP rays also work on bullets or bombs?

If not, ya might as well take it off, ya know with the coming nuclear haulocaust you speak of, kinda makes HAARP rays inconsequential.

Also, wearing hats indoors goes against hat ettiquette (even in the mental hospital).

Just sayin...

Peace Odin
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Home is extremely spiritual, not so much religious

I remember an old Dolphins player saying that Shula ran an inhuman Camp. I think so feel CC and MR. They could be right or wrong but then to each his own.

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