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Dolphins Pro Bowlers: Wake, Long, Marshall?

The NFL will announce their Pro Bowl team at 7:15 p.m. and the expectation in Davie, where the Dolphins train is that at least one and possibly two or three of their players might make the AFC team.

The Dolphins hope Cameron Wake will make the team as a starter or backup.

The Dolphins hope Jake Long will make the team as a starter or backup.

The Dolphins hope Brandon Marshall can make the team as a backup.

Long and Marshall were on the team last year but haven't either peformed at the same level as a year ago, or don'thave similar statistics to a season ago.

Wake, however, is clearly Miami's best hope for making the team despite the fact he finished well back in fifth among outside linebackers during the fan voting. Wake leads the NFL with 14 sacks.

Marshall, by the way, is ninth in the NFL with 81 receptions. The problem is Brandon Lloyd, Steve Johnson, Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Bowe and Mike Wallace are over the magic 1,000-yard mark for the season while Marshall is 20th in the NFL with 917 yards. And Marshall's three TDs is fewer than the seven AFC receivers with more yardage then him, too.


Steady. Solid.

He's probably making it based on reputation. That's just a guess. But has he been dominant? No. His most impressive feat this year has been his ability to stay play despite knee and shoulder injuries that probably would have sideline lesser men.

Regardless of whether Long makes it, the question will be whether he plays. Because he has been fighting off so many bumps and bruises and may require shoulder surgery, Long may opt out if he makes the Pro Bowl.


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Jake Long has been excelent. You go by the fact the he is playing hurt. But he is as good as there is

What Dan Carpenter

What about Henne?

Jake Long is a stud. He should make the pro bowl for the simple fact that he is not a woosie like the rest of this danged country is becoming.

From the last post:

Exactly NH. Also, no one's talking Cam Newton. Just like no one talked Tim Tebow (even me). But, Tebow played last few games, RIGHT? And he won last few games, RIGHT?

Shows what we all know!! Sorry, I'll believe my own eyes before I believe all you fake scouts and the real scouts who are right about as much as my local weatherman!

Can Jason Allen make the ProBowl for being Miami's INT leader?

Marshall? Highly doubt that. I do think Wake and Long make it.

carpenter and fields should also get a look. What about dansby? He's been playing pretty good also

Well the people in New Orleans are happy that they weren't as impatient as the dolphans here. Sean payton goes
The first 3 years. And by most of your arguments here he should have been fired cause they regressed. Then he wins the super bowl the next year. Change for the sake of change is not always good.
I bet Ross stays put with sparano and Ireland for one more year.

My man COACH SPARANO did everything to put Dan Carpenter in the Pro Bowl.It's not the wins that count,It's the field goals.
GOAL!!!! GOAL!!!! GOAL!!!!

How can the sack leader to be a back up? he will be a starter.

Agreed Boulder FinFan. Too much impatience. The only thing Sparano should really be worried about is what to do about Henne. It is STILL too early to declare him a bust, but you can't keep going the way its going. If you drop him and he becomes a strong QB, then all the Henne haters will blame Sparano, but if he keeps him and he really is the next Leaf, then it will cost him his job. Hopefully the next OC gets hired soon because there is a lot of work to do this offseason.

Crowder will be there to make dumb jokes.

The media is not usually wrong about potential firings, buy there is a chance of Ross keeping Ireland and Sparano.

Carpenter is 27th in the league in field goal conversion percentage. That's horrible.
Wake is the only one with legitimate credentials but, seriously, this team is a laughingstock right now and nobody "deserves" to go.

No way should Marshall be even a back up. WAY TOO MANY DROPS for a true pro-bowler! FIRE SPARANO NOW - he is a clueless, gutless head man! PLEASE FIRE SPARANO NOW!! My New Years wish!

The reality of the situation is that Henne is better than he has been. However, with no real offseason and a potential lock out a new coach is a very dumb idea.

Gus IA

Why should Sparano be fired? Just because we lost to the Lions and Bills? We are just not that good this season. Two FA don't make a team.


Henne may not have executed in the 4th quarter, but no one did.

No Jake Locker. Living in Nor Cal I saw him play plenty during his 4 years at U Dub. I'm sure he'll test great at the combine because he's a great athlete but he's not an accurate qb. If you think Henne is not accurate Locker has even worse accuracy. His release point is all over the place. No, please no Locker.

