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Dolphins outlast the Jets, 10-6 in Meadowlands

The Dolphins have beaten the New York Jets, 10-6 and so their slim playoff hopes continue to be, well, slim.

But one must admit slim is better than none.

The defense obviously kept the Jets out of the end zone and limited them to 286 total yards.

The offense?

Well, the defense played great. Mike Nolan's crew played hard and well. Yes, they dropped a couple of interceptions but those are excused when you don't give up a TD.

Discuss ...


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Truth of the matter is that no matter who's under center for Fins won't b good enough cuz they won't b Marino! Marino set expectations through the roof and no young, inexperienced qb will satisfy these fans

DC Dolfan,

You are 100% right Henning has to go. I can't ignore how bad Henne is though. Miami will remain 8-8, 9-7 as long as they have Henne. 11 STRAIGHT GAMES with at least 1 turnover and multiple turnovers in half of them. Henne is the type of QB who holds the ball unless guys are WIDE OPEN. Henne doesn't have the confidence as a player to allow his receivers to make a play for him. Granted he isn't working with much because of the front office but Henne still is HORRIBLE and not just today. He continues to SUCK at least every other week and it's inexcusable. I don't want to hear he is a young QB. He shows no progress.

Agreed odinseye. Henne did do enough. My favorite play of his was when he inexplicably dropped the ball and then muffed it like an unathletic punter when attempting to cover it.



Its the Henne offensive system that sucks most. Henning has been in pro football for over 30yrs. there's absolutely no excuse why we are so predictable on offense having the young qb look like primary scapegoat.

Can't stand all the Henne haters. Yes not a great game, but he won. If Sanchez is a starter in this league so is Henne. Sanchez has more talent on his team and he is regressing rapidly. If our guys could catch he would have had at least 3 INT's today

Maybe the O -line should learn to block! Henne was under pressure all day by a D that doesn't get many sacks.

Kid is 6-1 on the road, don't tell me he's not tough, he is playing on one leg too.

the only reason Henne scroed a TD was becuz the defense got a turnover and put them into position to score. What is 20 + 55=? it sure aint 100. Also if Holmes doesn't drop that perfect pass in the endzone we would be the ones who lost. Henne played horribly. Quit jerking yourself off your gonna go blind

Craig, you must hate nearly every dolfan then because it's clear that he has lost credibility, if he ever had any to begin with, with the fanbase. You sir represent possibly the largest minority in America right now with your Henne mindset.

After raiders game, Henne was trying to convince himself that throwing INT's was not the end of the world.. Who can play relaxed and have fun under so much pressure? Add to that a bad, predictable system!! Henne can make all the throws and he'll show it if he's released.

IM not a henne freak, but I refuse to place primary blame on a very young qb when we have a very predictable offensive design period. Drawn up by an OC with over 30yrs nfl experience. That's atrocious to accept!

I believe even TOM BRADY would be challenged under identical present conditions. Not saying Henne doesnt desrve some blame. But not nearly as much as most of you are giving. LOL............

Are you kidding Mando? The defense didnt keep them outta the endzone alone. They had help from Holmes, and later Cotch. And Craig, sorry u don't like Henne hates, but if you are satisfied with a QB that can make a few throws a game,but can't complete 5 yrd screens under pressure or hit a receiver in stride across the middle in a clutch 3rd down situation, then so be it. I on the other hand would much rather have a playMAKER, ala Matt Ryan. Henne is mediocre at best. No star. Period.

Mac, I wouldnt say I hate anyone (other than tortured) but I do dislike most Fins fans!! I mean, look at the amount of whining after a victory!!!!!!!!!!!


beerphin who do you want you retard we have the Qb we need just give him something to work with or maybe you don;t really watch footbal try playing with one hand behind you're back like Chad has call a good play perfect throw call a bad play no seperation no blocking all of sudden he sucks not saying he doesn't make stupid young Qb mistakes but really judge him on this get real lose a good Qb for maybe a good Qb no play it out nothing to lose

Love that win

I didn't say I was happy, but our system SUCKS much worse then Henne does.

He has lost his confidence for sure, no doubt about that, but put together a game plan that works better. Running the wildcat and putting him in 2nd and 20 doesn't help

I would like an offseason with a new OC that understands todays game before we dump him, plus he's cheap....

Get someone in the draft to compete, I'm all for it

DB, I would keep him as a backup. honestly Brady would have no problem playing down here there is no comparison between the two... I can't believe you compared them... The only similarity is they played at the same school. Brady puts up points/ TDs while Carpenter is outscoring Henne I don't think that should ever happen


You are officially a 12 year old boy. You know nothing about football I see. You can sit there and act like you know what you are talking about with receivers getting no seperation but did you see every single route today? Get real dude.

