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Dolphins Pro Bowlers: Wake, Long, Marshall?

The NFL will announce their Pro Bowl team at 7:15 p.m. and the expectation in Davie, where the Dolphins train is that at least one and possibly two or three of their players might make the AFC team.

The Dolphins hope Cameron Wake will make the team as a starter or backup.

The Dolphins hope Jake Long will make the team as a starter or backup.

The Dolphins hope Brandon Marshall can make the team as a backup.

Long and Marshall were on the team last year but haven't either peformed at the same level as a year ago, or don'thave similar statistics to a season ago.

Wake, however, is clearly Miami's best hope for making the team despite the fact he finished well back in fifth among outside linebackers during the fan voting. Wake leads the NFL with 14 sacks.

Marshall, by the way, is ninth in the NFL with 81 receptions. The problem is Brandon Lloyd, Steve Johnson, Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Bowe and Mike Wallace are over the magic 1,000-yard mark for the season while Marshall is 20th in the NFL with 917 yards. And Marshall's three TDs is fewer than the seven AFC receivers with more yardage then him, too.


Steady. Solid.

He's probably making it based on reputation. That's just a guess. But has he been dominant? No. His most impressive feat this year has been his ability to stay play despite knee and shoulder injuries that probably would have sideline lesser men.

Regardless of whether Long makes it, the question will be whether he plays. Because he has been fighting off so many bumps and bruises and may require shoulder surgery, Long may opt out if he makes the Pro Bowl.


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Give Cameron credit for NOT taking Brady Q. I know nobody here wants to give him credit for being a good OC, but he is, and he obviously knew Quinn was a joke, which he was. Now, not taking Ryan, Flacco, Rodgers and a few others along the way....that is inexcusable.

First and foremost, fire Jeff Ireland!!!


I'm in the more draft picks the merrier camp as well. Seems to me there will be teams interested in our 14-16th overall pick, as the Chargers were interested last year.

Derek..Unfortunatley, I don't think we will be in a position to draft a first round quarterback this year. There is only 1 first round guy I would gamble on and he may decide to stay in school.(the prospects are different argument) What I think will happen. Is we will find a quarterback in free agency. Henne, and Thigpen will both get their shot to compete. Whichever one gets beat out will get released. In the mean time. We can develop our roster at other spots of need. Hope whoever is playing quarterback can just hold it down. Meanwhile we can build a little equity, and a better team. Down the road we can develop a quarterback. I don't think this is the draft where we will do that.

The difference is how they look and behave on the field. Henne truly looks like HE is going backwards, forget the play calling, oline and all that. He is 6-4 and has balls batted away every came, he seems to always drift right into the pass rush, frequent inaccurate passes, misses open receivers long almost always, he almost always gives up once out of the pocket, checkdowns on 3 and long or 4 and really long with 20 seconds left? OJ Mcduffie recently blasted him I will try to dig it up. Thats where the difference is, one shows poise and accuracy, they other is a deer in the headlights. This is the point where Henne should be looking better, not worse.


Would still love to see what this guy could do under a fresh, creative thinking OC. Someone closer to Henne's age, who played the game his century even.

Everyone watch tonights game between Missouri and Iowa. Both have QBS that may be drafted by us

I think looking at the QB landscape across the board the best move for both 2011 and long-term would be to really give Kyle Orton a hard look. A vet QB who has shown to be a very effective guy in the league. I am totally against either McNabb or Palmer, both really really look bad at times. Orton has the winning pedigree we need, and could prove a perfect stopgap for while we try to develop another young QB. Denver has a big need for draft picks next year, and I think Orton could be had for a 4th rounder. Orton and Marshall had a great season last year, and this move could help bring stability to the QB position. People will harp on his lack of arm strength, but he has been a player everywhere he has been and IMO offers arguably the best chance to win for us in 2011.
Having him gives us the chance to really look at the Ricky Stanzi/Pat Devlin type guys who with the right amount of development could be legit starters in this league.

Darryl, I agree. Lots of needs. Db, ILB, C, Lg, RG, ST ace, FS, TE, RB X 2 & Speed Wr. It's become comical. With the Pats in this division, with this roster & coaching not lose mentallity, we won't sniff a division title until Brady retires or is injured again.