This article sums up the last 9000 blog posts:


Mallet for QB is a possibility but I think Dallas will get him first. Cam Newton perhaps.

We will trade down because it is crucial that we get our second round pick back from the Marshall deal. We see some possible QB acorns still being available in rounds 4 and 5. We seriously need a back up LT for insurance so that is where we will set our sights first.

mserrania - more of a reason the clueless, gutless Sparano needs to be fired - when you have an average to below average team, you need an above average coach, AND a coach who takes some chances and actually understands that you win with touchdowns - not field goals (in general). Sparano is the Head Man - he defends Hennings game plans and for that alone should be fired!

who cares? its the pro bowl, nobody watches it and to be honest nobody on a terrible team deserves to go, they have all had thier hand in on this mess of a franchise......

I've had a bad case of diahrea for three days now, and each time it comes rushing out of me while I am on the toilet only two words come to mind: Tony Sparano.

What about the fist pump? Sparano has to be there. C,mon he has the best field goal fist pump in the NFL.

Nobody even wants to play in the Pro Bowl, work an extra week and risk injury. They should skip the game and just give the award.

Jake Long with a busted shoulder is better then 3/4 of the tackles in the NFL... want proof? Take a look at the entire 2nd half of this season. Even hurt Long was still keeping things in front of him and still blocking downhill on D-linemen. He should go on the "True Grit" angle.

Wake is in the Top 3 sack masters... how do you snub a guy who does that and still has a solid Tackling year against the run?

Bust on Marshall all you want, if we had a QB willing to understand he is nearly ALWAYS open... Like Kyle Orton did last year... Marshall would have 10 TD's and likely have made 100 catches already instead of trying to squeak out 12 against a damn good NE team. Marshall may have drop's, the catches make up for that. Plus I doubt so many drop would be there if the ball was better thrown and located in his rout running.

I say they should send "Chad Henne".... Why? Because they need to send the guy to Hawaii so he can watch what two REAL QB's do on the field... In Person... Not On TV.... They should let him play for 2 series... so the whole World will see its not the O-line or the O-co or the receivers that make Henne a poor NFL QB... It is Henne, and all his bad habits and poor field vision and horrible pocket/time awareness that make him what he is.

There's not a player on this team that deserves to go anywhere but home!

Here's a little perspective for everybody. Sam Bradford is pretty much considered a shoe-in to be rookie of the year. He was the first overall pick in last year's draft and is considered a 'franchise' QB. Here's his numbers for the year:

In 15 games, 3,357 yards, 18 TDs and 14 INTs, completion percentage of .605 and rating of 78.0. He's led his team to a 7-8 season.

Chad Henne in 14 games: 3,230 yards, 15 TDS and 18 INTs, completion percentage of 62.2 and rating of 77.1. He'd led his team to a 7-7 record.

Bradford is 23 years old and Henne is 25 years old. I think you'd agree that their numbers are very similar. Only difference is that one guy is being held in high esteem by those on here and around the league, whereas the guys on here want to run Henne out of town and don't think he will ever start in this league for anybody again. Two similar quarterback seasons, two completely different viewpoints on them. Just crazy!!

john clayton just said on ESPN that he thinks kubiak stays but sparano is gone.

How bout are kickers? They were our MVP's all year


I can't see any way in Hell that Kubiak stays. He's been there FIVE years now and they have never made the playoffs under him. They should have been a playoff this year but they are 5-10. Have you seen his record since he's been there? I think the team has quit on Kubiak, unlike Sparano's and I used to like John Clayton but he's wrong as often as he is right.

Craig M...Your comparison would hold more water if Henne were a rookie. Is it fair ? Probably not. Also This is a rookie that was on a team that won 1 game last year. So far a 6 game turnaound. If they win this week a seven game turnaround, and a playoff spot(although this is a little shady because of the weak division). Henne has not been able to lift this team to the expectations we all had for him, and the team as whole. The quarterback is always the person that gets too much praise, and too much blame. This is the nature of the beast. Also, stats don't tell the whole story. It's like Sparano saying Henne graded out well?

Wake Deserves to be a starter in the Pro Bowl, and Dan Carpenter as well.

ONE THING I do have an immense amount of respect concerning this team... even in the face of some of the most discouraging, easy to point a finger, bottom falling out "Disastrous" games I have ever seen... They have held solidarity as a team. They have not given in to anger and hate... they have not followed their Father to "The Dark Side"...

