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Dolphins outlast the Jets, 10-6 in Meadowlands

The Dolphins have beaten the New York Jets, 10-6 and so their slim playoff hopes continue to be, well, slim.

But one must admit slim is better than none.

The defense obviously kept the Jets out of the end zone and limited them to 286 total yards.

The offense?

Well, the defense played great. Mike Nolan's crew played hard and well. Yes, they dropped a couple of interceptions but those are excused when you don't give up a TD.

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The Funniest Game I have seen in a long time. I kept LMAO for 60 minutes.

Smith dropped more passes from Sanchez than other jet players did. I don't wanna hear sh*t about Holmes drop is the reason why we won. The fact is, the jets were only in that game cause Smith dropped 2 INT's for TD's.

For all those who bash Henne, I can only claim hate. A guy under duress ALL game. He couldn't even get past his first read on all those sacks. Not even 3 seconds to operate. I didn't see WR's open. I didn't see an NFL competent offense. I refuse to judge Henne based on this system and these ridiculous play calls.

He has 1 year left to prove he can succeed. But he needs a real NFL offense (plays & talent) to show what he can do. Any judgement without that is simply to appease antsy fans with no patience.

If Henne is as bad as you all think he is, Miami wouldn't be above .500. They'd have 2 or 3 wins. Like other teams without QB's - Arizona, Carolina...

Dan Henning and the WRs are not making Henne throw into double or triple coverage. They are not making him under throw receivers that are open. They are not making him overthrow a wide open Bess or hit Jason Taylor in the chest with his pass. They are not making him make poor decisions in the pocket on when to run and when to throw the ball away. To blame anyone else is idiotic.

A good QB can be taught a lot of things when they are young, but accuracy is something they need to have and Henne does not.

I would say that we should look at Cam Newton but that would be a waste of time as this front office would never consider taking someone like him and neither would a lot of fans on this site. Cam Newton is to ethnically challenged for this team, so those of you who are bringing up Vick are just kidding themselves. Pat White was a young QB and got run out of town and was blacklisted. Henne will be given every opportunity under the sun.

Here's the facts, folks:

Henne has been hamstrung by Henning. We don't know yet what he can or can't do.

Next, there's no one better. We saw Thigpen. It wasn't pretty. There's no one in free agency who's better.

There's only one option, and it's this, like it or not: Fire Henning. Draft a quarter back to push Henne. And if I'm Sparano, I even tell Henne and the world that Henne is the man next season. He's had it rough on his confidence. Meanwhile, you groom the qb you drafted to push Henne.

Our defense is awesome.

If next season Henne still sucks, you fire Sparano and make Mike Nolan the HC.

There, that's my two-year plan. You're welcome. I'd take over as head coach myself next year, but I'm busy.

Great win!!!! Hate the jets!!!!!! Give henne another season w/o henning

Does anyone else realize that Henne's biggest problem is that he doesn't have the stopwatch in his head that any quarterback must have to be successful?

Henne was smiling at the post game show??????? He is done!!! No denial here!

Amaya loomed great today

Trade Ronnie and Marshall for a qb'

Marshall. DROPS way too many balls!!

Jones had a great day

Defense is playoff caliber

Drafted way to much on d

Henne is DONE!

Turn out the lights the party us over for Henne!

Go fins

Sparano can't manage a play clock!

Misi was a greAt puck

Dolphins need a speedster

Sparano should get in marshdlls gtill but he is afraid

Get a qb !!!

The Defence led my Cam Wake is a beast all we need now is a QB, running game and a OC. If this team can get the offence jump started we are true contenders. Howver, i feel sorry for Henne, he is better than he played against the Jets. He has had some good games. It's the playcalling which is ruining his play.

We beat them JETS, it feels sweet beating them.

The way the Pats are playing they are looking scary and darn great!!!

Let's go Fins!!!!

Get a new Coach, Off Coordinator,QB,RB and we might have half a chance!
TS DH CH RB must all go if the Fins are to move forward!
Offense is woeful yet Sparano does nothing!

Scmoe - Henne does'nt need a different offense around him he needs to learn which color jersey's to throw to! We are above .500 because of field position given to the offense by the defense and the performance of Carpenter. Check the stats from previous games.Interceptions , largely , are the result of bad decision making by the Q.B. The way you defend Henne on here week after week makes me wonder if you're not a relative or Henne himself!!!

J E T S U C K JETSUCK JETSUCK JETSUCK! But so does Henne our dufus quarterback!

Chet, I'm a realist & have realistic expectations. I don't jump to hasty & idiotic conclusions. Henne is not preventing this team from going to the playoffs. They weren't a playoff team going into this season.

Henne is playing behind an awful offensive line. They can't run the football, WR's can't get open & can't get seperation. Henne was throwing to undrafted FA's the last 3 weeks. Defenses know what Miami is doing, they don't even have to guess how to defend them. There is NO variation. Miami was keeping 5 linemen, Fasano & Brown in to protect and the Jets STILL got big pressure. Pick a QB, ANY QB, and put him behind center in Miami. I'd LOVE to see how well he does.