ANOTHER WEAPON FOR BRADY NEXT YEAR MAYBE THEY ARE GOING FOR THE UNDEFEATED SEASON..THIS IS WHY THEY HAVE ALOT OF PICKS AND THEY GOT RID OF RANDY MOSS.............THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please keep my email address anonymous so I do not get my father fired from his position at the Arizona Cardinals front office. But over Christmas my dad got so drunk and was telling my uncle how the Patriots are in talks with the Cardinals to acquire Larry Fitzgerald. Obviously they are going to do it when the draft starts and in return the Cardinals with receive 1 1st round pick, 2 3rd round picks, and 1 4th round pic from the Pats. It will not be fair to the league if this really happens, Tom Brady and Larry Fitzgerald will be 10 times more deadly than Moss ever was.P.S IF SPORANO COMES BACK AND IRELAND THE FIRST GUY THEY ARE GONN GET IS COWBOYS LEONARD DAVIs!

I just don't see a QB, even Andrew Luck, who could step in day one and lead us to success next season. It is one of the things that makes it tough in keeping Sparano and CO. next year, is they don't have the time to develop a young QB. However, if they can find the right vet to help get wins next year, and give them time to develop a young QB, then they can still have job security. Of all the vets, I just think Orton gives us the best one. McNabb is absolutely horrific, anyone that watches this guy understands he is equally as inconsistent as Henne. Anyone that has watched Palmer the last few years has saw he is damaged goods, and has padded stats in garbage time. Unfortunately for all of us, there seems no great answer for next year. I think Orton makes the most sense.

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Keep Tony unless you can get Cowher. Then hire Kubiak or Turner after they get the ax to replace Henning. Finding a legit starting QB will be much much harder. Maybe Turner could work with Henne enough to make him adequate.

Curtis waived. 2 more guys signed to the P squad. And the roster churning continues.

Bootang25...I wrote on the last post who I thought might make a great replacement for Henning(hopefully he is sent to pasture) Mike McCoy was the architect of the Bronco offense. Josh McDaniels gets the credit. but it was McCoy who Orton claims is the genius. McCoy worked with Nolan, is really familiar with Marshall. And has Orton on board. Now Orton is not going to be the savior. But he would be an immediate upgrade familiar in a system. Going out and selling the farm for a quarterback this year is crazy. Could it pay off? Sure. Odds are we would be pushed back even farther. We cannot afford to miss on a franchise qb. So lets find a vet. And develop one ourselves.

Fix the o-line & find a running game before bringing in any QB. I don't care who it is, it's hard to succeed here as a QB right now.


In looking at the QB position, I don't want to sell the farm for anyone, nor do I want to bring in a vet who serves absolutely no purpose. I will have to research Mike McCoy, this would be a great move if everything is as you stated. I think bringing in Orton would instantly please Marshall, and much as it is easy to guess Nolan had a say in bringing in Marshall, you can guess he would have a say in bringing in Orton. This team can win now if they have good QB play, and can also continue to be developed.

The "offensive" OL has to be dealt with. Their failure and Henning's play calling have been two very large factors in Henne's lack of progress. There are two issues with Henne though that have me concerned; his inability to look off defenders and his inability to execute a two minute offense. I think he has some kind of learning disability.

As for the coaching situation, I'm in favor of a change if an upgrade can be made. Replacing Sparano with another mediocrity will accomplish nothing. We can always count on 8-8 seasons with Tony and there are a lot of coaches that fall in his category. It's imperative that Ross have someone in mind that he can hire, before he lowers the boom.

Here is the thing... I must agree that taking a guy in then productive. I do not, however, agree that there is only one QB coming out that has the potential to play well in the NFL. I believe much of the "Fear" of getting the wrong guy has cost us dearly. Brady Quinn was an example of when NOT to take a QB... I believe some of these guys coming out need to be brought out of their NCAA environments... and into facilities where they can be soundly evaluated for their motion, footwork and ability to comprehend a Defensive look.

Once that has been done, I feel that whomever makes the decision about who should or should not be taken can do it without the "Noise" of other pieces around that QB.

"We Gotta play it safe"... is exactly the sort of thinking that has placed Miami in the situation they find themselves. Perhaps that has effected Henne, perhaps not. I feel a guy with promise could work around such hindrances. I refuse to get into a "Stat Battle" with anyone because stats rartely tell the whole story. I could not care any less about how many yards Chad threw for.. his 2 minute driull to win the game was abysmall...AGAIN... and that is no ones fault but his own.