As a guy who has seen a few teams now, 44 years worth of um... it is very rare, I mean REALLY,REALLY RARE... that a team like this does not follow the human condition of fight or flight when things get bad. Usually by now, there are people pointing fingers, there are coaches naming names, there are players calling out players and so on and so forth.

Usually... by now... there would not be anything left by seasons end. Keeping Jobs and starting positions would have won out over friendship and team mentality by now. Usually, a team like this gets cleaned up with a Mop at the seasons end. You keep the "Chunks" and throw the Bile down the drain...

Miami has hung tough as a team. Perhaps you younger guys lose that in translation? I don't know if you do or not. I can say with relative assurance, that a team who goes through a season like this one without imploding in on themselves comes out the other side a better team. They come out a very close unit of players and have a great deal of trust and care for each other. If you balk at such talk I understand. But I will say you are wrong if you underestimate the effect such closeness has on a team.

Of course... That does nothing to quench the burning sting this season left with all of us. Perhaps it is a "Glass half Full" way to describe what may be a very good thing for Miami. It has been since the late 70's early to mid 80's since I have seen that sort of Team mentality and closeness around here. It made for some damn good teams and even better season endings.

Derek....................forget it....

Clayton said that they are bringing wade phillips to be DC in houston and kubiak stays. That's what he's hearing.
About the phins he said that cowher is a big possibility

If Henne had a QB rating of 17 Craig would still find a reason to love him LOL! Talk about love is blind....

Deek, Maybe we all canm get along in a camfire and sing "CUMBEYYA".... puss...........

Clayton thinks Sparano is gone? Mortensen thinks he's staying......well, one of them is bound to be right. We'll know in 6 days.


My point was that you've got two QBs with VERY similar seasons and one is held in high esteem, the other considered a bum. Could it perhaps be that Henne doesn't pick things up quite as quickly as others? Could it be he's a little bit of a late bloomer? Could it be that he's pretty much got very little to work with on offence, with a questionable line, where he's been sacked 27 times in 14 games and a questionable OC, who we all want out of town ASAP. I think the fact that guys want to run a 25 year old, 2 year QB out of town, who has appeared in 31 games, some in relief, says a more about the guys taking shots at Henne than it does about Henne. These are the guys who will continue to beat on Henne, regardless of what he does, to the point that they are ACTUALLY cheering against him. That to me isn't a FAN!

Cowher not coming to Miami, just using Miami as a ploy to get a better deal somewhere else.


I could see both of those moves happening. I just find it really hard to believe that McNair would give Kubiak another year. I'm all for continuity and giving a guy a chance to turn things around but there comes a time when you have to say 'enough is enough'. The Texans should have been in the playoffs this year, especially after beating the Colts in the opener and with all the injuries the Colts had. I'm surprised there isn't more talk about Cowher going there.

Craig, how many years should it take for a QB to arrive and make more than one play a game? He was a 4 year starter in college, 1 year tuteledge under Penn and now in second year starting and he looks worse every week. Compare him to Flacco Bradford, Stafford, Ryan...all have equal or less experience, two on great teams, two on awful teams and all are clearly superior. Are you dating Hennes sister or something? or maybe you are dating Henne?

Committee.... I can understand you feelings and was certain to that when I said "This will do little to quench the sting of this season"... However... while you are taking shots at what I wrote using well worn and somewhat clueless references to "Kumbaya" (you should really get a spell check)... I would like to point out your whole existence seems to be centered around some clown who posts on the Sun Sentinel, but still own free space in you rather empty head... Whats up... did he leave you for another guy?

Its real easy to call people a P***Y while hiding behind a keyboard... But I suspect that other then your daily rummaging through mommies underwear draw... You do very little in person... You pathetic little gnome.

Craig M... I have supported Henne throught the season. But the things that have brought my patience to an end have nothing to do with his supporting cast. Yes a better running game would help big time. Yes some innovative play calling could help as well. But it has become apparent to me that Henne is a train wreck, and I don't know if it is anything that we can fix. I agree rooting against him does nothing. Of course I want him to succeed. Because he hasn't it leaves our team in a state of limbo. It is an avavlanche that starts with the head coach, down the line to the GM, and Qb. Trust me. This isn't about me being right about Henne, or my ego on this blog. This is about our team, and its ability to improve. I just don't feel like I can support Chad Henne any longer. Just my opinion...

