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Dolphins may not miss Crowder's contributions

When I tweeted Friday that Channing Crowder is doubtful for Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns, one of my followers answered my tweet in stinging fashion. If Crowder cannot play Sunday as expected, after not practicing all week on an injured knee, my follower noted the inside linebacker will not have any fewer tackles than he had last week against Oakland.



But it is true. Crowder, even when healthy this year, has not exactly posted impressive statistics. After missing the first four games with some sort of abdominal/groin injury, Crowder has only 22 tackles in 7 games.

That averages out to slightly over three tackles per game. That's good for a cornerback or a nose tackle. But it is not very good for an inside linebacker. Karlos Dansby, by comparison, averages more than seven tackles per game.

Crowder has had five tackles or more in a game only once this year, when he collected six against Chicago. Dansby has had five tackles or more in a game nine times.

That's not the most frustrating thing. It would be acceptable if Crowder wasn't a tackle machine but came up with timely plays -- momentum-changing plays here and there. He hasn't been doing that, either.

He doesn't have a sack. He doesn't have an interception. He doesn't have a forced fumble. He doesn't have a recovered fumble.

That doesn't mean Channing Crowder isn't a solid player. It does mean he's just not having an eye-opening season. And he's not a big contributor.

Tim Dobbins would be the expected starter for Crowder if he sits out as expected. 


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roman, he IS the 3rd string QB right now, ramsey is gone!


I would go see either Cocker or Thoroughgood.

To see them together, on the same night, in a heartbeat.

I love Cockers vocal style and Thoroughgoods guitar playing is Tops!

One thing that bringing Karlos Dansby into Miami has taught us is this. You can be very successful going shopping for a inside linebacker in the NFL. They are much easier to evaluate and much less risky and system sensitive then Outside Linebackers. Guys like Joey Porter are usually all washed up or damn close to it before teams are willing to part with them. And they are usually tuned into the system they came up with in the NFL. Pull them out of that system and their numbers fold like lawn chairs (at least some do)... I would very much like to see Miami go after a Inside Linebacker next year in free agency, a 4th or 5th year guy who is solid and great against the run. I know Edds is still out there but I believe he plays on the Outside and he is pass coverage specific from what I gather. One ILB I like coming out of the draft is "Mario Harvey" out of Marshall. He is not that tall at 6'0 and is 244. But he is fast/quick, does not miss gaps and has 117 tackles ans 6.5 sacks. He is expected to go in the 4th or 5th round. Right around where Miami may have a Defensive player in mind.
He is one of many, and there will be FA choices so long the season next year happens, the draft will go one way or another.
I suppose I say all that to say this, Miami needs some speed at the LB'er position. They also need to replace Crowder... Let Crowder play and teach... but his days should be numbered... Miami MUST get better in some positions and Crowder's spot is one of them.

Delta Lady.

It is time for Crowder to go. Over paid and a another under performer!

yeah crowder will probably be gone next season. anyone see auburn roll south carolina? all i can say is CAM NEWTON. that should be the dolphins top priority in the draft!

odin, apparently, paul eric ojibway, of the michigan ojibway native american tribe is alive and well, he toured with cocker in 1994 and put out his own album in 2006.....you should look him up!

if ronnie brown is your qb, then they are in trouble, big trouble.

We always get by with a little help from our friends, don't you think?

yes dolphin77, we have been in big trouble for years.....

oscar canosa, you still think the Empress is a guy? i dont think so.....i'm not usually wrong in my assessments, but i'd hate to be wrong in this one.....

Cry baby(youshouldadonedattomehoney), cry, cry, babyyy

Big Mamas were comfortable.

Mr. Redsky:

my father's name was tom t.(t doesn't stand for tapeworm lol) and he started in 85 or 86. Worked station 6 for awhile, sex battery for a few years, court services, and closer to retiring he was at doral, Miami lakes and back at six.

Mr. Redsky:

He also worked a lot of ot at port after 9/11 and many a marlins game. Retired a couple years ago.

That's about the best I can do without names- and given the comments I've made here, although completely benign, I don't wish to identify myself. My employer may not be happy bout my comments here, and I don't need anymore complaints ;)


That's exactly what I was doing.

He's got an upcoming appearence in Lansing.

He'll be playing at, of all places, Rum Runners-LOL.

The Indian half of me is thinking there's some kind of wierd fate thing going on here REDSKY!

I'm going to call some people and have them call some people!

I'm kind of slapping myself in the forehead, Thanks man, you made my weekend!

Hold our position? We are not holdimg anything. We are going forward and we are going to kick them in the as-, kick them in the as-...

From appearences I would say that there is a bunch of antisocial(sociopaths) element here.

When I worked at the VA I saw that kind of element.

Crowder is a mediocre linebacker at best. It's another position that needs to be upgraded in the off-season.