This entire offense is based on play action & being able to run the ball. If they can't run, how do you expect them to be good? We run play action passes(Fumble in yesterdays game) when there is NO threat of a run! He doesn't even have 3 seconds to get passes off. Like I said, I'm a realist.

Someone mentioned the overthrow to Bess. Are you SERIOUS? Bess was open? A LB'er was sitting right underneath WAITING for Henne to throw him that ball so he could pick it off. That high throw away was exactly what he should have done in that situation. That's improvement & something he is learning to do.

People may not be happy with the offense's production so they have to pick on something to justify the sour taste in their mouth. No matter to how ridiculous or non-sensical it is. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

I want to thank Mr. Parcells for going north of the U.S.-Canada border to bring us Cameron Wake. If only the rest of this Dolphins staff can judge offensive talent (ie Q-back) we might become a contender in our division and our conference. I hate to say this but NFL speed is way fast for Henne.

I agree with Schmoe, the offensive line is really causing him major problems, not enough time to even go through his progressions.

Did you see how many bad throws Sanchez threw?? He makes much worse decisions under pressure then Henne, and Henne always seems to be under pressure.

When he has time to throw he is much better, now he does make mistakes even with time, but Sunday he threw the ball away several times instead of forcing it, at least 5 times.

I really hate the WC because it puts us in obvious throwing situations when it fails, which it does most of the time. You can't discount that the kid can't get in a rhythm either when we call that formation, at least keep him on the field like they used to with Pennington

He needs more development, that is obvious as well, but I think he can make all the throws, not everyone can be Marino, Ryan, etc...Everyone thought, Sanchez was the man, but he is now coming back down to earth as well, they have started about the same number of games, same stats

Next year, new OC and a better OL with 1 more WR and I think we see a different kid.

What alternatives do we have?, none right now

I would like to get CP'S opinion: PROBLEM = HENNE or HENNING or BOTH???? QB'S coach for new OC, CP as new QB coach. I really think CP would make a huge difference in Thigpen. I do not think he can help henne> 3 yrs has not made that big a difference!! But I would like to hear from CP on this subject. How about Armando?? Can U get the scoop???

CP is a big fan of Henne, he has already come out and said that several times, nobody would be successful with that pass protection, no time to throw. We saw what Thigpen can do against Chicago, and it was scary bad...

It's either continue to develop Henne one more year or go sign a Vet and draft a new QB, or do both, which is my vote. Sign a VET to push Henne.

Honestly though who would we draft?, Locker might be there in 1st round when we pick, is it worth the risk?, or would you rather draft someone we know will start at G or C?

Our needs are all on Offense in the draft, our D is young and deep. We should go OL with our first pick this year, or sign the best FA OG and C, cause our's suck

The Third year is usually when project QB's either break thru or fail for good. Look back in time and you see that. There are only a few great ones that have been great in Year 1 and 2

CF, what a crazy concept of giving a QB time to throw. You're dead right. He wasn't even able to get to his 2nd read yesterday. I said that earlier. He has NO chance on some drop backs. Not to mention this offense is predicated on being able to run. The fumble where he got blindsided was ridiculous. I bet that was his fault too LOL

The alternative is to draft a QB to compete with him. We can ALL look at the positives, Henne might be better than Sanchez or at least his equal. Sanchez threw to Miami more than his own team it seemed like. Henne didn't make the big mistake. They traded up to get Sanchez & spent a high draft pick. We took Henne in the 2nd.

Henne doesn't have the offensive line or skill players Sanchez does & is STILL playing better. Our offensive game plan dates back to the 80's.

Hey guys
Was it just me that saw Henne throwing the ball away unneccesarily during the entire game?? I think that Sparano and Henning have gotten into his head after the Cleveland game that under no circumstances should he make a play that resulted in bad news. While in a way I agree, we will never be a decent offense with a quarterback that is afraid to take shots that arent a lead pipe lock. the play I am remembering is to Ronnie Brown in the last series on third down. Ronnie was open and had running room up the sideline but Chad threw it out of bounds. You could see the frustration in RB's body language.....Unfortunately I think that the coaching environment and the lack of aggressiveness on offense will stunt any possible growth for Henne. Sad but true. What do we do now?? PS SO happy we beat the blowhard Jets and their blimp coach!!!! Panic is setting in in Jets land!!!! They will lose the next two and fall right back to us. Unfortunately we dont deserve to make the playoffs over teams like Indy, Baltimore and others...

This goes out to DJ first who posted a comment about the j e t s DJ NEVER use capital letters whenever you talk about the j e t s, they will never deserve that much respect!!! MIAMI showed them on Sunday that the j e t s players and coaches are a poor excuse for a football in the NFL. WE BEAT THE j e t s ALRIGHT MIAMI!!!

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