This is about today and every other week. Henne over throws, under throws, not to mention he has a turnover in 11 STRAIGHT GAMES! Do you actually watch the games? I understand you are a HOMER and think you understand the game but get real dude.

Under Dan Henne, we would probably be discussing what a bust Matt Ryan is now had we selected him over Long. LOL.......

Yeah Henning does not adjust to anything could of rolled him out more or max protect something and made henne worst then he is

DB, we all get your point loud and clear, since you've made the same point 50 times today. But I just want to be sure you are not an automated computer....despite the OC and oline woes, you have to admit, at least on the most minute level, Henne has really failed to show a hint of a glimmer of a sparkle for a long time now. Great players step up and make something happen, even if its against the coaches decision (Marino, Farve, Elway, Brees). So please, just prove to use you are not an automated computer and confess that at least its fair to say Henne has raised some doubts....


I'll give you an example of your ignorance from your own post.

You say the guy was right about we won because of the wets dropped TD pass. Then you mention mention Sean Smiths play.

You never even connect the dots between Smiths dropped INT's. Other posters have already posted it and you still missed it. Duh!

Your either trolling or incredibly ignorant. You don't look like a troll to me.

-That Guy,

You are right on across the board with all your statements. Way to point out that the jets WRs dropped enough passes for Miami to win.

Sean Smith you will get credited for pass break ups but dude intercept a pass. Stil was one of your better games.

Posted by: Andy NJ | December 12, 2010 at 08:16 PM

Look at how ignorant your own post make you out to be. Duh, what if our DB's didn't drop all the int's? Duh, ah yup, yup!

ROTFLMAO!!!! Thanks for the laughs. I can't argue with your kind of genius dude.

O.K. now people are jumping off the Henne band wagon.To all you IDIOTS out there that week after week pretend to know football and bore us with your useless football rhetoric. Dan Henning did not struggle to throw for 55 yds. today, Chad Henne did. Henne is not and never will be an NFL caliber Q.B. I am sick and F-ing tired of hearing this B.S. week after week- he needs more time, its the play calling, Marshall is out . STFU!!! Take your fat beer drinking a##es and go F with the coaches in your son's little games. We need a Q.B. period. This guy sucks!! Again 55 yards!! He does not belong on the football field. And still this fat A-hole Sparano is jumping up and down over a DAMN field goal. Leave the G-DAMN defense alone!!! Get a damn coach and Q.B. And all you know - it -alls, go home and check your wives they're problably banging the pizza guy while you're dazzling yourselves with your B.S.

One more comment, I do agree that the system doesn't make things BETTER for Henne. It's not ALL his fault. But he doesn't have the "it" factor that can make the difference. That's all. If anyone out there would rather have Henne than Ryan, or Bradford, or Freeman even... Go ahead. Speak up. I'm all ears. All I'm saying is we need a guy who can carry a team, not invest time and money in a player who can merely make stuff happen when everything is perfect. in this league, it rarely is.



If Brady were here he would have had Henning fired before we were halfway into this season. LOL...........

Hell, Brady may have had Henning fired the first time he saw our play designs and how overly predictable they are. LOL...........

any nj knows nothing you can't step and throw when you have no room no blocking you nine year old did you even watch bad calls bad plays Henne running for hislife get real or go back to madden football this is real they feel pain when blindsided

Craig hates people, I don't. And again, it's not whining. Henne has been purported to be the future of this franchise at the most important position. A) the win would feel much more fulfilling had Henne and friends taken care of business last week and B) we, 'Henne haters' want to see progress not the opposite. He doesn't make plays. He doesn't lead his team. He bring more disruption to this team than any other player on the field. It's very disconcerning the lack of ability he has shown this season on nearly every throw at one time or another. Give us something to believe in Chad, please!

DCdolfan - Henne did enough? If the prostitute you were with last night gave you that kind of effort you would'nt have paid her!!!!

In hind site, I wish we'd demoted Cam to OC instead of fired him and right now, Henne would b ahead of Flacco..

exacly dying breed time to get real

We should be playing like we have nothing to lose because basically, we have NOTHING to lose. We shouldn't be playing to get in the Playoffs. Oh, yeah, that's the "official" line, but Sparano should have said, "no, I want to see a first down in the 4th quarter. Dan, if you can't call ONE first down, in an ENTIRE quarter, then you don't deserve to be calling plays for my team." The one Wildcat pass, perfect example, it's a screen to Marshall. First problem with that is if it's a screen, then it will be thrown quick, and won't surprise anyone on the d. Secondly, why have the RB throw a screen (and not the QB). Stupid use of the pass option in the Wildcat. Henning's offense works in fits and starts. It's so awkward, like a pimply-faced teenager.