"When I am right I am always right, when I am wrong I am always right"


oscar, you are babbling, wassup with that? spit it out coherently, have someone slap you in the back....where are you going with this segmented tirade. lol

Channing the New Invisable man????

Chowder Schmowder!

Is it time for the game yet?

Time for my Rum and Coke sub!

You KNOW what I'm talking about, redsky.

I might just mosy along to the SS.

Mr. Odin:

I too am a rum guy. Partial to the Flor de Caña, from Nicaragua. You?

Also- and don't knock this till you've tried it- DIET Coke.

odin, glad i could help in some small way! enjoy, and tell me how it went!!!!

For rum lovers: Havana Club(7 years), Bacardi 8(years), Pampero rum (venezuela).

Diet Coke mixes well with rum.

I liked the Nicaraguan Rum but I can't get it around here.

I'm too far out in the stcks. Dark Barcardi or Captain Morgans is all they stock. I'm a Dark Barcardi guy anyway.

Diet Coke? What, are you guys trying to play a trick on me or something? Tell the truth cause I'm just about to make a Rum Run.

Diet Coke?

Try it.

Oscar Coanoli, you cant handle a place like the Sentinel. Stay here you putz with all your fools and the cuban mange.

Really, I can handle anything(except the Empress).

Dark Bacardi is fine.


Good rums are to be taken by themselves.

Seriously. Diet Coke. Not coke zero, not pepsi. Diet Coke. Wonderful.

By dark Bacardi I assume you mean Bacardi Select? Good stuff!

Appleton estate(jamaican) is good too

when I was in college, and short on cash, I drank a LOT of Admiral Nelsons lol


TAPEWORM, you mean you do have extra cash now ? what do you do work ?

The Jets are going to win. Any bets?

oscarito, Havana Club is Great, but the 25 year aged you can only get from the island. besides, good rum should be sipped like brandy, in a big bowIed glass, try it sometime with a good cigar. save the rum and cokes, although good, for the bacardi or other mass produced stuff.....maybe mark from toronto can get the 15 year havana club. but try 7 tiki and or atlantico, if you can find them....they are available in SoFlo and very smooth....just an opinion....or suggestion....

wolfgang the master chef is on hsn ,he's my favorate chef.he licks his fingers and hand all the time .

ALoco, you can find me in the Miami phone book, under Dr.

thomas jefferson, what is cuban mange, something a cuban dog gets? lol

every time i see your name oscar i remember watching the CIRCUS .

Man, redsky, the only 25 year old I ever tried was a Chivas. No idea that rum came that way also.

oscar, i repeated your comment, i agree! good rum should be sipped and savored without a mixer....if you cant drink it alone, i dont want it!

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HEAT beat HAWKS, 89-77!

oscar yes, the 25 year old Havana Club is to die for, just like their real COHIBAS, (cigars), i had a contact that brought me in 1 bottle of the 25 yo rum and would routinely bring cigars from the island. the rum is gone, i still have some cigars in my humidor!!!!

aloco, what would we do without you? we would be like a rudderless ship on a tormented ocean, adrift and without hope

oscar.....by the way, you said the only 25 yo you tried was Chivas! ive had many 25 y olds, but now im working on 30 and 40 y olds, im going to be a 58yo in february!

oscar dont mind Thomas Jefferson. It is really NJ Phin fan trolling this site like the loser that he is.

what happened to Hoover Poontang from Latvia, did he find a tour guide with gold teeth and a gun?

"Some people want to call Channing Crowder out for not recording a tackle against the Raiders, but keep in mind it was Crowder who aligned the entire defense properly in his 20-something plays, orchestrating a performance that held Oakland to 17-yards rushing. On plenty of plays Crowder took the fullback head-on (doing his responsibility) which allowed Dobbins or Bell to come up and make the stop. Give respect where it’s due folks. Crowder didn’t make any tackle, but don’t act like he missed any either…".

He's not amazing by any stretch, but he is important to this defense. Just look at the run defense without him early on.

OK, valid point, he is not stellar, but significant! I want him to be as good as he says he is!!!!!!

Has anyone considered offenses may feel its better to run at Dansby than Crowder? If we played a 4-3 defense with Crowder as the lone mlb I would be very concerned with his production.

Crowder isnt a sideline to sideline backer. Maybe the guy is just doing his job and maintaining position discipline. When a backer doesnt do this teams will fake the action one way and hit it back into his deserted area.

Has anyone considered the run D is better with Crowder simply because he maintains his discipline in his assigneg area? This has nothing to do with stats. Fact is that may be exactly why the run D is remarkably better when Crowder plays, stats or not.

How many tackles a guy makes also has a lot to do with where the ball is ran. Some of it could also be chalked up to maybe the defensive linemen could be making more plays in the run game to that side. As long as we're not swiss cheese on his side of the line is what matters most.

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