Henne needs a push... and hanging this franchise on him right now is asking for BIG trouble. Without a Orton, Kolb or similar... a FA is nothing more then another teams problems knocking at our door. Henne is not going anywhere... but without a challenge to his position... Neither are we!

I erased a few lines in the beginning...

I should have wrote..

I must agree that taking a guy in the 1st round just to do it is NOT a productive idea.... Then pick up at 2nd sentence.....

pardon the error.


I have to agree with you on Orton. I remember thinking the Broncos made a mistake trading for a caretaker qb, but the guy has been lighting it up, putting up some big numbers.

Who knows what his qb play could mean for a team like this, in just about every game to the end due to our defense.


I have been leading the anti-Henne rally the last few days, as I have seen enough. That being said, I do not want him to be shown the door either. I think fixing the interior line and adding some playmakers on offense would help him considerably. Having no running game does nothing for him either. That being said, you absolutely correct in that he needs to be challenged. And it needs to be by a vet who has had success as well. If Henne can show some fire and ability to fight through the adversity, then he deserves the job. I just don't see it happening, and if I am wrong, I will say so. He needs to earn any more snaps he gets as our QB from here on out, IMO. The way he acts sometimes, and the things he says, lead you to think he seems entitled to the job. Maybe having a serious threat to his job will light the fire inside of him, something sure as hell needs to.

I have never come on this blog and said I told you so....Because I have never been right about anything(lol) You guys all know I'm an unapolagetic Montana Grizzly Fan, and root for the few guys that have made it. Well 1 rookie that I was raving about. That I wished we would have picked up. That I got called all sorts of names, and discarded as perhaps a relative of Home(sorry home) Well he made the Pro-Bowl as the starting return guy for the AFC. Congrats Marc Mariani...


I believe that Kyle Orton would be a great addition to Miami. He would certainly push Henne, and he would very likely win the starting spot. I am uncertain how far Orton can take this team... but he is capable of putting up some very nice numbers and has great mobility.


I like Orton also and I think he would be good in Miami but I highly doubt you;ll be able to get him for a 4th. There are too many teams in this league that need a starting QB. Take a look....Minnesota, Arizona, Carolina, SF, maybe Seattle and maybe Tennessee. The reality is there's a shortage of starting QBs in the league. With that being the case I expect the price for Orton to be driven up and we can't afford to be giving up higher picks.

Watch this video and see how many times Orton simply gave Marshall a chance to make a play on the ball. I can count on two hands how many of these type passes Henne has thrown Marshall's way this year. A sin not to let a guy like Marshall have a shot at the ball, that might be as big an indictment of Chad Henne as anything.


Totally agree that the demand for Orton will most likely be high, and I cringed at the thought of a 3rd, only being that we lack the #2 this year. A slippery slope for us, we have to bring in a guy who can bring stability at the position, but given the premium placed on good QB play, this will be easier said then done.

Craig M.

You certainly are correct that his value will be known to more than one club. The fact that so many teams need to upgrade at QB and that so many have ALREADY canned coaches has me being very careful about who I want shown the door. I do not believe this team is as far off the mark as some "knee-jerkers" feel they are.
Some moves on the O-line and some speed in the Special Teams and running back would go a long way in Miami. Do just those 3 things along with addressing the QB issue in whatever way works and Miami is a 10-11 win team. It all starts with showing Dan Henning what he gets for retirement!

Remember Seattle was criticized for given up a third for Charlie Whitehurst. Orton, at least at this stage is better than Whitehurst. Orton goes for AT LEAST a second and quite possibly a first. If Denver doesn't get what they want for him they will keep him as insurance for Tebow.

Oh, congrats to Cameron Wake, and Jake Long... 2 standouts in what has been a most forgetable season. Well played men.

It highly bothers me that people don't see that we have a lot of really good pieces in place, and that filling out the rest of the roster is not as big a project as many say. Where does continued development for a lot of our young players not come in to play with a lot of these people? It is as if these people are completely forgetful or how bare the roster was only 3 years ago.

I'll second that Congrats, Darryl...!