Vick threw for more yards than henne in one throw! Ughhhh


My primary point is this Henning system isnt young qb friendly period. Making it even more difficult to conclussively judge a qb. Right now I dont know conclussively which is which and Im certain no one else here does either.

All we know for certain that the only qb with sustained success in this system was Chad P, a 10yr vet at the time.

If Henning is still with us next season we need to at least bring in a 7-10yr vet qb to run his system. Thats the only thing we all know for fact that has had at least moderate success.

Another young qb in a Henning system is very doubtful to work.



I know you don't understand the game and you are reading my post to try and make me look bad but grow up. Dude I was simply congratulating Smith on a good game he was making plays on the ball. I wish he could of caught 1 or 2 of them. The drop of the jets I was talking about was the Holmes drop. Smith breaking on a pass and dropping a ball happens every week. The drop Santonio had was in his arms for an easy TD he just tried to be too cool on the catch and didn't secure it. If he made that catch your BOY HENNE would have sank again.You are a simple minded HOMER and don't realize what you're saying. This is about Henne all year. His games against the Pats, Ravens, Steelers, Browns and even in a win vs the jets he looks like a back up. He can do some things but week in and week out you will get no where with him.

How just the young QB excuse in Henning's system justify the overthrows, underthrows and just plain dumb throws? Your premise in that his system is only veteran QB friendly may have merit, BUT he still has to make the throws. He practices the throws, yet can't make them. He has the arm, but not the ability. Which is it?

Agreed odinseye. Henne did do enough. My favorite play of his was when he inexplicably dropped the ball and then muffed it like an unathletic punter when attempting to cover it.

Posted by: Mac | December 12, 2010 at 08:28 PM

Ronnie and Ricky both dropped the ball.

You make my argument for me. Henne dropped a ball in a drizzling rain. Thats all you got. Make no mention that every time he turned around the 8 guys in front of him max protecting were whiffing big time.

Yeah lets get rid of Henne so Hennings, ronnie and that awsome underacheiveing receiving corps can really shine-LOL>

Oops, did I leave out that dominating O-line that Sporano built?


Ah, it's a good night to be a Henne fan!

How *does* my bad.


Mac, he has the arm. No ability. Let's b fair, he has ability... Just not enough to be a star in this league. It's simple. I'm not a Henne basher. I WISH the kid could do it. Every year without Marino or a clone is torture. Bur the management of this team has FAILED in bringing a star QB to a QB town. Even after a 1-15 season. Inexcusable.


Henne did just enough to lose the game last week as well, right. If we're giving him all this credit for his fantastic game management skills this week, then he should deserve all the blame last week.


Ok you idiot. I will dispose of you too. Miami going into the day only gave up 23 sacks and 6 of them was against Chicago when Henne DID NOT play. 17 sacks in 11 games before today. That was in the bottom half of the league of sacks allowed. But oh wait you're point being was if you give Henne time he does good right? His rating is 24th in the league and has thrown 12 TDs to 15 ints.

Henning stinks there is no doubt this offense is a complete disaster but to defend Henne asinine. His numbers speak for themselves.

the only reason Henne scroed a TD was becuz the defense got a turnover and put them into position to score. What is 20 + 55=? it sure aint 100. Also if Holmes doesn't drop that perfect pass in the endzone we would be the ones who lost. Henne played horribly. Quit jerking yourself off your gonna go blind

Posted by: beerphin | December 12, 2010 at 08:30 PM

I love your stupidity Dude, you make it to easy.

We got the touchdown for the same reason we got the fieldgoal. Henne pretty much did it all on his own. If I'm wrong, explain to me who on the offense helped out their QB today. I'll give you a hint tardo, NOBODY. All Henne baby.

Your "if Holmes didn't drop it" shyt don't wash either you numb n u t! What if Sean didn't drop all those INT'S? Let me guess, you just read that and now you're thinking DUH!!! You're easier than a two dolla crack ho with your dumb sheet-ROTFLMAO!!!!

Henne! Henne! Henne! Henne!

It was a great win over the wets and like it or not, Henne was our offensive MVP-Ah Ha Ha!!!!

