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Dolphins may not miss Crowder's contributions

When I tweeted Friday that Channing Crowder is doubtful for Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns, one of my followers answered my tweet in stinging fashion. If Crowder cannot play Sunday as expected, after not practicing all week on an injured knee, my follower noted the inside linebacker will not have any fewer tackles than he had last week against Oakland.



But it is true. Crowder, even when healthy this year, has not exactly posted impressive statistics. After missing the first four games with some sort of abdominal/groin injury, Crowder has only 22 tackles in 7 games.

That averages out to slightly over three tackles per game. That's good for a cornerback or a nose tackle. But it is not very good for an inside linebacker. Karlos Dansby, by comparison, averages more than seven tackles per game.

Crowder has had five tackles or more in a game only once this year, when he collected six against Chicago. Dansby has had five tackles or more in a game nine times.

That's not the most frustrating thing. It would be acceptable if Crowder wasn't a tackle machine but came up with timely plays -- momentum-changing plays here and there. He hasn't been doing that, either.

He doesn't have a sack. He doesn't have an interception. He doesn't have a forced fumble. He doesn't have a recovered fumble.

That doesn't mean Channing Crowder isn't a solid player. It does mean he's just not having an eye-opening season. And he's not a big contributor.

Tim Dobbins would be the expected starter for Crowder if he sits out as expected. 


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DB - yeah, I agree, there have been a few questionable calls as you pointed out. But only a few. I'll bet if we heard his reasoning behind a lot of the other calls we'd understand his reasoning.

checkin out here too....hopefully after tomorrow our playoff chances will rise from .00003% to .00008%

Some of you guys are observant with this stuff and a few are complete idiots.

How about we put this in very simple terms.

Is Channing Crowder a great player? No. Does the Dolphins run defense excel when he's playing? Yes.

That's not even an opinion. The stats PROVE it.

I've got no problem whatsoever with anyone saying they need to upgrade the position (they do) but if you seriously think Dobbins is as good you must be watching football through a funhouse mirror.

In all honesty, the only reason you guys hate Crowder is because of his mouth and the fact that he rarely backs it up with anything memorable on the field.

But reality is that he actually IS a smart player with a defined role---better than the guy behind him---and is in the middle of a fairly productive career.

Crowder is no dummy. His Wonderlic score was through the roof, actually.

Don't be shocked if this guy winds up as an assistant coach once he's done.

Bryan Cox will be doing the same tomorrow with the Browns.

crowder is all talk and no game! Fins need to find a replacement for that clown...

I go out and drink till 5 in the morning. I come home and the blog is drunk.

Crowder is now a shutdown ILB? ROTFLMAO!

OC's are running at Dansby instead of Crowder? Somebody call 911, I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe!

Crowder moved to Dansby spot and still couldn't make a single tackle. Crowder couldn't make a single tackle the week before in his own spot, Hmmmm.

Somehow Dobbins steps in at Crowders spot and leads the team in tackles, tackles for losses, and forced fumbles. Hmmmmm.

Yeah buddy, OC are targetting Dansby and Dobbins because, wait for it, wait for it, because Crowder is a shutdown ILB-ROTFLMFAO!

Ha ha ha ha, I'm drunker than I thought!!!!

Crowder couldn't coach womens volley ball.

Quit lying about his wonderlic. He didn't even get a wonderlic score. He flat out failed the test.

Coaching? This guy misses more games than he misses tackles and he's going to be a coach.

Whats next? His hall of fame induction-ROTFLMFAO!!!!

Oh God, I can't catch my breath. Still ROTFLMFAO!!!!


BwHaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ha ha haaaaaaa!!!!

He's the Dan Marino of Middle linbackers, ah ha ha ha!

im no Football geek but even i can tell that Crowder Does not help much.
He talks a good talk, but thats it.
Big for Nothing.
Crowder plays it off and stays away from the action. He gets tackles when the play comes directly at him.
Sorry Clam-chowder lovers, but he sucks.
Dobbins gets better every start.
Dobbin and crowder at 0 tackles still makes Dobbins better today!
maybe henning and crowder can go help dallas. oops, did i say that... dallas sucks... oops i did it again(britney voice).lol

Odin....I just woke up and was reading the goings on from last night.....Before Armando puts up the new one......I got to "CROWN YOUR A S S" with the POST OF THE BLOG.....I gotta re-post it ________________________________________________________________
I go out and drink till 5 in the morning. I come home and the blog is drunk.

Crowder is now a shutdown ILB? ROTFLMAO!