By the way that wasn't me @6:25

"Why should Sparano be fired? Just because we lost to the Lions and Bills? We are just not that good this season. Two FA don't make a team."

That's the problem, it's 3 years into rebuilding this thing and where are we? How long should they get to build a team? Infinity?3 years & Still no special teams, still no o-line, still no speed...yadda yadda yadda. It can be argued that the d-line is the only area on this team that is set. RB? QB? Oline?

It's not just Morono it's Jeffy Boy too. They've all had their hand in it. It's a package deal, if you can a Sparano, you get a Henning & Ireland free!

Thanksa Derek, Bye the way, Tell your mom to clean herself once in a while., Iam sure you know what I mean.

Wake should not only be a Pro Bowler, but he should definitely merit some All-Pro consideration. No one questioned whether or not he was going to get the sack numbers, but his ability against the run has been even better than even the Dolphins probably could have asked for. Long for sure deserves the nod for the Pro Bowl.

Marshall, however, should not. Consistency needs to be there and it has not. I can't wait until next year when we can finally see this guy get used the right way, he will really be a monster next year. I can't complain with any of his antics this year, as the guy simply wants to win, he wants the ball. Yes he has had his drops, but he acted better than almost all of us expected with things not going the way he liked. Any alpha WR would have been just as frustrated as Marshall was this year with the horrible QB play and offensive design that Marshall has seen.

Deewk, Then your familar with the song., I thought so, Bet you voted for Barack(Yes we can( Obama, did'nt you?

Joe, relax, we are closer than you think...alls we really need to put us over the hump are two rb's another tight end, center LG, RG, RT, Nickel back, corner and a fast return guy and we are...oh, wait, and a QB...and we are there. DE is covered. We can have this all nailed down in about another 5 drafts and we'll be there.

Darryl... I understand exactly how you feel. There is no way to deny the Chad Henne has his moments. He certainly had a very good game going on Sunday. And you always want to allow for a guy to learn through issues like this. I would be far less critical if Henne had 10 or 15 games under his belt. I would be far less critical had he not thrown 5 or 6 passes in the dirt in front of receivers, or if in the 2 or 3 2 minute drill to win the game he had at least "Sniffed" the Red Zone.

I hate the idea of losing 2 years development with him. And it is no fun to rip on any of the Dolphins team for me... I just don't like doing it. But for the sake of this team, and the future of the franchise, at this point not taking a 1st round QB to develop behind Henne would be the biggest mistake we have made as a team..... since the LAST TIME WE DID NOT TAKE A #1 DRAFT PICK AT QB!!!!!

1983.... that was our last #1 pick at QB.... and our last Great QB in Miami. I believe the mold was already cast... why have we not used it?

darryl (with the lowercase d),

That's my point, what has Bradford done to make us believe he's better than Henne. He has basically identical numbers to Henne this year. He's a rookie, so what? Henne is ONLY one year further along in his development. I don't know what the difference is. We're talking about a guy who has started 15 games versus a guy who has started 28 games. How can there be such disparity between the two guys? And Drew Stafford? The jusry is still out on this guy. He can't stay healthy and how many games has he won in Detroit? And at the end of the day isn't that really all that's important with you starting QB....is he winning games? Flacco and Sanchez are having more success than Henne because they have better supporting casts and better OC. Wouldn't you like to see what Henne can do with a better OC and a better supporting cast? Or you guys are convinced that it would be so much better to blow it up and play some rookie? What if you were wrong? Pretty costly mistake, no?

Craig doesn't Henne have well over 15 games under his belt? Or did you mean wins? When all is said and done, I even trust that these lame coaches really have a handle by now on what his true potential is and will make the right decision. Only, Ireland seems like the more picks the merrier type, my gut tells me he wants to trade down, we'll see soon enough.


The last time we DID NOT take a QB in the first round, the team got lambasted for it. Turned out to be a pretty good move. That QB?....Brady Quinn.

Betcha they are having these same type of conversations on the Houston Texana blog right now about how Matt Schaub isn't the answer and why is the team 5-10 etc....when in reality it's not really about the QB at all.


If you look at my post from 6:04pm, I cite how Henne and Sam Bradford have basically identical stats this season but everyne treats one guy as a franchise QB and the other as a bum. Bradford has 15 starts and Henne 28. There's really not a huge difference.

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