I find it amazing that Jake Long is better than some LT even with a gimp wing. If Sparano survives his "Come to Jesus" party with Ross, I hope that he learned from this past Pre-season that playing Pro-bowl caliber players in meaningless games is a very very dumb idea.


Finally a voice of reason. Amen brother!! I also see a very strong need to add a pass-catching TE to our team also. Seeing Jimmy Graham catch that game winning catch last night just made me more mad. We could have added him in the throd or fourth round and didn't. NO has Shockey and they STILL went out and added a pass-catching TE. What do we do? We go with one TE all season. Absolutely pitiful!

I like Bootang's thinking in bringing in Orton, I just think other teams will be thinking the same way and might be more willing to give Denver what they want.

One helluva LB corps for Wake to join in Hawaii, Ray Lewis and James Harrison. And major props to Koa Misi, for all the head scratching that went on after his name was announced, he has quietly put together a fantastic season. People always focus on Ireland's misses, but he had a big hit with the Misi pick. And getting Jared Odrick back next year is also like having another first round pick in the fold, should be interesting to see how those two show improvement next year.

Imagine how many sacks Wake could have had if the Dolphins didn't run a prevent offense.


I agree with your comment. I had a discussion with a guy on here today who claims the roster is as bad as ever in the 3 years that Sparano and company have been here. To me that's just an ignorant comment. I also concur with you that were not that far away. We've been in EVERY game this season, except for the Bears and Pats game and with better play-calling and execution, we could easily be sitting with 10 or 11 wins right now. that's why I believe Sparano when he says he can get this figured out. If he does to the offence what we were able to do to the defence last off-season, we'll be golden!


I think one of the biggest mistakes this regime has made in the 3 years they have been here was this past draft and not getting that pass-catching TE. Ask both the Saints and Pats how thankful they are for adding Jimmy Graham, Aaron Hernandez, and Rob Gronkowski. Graham and Gronk have both played far better than I thought they would (Gronk had back issues and I'll never be a big fan of anyone with back issues) and both get major kudos from me. Watch the way those 2 offenses use TE's and notice how hard they are to defend. I hope whoever the new OC is understands the matchup problems a good TE can present for the opposing defenses, and the amount of comfort it can bring to whoever is playing QB.

Bootang... I am not sure if its that they "Don't see them" or if its just that anger and hurt goes a long way to blind people of the obvious. I was listening to some Talking Head Babble the other day, they were talking about Miami and its "Missing Pieces"... It was one of the most fair assessments I have ever seen. Usually it is the Northeast Press and they rip Miami apart. These guys spoke about guys like Dansby, Marshall, Davis, Long, Wake, McDaniels, Starks...etc etc... and they even gave props to some of the developmental guys like Misi,Jones, Smith and Merling. They also were talking about how Miami has guys left from last years draft that they have not even got to play with yet... Odrick was WAY UP many draft boards... Edds was no afterthought...

I don't believe it is ever fair the way Miami fans will excuse other teams injuries and say those games were "Against Diminished Opponents".. yet when we are beat to hell and back it is always... "We should be able to overcome and all that is excuse making"... Miami finished this year with 10+ guys on IR. That is nearly 20% of the damn starting roster man... That is no joke injury wise....

We'll have to see what Jeff and Tony can do without Bill if they stay... I hope they break the "Parcells Draft Mold" asap... the team would profit from it greatly if they did.


Nice to have a voice of optimism back on this blog. It gets tiring haven't to argue with so many of the naysaysers on here.

Bobby12 and I argued on here before the draft with others that Gronk would have been a GREAT add for us and that his back problems would be behind him. Having said that I can't argue with the pick of Misi in the second. I'm excited what he a Odrick will bring to the table next year.


You don't think Sparano and Ireland learn from their mistakes? Any person with a brain would be able to figure out that they would. The Bears game we had a backup backup Center and couldn't even get the snap, and that Bears team has shown themselves to be for real. The Pats game was one of those games that every team has happen, heck, the Pats had one against the Browns themselves this year.

People want Sparano to be something he is not, nor will he ever be, a great X and O's guy. HE IS A MOTIVATOR. Of all the teams that have uncertainty at the HC spot, you will notice a common trend. Players unhappy with the guy in question. That is not the case here, in any way. EVERY PLAYER who has been asked about it has nothing but praise for Tony. He is a guy who will be at his best when he has that great staff around him, and he should be given at least this year to find the right guy offensively.