OC's are running at Dansby instead of Crowder? Somebody call 911, I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe!

Crowder moved to Dansby spot and still couldn't make a single tackle. Crowder couldn't make a single tackle the week before in his own spot, Hmmmm.

Somehow Dobbins steps in at Crowders spot and leads the team in tackles, tackles for losses, and forced fumbles. Hmmmmm.

Yeah buddy, OC are targetting Dansby and Dobbins because, wait for it, wait for it, because Crowder is a shutdown ILB-ROTFLMFAO!

Ha ha ha ha, I'm drunker than I thought!!!!

Never change man....never change!

Crowder is a shut-down LB....lol....where do you guys come up with this stuff?

In all seriousness.....lets be honest with our assesment with Mr. Crowder.....

LB SHOULD make plays all OVER the feild.....especially when the play is AWAY from you as DB is attempting to argue....that means you have less blockers to deal with you...you can take your proper angle of pursuit....and tackles are easier because there is less chance of a straight on collision with a RB....

Crowders angles are among the worst I have ever seen (shut down ILB lol...sorry) he is routinely forced to tackle backs from behind because of his horrible pursuit angle....he is always late to the pile when a gang tackle does occur....and for a ILB to have ZERO tackles....and not more than 5 in any game he has played in......C'MON MAN....just let that marininate for a while.

On this blog this week.....I learned that....

1. Moore and Wallace are better than Marshall

2. Crowder is a shut down ILB who OC scheme to run away from becuse Dansby is the weaker link.

My head hurts from all this "football" knowledge I have soaked up this week.

FANS never cease to amaze me.......

Wonder who the Hero/Villian of the week will be after this win.....guess we will find out by 4:30 pm.......and don't forget...their is always Dan Henning

thx kris, i think the crowder lovers needed to hear that.
Look guys, ill come clean.
I love clam chowder( not NewEngland) but i Hate Crowder.
Go Dobbins Go!
Crowder reminds me of ur boy who says I got yo back, but when you fighting, You find out hes waaaayy back in the back back.

Defense Statistics
Player Comb Total Assist Sck Fumb Karlos Dansby 80 65 15 2.0 1 Cameron Wake 40 33 7 10.5 2 Channing Crowder 22 18 4 0.0 0 Koa Misi 24 16 8 3.5 0 Tim Dobbins 20 15 5 1.0 0 Quentin Moses 14 11 3 1.0 0 Micah Johnson 1 0 1 0.0 0

According to
NFL .com

Its like alot of the reasonable people have been saying...Crowder is the best we got....but he is by no means very good.

Some of you may look at these stats and interperate them to mean that Dansy is "being run at" or that Michach Johnson, Tim Dobbins, and quinten Moses are being "run away from".....I can assure you this is not the case.....

DANSBY...is the best LB we have....followed closely by WAKE....Imagine if he had another ILB that made tackles......

Finatic....this blog is hilarious sometimes.....simply hilarious

All that hard work down the drain.....ARMANDO, WITHOUT A DOUBT YOU RUN THE CHEAPEST BLOG.....I cut and paste those stats....make them real pretty....hit re-fresh and BLAMO!......a gargled mess......what up with that?

Anyway just go here to compare Crowder's season the rest of the LB.....you can see for yourself


why talk about this bumb at all. The guy is terrible. he sucks. If betty white was our linebacker. she would have more tackles than clam chowder. I hope he stays at home for the rest of the season. He's just a body. A total waste of a man.All mouth no GUTS. Garbage.

While i'm on NFL.com I click on the leaders tab and see Kyle Orton (DENVER) leads the league in passing yards....and Brandon Lloyd (Denver) leads the league in recievung yards.....

ya think thats why the BEAST is unraveling....watching his former teamates chew up the yardage?

I either case he has to understand that the game is bigger than his stats and he must become a team player if he wants to win a ring....none of these DIVA wide recievers seem to be able to accompish that...he need to look at recet history.

Randy Moss
Chad 85

None are even close to a ring

Another thing Finatic...the anaolgy you used is exactly how I think of Crowder.....I mean who lets SOMEBODY SPIT ON THEM....AND THEN DOESN'T GET THROWN OUT OF THE GAME.....There is nothing no-ref or player could have done to stop me from whooping that FBs A S S on the Ravens team...NOTHING!

Hey Crowder next time somebody SPITS on you take a page from Andre Johnsons book......And he whipped the Coutland Finnegans A S S just because he was trash talking.....SOME FINES ARE WORTH IT!......

