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Dolphins still lead Jets 10-3 in borefest

Well, after an electric third quarter in which the Dolphins and Jets set back NFL offensive football about two decades, we have the fourth quarter.

The gun cannot come soon enough ...

No, I'm not talking about the one that signals the end of the game, but rather one that can signal the death of this terrible, terrible show.

The live blog continues in the comments section.


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time to roll over

sean smith burnt toast

good god here comes OT

FB...spy on sanchez....

is anyone surprised by this? this is what we do. ever since sparano came. no team plaus so conservatively to te level of their competition. so
8-8. always

youre right aphinsfan!

Salguero! Since this game is terrible let me ask you something. What you think about the canes' hire of Al Golden as the new head coach of the football team?

I wish we had receivers

I'm sick of hearing Sean Smith's name

Believe it or not, Sean smith gets the game ball.

does sean smith know he can catch the ball? it wont kill him.

Sean Smith giveth...Sean Smith taketh away...and Sean Smith droppeth the ball

SS is playin his A SS off

Both defenses have been on the field a lot, but only in short bursts. Can't be too tired.

I don't believe it FB

God our O sucks!

good stop on 3rd down, way to step it up

NE looks like the best team in the nfl... need some points here! henne please make a play!

Sean Smith needs to catch balls all day every day-so he can do one when he's getting paid!

Wets dont need a TD to win, Two FGS will pretty much spell this game in a nutshell.......HORRID!!!!

Nobody ever ask me again why I am so critical of Henne. He has something like 10 or 11 straight games with at least 1 turnover. He stinks!

Our offense is anemic. They make the one big play, we can't. Lucky the d held them to 3.

SEAN SMITH doesn't have a choice. They are passing on him EVERY PLAY

Did I say our O sucks?

breed you said it best between the wildcat killing drives and then wanting henne to make 3 and 16 all the time

let's run a trick play this possession

Armando, don't forget that's in a raging snow and windstorm in Chicago. Wife's watching it in the other room.

we need a score, a Td would seal it

Run the ball. Run the clock. Win the game.

i bet the broadway play was more fun to watch......

Kind of thinking the defense r allowing 3rd down conversions now so that their offense doesn't have a chance to turn it over. Kill the clock but don't allow TD!

Oh Gd...hadn't seen the news. Temple.
With Mike Leach waiting for a chance to to do his thing.
Hocutt is a moron, and Golden must have come cheap. If they hire Henning for OC I'll kill myself.

Super needs a math lesson. Unless you meant two MORE field goals.

Sanchez a brilliant 1st down followed by a superb throw to HOLMES....thats why he is better than Henne...Henne cant do that he hasnt got the nuts...simple...

I hate the JETS but you must admit they go for it.....we simply DO NOT....we may be ahead and we may win but you know what?....we have very little in this team at the moment...

131 yards-Dolphins-let's double that now!!!

If we have any desire to win, Thigpen will appear under center.

COME ON! GO 5 RB, 2 TE set!

This is where henne likes to force it, watch out here!!!


Amongst today's dissapointments: Marshall! Dropped passes, falling and not fighting for jump balls.. And a terrible endzone celebration..

Henne .. what else can I type?

Super needs a math lesson. Unless you meant two MORE field goals.

Posted by: MIA in BFLO | December 12, 2010 at 07:02 PM

You need a reading lesson, thats exactly what i said, READ AGAIN PLZ!!!!

A little pressure and HENNE GET A BRAIN FREEZE

Great idea to throw the ball. We haven'e been able to all day.

Run the freaking ball and win the game.

henne is so so so bad

I wanna see HENNE take charge and make a BIG PLAY...wanna see him make something happen...a big move

can our recievers really not be open?

deer looking at headlights

That sums up this year. 3 and out

Could you see Brown's body language? LIKE WTF WAS THAT BS PASS?!

Oh well, "Its not life or death." --C. Henne

my god! When will the coaches wake up!!

At least he hadn't thrown an int yet

Fire all last names that start with Hen!

really play action on 3 and 12? that really fooled the jets! WTF is the old man thinking!


a first down would be nice!!

This is football's equivalent of a 1-0 pitcher's duel.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Henne 55 yrds passing. He looks like a scared little indecisive girl. FN Rediculous. Thigpen...please please please!

I got a bowl of cereal but made it back in time for the punt... whew, didn't want to miss that

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