As for Ireland, notice his approach in FA changed this year. No more trying to find the "acorns" he targeted 2 guys and went out and got them. The draft is a crapshoot, and anyone who wants to dissect every hit and miss shows their ignorance of football anyway.

Mr. Ross is going to want to hear a plan, and I can guarantee both Sparano and Ireland have a plan already in the works for how to restructure this offense completely. If they are retained, it will be this plan and discussion that is the reason they are.


I'm going to be in the minority on here come draft time but I feel the team needs to add nother WR and another a pass-catching TE. Guys like Bess and Hartline are nice players but there not Britt or Nicks or Maclin. We need somebody like that opposite Marshall, as well as an improved running game and better OL.

To all...
I agree that not taking a TE in the 4th last year was unforgivable. Jimmy Graham along with a couple others were right there for the asking. I understand what Bill was thinking with taking Edds, and I am certain should things go well, he will be a good player... But having a "Go To" TE has kept many a young QB around long enough to develop into a better QB... TE are security blankets... Not having one who is more QB friendly the Fasano is crazy with a Young guy like Henne.

You take Fasano and play him in a Brady or Manning Offense... he would be a phenomenal player, nigh on unstoppable... but he is not QB friendly enough for a Guy who lacks confidence like Henne.

Bootang, great post at 8:04pm. Totally agree!


Armando has done a pretty good job of showing a lot of the things that Ireland did almost as soon as Parcells was gone, most noticeably cutting Jake Grove. The Marshall trade was very un-Parcells like. Both Sparano and Ireland would have to be COMPLETE MORONS not to see the need for team speed and playmakers, and I fully expect them to find and acquire these guys.


Sorry man, I'm not sold on Fasano on any offence. To me he's pretty mediocre. He's somebody along the lines of what Kyle Brady used to be and nothing more. He's definitely in the bootm half of TEs in the league.

To Derek and Craig and any others,

I have to vacate the blog for the night, but here's hoping these guys are given the chance to finish the job and fill out the rest of the roster. It is great to talk real football. It is easy to complain about what is wrong, the hard part is offering up solutions and some creative thinking. It is tiring to hear the "we should have signed Drew Brees" or "drafted Matt Ryan" WE DIDN'T. What matters is what happens from here on out, and while the losses have been disappointing, I can't understand how people think of these losses as the true barometer of this regime and whether they are competent or not. I have stated time and again that the problems we have today are the same we did 6 weeks ago, and 10 weeks ago. They can't be fixed until the offseason. Everyone have a great night and I look forward to the offseason, and talking about everything and every available player with all of you guys.

I'm trying to understand how Logan Mankins makes the Pro Bowl this year. He plays in 8 games and makes the game. That makes no sense to me. I know he's a good player and all but this move just tells me it's a popularity contest as far as the ProBowl is concerned.

Cheers Bootang!!.....Happy New Year to you.

The one and only reason I am not jumping up and down on my desk calling for Sparano and Ireland's Heads is the.... "FACT".... That they have been under Parcells thumb for 3 years. I can understand that some feel the "Safe Bet" is to run them out and start over. I disagree. How can we be certain that these guys are the problem when there is player after player going out of their way to say otherwise?
They have nothing to gain. I wrote a post back on page 1 where I talked about this team drawing together when most in the same situation fly apart... There MUST be a reason for that.
Be careful of what you ask... you may just get it. That was what old timers said the day Shula was shown the door for Jimmy.... They(WE) were right. I'm not saying Sparano is Shula by a damn site. I am saying that 3 years ain't squat... and until this fan base and team give a guy enough time to create a franchise here that has ANOTHER legacy of winning (One like Shula had created)... we will continue to chase our tails over and over and with coach after coach....

Call me crazy... But Don't say I didn't say so when the next guy is shown the door in 2014.

Take er easy Bootang.....

Henne is too slow for the NFL. You can't fix slow.

Fins will never have a running game with Henne at QB. Defenses don't believe he can hurt them and will always cheat up. No one fears Henne. Sporano is not up to the task, either. Sorry, Tony, you need touchdowns to win in this league.


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