Sorry People but I was in a very bad mood yesterday.

My take on it is not as cut and dry as pretty much ALL of you say it is. Just like the QB controversy. Some said Henne was the next Marino, some said he's the next John Beck. Crowder, either he's Ray Lewis, or some AAA-high school bum. The problem is you people only see black and white.

I love reading these posts, I gets lots of good info and opinions. But just because you've been watching football for years doesn't make you an expert (I say that mostly to myself). Parcells, Ireland, Sparano, these are people who are in the business of football, and who have credibility and success in the NFL (something neither I nor probably 99.99-100% of posters have). And these guys gave Crowder a juicy new contract this year. Do you really think they did that because he's a chump? Seriously?

I'm not saying Crowder is Zach Thomas, he's not. Not even close. But he has proven he can play. My knock against him is he's too injury-prone (even from college, with the knee injuries). And kris/odin are right, he overruns plays too frequently for me. But he's not a bum. He's not the worst ILB in the league, and most importantly, the defense is better with him ON THE FIELD.

By the way, anyone ever think the runs go towards Dansby because he plays on Wake's side? Wake is the best pass rusher, and very aggressive, and his weakness (if he has one) is his run defense, so it's only common sense that teams would run to his side. And who's behind him, Dansby. I may not be a football expert, but a smart individual can understand concepts and strategies.

Here's a concept everyone here should understand, Peyton Hillis. The guy is for real. Just like last week was all about stopping McFadden, this week it's all about stopping Hillis. It's even more important with a rookie QB. They ALWAYS make mistakes when asked to do too much. The defense needs to put the game on McCoy's shoulders. We make them 1-dimensional, we win. Period.

DC...that is a good common sense post...its time to move on from how much Crowder stinks ( again it doesn't mean he isn't better than our bench)....move forward to stoppin Hillis....i don't care who tackles him...as long as they don't injure themselves doing it

Darn You Odin..Darn you!

Because I read that post this moring at 6:30 I have been up ever since laughing....i have been robbed of 2-3 hrs sleep

Any chance we can stick to the opinions written and not over inflate them for the dramatic effect of your own posts??? Look, in the majority of pro Crowder blogs here (including my own of course), nobody is saying Crowder is the next Ray Lewis, shutdown ILB or any of these other exaggerations. And as well most admit his durability is an issue. Most are simply pointing out that with tackles or no tackles, the run D has been consistently better with him in than out. Nobody is saying much more than that. I asked at the beginning of the blog, who would you rather have pick the starters, the coaches or the fans? DC makes that point better by adding the coaches signed him to a decent contract for a reason, and it certainly wasn't for his sense of humor. Three different coaching staffs considered him to be an able starter, ah but the fans know better? Nobody is saying we shouldn't upgrade when we can and where we can, but listening to the anti Crowders you'd think he is the worst LB in the league. It sounds to me more like disappointed fans looking for someone to take their frustrations out on. For weeks it was Henning, now Armando is turning it on Crowder.

I forgot, crowder is one of the best LBs we had

Fake deytreder 9:43.

This is where I check out for the day, when the kiddies on the blog start playing games.

it's been a long time since we've won 2 straight. I'd be grateful for that feeling in both real life (and my fantasy team).

Fake deytreder @9:46am. Can you believe this buffoon, he is faking a fake. Dont make me want to hurt you, imposter.

Deytrader...if your still around, I would strongly urge you to consider the teams we have played and their commitment to the run /caliber of running back before we say Crowder is the key to a better run defense.

Who has he played...and who did he sit against

did not play against...

Jets -LOSS

played against....
Green bay-Win
BAL- LOSS...and lost his dignity
OAK win

Now, I have done half the work here....if you want the statment to hold up that Miami's run D is better with Crowder than without Crowder your gonna have to offer numbers in games that he played vs games he hasn't

Otherwise its just a blanket stament grounded in nothing but speculation and wishful thinking

Not hating on ya...if you show the numbers...I WILL BE THE 1ST TO SAY I WAS WRONG....and you can take that to the bank!

Good morning all

Good morning Mr. Salguero

Game day...where's the new blog article...lets go

we sure goin to win ,the referee is from cuba .

this is the first hispanic referee to referee an NFL GAME IN MIAMI FROM ALL PLACES .


I certainly hope Yeremiah Bell brings his big boy game today.Hillis cannot be allowed to pick up a head of steam.Stack the box with Bell!!!

Anyone else see Jaquizz Rogers truck that guy last night?

