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Dolphins may not miss Crowder's contributions

When I tweeted Friday that Channing Crowder is doubtful for Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns, one of my followers answered my tweet in stinging fashion. If Crowder cannot play Sunday as expected, after not practicing all week on an injured knee, my follower noted the inside linebacker will not have any fewer tackles than he had last week against Oakland.



But it is true. Crowder, even when healthy this year, has not exactly posted impressive statistics. After missing the first four games with some sort of abdominal/groin injury, Crowder has only 22 tackles in 7 games.

That averages out to slightly over three tackles per game. That's good for a cornerback or a nose tackle. But it is not very good for an inside linebacker. Karlos Dansby, by comparison, averages more than seven tackles per game.

Crowder has had five tackles or more in a game only once this year, when he collected six against Chicago. Dansby has had five tackles or more in a game nine times.

That's not the most frustrating thing. It would be acceptable if Crowder wasn't a tackle machine but came up with timely plays -- momentum-changing plays here and there. He hasn't been doing that, either.

He doesn't have a sack. He doesn't have an interception. He doesn't have a forced fumble. He doesn't have a recovered fumble.

That doesn't mean Channing Crowder isn't a solid player. It does mean he's just not having an eye-opening season. And he's not a big contributor.

Tim Dobbins would be the expected starter for Crowder if he sits out as expected. 


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If the ball isnt being run at Crowder, to his side of the field, or the guys in front of him are making the plays before the runner gets to him. Then you wont see a helluva lot of stats for Crowder. But we can safely say with Crowder in the game the run defense is definitely better.

Que pasa, Armando, are you getting near the ropes? Sure you are.

agree dying b,

Look at how our run defense performed against the Raiders. Enough said

Dobbins won't be any kind of dropoff from Crowder. He forced a fumble last week (how often does Crowder do that).

I think Ireland and Sparano have wanted to replace Crowder since they got here, but they've had so many more pressing issues to address. As they try to upgrade the defense in the offseason, they'll probably try to replace Crowder.

When a lock down corner isnt making plays in the passing game because teams fear to throw at him no one complains about stats. Could it be OC's would rather run at Dansby than Crowder?

Guys, because Dansby's more known for his lateral speed as a backer team have in the past targeted running right at him even before he became a dolphin. I suspect OC's may still think this is the best way to attack Dansby.

They may rather run at Dansby than Crowder just like a qb prefers to not throw at the shutdown corner as much. Dansby's doing a great job with the attention he's getting in run game. Crowder's doing a great job staying disciplined.

When Dobbins replaced Crowder earlier in the season no one expected his to be a drop of from Crowder's. Crowder's presence also allows Dansby to be more flexible in what he brings to the table defensively.

Dont be fooled by the Raiders game. Dobbins earlier in the season clearly showed he has weaknesses. Raiders just may not have done thier homework enough to exploit them. Dont be surprised if Cleveland has. Running the ball has been a team strength for them as of late.

Im not a big fan of Crowder and his even bigger mouth. But even I am beginning to understand that even though he isnt the big play machine we desire, he is a machine none the less. One thing that has been a fact since Crowder's been here. Team's dont consistently run the ball well against us when they consistently run right at Crowder.

Given a choice, Im believing teams are choosing it may be better to consistently run at Crowder than Dansby. But Dansby has been holding the fort down too.

Dying ... I was here 12 hours ago trying to convince the wolves Crowder wasn't the worst ILB in the NFL, and I mostly received mockery. Nice to see someone making another case yet from a different angle. I think all too often, fans cheer the hot hand and everyone else is a bum. Notice how since we won the last game there is not much FIRE HENNING THIS SECOND talk. After one of the best defensive performances we've had in awhile, Armando chooses to rip into Crowder without giving him his due on the upside, which is that statistically our run D has been far better with Crowder in for a couple of seasons now. Gee, just maybe there is something to that.

sounds like crowder has one foot on the banana peel and the other foot on the waver wire.

chowder will be working in a grocery store 2011. we'll cut him and nobody will pick him up.


Some dont even know Dansby has 80 tackles for an average of 7 tkls per game. With 5 games left to play(7 x 5 = 35) 80 + 35 = 135.

This means Dansby on pace for 135 tackles on the season. This tells me that OC's are doing most of thier running to Dansby's side.

The two ilb's in the 3-4 have to play disciplined. Dansby isnt going to be trying to run to Crowder's side to make tackles and neither will Crowder run to Dansby's side to make tackles.

Dansby's tackle load tells the tale of where OC's are predominantly thinking thier best case of scenario is. As far as the run game goes it seems OC's are looking at Crowder as the "shutdown corner" of the run game.