I watched the kid play four years at UM. He always had playmakers there and an above average o-line. I always viewed him as a very good game manager in college. A guy you could depend on to make the right decisions in crunch time. You can't say that about him here in the pros. Whether it's the system, his ability, or a combination of each, he's not the game manager I expected this year. I'd be willing to allow him another shot with a new OC, but I'm just not sold in the long-term answer category.

andynj you're the ass show me one play where Chad had anthing the Tom Brady has he always has somewhere to go with ball we don;t nothing! give a guy a chance no not good enough for you you think Brady is just magic what a retard he always has somewhere to go with the ball that's th difference learn football


I see you are enjoying defending Henne. Wow, that says all I need to know about you understanding football.

I think Odin probably understand football just fine. It just happens to be bad football, which he obviously supports.

Robert Evans,

Wow, I don't even know how to reply to that. I never said anything about Brady. You clearly are a high school drop out.

Ok, Sparano is on shaky ground due to some of his poor game-time decisions. The biggest of which is keeping Dan Henning as OC and not firing him. Nolan has taken the Defence and done an excellent job with them. There needs to be some changes at the top in this coaching tree and I hope our GM has enough testicles to make them next year. Keep Henne, draft another QB, and pick up one in FA if needed and let them fight for the job in training camp. Can Henning, evaluate Sparano ( can him too if needed), and keep Nolan!


All joking aside, you couldn't evaluate Joe Montana in this offense. All you people that are willing to evaluate ANYBODY in Hennings atrocious system are truly the ones that don't have a clue about ANYTHING football.

We won, so I'm in a good mood having fun. You guys making pronouncements about judging quarterbacks in this ridiculous excuse of an offensive system are truly entertaining. Look at yourselves, Bwhaa ha ha!

Thanks for the laughs! And YOU call ME a homer, ROTFLMAO!!!!

AwRiiiiight Miami!!!! Whoop WHOOOOOOP!!!!!


Dan henning is God awful. I doubt Henne is the answere at qb, but not too sure how succesful anyone would be with this scheme. Plus the fact that outside of Long, there are no good O-linemen on the team. And even though they have one of the best receivers (Marshall) and probably the best slot receiver (Bess), they def. need a #2 receiver with blazzing speed.

DB, I would keep him as a backup. honestly Brady would have no problem playing down here there is no comparison between the two... I can't believe you compared them... The only similarity is they played at the same school. Brady puts up points/ TDs while Carpenter is outscoring Henne I don't think that should ever happen

Posted by: beerphin | December 12, 2010 at 08:39 PM


I was going to try and stop, but your ignorance is amazing. Breed wasn't comparing Brady to Henne you dolt.

He was making a statement as to how horriffic and predictable Hennings system is.

Let me guess, you think Finneran was bullshyting when he came out in the press and told everyone that he calls out our plays by seeing our formations. Dude, I'm buzzed up, whats your excuse? Try to keep up my man!

After watching the game today, I realized the biggest difference between Henne and Sanchez is Justin Keller, Jericho Kotchery, Nick Mangold, Damien Woody, Brad Smith and a competent O-cordinator. They're pretty similar talent wise, but the talent around them is vastly different.

im a 100 percent positive henne wont start another game for miami after this season

I wish we would have just lost. Its annoying that we could win a game versus the putrid, stinking, overrated, Jets, with a bum like Henne at QB.

I think Vince Lombardi threw up a little in his mouth watching this game.

Henning play calling is main problem. He's intent on trying to prove he's smarter than everyone by going against conventional wisdom.

Throwing a screen from the wildcat inside your own 30 is god awful. The insistence on running to the right, when we have 3 career backups from C-RT was atrocious. The Jets were on the 3rd string safety today, but we did nothing to exploit that weakness. Horrible. Guy's definitely gotta go.

That said, excusing Henne is inexcusable. There's a lot of banter about how he has no time, but every QB in the league gets pressure.

Outside of the play where Pace came unblocked and obliterated him, the protection was fairly decent, especially considering the right side of the line was made up of free agents cast off by other teams.

Some said Henne was indecisive. I disagree...I think he was entirely decisive in choosing not to make a play and throwing the ball into the stands when he had nobody within 3 yards of him.

Henne's got it so engrained in his head that throwing it away is a good play, that he fails to make any. To contrast, Roethlisberger got his ass kicked the last several weeks, but has found a way to feel pressure, elude it, and make plays to win games. He gives his receivers time to get open.

For whatever reason, Henne has not demonstrated the kind of NFL-caliber poise in the pocket that is required to succeed, and the offense has sputtered as a result.

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