Hes a big mouth and cannot back it up. Trade him this off season and draft a young player.
The only people that think he is something is Ireland, Sparano and big mouth himself. All three should be shown the door after the New England Game.

I am sorry to be so negative. I live, eat and breath Dolphins. I am sooo sick of losing, while we watch those filthy pigs in New York go to the big games. I am tired and getting older. I can only hope one day before I die, I can witness one Dolphin playoff victory. Just one would be fine.

Yeah our defense ha improved since he got back which means he contributing in some way. He's more than likely occupying blockers and filling gaps to filter everything to dansby or outside. I really don't like his heart either always being hurt and all but we do need him for the rest of this year until we can find a suitable replacement that will actually show up every week and play instead of sitting out with menstral cramps.

My problem with Crowder is his personality.If someone is a great football player...Eh...you put up with it.If a player is mediocre at best...they might not want to shoot their mouth off.It draws attention to their lack of ability.

CROWDER WILL BE GONE AFTER THE SEASON..not because of his terrible play on the field ..which he's been getting worse..but his injury history and salary..also last time we played hillis he caught 9 150 vs. us with the broncos on only 3 quarters work..we need to gang tackle him ..he's also looking for big payday next year..

Maybe another ILB picked in the first Rd is what this team needs, to replace Crowder.

I mean, what other need areas do we have?

TE perhaps, but Fasano is improving.

Running back, sure, a fast elusive sort of guy.

Other than that we've got an O line and D line in place, secondary players and WR's.

Maybe a 1st Rd inside LB will take this D to the next level.

That said, even if Crowder remains the starter I see this D becoming top 10 once all the young guys "get up to speed" with Nolan's schemes. It's mind boggling to me that the Fins D is as good as it is when it has 4 first year starters (Misi, Wake, Clemons Soliai) and 2 second year starters (Vonte and Smith). They are only going to get better with experience.

Maybe Mark Ingram RB at Alabama falls to the Fins in 1st Rd? If so, I'd take him.


MJZ..I agree 100% It will be hard to exploit Crowder with everyone else up to speed.I would still like to see an improvement brought in due to his salary.I don't think he should be making so much for doing so little.I don't need to see him on sportcenter to know he is doing his job though.The only time I've seen him on sportcenter is when he is talking trash.

You guys saying the D is better or has improved with or because of Crowder stick a sock in it.

You guys are going to great lengths and embarrassing yourselves trying to defend this oft injured barely average linebacker.

Like bringing in Nolan and a new system has nothing to do with it. This NEW defense has steadily improved from the first game of the season.

Like the continued developments of Solia, Wake and Misi in this new system has nothing to do with it.

Like the steady improvement of the secondary in this new system has nothing to do with.

Yeah, just keep swinging on our weakest links nads. He's the real reason the defense has improved.

And Deytreder, you and somebody else did compare and insinuate that Crowder was like a shutdown cornerback at linebacker.

PS: Just for the record I've been bashing Henning EVERY SINCE THE DAY HE WAS HIRED HERE IN MIAMI. I thought I would give you guys a little break, but never mind.


OH EFF! I didn't know Jake Delhomme's starting. Damn. That changes things some (I'd rather McCoy start). Well, this will test Mike Nolan's defense. Let's see how stout we are!

Sorry I agee 90%...not sold on Ingram.Caught from behind and stripped against Auburn?I'd like to see a scatback.Powerbacks encourage offenses to get too conservative in my opinion!

The beast is inactive.

brandon marshall inactive today..

I am down for this game; don't know...

MIGHT be a blassing he's not playing today..hartline will probaly pass him in recieving yards today..hopefully he'll be at full speed vs. the jets cause we will need him there..3 td's vs. the jets will be nice!

the thing with Crowsder is that he clogs up the second level of defense sort've like a NT does. HE will never have many tackles because he takes up blocks for others to make the tackles. I wish people would stop being so hard on him for that. The injuries are annoying though but its football, it's a miracle if you don't get hurt

No live blog today?

I don't think we need someone to tie up blocks we need someone to shed blocks and make tackles.I wouldn't even mind if our ILB got to some of those little screens that seem to kill us.

our corners needs int's today..vontae davis 1 int.. come on ..we need to put this team away..please not another nailbiter..my heart can't take this s@@# no more..at least we don't have to worry about the browns fans taking over our stadium.

I still think Yeremiah Bell is key to stopping(or at least slowing) Hillis today!That should means alot of man coverage for Vontae today.

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