Crowder plays and we go from allowing 120 a game to under 100 on the ground. Dobbins was terrible earlier in the year. He can't get off blocks and is a liability in the run and pass game. Crowder was the reason that Dobbins had a good game because he was killing the lead blocker and letting Dobbins have a free run at the ballcarrier. Dobbins is in his 1st and last year with the Dolphins and Crowder Dansby Wake and Misi will be our starting LBs for the next 4 years

dyb, Sparano has consistently praised Crowder. Now, some can reasonably argue he has praised several players right before releasing them (Turner, Jason Allen), but in this case, I think he is being sincere. I'm not here to say he is a pro bowl guy, but when healthy, he is far better than the average blogger gives him credit for. I think the fact that he runs his mouth so much and then we lose is a big factor. But I see him as merely trying to entertain the media than being a show off.


Dobbins has problems getting off of blocks when teams ran right at him. Thats why they had so much success earlier with Crowder out. Plus the olb's had trouble setting the edge so the problem was compounded. The olb's have been setting the edge much better of late too.

Dobbins was personally horrible earlier because he didnt get off of blocks quick enough when they ran at him. Then he would over pursue when they ran away from him. Teams didnt have to run Dansby's way much because there was too much success running towards Dobbins.

Hopefully Dobbins has corrected this if Crowder is out. For those tooting Dobbins horn after last week, remember Crowder still played the bulk of the snaps. So lets first see how Dobbins does with the full load on defense before singing his praises. Remember what happened earlier this season when he had a full defensive load.


I believe Nolan knows teams are primarily running at Dansby with Crowder in there. They know this effects his stat sheet. They know this still equals success even though the little knowledgeble fans dont.

The only real issue they may have with Crowder is his durability concerns. He's really had a tough time staying healthy for about the past 3 seasons. Because you dont predicate getting rid of a shutdown corner because his stats are low. You know its because teams feel it best to not consistently throw to his area.

I'm fine with Crowder getting zero tackles and having the Dolphins win in blowout fashion. Because as you can see they are called the Miami "Dolphins" not the Miami "Crowders". Plus, he brings such an emotional side to the game that would be missed. He pisses people off like no other and that's what gets the Dolphins going. So if we keep winning and he gets one tackle all year, I'm fine with it. Go Dolphins!

DB - you are confirming a point I made earlier today, the coaches actually know better than the fans. They can see through the stats whereas Armando, after decades of covering the team, can still only see the frivolous surface, and that was my initial complaint about his blog today. He rips the guy to pieces after one of our best defensive performances, and doesn't give him an ounce of credit for the upside he has given the team. His durability for sure is an issue. Maybe they are rushing him back too soon each time. My gut feeling is he will be on the team in 2011.


For 2 straight seasons It has been proven when Crowder goes down so does our offense.

Armando's know dummy he knows. Still what Armando seeks are blog hits. As they say "controversy sells." He not in the business of truth because truth does not always sell.


If you'll notice, Armando titled the topic "Dolphins May Not Miss Crowder's Contribution" instead of "dolphins Will Not Miss Crowder's Cotribution." Proving he realizes what the real deal is as well and you and me.

Its the "unknowledgebles" he's preying on for primary hits. LOL

DB - (you meant defense) Thats about right. Blog hits rule. Armando KNOWS full well the run D has consistently been better with Crowder in, yet fails to mention it in his diatribe against him. I'm wondering if maybe Crowder pissed him off somehow.

Dolphins Are Ranked:

4th against the pass
14th against the run
6th overall defensively

Congratulations fin fans we now have a top 10 rated defense. 6th overall.

Football isn't all about stats. Crowder played very well last week and didn't record a tackle. He was in the backfield blowing up the FB all game. Solia was manhandling Satele and Crowder was killing the FB that is why we shut down their groung game and why Dobbins had his only good game as a Dolphin. This week we face a good young center that Solia can't dominate as easy. We will miss Crowder this week because Dobbins hasn't shed blocks and he won't be running around unblocked this week

Canned, interesting comment about Crowder working in a grocery store! Funny, Kurt Warner was working in a grocery store when he was called up to be a QB and won a SB! you never know what a man can do! thats why this country kicks ass....anyone can make it! go USA, go Dolphins!!!!

Offensive Rankings:

16th overall
15th passing
19th rushing

We are ranked 6th overall defensively. Meaning we do have the defensive firepower to run the table on the remaining 5 games. However, 16th overall offensively is "middle of the pack" and not nearly good enough to make such a run.

So obviously defensively we are up to the challenge but defensively we need output similar to the Raiders game to achieve this. Here's to hoping. Go BIG O!!!


Those are my exact fear with Dobbins playing a full game load. Unless Dobbins has really improved he wont be getting off of blocks quick enough and will not maintain discipline by overpursuing. Thats exactly what he did last time he had a full defensive game load.

If he hasnt improved by game end Crowder bashers will be Crowder jockers.

Browns LB Scott Fujita is out.
Guess that evens out the LB situation.
Browns RB Peyton Hillis is a bruiser with 900 yards so far.
Nonetheless, the Dolphins win this one.
This is revenge for the 2007 game.

We have the 6th ranked Def and we have played the best of the best. Merling, Odrick, and Crowder missing time and Misi learning how to set the edge is why we aren't even better against the run. The pass D is ranked 4th but with the upgrades we made when Smith replaced Allen and Harris giving us a 4th proven corner and Clemons solid play we could honestly be the best Defense in the NFL next year. When Healthy we are young and deep on the dline. We are young at LB and Edds has a skill that we need. The secondary is awesome. We have 4 good corners and 3 good safetys. With Nolan as the DC we are in good shape


We're currently 14th against the run. Imagine where we would be had not Crowder been out. Probably around 8th against the run. We would probably be at least the 3rd best overall nfl D had Crowder never been out.

You're right, this young D should be even better next season.

We can make a run at this thing even with an average offense. You obviously know football so you know that plenty of teams have relied on the D to carry the team. The 2000 Ravens being the best example. Our D isn't that good of course but what they did on Offense is what we should try to do. We should run the ball even when teams stack the box and play a ball control game. Keep the defense fresh and they can dominate


I know its still far too early to annoint Henne as a franchise qb. But I am seeing a totally different Henne than I saw before the benching. As I post in another blog, the Henne I saw before the benching seemed to be a Henne trying to live up to what others expect of him. But the post benching Henne seems to be the Henne that he expects himself to be.

Thats what seems to be the difference between the good qb's and the elite qb's. Based on what happens in the Cleveland game, we could be potentially witnessing a franchise qb blossom before our very eyes.

If this truly presents itself to be the case over these last 5 games. We will make the playoffs and because there isnt a truly dominant team this year, a blossoming Henne could lead us right to top of the final heap.

I'll even set fire to a cop car if we miraculously won the SB this year. LOL

I have read your post for years and this is one of the few times I disagree with you. I think the coaches are coaching with a greater sense of urgency and they are calling plays designed to go downfield. In the Tenn game we tryed a fake punt went for a 4th down and took shots down the field. The Cobbs route last week hasn't been called all year. I think Henne is playing better because he is getting more experienced. I will never believe that Henne is playing better because he was benched for 1 play.

I think the benching of Henne was a classic Parcellsian move. Henne needed to wake up, to feel pressure to perform, to realize the throne wasn't locked in his possession. He NEVER expected that benching, and it had the desired effect. Last year I thought he had some fire and conviction. I did not see it ONCE this year until after he came back from the benching.


It wasnt being benched in what amounted to 2 plays. It was having to woller all week long in knowing that he had lost the starting job. It was having to look himself in the mirror that entire week knoing that everyone else including his coach didnt think he was good enough.

The actual benching may have lasted only 2 plays. But the real benching began Monday or Tues when Sparano announced Chap Pennington to be game day starter. This gave Henne much time for much soul searching.

Henne played a great game against the Jets. He hit Marshall with deep touch passes and finished with 363yds. He won at Lambeau which is never easy to do and is 5-1 on the road. He had some good games before the 1 play benching and after the benching he has made some his same mistakes. The int against Oak last week was by far the worse play I have seen Henne make in his career.

I agree with everything you say about Henne and his improvement but I just think we are giving to much credit to the 1 play he was benched and not enough credit to him just gaining more experience and confidence in his game.

However, What I still dont understand is why no fade endzone pass attempts the entire season thus far for Marshall. Many of the previous offensive gaffs were not just on Henne.

The playing calling was horrendous and very untimely most times too. For that Henning not Henne is primary blame. Everyone knows young qb's have thier share of gaffs no matter how good or potentially great. But shame on Mr. Henning!

gone at the end of season, if not before...pathetic

I do agree that the benching started when Penny started taking his reps with the starters but I just don't think he is a totally different guy. He still makes the mistakes that leave me saying WTF and he still makes the throws that make me think we have the franchise qb we need.


What you call gaining more experience I like to call exactly where he should be. As far the pick against Oakland, I call those kind of picks good picks.

Good pick because he was being aggressive not passive. In his judgement at the time he said he felt like he could arm the ball in there. That was his staement following that game.

All picks arent bad picks even though you never want turnovers. He bounced backe well from that pick and the kid performed extremely well considering the Raiders consistently blitzed up to 6-7 sometimes 8 guys. Henne never flinched.

It wasnt until the 57yd Moore td that the Raiders began to back off a little on the numbers they were sending after Henne. They basically were telling Henne he would have to give them reason to stop sending up to 8 guys on the blitz and Henne eventually did.


Dont know if you saw the Colts game but Peyton had 3 picks that would make you say wtf? Farve does it, Rosliberger does, Breeze, and at times all of the greats do. If you're looking for a moment he'll never make you go wtf, then I suggest fing a qb in fantasy land.

The kids young and obviously getting better. If you're looking for Dan Marino I think its Fox or CBS where you can find him now. Sitting right next to another commentator.

When you have a young team and a brutal schedule your coaches can't be a liability. Henning has cost us at least 2 games with his playcalling. We had Pitt on the ropes and could have put them away in the first quarter after those 2 turnovers but we were happy to get 2 fgs. We ran Ronnie right down the Ravens throat on the first drive and we stopped running the ball and decided to pass into a gusting wind on the day Ed Reed come back to the Ravens. Henning had his worst game against the Pats with his wildcat on 3rd and long and his drive killing calls in the first half but the 2nd half Special teams took the attention off him for that week

Jay, very observant of you. Saying Henning cost us two games maybe being a little conservative. I would say at least 3. LOL

DB, JAY, DEYTREDER, and the rest, yoi are all right in your analysis....all we need is for the jets luck to break, because thats the only reason they have won, most of their games, and we need luck to turn in our favor! the skill is there, the players are there, the dedication is there.....we just need the wind to swing in our direction, and if NE beats the jerks, we have a shot, but it is up to our players, NONE of us are on the field...all we can do is hope!

I know Henne gives us our only chance of winning and I am one of his biggest supporters. The Oak game was his best game as a pro because they were blitzing him all day and dared our wrs to beat man coverage. He stood in the pocket and made good decisions all day on a bad leg and behind a beat up line. I just mentioned the pick as a sign that he will still make the untimely mistake but atleast he made the pick trying to be aggressive

All this blame on Henning is total poppycock. Players have to execute, that is the bottom line. Why don't they call this that or the other thing is only because they don't see the players executing well enough for it. Nobody complained about Henning when we won the division. It's ridiculous to think he suddenly has gone senile or has forgotten everything. Some here suggest he is out of touch. How ridiculous is that, he has been living/breathing football 24/7 for 50 years. No young dude is going to know how to attack defenses as well as he does, but bottom line he needs players than can execute. Nobody ever criticizes the oc when you have a Peyton or Brady or Rivers running the show.

so, all you latecommers and illuminati, who wins tomorrow and why....

All I can say is this - if Crowder is really as good as HE thinks he is, then why do we constantly draft people to take his position from him......thought he was solid when he was under Zach's wing - now I see he really sux.

It has been a pleasure sharing with poeple who know the game of football. These blogs can be frustrating at times. DB it has been fun, have a good night. GO FINS!!!

Exactly Jay! I believe the coaches and our "knowledgeble fans" will live with the occassional aggressive pick. Its only completely bone headed plays that disgust everyone.

As long as Henne can keep the completely bone headed plays and the river boat gambler gaffs to a bare minimum everything will be ok.

deytreder, good post!


If you are the real deytreder, so many here poach others id's. But if you are the real deytreder answer me this:

If I bring a knife to a gunfight do I chalk it all up to poor execution? Seems if I bring a knife to gunfight I can chalk it all up to my own execution. LOL

A lot of Dan Henning's playcalling has been like bringing a knife to a gunfight. So it's not fair to blame the players for poor execution on worse playcalling. I only blame the players when its poor execution on great play calling.

DB....you're funny! I had a guy pull a knife on me once, put a shot in his forehead! ended his day and i had a drink, or two! but i'm still talking, he is not!

DB - hmmm don't know if anyone has poached my id. I hope not. But...not sure I understand what you are saying about the knife fight. Now, offensively speaking, whats changed? The interior oline. Not Henning. Forgive me, but I admire wisdom and experience, and yes I'd take him over Josh McD or Gruden any day. Laugh and ridicule me if you will. I state my opinion.Most likely he will retire and we will have a new OC next year. Fine. But I won't trash his experience like some others.

When the OC calls wildcat on 3rd and 19 its because of poor execution we dont get the 1st down. Or if the play is poorly designed it the players fault it was not successfull.

Dan Henning has some of the worst designed screen play designs of any OC in the entire nfl. Some of our play designs itself are horrid compared to the more imaginitive OC's in the league. A first grader can sniff out whats coming.

im out, nuff BS!

DB - we agree to disagree on this one, simply that.


Thats what disturbs me about Henning. He's been around long enough to "forget" more about offensive football than we'll ever know. But most of the time it seems he just plain "forgets".

go fins....screw the jets!!!!!

No prob buddy. Im out, so tired I can barely keep the eye shades up. Til tomorrow and go fish!!!

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